• object tab   
    A tab that you use to display or work with a database object, such as a table, query, form, or report.

类似的短语在字典中文 英文。 (89)

[檔案] 索引標籤File tab
[簡易篩選] 索引標籤Simple Filter tab
[進階篩選] 索引標籤Advanced Filter tab
案例索引鍵case key
包含列的索引included column index
參考索引鍵referenced key
辭彙索引檔concordance file
叢集索引clustered index
代理程式索引標籤Agent tab
非叢集索引nonclustered index
非键索引列Nonkey index column
非聚集索引nonclustered index
非索引鍵之索引資料行Nonkey index column
複合式索引composite index
複合索引鍵composite key
功能區索引標籤ribbon tab
關聯式索引標籤contextual tab
候選索引鍵candidate key
环索引ring index
環索引ring index
禁用的索引disabled index
聚集索引clustered index
快速索引標籤Quick Tabs
連絡人索引Contact index
联系人索引Contact index
內含資料行索引included column index
內容索引content indexing; content index
內容索引伺服器content index server
内容索引content indexing; content index
内容索引服务器content index server
清單索引list index
色彩索引color index
索引Index; index
索引標籤控制項tab control
索引標籤式瀏覽tabbed browsing
索引標籤組tab set
索引传播index propagation
索引傳播index propagation
索引伺服器index server
索引分配映射Index Allocation Map
索引服务器index server
索引服務Indexing Service
索引缓冲区index buffer
索引緩衝index buffer
索引檢視表indexed view
索引鍵集驅動資料指標keyset-driven cursor
索引鍵屬性key attribute
索引鍵資料行key column
索引角色index role
索引配置對應Index Allocation Map
索引视图indexed view
索引顺序访问方法indexed sequential access method
索引项index entry
索引項目index entry
索引循序存取方法indexed sequential access method
索引页index page
索引頁index page
索引頁預留空間Pad index
填充索引Pad index
停用的索引disabled index
外部索引鍵foreign key
外部索引鍵關聯foreign key association
網路索引Web index
網站地圖索引site map index
唯一索引unique index
伪索引pseudo index
位置索引position index
顯示索引標籤Show Tabs
虛擬索引pseudo index
颜色索引color index
一般索引標籤General tab
已分区索引partitioned index
站点地图索引site map index
主索引鍵primary key
資料分割索引partitioned index
Null 索引鍵null key
web 索引Web index
Z 軸索引zindex; z-index
Z-索引z-index; zindex


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据认为,第 ‧ 至 ‧ 段适当地论述了是按债务人或其他出押人的名称还是按资产的标识编排索引的问题。It was noted that paragraphs ‧ to ‧ adequately discussed the issue whether the index should be organized on the basis of the debtor's or other grantor's name or on the basis of asset identification
设立了一分类和标签协调专题小组,协调专家开展的技术工作。A Task Force on Harmonization of Classification and Labelling has been established to coordinate the technical work carried out by the experts
所有分配的危险说明都应出现在标签上,除非本小节另有规定。All assigned hazard statements should appear on the label, except where otherwise provided in this sub-section
* 森林管理理事会继续扩大其涵盖国家的范围,并制订了一种标签,以便贴在核证过的最后产品上• The Forest Stewardship Council has continued to expand its country coverage, and has developed a label to be placed on certified final products
c) 危险货物运输和全球化学品统一分类标签制度专家委员会:第四届会议 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日( ‧ 和Corr ‧ 和Add ‧ )。c) Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods and on the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals: fourth session ‧ ecember ‧ ( ‧ and Corr ‧ and Add
d) 样品的特性和张贴标签d) Full description of sample characteristics- labelling
欧洲分类和标签小组对辨识从中链氯化石蜡到短链氯化石蜡的这一作用进行了讨论。Read-across of this effect from MCCPs to SCCPs was discussed by the EU classification and labelling group
a) 若干国家都为楼房制定了全面的国家能源准则,并为各种电器用品和照明设备制定了最低能源效率标准和标签a) Several countries have formulated a comprehensive national energy code for buildings, as well as minimum energy efficiency standards and labels for appliances and lighting
自版本 ‧. ‧. ‧ 起, kppp 就有了一个新特性, 即 “ 快速帮助 ” 。 它与工具提示有些类似, 但是您 可以在任何时候激活它 。 要激活该特性, 只需用鼠标右键单击像按钮或标 签这样的控件。 如果项目支持快速帮助, 就会显 示一个弹出菜单指向快速帮助 。 要测试这一特性, 请用右键单击此文本 。From version ‧.‧ on, kppp has a new feature called " Quickhelp ". It 's similar to a tooltip, but you can activate it whenever you want. To activate it, simply click on a control like a button or a label with the right mouse button. If the item supports Quickhelp, a popup menu will appear leading to Quickhelp. To test it, right-click somewhere in this text
非法买卖和储藏武器:“未经授权而买卖武器或受法律管制使用的其他物件者,或拥有武器库或武器工厂者,应判处有期徒刑一至三年。Illegal trade in and storage of weapons: “Anyone who, without authorization, trades in weapons or other articles whose use is regulated by law or who has an arms store or factory shall be punished by one to three years' imprisonment
这包括接受在听审期间提出的文件和处理证物,编写诉讼记录,维持和订正排定的听审日历,协调审判室设施的时间表和使用,将所有案件文件归档、编入索引和加以分发,保管国际法庭的记录和管理所有听审的记录誉本。This included receiving documents filed during the hearings and handling exhibits, preparing procedural minutes, maintaining and updating the calendar of scheduled hearings, coordinating the schedules and use of courtroom facilities, filing, indexing and distributing all case documents, maintaining the Tribunal's record book, and managing transcripts of all hearings
但是,这两个图书馆都没有利用这些目标来监测执行情况,因为一些管理人员认为,这些目标没有考虑到编制索引的真正的复杂性。However, the libraries did not use them for performance monitoring because, as some managers believe, these goals did not take into consideration the true complexities of indexing
第三部分简要描述了建议在评估中进行的主要环节,包括对化学品无害管理的政管框架进行评估;对具体化学品管理事宜(如全球化学品统一分类和标签制度、风险降低等等)的能力及重点领域进行评估。Part ‧ outlines the two main proposed components of the assessment, which include an assessment of the national governance framework for sound chemicals management an assessment of capacities and priorities concerning specific chemicals management issues (e.g. GHS, risk reduction, etc
还注意到并承认训研所/劳工组织/经合组织的“能力建设全球伙伴关系”对执行统一分类标签制度的重要意义,在各级水平上进行能力建设,实现 ‧ 年的目标Further aware of, and recognizing, the significance of the UNITAR/ILO/OECD Global Partnership for Capacity Building to implement the GHS for building capacities at all levels to achieve the ‧ target
例如,全球化学品统一分类和标签制度、以及目前正在由组织间妥善管理化学品方案各成员组织共同处理的污染物排放和转移登记簿方面的事项。Such is the case for example of the globally harmonized system for the classification and labelling of chemicals, and the pollutant release and transfer registers which are the subject of teamwork by IOMC organizations
在其他地方,反对团体被贴上“恐怖分子”的标签,普通的非暴力反抗形式被定为“恐怖主义”。Elsewhere, opposition groups had been labelled “terrorists” and ordinary forms of civil disobedience had been defined as “terrorism”
经合组织应联合国全球统一制度专家小组委员会的请求,正在制定关于在健康和环境危害领域分类标准和标签的建议。The OECD is developing proposals for classification criteria and labelling in the area of health and environmental hazards, at the request of the UN Sub-Committee of Experts on the GHS
F. 资产与设保人索引编制(第 ‧ 段Asset v. grantor indexing (paras
以下 ‧ 个国家作为危险货物运输问题专家小组委员会(危险货运小组委员会)正式成员或全球化学品统一分类标签制度专家小组委员会(全球统一制度小组委员会)正式成员、或这两个小组委员会的正式成员参加了委员会的工作:阿根廷、澳大利亚、奥地利、比利时、巴西、加拿大、中国、捷克共和国、 丹麦、 芬兰、法国、德国、爱尔兰、 ‧ 意大利、日本、墨西哥、 ‧ 荷兰、新西兰、 ‧ 挪威、波兰、 ‧ 葡萄牙、卡塔尔、 ‧ 俄罗斯联邦、 ‧ 塞内加尔、 ‧ 南非、西班牙、瑞典、大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国和美利坚合众国。The following ‧ countries participated in the work of the Committee as full members of the Subcommittee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG Subcommittee), of the Subcommittee of Experts on the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS Subcommittee), or of both subcommittees: Argentina; Australia; Austria; Belgium; Brazil; Canada; China; the Czech Republic; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Ireland ‧ taly; Japan; Mexico ‧ the Netherlands; New Zealand ‧ orway; Poland ‧ ortugal ‧ atar ‧ the Russian Federation ‧ enegal ‧ outh Africa; Spain; Sweden; the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; and the United States of America
卫生部,《 ‧ 年执行健康目标方面的进展》(惠灵顿 ‧ 年) p ‧ (索引“太平洋人民”)。Ministry of Health, Progress on Health Outcome Targets ‧ (Wellington ‧ ) p ‧ (Index “Pacific peoples”
单击标有 页眉和页脚 的标签Click on the tab labeled Header & Footer
丹麦报告说 ‧ 年 ‧ 月清理了所剩余的两个雷区中的第二个,释放面积 ‧ 平方米,销毁杀伤人员地雷 ‧ 枚、反坦克雷 ‧ 枚,以及其他物件(印信、炸药或未爆弹药) ‧ 件。Denmark reported that the second of two areas containing mines was cleared in April ‧ with ‧ square metres released and ‧ anti-personnel mines ‧ anti-tank mines and ‧ other items (detonators, explosives, or UXO) destroyed
该网址对索引部分进行了改编,并为一些领域建立新的网页,其中包括“联合国议程上的各项问题”,并为秘书长建立一个新网页,每日提供关于秘书长最新发言、活动和会议的消息;另外能使人们迅速检索最新发表的报告和其他材料,如专栏版文章和图片,以及链接到一系列广泛的相关来源。The site offers a revamped index and new web pages for a number of areas, including, “Issues on the United Nations agenda”, and a new page for the Secretary-General, that provides daily news on the Secretary-General's latest statements, activities and meetings, as well as fast access to recently released reports and other material, such as Op-Ed articles and photographs, as well as links to a wide range of related sources
如这些物件已予暂时保管,则应向保管者通知最后处理这些物件的决定。If they had been handed over into temporary custody, the depositary shall be notified of the final disposal of such articles
但是,它绝不能是贴上新标签的人权委员会的翻版。It must, therefore, not be a remake of the Commission on Human Rights with a new label