• data source   
    In communications, the portion of a Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) device that sends data.
  • source         
    (noun   )

类似的短语在字典中文 英文。 (88)

次要資料來源secondary data source
次要資料來源使用secondary data uses
封裝來源檔案package source file
封裝來源目錄package source directory
更新統計資料update statistics
共用資料來源項目shared data source item
光線來源light source
記錄來源record source
警报来源Alert Source
警示來源Alert Source
可靠来源trusted source
来源origin; source (of information etc); source
來源source (of information etc); source; origin
來源 Cubesource cube
來源程式source program
來源磁碟機source drive
來源檔案source file
來源管理員Source Manager
來源模型source model
來源目錄source directory
來源配接器source adapter
來源日誌source journaling
來源文件source document
來源物件source object
來源系統source system
來源語言source language
來源資料source data
來源資料分割source partition
來源資料庫source database
來源資料整合source data integration
離線資料來源offline data source
連結資料來源精靈Link Data Sources Wizard
邏輯來源logical source
內容來源content source
潛在客戶來源source of lead
潜在顾客来源source of lead
社會安全福利被形容為凳子的第三只腳的原因是:社會安全福利從來就不是有意計劃成爲退休後的主要收入來源。退休金以及個人的儲蓄或其它投資也應當作爲退休後的收入來源。three legged stool
設定資料來源精靈Configure DataSource Wizard
事件來源event source
輸出資料流output stream
輸入來源input source
所有格,表示來源genitive of source
外部來源系統external source system
外部內容類型資料來源External Content Type data source
系統資料來源名稱System Data Source Name
繫結來源binding source
消息来源news feed; syndicated feed; web feed
消息來源news feed; web feed; syndicated feed
小型資料流mini stream
信任的來源trusted source
影像基礎來源image well
原始檔案來源Raw File source
纸张来源paper source
紙張來源paper source
主要来源main source
裝置中繼資料擷取用戶端Device Metadata Retrieval Client
資料爆炸data explosion
資料標記marker; data marker
資料標籤data label
資料採礦data mining
資料成員data member
資料戳記date stamping
資料檔案data file
資料格式data format
資料橫條data bar
資料檢視Data view
資料來源格式化data source formatting
資料來源檢視data source view
資料來源控制項data source control
資料來源驅動程式data source driver
資料來源外掛程式data source plug-in
資料欄位data field
資料流程dataflow; data flow
資料流量data traffic
資料模型data model
資料清理data cleaning
資料收集data collection
資料數列data series
資料遺失容錯data loss tolerance
資料摘要data feed
資料整合data integration
自訂來源custom source
Application 來源資料整合application source data integration
Netgroup 來源netgroup source
Netgroup 來源精靈Netgroup Source Wizard


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社会评估采取的社会视角能够给决策提供必要的资料,能够增进对一个国家实际情况的了解。The social perspective it introduces can provide information essential to policy-making and increase understanding of actual conditions in a country
这一分析建立在联合国毒品和犯罪问题办事处(毒品和犯罪问题办事处)收到的最新资料的基础上。Analysis is based on the latest information available to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC
在哥本哈根启动的进程在各种数据和统计资料之外,展现了这些人的面孔。The process launched in Copenhagen gave a face to these populations, beyond numbers and statistics
请国际社会支持各国所作的努力,加强其人的和机构的能力和规章框架,防止腐败、贿赂、洗钱、非法来源资金和资产的转移,并协助将这些资金和资产退回来源Requests the international community to support national efforts to strengthen human and institutional capacity and regulatory frameworks for preventing corruption, bribery, money laundering and the transfer of funds and assets of illicit origin, and to assist in the return of such funds and assets to the countries of origin
它同意,根据目前掌握的资料,这些通知达到了附件二的所有标准,但尼日利亚和泰国的通知没有达到标准(b) (三),而保加利亚和科特迪瓦的通知没有达到标准(b) (一)、(b) (二)和(b) (三),并指出科特迪瓦提交的增补资料没有表明已采取的行动如何有效地减少风险。It agreed that, on the basis of the information currently available, the notifications had met all the criteria of Annex ‧ with the exception of criterion (b) (iii) for those from Nigeria and Thailand and criteria (b) (i), (b) (ii) and (b) (iii) for those from Bulgaria and Côte d'Ivoire, noting that the additional information submitted by Côte d'Ivoire had not demonstrated how effective the action taken had been in reducing the risk
最普通的器官来源是尸体捐赠。The most common source of organs is cadaveric donation
委员会可根据所收到的资料提出各种建议。On the basis of the information received the Committee may make suggestions and general recommendations
g) 报告指出,《标准规则》有某些缺点:这些规则不具有约束力,而且各国政府没有义务提供资料,以供联合国进行监测;此外,这些规则在残疾儿童、残疾问题所涉性别因素以及住房和住所的无障碍方面含混不清( ‧ 附件,第 ‧ 至 ‧ 段)。g) The report noted certain shortcomings in the Standard Rules: they were non-binding and Governments were not obliged to provide information for monitoring by the United Nations, and they were vague with regard to children with disabilities, the gender aspects of disability and accessible housing and shelter ( ‧ annex, paras
但由于多氯联苯被列入《斯德哥尔摩公约》附件A,作为《公约》缔约国的各国将会探讨这一潜在的五氯苯来源But since PCBs are listed on Annex A of the Stockholm Convention, this potential PeCB source will be addressed in countries that are Parties to the Convention
申明阿拉伯临时议会应拥有独立的预算,除了待定的其他资源之外,其在临时阶段的预算来源应由成员国缴纳等额会费组成To affirm that the Interim Arab Parliament shall have an independent budget whose sources shall, in the interim phase, consist of equal contributions from Member States, in addition to other resources to be determined
她将感谢能就 ‧ 年总统命令提供更多的资料She would appreciate more information on the Presidential Order of
谨此附上一份增编(见附件),就联合国武器禁运专家组(安全理事会第 ‧ 号决议)所提问题提供进一步资料,这些问题是专家组在收到乌干达有关早先提到的问题的立场文件时提出的。Please find herewith an addendum (see annex), providing additional information on the issues raised by the United Nations Group of Experts on the Arms Embargo (Security Council resolution ‧ ) when they were given the Uganda position paper on the issues raised earlier
委员会请缔约国提供更多的资料说明“难民法”和对迁徙和居住自由的限制情况,以便确定该法是否符合缔约国的国际义务。The Committee notes with satisfaction the State party's accession to major United Nations human rights instruments, as well as to the Commonwealth of Independent States Convention concerning the Rights of Persons Belonging to National Minorities
亦可通过其他来源得到有关所涉化学品的信息资料Information on the chemical may also be available from other sources
duwayo女士(布隆迪)说,布隆迪代表团不能提供资料说明有多少地方法官鼓励私下解决强奸案件,因为不允许采取这种做法。Ms. Nduwayo (Burundi) said that her delegation could not provide information on the number of magistrates who encouraged private settlements of rape cases because the practice was not permitted
列为特许参阅、但秘书长(或秘书长所指定的高级官员)认为是委员会进行审计工作所必需的资料以及列为机密的资料,可根据请求准予调阅。Information which is classified as privileged and which the Secretary-General (or his or her designated senior official) agrees is required by the Board for the purposes of the audit and information classified as confidential shall be made available on application
委员会预期将会获得关于制定报告第 ‧ 段中所述各项措施方面的具体资料It expects that specific information will be available on the development of the measures described in paragraph ‧ of the report
知识是竞争优势的来源,这是全球化现阶段的成因。The current phase of globalization is shaped by the fact that knowledge is a source of competitive advantage
如果以在来源地扣除的方式征税,时限从支付收入之时算起;不过,如果纳税人证明他是在后来某日才知道已作了扣除,则时限应从该日算起。If the tax is levied by deduction at the source, the time limit begins to run from the moment when the income is paid; however, if the taxpayer proves that only at a later date did he know that the deduction had been made, the time limit will begin from that date
最初用来扶持镇压性政权的侵犯人权行为资料档案,对于赔偿镇压行为受害者的损害和起诉暴行责任者,具有重要的意义。Archives of human rights violations, originally intended to buttress repressive regimes of all kinds, are vital in making reparation for the injury suffered by victims of repression and in prosecuting those responsible for atrocities
古巴是否鼓励进口商、出口商和第三方在运输之前向海关提供资料?Does Cuba encourage importers, exporters or third parties to provide information to Customs prior to their shipment?
委员会建议缔约国在根据《公约》第 ‧ 条编制下次定期报告中,在说明《议定书》执行情况时进一步提供有关这些行动计划的影响和/或结果的资料(见下文第 ‧ 段)。The Committee recommends that the State party provide further information on the impact and/or results of these action plans when submitting information with respect to the implementation of the Protocol in its next periodic report prepared in accordance with article ‧ of the Convention (see paragraph ‧ below
从现有的有限的较新资料看,与保健有关的变数如五岁以下死亡率、产妇死亡率和 ‧ 岁以下儿童营养不良现象减少等 ‧ 年报告中所表现的趋势,并无根本性改变。 ‧ 这一点并不奇怪,因为各种社会变数的变化也很缓慢。To the limited extent that more recent data are available, there have been few fundamental changes in the trends in health-related variables, such as under-five mortality rates ( ‧ s), maternal mortality rates and the reduction of malnutrition among children under age ‧ that were noted in ‧ his is not surprising, because social variables shift only slowly
b) 地方当局在更容易利用可持续筹资来源方面取得了实绩。b) Performance gains were achieved in improved access to sustainable funding sources by local authorities
一些代表指出,要有效地提供援助,必须在多方面采取行动,有几个特别重要的方面是:(a) 应在可预测的基础上提供尽可能多的援助;(b) 应特别考虑到向脆弱国家提供援助的特殊情况和挑战;(c) 必须确保较公平地分配援助,避免“捐助方宠儿”和“捐助方孤儿”现象;(d) 应解决联合国系统内援助实效的问题,使联合国发展援助渠道更受捐助方欢迎;(e) 必须继续推动在有创意的资金来源方面取得的进展;(f) 必须确保发展援助导致“不影响气候的”援助方案,以防止环境退化。Some representatives indicated that efficient aid delivery involved action on many fronts, several of which were particularly important: (a) as much aid as possible should be available on a predictable basis; (b) specific conditions and challenges of delivering aid to fragile States deserved special consideration; (c) there was a need to ensure that aid was better distributed so as to avoid “donor darlings” and “donor orphans”; (d) the issue of aid effectiveness in the United Nations system should be addressed to make the United Nations development assistance channels more attractive to donors; (e) the progress that had been made on innovative sources of finance should be built on; and (f) there was a need to ensure that development aid would lead to “climate proof” aid programmes to prevent environmental degradation