• notable   
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  • outstanding       
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  • remarkable       
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  • statistically significant   

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statistically significant; remarkable; notable; outstanding


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zh 你在和平解决科摩罗危机中发挥了显著作用,使科摩罗走上了恢复宪法秩序的进程,这将有助于科摩罗这个国家恢复体制和政治稳定。
en The eminent part you played in the peaceful resolution of the Comoros crisis, which led to the initiation of a process of restoring constitutional order, will allow the nation of the Comoros to regain institutional and political stability
zh • 有利因素: 各主要群体参与和参加、制定具体的项目与合作、促进谈判、协调各种活动、降低参加区活动的费用、加强参与、利益有关者参与和发挥显著作用、更广泛的国家参与、通过在国际和国家森林优先事项之间建立联系来加强政治承诺、扩大促进可持续森林管理的跨部门参与、各国在国际论坛内更容易达成共同立场
en • Advantages: involvement and participation of major groups, concrete projects and cooperation, fostering negotiations, coordination of activities, lower costs of participation in the region, more intense participation, involvement of and visible role for stakeholders, wider participation from a broader range of countries, better political commitment through linkages established between international and national forest priorities, increase in sector-bridging engagement for sustainable forest management, easier attainment of common positions among countries in international forums
zh 妇女在撒哈拉社会中起显著作用,并且与男子共同享有宪法规定的平等权利。
en Women played a prominent role in Saharan society and had parity with men under their Constitution
zh 在结束发言之前,我谨赞扬民间社会--特别是国际禁止小武器行动网--在推动武器贸易条约的运动中发挥的显著作用及其为减少武装暴力所作的努力。
en Before concluding, I wish to acknowledge the prominent role played by civil society- in particular the International Action Network on Small Arms- in the campaign for an arms trade treaty, as well as its efforts to reduce armed violence
zh 工作场所检查的目标往往是其职业健康和安全记录不良的工作场所及从事显著有害种类工作的场所。
en Inspections tend to target workplaces with poor occupational health and safety records or those where particularly hazardous types of work are carried out
zh 重要的是,国家之间的合作价值和改进机构与单个专家之间关系,在推动预防犯罪策略中发挥着显著作用。
en Significantly, the value of cooperation between countries and improved relations between agencies and individual experts has taken a prominent role in promoting crime prevention strategies
zh 先生(蒙古)说,自 ‧ 年蒙古开始与工发组织合作以来,本组织的援助对蒙古的工业发展起到显著作用。
en Mr. GANZORIG (Mongolia) said that, since the initiation of Mongolia's cooperation with UNIDO in ‧ the Organization's assistance had contributed significantly to the country's industrial development
zh 不过,在武装冲突各方不能或者不愿保护平民的情况下,国际社会可发挥显著作用。
en However, in situations where parties to an armed conflict are unable or unwilling to protect civilians, the international community has a distinct role to play
zh 联合国支持并且倡导巴勒斯坦人民的各项权利,发挥了并且将继续发挥重要和显著作用。
en It has played and continues to play an important and distinctive role as it has embraced and advocated the rights of our Palestinian people
zh 我们坚信,第一委员会将继续在这方面发挥显著作用。
en We are convinced that the First Committee will continue to play an outstanding role in this regard
zh 我们承认多边方式的重要性,尤其是联合国在核裁军和核不扩散领域发挥的显著作用,我们重申对采取措施加强该作用的承诺。
en We recognize the importance of multilateralism and in particular the notable role played by the United Nations in the area of nuclear disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation, and we reiterate our commitment to adopting measures to strengthen that role
zh 安全理事会打算在非洲的预防和解决冲突方面发挥显著作用的事实是,安理会正在试图对困扰非洲大陆的各种冲突有更深入的了解。
en What is revealing of the pre-eminent role that the Security Council intends to play in conflict prevention and resolution in Africa is the fact that the Council is seeking to acquire a better understanding of the conflicts besetting the continent
zh 如果要使贸易对减轻贫穷产生显著作用,必须根据国家发展日程,特别是减轻贫穷战略文件调整贸易发展战略。
en If trade is going to have a substantial impact on poverty reduction, trade development strategies must be mainstreamed through national development agendas, particularly poverty reduction strategy papers
zh 鉴于移徙者的汇款在原籍国经济和社会发展中起着显著作用,应尽一切努力从这些汇款中获取尽可能大的效益。
en Given that remittances from migrants play a prominent role in the economic and social development of countries of origin, every effort should be made to derive the greatest possible benefit from those remittances
zh 民间社会和私营部门在项目设计和资源使用的监测方面可以发挥显著作用。
en Civil society and the private sector could play a visible role in the design of projects and in monitoring the use of resources
zh 尽管巴勒斯坦妇女在社会中有显著的地位--这得到巴勒斯坦最高法律文件,即国家宣言的承认,但是她们的显著作用还没有体现在平等参与决策,这是由于习惯、传统、以及把妇女当作发展的次要参与者的传统思想的存在。
en Despite the prominence of Palestinian women in their own society, which was recognized in the highest legal Palestinian document, the Declaration of the State, their prominent role has not been reflected by equal participation at the decision-making level due to customs, traditions and the prevalence of a traditional mentality that views women as secondary participants in development
zh 在新的国际秩序和大企业在其中所发挥的显著作用中,我们必须在政治和经济领域进一步加强地方当局。
en In the new international order, and the prominent role played in it by big business, we need to deepen and strengthen local authorities in the political and economic spheres
zh 我们希望,联合国也将发挥显著作用,支持非洲发展新伙伴关系。
en We hope that the United Nations will also play a tangible role in support of NEPAD
zh 妇女在微型企业及小型和中型企业发展中发挥显著作用,她们既是工业人力资源的基础,富有创造力和生产力,又越来越多地成为企业家。
en Women play a significant role in the development of microenterprises, and small and medium-sized enterprises, both as a creative and productive industrial human resource base and, increasingly, as entrepreneurs
zh 在由兰尼埃三世亲王促进的研究方案中--其中之一与同温室效应所作的斗争密切相关--有关于珊瑚及其在碳形成中的显著作用的研究。
en Among the research programmes promoted by Prince Rainier ‧ and one that is of the highest relevance in the struggle against the greenhouse effect- is the study of coral and its remarkable role in carbon fixation
zh 过去两年,非洲住房与城市发展问题部长级会议在协调全球论坛中非洲国家的立场,以及推动实现与人类住区有关的千年发展目标方面发挥了显著作用。
en In the past two years, the African Ministerial Conference on Housing and Urban Development has played a prominent role in coordinating an African position in global forums and also in increasing the momentum for achieving the Millennium Development Goals relating to human settlements
zh 各次国际会议都对促进民主化进程发挥显著作用。
en The International Conferences have played a prominent role in the promotion of the democratization process
zh 但在该部门之外,直接外资水平仍然较低而且没有在工业发展中发挥显著作用。
en Beyond this sector, however, FDI has remained low and not played a significant role in industrial development
zh 我们认为,联合国在促使国际社会重新关注阿富汗等弱小或崩溃的国家,并在调动资源促进其重建方面发挥了显著作用。
en In our view, the United Nations is playing its part remarkably in building on the new focus of the international community on weak or collapsed States, such as Afghanistan, and mobilizing for their reconstruction
zh 论坛在委员会讨论提升土著民族出席委员会方面发挥了显著作用,特别是对知识产权组织制定设立土著社区和地方社区自愿基金的建议作出了重大贡献,现在基金已经设立。
en The Forum has played a prominent role in Committee discussions on the enhancement of indigenous participation in the Committee, and contributed in particular to the development of the proposal for a WIPO voluntary fund for indigenous and local communities, which has now been established