• to untie   


(fig.) to ease restrictions

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collective release price maintenance
to untie; unbinding
unbind the bindings


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zh 根据题为“为企业家松绑:让商业为穷人服务”的联合国私营部门与发展委员会的报告,发展中国家拥有 ‧ 万亿美元的私人金融资产,但这些资产不可能全面调动用于发展。
en According to the report of the United Nations Commission on the Private Sector and Development entitled “Unleashing Entrepreneurship: Making Business Work for the Poor”, developing countries held $ ‧ trillion in private financial assets that could not be fully mobilized for development
zh 申诉人让医生给他松绑并给一些药品,但医生说他只是来做酒精测试。
en The complainant asked him to unchain him and to give him some medication, but he said that he was only there to do an alcohol test
zh 委内瑞拉代表谈到该国实施促进和保护自由竞争法( ‧ 年)的第一个十年的经验,并指出这项法律是与其它经济法律一同颁布的,明确的目的在于摆脱过去的保护主义政策,开创一个松绑和经济自由化的新进程。
en The representative of Venezuela referred to the first decade of application of his country's Law to Promote and Protect the Exercise of Free Competition and said that this law had been enacted together with other economic laws with the clear intention of breaking with the protectionist policies of the past and starting a new process of deregulation and economic liberalization
zh 印尼比其他国家较早开始为其金融制度松绑,在建立有利于设立小规模的银行以便提供商业性小额金融方面的法律法规框架方面在亚洲及太平洋走在前面。
en Indonesia began deregulating its financial system earlier than others and is among the leaders in Asia and the Pacific in establishing a legal and regulatory framework conducive to microfinance on a commercial basis involving small-scale banks
zh 随着危机深化发展,最不发达国家希望摹仿发达国家的榜样,把货币政策松绑,并采取反周期性财政措施。
en With the deepening of the crisis, the least developed countries would like to be able to emulate the example of the developed countries by easing monetary policy and adopting counter-cyclical fiscal measures
zh 对金融系统的松绑(所谓的金融自由化)可分为对国内金融系统的松绑以及对经常项目和资本项目的自由化,它将给经济的稳定以及增长前景带来广泛的震荡。
en Liberalization of the financial system (so-called “financial liberalization”) can be split into the liberalization of the domestic financial system and the current and capital account liberalization, which can entail wide repercussions on the stability of the economy and growth prospects
zh 年代,国内金融体系内的金融松绑(例如国家减少干预),金融服务国际化(例如消除贸易壁垒、消除对国内外金融服务提供者之间的歧视、减少对资本项目的限制)的趋势加速发展。
en The ‧ s saw an accelerating trend towards financial deregulation within domestic financial systems (e.g. reducing the role of the State) and through the internationalization of FS (e.g. eliminating barriers to trade, discrimination between foreign and domestic FS providers; reducing capital-account restrictions
zh 除其他外,松绑包括消除对部门内部活动的限制(例如消除产品与市场之间的障碍)以及取消国家之间开展活动的限制;政府不再干预(例如国营银行的私有化,以及让市场决定利率),同时还取消了限制竞争的管理措施。
en Deregulation included, among others, elimination of restrictions on intra-sectoral activities (e.g. removing barriers between products and markets) and between countries; withdrawal of government intervention (e.g. through privatizing State-owned banks, and leaving interest rates market-determined); and elimination of competition-restraining regulation
zh 加澳新三国已经采取行动,捐献近 ‧ 亿美元,帮助解决粮食缺乏保障的问题,其中包括响应世界粮食计划署的特别呼吁,以及为粮食援助松绑,特别强调在发展中国家当地采购。
en The CANZ countries have already taken steps towards helping to address food insecurity through significant contributions of around $ ‧ million, including to the World Food Programme's extraordinary appeal, and through the untying of food aid, with a special emphasis on procurement in developing countries
zh 我们反对提倡和实施那种融合了自由化、选择性政策松绑、私有化和把人的生活和作为的一切方面商业化的新自由主义理论和方案。
en We oppose the promotion and imposition of neoliberal theories and programmes incorporating liberalization, selective deregulation, privatization and the commercialization of all aspects of human life and endeavours
zh 这要求更多“松绑”援助,并减少提供援助的“交易费用”,方法是统一双边和多边捐助政策和程序,协调分配和提供机制,迈向“共同合办”的安排。 捐助国根据这种安排为受援国有自主权的方案提供直接预算支助。
en This requires further untying of aid and reducing the transaction costs of aid delivery by harmonizing bilateral and multilateral donor policies and procedures, coordinating disbursement and delivery mechanisms, and moving towards common pooling arrangements, whereby donors provide direct budgetary support to recipient country-owned programmes
zh 我 是 說 我們 要 適當 給 生活 鬆綁
en Got a little something to say.Everybody
zh 他强调其他的经济手段,尤其是松绑、私有化和自由化对于促进竞争政策的目标至关重要。
en He emphasized the importance of other economic tools, particularly deregulation, privatization and liberalization, in enhancing the objectives of competition policy
zh 阿克拉行动议程议定的一些关键点如下:(a) 可预见性:捐助方应将其 ‧ 至 ‧ 年向前滚转的支出和/或执行计划资料,经常地、及时地提供给伙伴国;(b) 国家系统:应首先运用伙伴国家系统交付援助,而非运用捐助方系统;(c) 条件:捐助方应从根据关于如何及何时动用援助金额的规定条件,改为根据以发展中国家,自己的发展目标为基础的条件;(d) 援助松绑:捐助方应放松禁止发展中国家选择自己物品和服务供应商的限制。
en Some of the key points agreed to in the Accra Agenda for Action are (a) predictability of aid: donors will provide to partner countries regular and timely information on their rolling three to five-year forward expenditures and/or implementation plans; (b) country systems: partner country systems will be used to deliver aid as the first option, rather than donor systems; (c) conditionality: donors will switch from reliance on prescriptive conditions about how and when aid money is spent to conditions based on the developing country's own development objectives; and (d) untying of aid: donors will relax restrictions that prevent developing countries from choosing the suppliers of their goods and services
zh 市场力量可通过价格自由化和对管制松绑而自由发挥作用,则被奉为能对资源作最有效率分配,并能为 ‧ 年代深陷国际收支困境和债台高筑的发展中国家带来福祉的希望。
en Instead, the free play of market forces via price liberalization and deregulation was held up as promising the most efficient allocation of resources and welfare gains for developing countries suffering balance of payments difficulties and debt overhang in the ‧ s
zh 就补贴而言,对特殊性概念需要加以界定,同时,《关于补贴和反补贴措施的协定》附件二和附件三中的退税规定对发展中国家应当松绑
en As far as subsidies are concerned, the concept of specificity needs to be defined, while the duty drawback provisions in Annexes ‧ and ‧ of the Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures need to be loosened for developing countries
zh 在一般政策手段中,一些专家提到,对外国直接投资的松绑和加强国家科技基础,包括研究机构。
en Among general policy instruments, some experts mentioned FDI liberalization and the strengthening of the national science and technology base, including research institutions
zh 年的活动包括反垄断局的官员到瑞典竞争署进行为期一周的培训考察,在莫斯科举行了一次自然垄断和最近松绑的部门问题讲习班,以及在莫斯科举行了一次关于罗斯竞争立法最新修正案的联合大会。
en Activities during ‧ have encompassed a one week training visit for officials from FAS to the SCA, a workshop on natural monopolies and recently liberalized sectors in Moscow and a joint seminar in Moscow on recent amendments to the Russian competition legislation
zh 本案是一个良好的实例,表明竞争管理局在国家力争摆脱反竞争状态,对各分支部门实行松绑,开放竞争时,如何运用竞争条款处理公共事业部门中的反竞争做法。
en This case is a good example of how competition authorities can use competition provisions to address anticompetitive practices in public utility sectors as States move towards unbundling their competitive segments from the anticompetitive ones