• object tab   
    A tab that you use to display or work with a database object, such as a table, query, form, or report.

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[檔案] 索引標籤File tab
[簡易篩選] 索引標籤Simple Filter tab
[進階篩選] 索引標籤Advanced Filter tab
案例索引鍵case key
包含列的索引included column index
參考索引鍵referenced key
辭彙索引檔concordance file
叢集索引clustered index
代理程式索引標籤Agent tab
非叢集索引nonclustered index
非键索引列Nonkey index column
非聚集索引nonclustered index
非索引鍵之索引資料行Nonkey index column
複合式索引composite index
複合索引鍵composite key
功能區索引標籤ribbon tab
關聯式索引標籤contextual tab
候選索引鍵candidate key
环索引ring index
環索引ring index
禁用的索引disabled index
聚集索引clustered index
快速索引標籤Quick Tabs
連絡人索引Contact index
联系人索引Contact index
內含資料行索引included column index
內容索引content indexing; content index
內容索引伺服器content index server
内容索引content indexing; content index
内容索引服务器content index server
清單索引list index
色彩索引color index
索引Index; index
索引標籤控制項tab control
索引標籤式瀏覽tabbed browsing
索引標籤組tab set
索引传播index propagation
索引傳播index propagation
索引伺服器index server
索引分配映射Index Allocation Map
索引服务器index server
索引服務Indexing Service
索引缓冲区index buffer
索引緩衝index buffer
索引檢視表indexed view
索引鍵集驅動資料指標keyset-driven cursor
索引鍵屬性key attribute
索引鍵資料行key column
索引角色index role
索引配置對應Index Allocation Map
索引视图indexed view
索引顺序访问方法indexed sequential access method
索引项index entry
索引項目index entry
索引循序存取方法indexed sequential access method
索引页index page
索引頁index page
索引頁預留空間Pad index
填充索引Pad index
停用的索引disabled index
外部索引鍵foreign key
外部索引鍵關聯foreign key association
網路索引Web index
網站地圖索引site map index
唯一索引unique index
伪索引pseudo index
位置索引position index
顯示索引標籤Show Tabs
虛擬索引pseudo index
颜色索引color index
一般索引標籤General tab
已分区索引partitioned index
站点地图索引site map index
主索引鍵primary key
資料分割索引partitioned index
Null 索引鍵null key
web 索引Web index
Z 軸索引zindex; z-index
Z-索引z-index; zindex


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短棒、指节铜套、飞镖和其他特意改成打、砸、掷武器的物件,但不包括体育设施Bludgeons, knuckledusters, boomerangs and other specially adapted objects to be used as weapons for striking, smashing and throwing, except for sporting equipment
鼓励各国尽快实行新的全球化学品统一分类和标签制度,以期到 ‧ 年全面实行这一制度。Encourage States to implement the new globally harmonized system for the classification and labelling of chemicals as soon as possible, with a view to having the system fully operational by
他对此解释说,参与非法出口的那些公司实际上并未获得出口许可证,而且对所出口的物质采取了故意错贴标签或欺瞒的手法,而海关官员不具备对这些隐密出口进行调查的权力或能力。He explained that the companies involved had not possessed export licenses and had mislabelled or concealed the exported substances, and that customs officers did not have the capability to detect those concealed exports
预防措施和收押:可以采取预防措施,而不事先通知有关个人,可收押没收的物件,计划使用收押的财产或其收益。Precautionary measures and impoundment: option of ordering precautionary measures without first notifying the individual concerned, items susceptible to impoundment and confiscation and the intended use of the impounded property or proceeds therefrom
确定的一种相关选择办法是制定对爆炸物包括军用爆炸物作标签的全球标准,这可提供某种有限的追查制造地点和日期的能力( ‧ 第 ‧ 段),不过报告中的建议只涉及标识标准而不是标签( ‧ 第 ‧ 段(a)) ‧ 。One relevant option identified is the establishment of global standards for tagging explosives, including military explosives, which would provide some limited ability to trace them back to a place and date of manufacture ( ‧ para ‧ ), although the recommendations in the report extend only to marking standards and not tagging ( ‧ para ‧ (i
全球统一制度的制定是由三个协调中心协调的,即经济合作与发展组织(经合组织),负责协调健康和环境危害的分类标准;联合国危险货物运输专家委员会,负责物理危害;劳工组织,负责协调化学危害通报(标签和化学安全数据表)。The development of the GHS was coordinated by three focal points- the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for the harmonization of classification criteria for health and environmental hazards, the UN Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (UNCETDG) for physical hazards, and the ILO for the harmonization of chemical hazard communication (labelling and chemical safety data sheets
自从 ‧ 年协定生效以来,世贸组织的几个成员已通知世贸组织,它们拟采取包括标签要求在内的新条例,规定必须说明可能存在改基因成份。Since its entry into force in ‧ several members have notified the organization of new regulations, including labelling requirements, to indicate potential presence of genetically modified ingredients
鉴于联合国的规则禁止重新出版已用于普遍分发的材料,本报告附件汇编了在特别程序提交理事会的年度报告和依照特别届会提交理事会的报告中所载的结论和建议的有关段次的索引In view of United Nations rules prohibiting the republication of material that has already been used for general distribution, a compilation of references to the pertinent paragraphs containing the conclusions and recommendations in the annual reports as well as reports submitted by the special procedures to the Council pursuant to special sessions is annexed to the present report
根据化学品安全问题政府间论坛主席转送的建议( ‧ )和委员会与此有关的建议( ‧ 第 ‧ 段),理事会对委员会及其小组委员会进行改组,自 ‧ 年起合并为危险货物运输和全球化学品统一分类标签制度专家委员会,下设两个小组委员会,即危险货物运输问题专家小组委员会和全球化学品统一分类标签制度专家小组委员会(理事会 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 号决议)。On the basis of a proposal transmitted by the President of the Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety ( ‧ ) and of the recommendations of the Committee related thereto ( ‧ para ‧ ), the Council reconfigured, as from ‧ the Committee and its Subcommittee into the Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods and on the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals, with two Subcommittees, namely the Subcommittee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods and the Subcommittee of Experts on the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (Council resolution ‧ of ‧ ctober
各位视察员于上午 ‧ 时到达目的地之后,立即开始给Al Fatah导弹贴标签,并揭去了以前在若干Ababil ‧ 导弹上贴的标签Upon their arrival, at ‧ hours, the inspectors tagged Fath missiles and removed tags from some Ababil ‧ missiles
b) 作为犯罪手段的任何物品、物质、物件或材料b) any article, substance, device or material by means of which the offence was committed; and
c. 协调与总部以外的联合国图书馆共同编制索引网络的工作c. Coordination of shared indexing network with United Nations libraries away from Headquarters
到 ‧ 年 ‧ 月时,预计管理局将能提供一套有全套索引并可以检索的光盘,其中载有所有文件的全部正式语文文本。It is expected that by September ‧ the Authority will be in a position to release a set of fully indexed and searchable CD-ROMs containing all documents in all official languages
正在调研的技术包括机械震动传感器、声频传感器、低频声音传感器、可编程监控摄像器、灵巧标签、无线电技术和数码存贮器。Technologies being investigated include mechanical vibration sensors, sound sensors, infrasound sensors, programmable surveillance cameras, smart tags, wireless technology and digital memory devices
例如,规则可以规定索引错误并不排除备案的效力。For example, a rule might provide that an indexing error does not preclude effectiveness of the filing
秘书长收到了尼日利亚要求成为全球化学品统一分类标签制度专家小组委员会正式成员的申请书。The Secretary-General has received an application from Nigeria for full membership in the Subcommittee of Experts on the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals
它还着眼于提高工作人员对道德操守问题的认识,并为他们提供重要文件、服务和其他资源的查找便利和参考索引,以帮助工作人员将本组织的价值和原则落实到实践中。It also aims to raise staff awareness of ethics issues and provide them with easy access and reference to key documents, services and other resources in order to help staff put the values and principles of the Organization into practice
在当前标签页中显示 Samba 日志。 Samba 是与微软 Windows 网络之间实现文件共享的服务器 。Displays the Samba log in the current tab. Samba is the file sharing server which interacts with Microsoft Windows network
第 ‧ 条的规定述及出口化学品应附的资料,包括世界海关组织(海关组织)为附件三所列各种化学品或各化学品类别指定特定的协调制度海关编码,为附件三的列化学品和在其境内禁用或严格限用的化学品在出口时张贴标签的规定,并就用于职业目的的化学品向每个进口商发送一份安全数据单。The provisions of Article ‧ address the information to accompany exported chemicals, including specific Harmonized System customs codes to be assigned by the World Customs Organization (WCO) to the individual chemicals or groups of chemicals listed in Annex III, labelling requirements for chemicals listed in Annex ‧ and chemicals banned or severely restricted to be exported, and providing each importer with a safety data sheet of such chemicals to be used for occupational purposes
实施这个政策的效果是为针对现在使用以前售出的邮票邮寄物件所需的或有负债估计数继续减少。The effect of the implementation of this policy has been a continuing reduction in the estimate of the contingent liability for stamps sold in prior periods being presented for posting in the current period
在当前标签页显示 X. org 日志。 X. org 是系统中管理显示设备和桌面的软件。 您可以参看此日志来了解为什么系统的 ‧D 加速未启用, 或者为什么没有正确识别您的输入设备 。Displays the X. org log in the current tab. X. org is the service which displays on screen your desktop and manage your graphical hardware. See this log if you want to know why you do not have ‧D accelerations or why your input device is not recognized
委员会确认可以用这个索引去监测非洲的统计发展,并鼓励工作组继续工作。The Committee recognized the potential use of the index for monitoring statistical development in Africa and encouraged the task team to continue its work
互联网内容评级协会的条款和条件规定,协会“可以”监督内容创建者所设标签的准确性,一旦发现该标签与网站内容不符,即可吊销使用标签的许可。The ICRA terms and conditions provide that ICRA “may” monitor labelling performed by content creators for accuracy and may revoke the licence to use a label in the event that ICRA concludes that the label misrepresents the content at a site
为了回应统计委员会提出的建议和用户表明的需要,已经在分类网址上提供了按字母顺序排列的索引的临时版本,并应要求以电子形式分发。Responding to the recommendations made by the Statistical Commission and expressed user needs, provisional versions of alphabetical indexes have been made available on the Classifications web site and are distributed electronically upon request
特别委员会和原子能机构在 ‧ 个地点使用了 ‧ 个探测照相机并在 ‧ 个地点使用了 ‧ 个感应器,并且在监测 ‧ 个地点时对 ‧ 个设施和设备张贴了 ‧ 个标签UNSCOM and IAEA used ‧ surveillance cameras at ‧ sites and ‧ sensors at ‧ sites, as well as ‧ labels on ‧ facilities and pieces of equipment in monitoring ‧ sites