• notable   
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  • outstanding       
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  • remarkable       
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  • statistically significant   

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statistically significant; remarkable; notable; outstanding


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zh 摩洛哥王国政府,确认安全理事会维持和平与国际安全的显著作用,与国际社会共同抱着坚决的反恐愿望,已采取了一系列积极措施。 通过安全理事会的有关决议,尤其是 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 号决议,使愿望变成事实。
en The Government of the Kingdom of Morocco, respecting the primary role of the Security Council in the maintenance of international peace and security and sharing fully in the will and determination of the international community to combat the scourge of terrorism, has taken a series of initiatives to translate into fact the relevant resolutions of the Security Council and, in particular, resolution ‧ of ‧ eptember
zh • 有利因素: 各主要群体参与和参加、制定具体的项目与合作、促进谈判、协调各种活动、降低参加区活动的费用、加强参与、利益有关者参与和发挥显著作用、更广泛的国家参与、通过在国际和国家森林优先事项之间建立联系来加强政治承诺、扩大促进可持续森林管理的跨部门参与、各国在国际论坛内更容易达成共同立场
en • Advantages: involvement and participation of major groups, concrete projects and cooperation, fostering negotiations, coordination of activities, lower costs of participation in the region, more intense participation, involvement of and visible role for stakeholders, wider participation from a broader range of countries, better political commitment through linkages established between international and national forest priorities, increase in sector-bridging engagement for sustainable forest management, easier attainment of common positions among countries in international forums
zh 这部法律规定的显著有利条件不仅局限于妇女(特别是有工作的母亲),而且推及到了最后被公认有此权利的父亲,也让父亲有机会休较长的假期,以便他们能够照顾和帮助他们的子女。
en The remarkable advantages provided for by this law, no longer restricted to women (and to working mothers in particular), are extended to fathers, who are finally acknowledged the right and given the chance to take relatively long leave periods for the care and assistance of their children
zh 确实,在今天的会议上必须赞扬他特别是在通过《公约》方面的显著作用,以及他在发展整个海洋法方面的了不起的贡献。
en Indeed, today's event would have been incomplete without commending his notable role in the adoption of the Convention, in particular, and his remarkable contribution to the development of the law of the sea in general
zh 乌拉圭在联合国刚果民主共和国观察团(联刚观察团)中起着显著作用,它对该国政府遵守停火协议感到满意,但与此同时对该国东部持续不断的战事也深表不安。
en Uruguay, which was playing a significant role in the United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC), was pleased that the Government of that country was observing the ceasefire agreement, but at the same time it was deeply concerned that military action was continuing in the eastern part of the country
zh 我们希望,联合国也将发挥显著作用,支持非洲发展新伙伴关系。
en We hope that the United Nations will also play a tangible role in support of NEPAD
zh 在由兰尼埃三世亲王促进的研究方案中--其中之一与同温室效应所作的斗争密切相关--有关于珊瑚及其在碳形成中的显著作用的研究。
en Among the research programmes promoted by Prince Rainier ‧ and one that is of the highest relevance in the struggle against the greenhouse effect- is the study of coral and its remarkable role in carbon fixation
zh 对此发挥显著作用的有吸引社会组织支助的全俄竞赛和残疾人节,残疾妇女也积极参与其中。
en A significant role in this is played by the all-Russian competitions and the festivals of the disabled with the support of social organizations, in which disabled women take active part
zh 不过,在武装冲突各方不能或者不愿保护平民的情况下,国际社会可发挥显著作用。
en However, in situations where parties to an armed conflict are unable or unwilling to protect civilians, the international community has a distinct role to play
zh 就联合国系统而言,两项具体的战略框架和方案拟定手段即共同国家评析和联合国发展援助框架(联发援框架)已发挥了显著作用,它们旨在以综合协调的方式,加强业务活动的连贯性,并更好地对国家优先事项作出反应。
en In the case of the United Nations system, two specific strategic frameworks and programming tools have acquired a prominent role, CCA and UNDAF, which aim at enhancing coherence in operational activities and better responding to the national priorities in an integrated and harmonized way
zh 民间社会和私营部门在项目设计和资源使用的监测方面可以发挥显著作用。
en Civil society and the private sector could play a visible role in the design of projects and in monitoring the use of resources
zh 联合国支持并且倡导巴勒斯坦人民的各项权利,发挥了并且将继续发挥重要和显著作用。
en It has played and continues to play an important and distinctive role as it has embraced and advocated the rights of our Palestinian people
zh 通过在政策制定和执行领域提供咨询意见和开展能力建设,并加强体制和实际基础设施以及信息的提供,多边组织可以在协助私营部门发展中发挥显著作用。
en The multilateral organizations could play a significant role in assisting private sector development through advice and capacity-building in the areas of policy formulation and implementation, as well as by enhancing the institutional and physical infrastructure and the provision of information
zh 这些争端非常复杂,法院在争端中发挥了而且将继续发挥显著作用,从而促进维持国际和平与安全。
en These are complex disputes in which the Court has played and will continue to play a prominent role, thereby contributing to the maintenance of international peace and security
zh 尽管巴勒斯坦妇女在社会中有显著的地位--这得到巴勒斯坦最高法律文件,即国家宣言的承认,但是她们的显著作用还没有体现在平等参与决策,这是由于习惯、传统、以及把妇女当作发展的次要参与者的传统思想的存在。
en Despite the prominence of Palestinian women in their own society, which was recognized in the highest legal Palestinian document, the Declaration of the State, their prominent role has not been reflected by equal participation at the decision-making level due to customs, traditions and the prevalence of a traditional mentality that views women as secondary participants in development
zh 但在该部门之外,直接外资水平仍然较低而且没有在工业发展中发挥显著作用。
en Beyond this sector, however, FDI has remained low and not played a significant role in industrial development
zh 工发组织在担任过方案问题高级别委员会的主席之后,继续在联合国系统行政首长协调理事会(行政首长协调会)和方案问题高级别委员会的工作中发挥显著作用。 重点是参与执行《联合国千年宣言》、 ‧ 执行发展筹资问题国际会议和可持续发展问题世界首脑会议、多边主义和联合国改革的后续工作。
en Following its chairmanship of the High Level Committee on Programmes (HLCP), the Organization has continued to play a visible role in the work of the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB) and HLCP, focusing its interventions on the implementation of the United Nations Millennium Declaration ‧ follow-up to the International Conference on Financing for Development and the World Summit on Sustainable Development, multilateralism and United Nations reform
zh 妇女在撒哈拉社会中起显著作用,并且与男子共同享有宪法规定的平等权利。
en Women played a prominent role in Saharan society and had parity with men under their Constitution
zh 多年来,我国一直在这些国际机构所涉的人权领域发挥着显著作用。
en For many years it has played a prominent role in the areas of human rights dealt with by these international bodies
zh 这使我们认识到,有必要接受构成当今世界特征的显著文化多样性,它是共同丰富当今社会的无尽源泉。
en This leads us to recognize the need to accept the obvious cultural diversity that characterizes the world of today, which is an inexhaustible source of collective and fertile enrichment for contemporary societies
zh 在新的国际秩序和大企业在其中所发挥的显著作用中,我们必须在政治和经济领域进一步加强地方当局。
en In the new international order, and the prominent role played in it by big business, we need to deepen and strengthen local authorities in the political and economic spheres
zh 妇女在微型企业及小型和中型企业发展中发挥显著作用,她们既是工业人力资源的基础,富有创造力和生产力,又越来越多地成为企业家。
en Women play a significant role in the development of microenterprises, and small and medium-sized enterprises, both as a creative and productive industrial human resource base and, increasingly, as entrepreneurs
zh 各次国际会议都对促进民主化进程发挥显著作用。
en The International Conferences have played a prominent role in the promotion of the democratization process
zh 纪念 ‧ 月 ‧ 日世界新闻自由日和设立教科文组织/吉列尔莫•卡诺世界新闻自由奖,为提高公众对新闻自由是一项基本权利的认识,以及使教科文组织在这方面的努力备受瞩目,发挥了显著作用。
en The celebration of World Press Freedom Day ( ‧ ay) and the award of the UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize are prominent in raising public awareness of press freedom as a fundamental right and in giving high visibility to the efforts of UNESCO in this respect
zh 然后,我们当然还需要赋予大会权力,以使它能够在解决今天的全球问题方面作为联合国的一个民主、审议、决策和代表机构发挥显著作用。
en Then, of course, we also need to empower the General Assembly so that it can play a prominent role in addressing today's global problems as a democratic, deliberative, policymaking and representative organ of the United Nations