• to autograph   
  • to sign (one's name with a pen etc)   

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report signature
code signing
electronic signature
e-mail signature
hang signature
token-signing certificate
kernel exception signature
to sign (one's name with a pen etc); to autograph; sign; signature; autograph
signature update
Signature Setup
signature time
signature file
signature word
signature line
signature file
digitally signed; digitally sign; digital signature
Digital Signature Standard
elliptic curve digital signature algorithm
unsigned driver
automatic signature verification system
self-signed certificate


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zh 安东尼奥·洛佩斯·奥尔蒂斯(签名
en Signed) Antonio López Ortiz Secretary Federación Estatal de Instituciones Solidarias con el Pueblo Saharaui
zh 完好的签名, 签署自未知密钥 。
en Good signature by an unknown key
zh 图伊拉埃帕·萨伊莱莱·马利埃莱额奥伊(签名
en Signed) Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi Prime Minister
zh 弗朗西斯·布塔吉拉(签名
en Annex manually (pp ‧ ) offset, renumbered ‧ to attach to all languages
zh 对电子邮件签名时采取最简化的步骤, 除非出现问题, 否则使用预设的默认设定
en Minimize the number of steps when signing emails, use preset defaults unless problems occurr
zh 最后,在大陆法和普通法的制度中,在有些情况下,如果赔偿责任限制将实际剥夺签名人享有的为适用法律所承认的权利或救济,保护消费者规则可以大大削弱认证服务提供人限制其对签名人承担赔偿责任的能力。
en Lastly, in both civil law and common law systems, consumer protection rules may significantly reduce the ability of a certification services provider to limit its liability vis-à-vis the signatory, in circumstances where the limitation of liability would effectively deprive the signatory of a right or remedy recognized by the applicable law
zh 在准备压缩变形组件盘查清单内,开列物品名称、系列编号、包装箱号、单独拆解组件名称、组件生产号数、组件总数以及车间主任和一般品质管制官员签名
en In the inventory of parts prepared for deformation, there are data with the name of the item, the number of the series, the number of the packaging cases, the names of the separate dismantled parts, their production numbers, their total number, and the signatures of the chief of the workshop and of the general quality control official
zh 因诺森西奥·阿里亚斯(签名
en Arias Chairman Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution ‧ concerning counter-terrorism
zh e) 风险管理和业务决策程序得到改进,将预警系统、手工流程自动化、电子工作流程和签名纳入在内
en e) Improved risk management and operational decision-making processes, incorporating early warning systems, automation of manual processes, electronic workflow and signatures
zh 年,世界志愿人员联合会共收集了 ‧ 多个签名,网上聚集了 ‧ 名宣传支持者。
en In ‧ collected more than ‧ signatures and the online adhesion of ‧ campaign supporters
zh 吉尔吉斯共和国外交部长 阿·艾特马托夫(签名
en Signed) A. Aimatov Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic
zh 纽约书店还发行了一份通讯月刊,并以电子邮件形式发送所有在纽约的工作人员和常驻代表团,举办了 ‧ 次签名售书活动,推出了一种礼品卡和一种长期顾客优待证。
en The New York Bookshop also launched a monthly newsletter and e-mailed it to all New York-based staff and permanent missions, organized ‧ book-signing events and introduced a gift card and a frequent purchase card
zh 戈兰·斯维兰诺维奇(签名
en Signed) Goran Svilanović
zh 由于市场规模和统一的区域一级投资和管理框架,诸如有利的投资条件、保护知识产权、透明的监管、保护隐私和个人资料等问题,并在一定程度上,如滥用计算机和网络犯罪、电子签名和电子交易、以及电子政府和广播等信息社会问题,都能够得到更有效的解决。
en Given market size and harmonized investment, and regulatory frameworks at regional levels, the issues of hospitable investment conditions, the protection of intellectual property rights, transparency of regulation, and protection of privacy and personal data, and to a certain extent, the information society issues such as computer misuse and cyber crime, electronic signatures and transactions, as well as elements of e-government and broadcasting can be addressed more effectively
zh 全世界的许多名人和领袖都郑重签名,参加了这项运动,其中包括:支助这项运动的大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国前首相托尼·布莱尔,以及大主教德斯蒙德·图图,他在非洲在南非发起使道路安全运动期间,呼吁政治领袖和八国集团针对道路安全问题采取行动。
en The campaign has been heavily endorsed by celebrities and leaders worldwide including the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Tony Blair, who supported the campaign; and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who called on political leaders and the Group of Eight countries to take action on road safety during the African launch of the “Make roads safe” campaign in South Africa
zh 布兰科·卢科瓦茨(签名
en Signed) Branko Lukovac
zh 为使数字签名基础设施正常发挥职能并得到信任,关键是有一个到位的机制,实时判断某一证书是否有效,或该证书是否已被终止或撤销。
en For a digital signature infrastructure to function properly and enjoy trust, it is critical that a mechanism be in place to determine in real time whether a particular certificate is valid, or whether it has been suspended or revoked
zh 临时代办 大使 阿尔多·曼托瓦尼(签名
en Signed) Ambassador Aldo Mantovani Chargé d'affaires a.i
zh 阿卜杜勒-埃拉赫·哈提卜(签名
en Signed) Abdelelah M. al-Khatib
zh 马里·宾·阿姆德·阿尔卡蒂里(签名
en Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
zh 虽然经合发组织的建议和指导主要涉及的并非法律事项,但提及从法律上承认电子签名和技术中立性的原则,而这些原则正是《贸易法委员会电子签名示范法》的两条基本原则
en Although the OECD recommendations and guidance are not primarily concerned with legal matters, they make reference to the principles of legal recognition of electronic signatures and technology neutrality, which are two of the basic principles of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Signatures
zh 热雷米·博纳拉姆(签名
en Signed) Jérémie Bonnelame Ambassador Permanent Representative
zh “(k) 负责填写登记册的人员的姓名和签名”。
en “(k) Name and signature of the person responsible for filling in the register”
zh 米哈伊尔·韦赫贝(签名
en Signed) Mikhail Wehbe
zh 提交人同所有 ‧ 名选民进行了联系。 他们说,从来没有否认在有关名单上签字;没有任何DEC人员要求他们核实签名
en The author contacted all ‧ voters and was reassured by them that they had never denied signing the lists in question, and that no one from the DEC had approached them to verify their signatures