• to be as good as one's word   
  • to do as promised   
  • to honor one's word   
  • to mean what one says   

类似的短语在字典中文 英文。 (63)

accounting records
accounting control
; to consider repeatedly
to consider repeatedly
secure voice
Boolean operator
speak loudly
computerized accounting
peer-to-peer session
general average settlement; general average adjustment
SSAC; State System of Accounting for and Control of Nuclear Material
SSAC; State System for Accounting and Control
average statement; average adjustment
adjustment charges
average adjuster
average adjuster
average statement; average adjustment
nuclear material accounting
nuclear material accountancy
dialect; spoken words; talk; conversation; speech; language; what sb said;
instant message session; instant messaging session
support session
cut-off date
accrual method
law at the place of adjustment
adjustment charges; adjustment costs
adjustment clause
to be literate and numerate (idiom)
to be literate and numerate (idiom)
S to A; subject to average
on the spot calculation; to count with one's fingers
to bide time for revenge
; to bide time for revenge
regional system of accounting for and control of nuclear material; RSAC
to count on one's fingers
God's plans supercede our own; Man proposes but God disposes
to talk shop all the time (idiom)
adjustment of actual total loss
Live Sharing Session
trial balance (accountancy); spreadsheet
spreadsheet report view
spreadsheet program
data-sharing session
to do as promised; to mean what one says; to be as good as one's word; to honor one's word
Suzhou dialect;
Suzhou dialect
to calculate; calculate; figure; compute; to figure; to regard as; to compute; count
calculated; to figure out
to keep to one's word
to keep to one's word
let it pass; forget about it; let it be; forget it
to balance an account; to reckon (accounting); to get one's revenge
; to balance an account; to get one's revenge; to reckon (accounting)
synchronization session
maximum concurrent sessions


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zh 如果人类共同遗产这一理念要有什么意义的,那么至关重要的是,不仅应在各国间分享深海海底资源的好处,而且还应分享科学知识。
en If the concept of the common heritage of mankind is to mean anything, it is essential that not only the benefits of the resources of the deep seabed, but also scientific knowledge, be shared among all States
zh 缔约方提交的材料,包括提交报告的个年的通用报告格式、国家清单报告(如果提交的)以及缔约方提交秘书处的其他辅助数据; 综合和评估报告第一节和第二节的有关部分、缔约方对综合和评估报告所列的调查结果的评论、载有以图表格式对所有附件一缔约方的排放数据作比较的 ‧ 和 ‧ 号文件; 第 ‧ 段所述的初步指导; 提交温室气体清单的状况报告; 如第 ‧ 段所解释的秘书处对关键排放源的分析; 关于深入审查缔约方最近一次国家信息通报的报告 ‧ 号文件,该文件载有《气候公约》报告和审查指南。
en The submission of the Party including the CRF for all years reported, the national inventory report, if submitted, and any other supporting data submitted by the Party to the secretariat; Section I and the relevant part of section ‧ of the synthesis and assessment report, the comments of the Party to the findings included in the synthesis and assessment report and documents ‧ and ‧ which contain comparisons of emissions data across all Annex I Parties in tabular and graphical format; The preliminary guidance described in paragraph ‧ he status report for the GHG inventory submission; The analysis of key sources performed by the secretariat, as explained in paragraph ‧ he report on the in-depth review of the latest national communication of the Party; Document ‧ containing the UNFCCC reporting and review guidelines
zh 拜登参议员,我还要对你讲几句
en Senator Biden, I would also like to address some comments to you
zh 如果我有办法的,我会把这个改为:“艾滋病的扩散对社会会造成一种独特的影响”--因为今天在撒哈拉以南的非洲的情况正是如此。
en If I had had my way, I would have changed that to read: “The spread of AIDS has had a uniquely devastating impact on society”- because that is what is happening in sub-Saharan African today
zh 如果以在来源地扣除的方式征税,时限从支付收入之时起;不过,如果纳税人证明他是在后来某日才知道已作了扣除,则时限应从该日起。
en If the tax is levied by deduction at the source, the time limit begins to run from the moment when the income is paid; however, if the taxpayer proves that only at a later date did he know that the deduction had been made, the time limit will begin from that date
zh 总的来讲,她认为扫盲就是接受一种基本教育,通过这一教育,人们学会读和,不论是女孩还是男孩。
en Overall, she believed that literacy consisted of receiving a basic education that would enable a person to read and do arithmetic, regardless of whether that person was a girl or a boy
zh 根据该规则,女工有权带薪休息,以进行孕期、生育和哺乳方面的预防性医疗检查,如果不能在工作时间之外进行此种检查的
en In the compliance with the said Rules, a female worker has the right to paid time off for preventive medical examinations with respect to pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, if such examinations cannot take place outside of working hours
zh 如果您喜歡用命令列, 您可以用 startx 指令來登入 & kde; 。 將這一行 : exec startkde 加到您的家目錄中的. xinitrc 檔中( 如果不存在的就直接建立 ) , 存檔後執行 startx 。 kde; 啟動的畫面跟您用圖形介面登入時一樣 。
en If you prefer using the command line, you can log in to & kde; with the startx command. Add the line exec startkde to the. xinitrc file in your home folder (create it if it does not exist), save the file, and then run startx. & kde; should start in the same way as if you had logged in graphically
zh 主席(以法语发言):我感谢丹麦代表对我所说的友好的
en The President (spoke in French): I thank the representative of Denmark for her kind words addressed to me
zh 主席:我感谢尊敬的德国大使的发言以及他对主席所讲的鼓励的
en The PRESIDENT: I thank the distinguished Ambassador of Germany for his statement and his words of support addressed to the presidency
zh 如果我们对阻止艾滋病毒/艾滋病传播持认真态度的,我们需要重温这些思想。
en We need to revisit them if we are serious about checking the spread of HIV/AIDS
zh 马约利尼先生(意大利):我想不很正式地说几句
en Mr. MAIOLINI (Italy): I would like to say a few words and not in a very formal way
zh 二十六? 岁 的 男性 忽然? 丧 失 了?? 能力
en Twenty- six- year- old male, sudden loss of the ability to speak
zh 根据《定期雇员法》和《派遣工法》的规定,如果与有关企业或工作场所从事同样或类似工作的正规工人相比较,仅仅因为定期合同工、非全时工和派遣工的非正规地位致使其遭到歧视待遇的,他们有权就此寻求补偿令。
en The Act for Fixed-Term Employees and the Act for Dispatched Workers allows individuals to seek a redress order for discriminatory treatment when fixed-term workers, part-time workers and dispatched workers receive discriminatory treatment compared with regular workers doing the same or similar work in the business or workplace concerned solely due to their non-regular status
zh 作废的部分应为不遵守程度的某一倍数,而不遵守的程度则是,按第三条联系排减单位、核减单位和[分配数量单位][部分分配数量]的转让和获取出的承诺期排放量与分配数量的百分比差额。
en The portion to be invalidated shall be a multiple of the degree of non-compliance. The degree of non-compliance is the percentage difference between emissions in the commitment period and the assigned amount, taking account of transfers and acquisitions of ERUs, CERs and [AAUs] [PAAs], calculated in accordance with Article
zh 在进行不同文明之间对时,必须促进就世界不同文化如何在文化与发展关系中处理环境问题交流经验。
en In the context of the dialogue among civilizations, it is important to promote an exchange of experience on the ways in which the world's different cultures have integrated the environmental dimension of the relation between culture and development
zh 第三,也是最后一点,在平民成为袭击目标的情况下,国际刑事法院的《罗马规约》为追究袭击实施者的责任提供了法律基础,如果国家不愿意或不能追究责任的
en Thirdly, and finally, in situations where any civilian population is the target of attacks, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court provides the legal basis for holding accountable those responsible for the attacks if a State is unwilling or unable to do so
zh 因此,如果审理法官对提交人的诚实度有任何怀疑的,他可以很容易地将对提交人的刑事威胁“提升”到严重程度。
en Thus, the trial judge could very easily have “elevated” the criminal threat against the author to severe, if he had any doubt about the author's truthfulness
zh 但是上诉分庭感并不认为,审判分庭行使酌处权命令建议的最短刑期自 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日判刑判决之日起是错误的,也不认为命令上诉人被判的最短刑期不得扣减是错误的。
en However, the Appeals Chamber was not satisfied that the Trial Chamber had erred in the exercise of its discretion in ordering that the recommended minimum term run from the date of the sentencing judgement of ‧ uly ‧ nor that it had erred in ordering that the appellant not be entitled credit in respect of the minimum term
zh 年将纪念《海洋法公约》开放供签署二十周年,在我们努力履行海洋临时保管者责任时,我认为,他的对所有代表团仍然具有启发意义。
en In view of the upcoming twentieth anniversary of the opening for signature of the Convention on the Law of the Sea in ‧ believe that his words still carry a message for all delegations as we strive to fulfil our responsibilities as temporary curators of the oceans and the seas
zh 借用你自己的来说就是,在你担任主席期间,我们达到了一个重要的转折点。
en To borrow your own words, an important turning point has been reached under your presidency
zh 最突出的证据是希特勒 ‧ 年在谈到他入侵波兰的计划时有如下傲慢之言:“毕竟,今天谁还谈到对亚美尼亚人的灭绝?” 今天可以在哥伦比亚特区和华盛顿的大屠杀纪念馆看到这些
en The most striking evidence is Hitler `s rhetorical flourish about his plans to invade Poland in ‧ “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?” Those words can be read in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C
zh 他建议在这两个示范条文中的“条件”一词后添加“如果有”,中间用逗号分开。
en He suggested that the words “if any”, set off by commas, could be added after the word “conditions” in both model provisions
zh 他将继续与伊拉克当局对
en He will continue his dialogue with the Iraqi authorities
zh 双方还可以磋商,探讨在具体领域设立共同设施或服务的可能性--如果这样能节省支出的
en They may also consult to explore the possibility of establishing common facilities or services in specific areas provided that there are cost savings