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类似的短语在字典中文 英文。 (61)

dripping with gold and silver (idiom); richly bedecked
dripping with gold and silver (idiom); richly bedecked
here; this place
here and now; as things stand
as things stand; here and now
down payment; deposit
down payment; deposit
official salary
official salary
to come second in a competition; to take silver
to come second in a competition; to take silver
Three hundred
schleichera trijuga
hurriedly; just a few steps away
hurriedly; just a few steps away
cash out
cash out
mercury; quicksilver
mercury; quicksilver
Three Non-Nuclear Principles
argent; silver; relating to money or currency;
silver; Silver; relating to money or currency; argent
silver foil
silver fir (Abies alba)
; the silver point
film circles; the world of movies; moviedom
; the milky way
pale rose color; pink; silvery red
silver glitter
silver white sheen; radiance
guayule (Parthenium argentatum); congress weed (Parthenium hysterophorus)
UnionPay; CUP
jewelry center; silverware store
plane of the galaxy; silver plate
silver bottle
Silver Lion, award at the Venice Film Festival
the older generation (respectful term); silver haired generation; old folk
moss silver; silver in the form of fibers or branches
film circles; the world of movies; moviedom
silver bullion; silver bar
silver chloride AgCL
silver swallow; airplane (affectionate)
silver leaf
made of silver
; thoughtless
Bank of China;
Bank of China


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zh 美元用于支付工作人员自维也纳外出的旅费,以便为贸易法委员会在纽约举行的一次会议、在维也纳以外的其他地方举行的六个工作组会议以及第六委员会在纽约举行的次会议提供实质和技术服务,同时还用于支付法律顾问到维也纳参加贸易法委员会一次会议的旅费。
en he amount of $ ‧ provides for the cost of travel for staff from Vienna to provide substantive and technical service of one session of UNCITRAL in New York, of six working groups outside Vienna and to service two sessions of the Sixth Committee in New York, as well for as the Legal Counsel's travel to one session of UNCITRAL in Vienna
zh 最近,据报政府将毗邻中国的掸邦东北部的人口,主要是瓦族农民和叛乱份子及其家属以及数名拉祜族和汉族,强行迁移到掸邦南部的指定地区。
en Recently, populations have allegedly been forcibly transferred from north-eastern Shan State, adjacent to China, to designated areas of southern Shan State, mainly Wa farmers and insurgents and their families, as well as several hundred Lahu families and ethnic Chinese
zh 附件和四载列了过去 ‧ 年中 ‧ 个发展中国家收到日本政府捐赠的天文设备的 ‧ 个机构。
en Annex ‧ and ‧ list ‧ institutions in ‧ developing countries that have received astronomical equipment donated by the Government of Japan over the past ‧ years
zh 马里共和国常驻联合国代表团向联合国秘书长致意,谨随照附上马里政府与联合国毒品和犯罪问题办事处于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日在巴马科联合举办的全球反恐文书和《联合国打击跨国有组织犯罪公约》及其项议定书执行问题的分区域讨论会的结论和建议(见附件)。
en The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Mali to the United Nations presents its compliments to the United Nations Secretariat and has the honour to transmit to it the attached copy of the conclusions and recommendations of the subregional seminar of experts on the implementation of the universal instruments against terrorism and the Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its three Protocols, held in Bamako from ‧ to ‧ ovember ‧ and organized by the Government of Mali in cooperation with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC
zh 出现在第 ‧ 段(b)分段中的“体罚”个字
en The words “corporal punishment” in paragraph ‧ (b
zh 欧盟鼓励贸发会议秘书处与世贸组织秘书处合作,以推动个机构之间的协同关系,避免工作重复。
en The EU encouraged the secretariats of both UNCTAD and WTO to work together to avoid duplication and promote synergies
zh 委员会将收到秘书处分别就下列事项编制的份说明:关于乙型六氯环乙烷的风险简介草案 ( ‧ ) 、关于乙型六氯环乙烷风险简介草案的评论意见和回应 ( ‧ )。
en The Committee will have before it notes by the Secretariat on the draft risk profile for beta hexachlorocyclohexane ( ‧ ) and on comments and responses relating to the draft risk profile for beta hexachlorocyclohexane
zh 行政和预算问题咨询委员会审议了秘书长的报告( ‧ ),报告提出了贸发会议/世贸组织国际贸易中心 ‧ 年期方案预算概要。
en The Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions has considered the report of the Secretary-General ( ‧ ), which sets out the budget outline of the International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO for the biennium
zh 本说明借鉴了 ‧ 及Add ‧ 和 ‧ 、 ‧ 及Add ‧ 和 ‧ 中所载的材料、《贸易法委员会破产法立法指南》(《立法指南》)、《贸易法委员会跨国界破产示范法》(《示范法》)、第五工作组(破产法)第十一届会议和第十二届会议工作报告(分别为 ‧ 和 ‧ )。
en This note draws upon the material contained in documents ‧ and Add ‧ and ‧ and Add ‧ and ‧ the UNCITRAL Legislative Guide on Insolvency Law (the Legislative Guide), the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency (the Model Law), and the Reports of Working Group V (Insolvency Law) on the work of its thirty-first and thirty-second sessions ( ‧ and ‧ respectively
zh 又注意到 已对由联合秘书处会议提议的国际劳工组织、国际海事组织和《巴塞尔公约》方联合工作组的职权规定作了微小的文字修改、并已得到国际海事组织海洋环境保护委员会第五十一届会议的核可
en Further noting that the terms of reference for the Joint Working Group of the International Labour Organization, the International Maritime Organization and the Basel Convention, as proposed by the joint secretariat meeting, have been approved, with minor editorial amendments, by the Marine Environment Protection Committee of the International Maritime Organization at its fifty-first session
zh 经执行局批准(第 ‧ 号决定) ‧ 年,社区发展项目和小额供资项目开始扩大到另 ‧ 个乡镇,为此,人类发展倡议第四阶段又延长年(第 ‧ 号决定),以便利执行扩大的项目。
en With the approval of the Executive Board (decision ‧ ), in ‧ the community development and microfinance projects began an expansion to an additional ‧ townships, and ‧ was extended for two more years (decision ‧ ) to facilitate implementation of the expansion
zh 因此,在年期报告调查表中,要求各国提供关于在某些环境如学校、社区、工作场所、管教系统和保健服务机构进行此类干预的信息。
en Therefore, in the biennial reports questionnaire States are requested to provide information about such kinds of intervention in certain settings such as schools, communities, workplaces, correctional systems and health services
zh 似乎Mutebutsi和他的名士兵不在难民营居住。
en It appeared that Mutebutsi and his three majors were not residing at the camp
zh • 贫穷、饥馑、疾病、知、失业和文盲已被认为是根本问题,儿童、妇女、老人和贫穷农民及工人是受影响最为严重的社会阶层。
en Poverty, hunger, disease, ignorance, unemployment and illiteracy have been recognized as the basic problems and the worst effected sectors of society are children, women, the aged and the poor farmers and workers
zh 所需经费 ‧ 美元是按原有水平编列的,用于征聘临时助理人员收集编写年度《非洲经济报告》和年期《非洲经济和社会情况概览》所需的资料并用于雇临时人员代替请长假或产假的工作人员和在工作最忙时期增聘工作人员。
en he amount of $ ‧ at the maintenance level, provides for the cost of general temporary assistance for the collection of information in connection with the preparation of an annual Economic Report on Africa and the biennial Survey of Economic and Social Conditions in Africa, as well as for temporary replacement of staff for extended sick or maternity leave and engagement of additional staff during peak workloads
zh 咨询委员会关于后勤基地的报告中还载有就份有关报告提出的意见:秘书长关于利用联合国后勤基地向联合国维持和平用户和总部用户提供有效、经济的通信和信息技术服务及其他服务的报告( ‧ )以及秘书长关于向意大利布林迪西联合国后勤基地、其他特派团和即将设立的特派团转让高里程车辆问题的成本效益分析的报告( ‧ )。
en The Advisory Committee's report on UNLB also contained its comments on two related submissions: the report of the Secretary-General on the use of the United Nations Logistics Base to provide efficient and economical communications and information technology services, as well as other services, for United Nations peacekeeping and Headquarters clients ( ‧ ) and the report of the Secretary-General on the cost-benefit analysis on the issue of the transfer of vehicles with high mileage to the United Nations Logistics Base at Brindisi, Italy, to other missions and to upcoming United Nations peacekeeping operations
zh 答复中提供的资料应该述及这份法律的内容,为取得共识,促进通过这份法律而采取的步骤,以及预计通过这份法律的时限。
en The response should include information regarding their respective content, steps undertaken to reach consensus towards their adoption, and the envisaged time frame for their adoption
zh 我们还要指出,核武器国家生产或获取大规模杀伤性武器的企图,特别是在冲突地区如中东、阿拉伯湾和南亚,对区域和国际和平与安全构成严重的威胁,加剧国家间紧张,破坏建立信任措施。
en We also wish to note that attempts by non-nuclear-weapon States to produce or acquire weapons of mass destruction- particularly in such areas of conflict as the Middle East, the Arabian Gulf region and South Asia- pose a serious threat to regional and international peace and security, heighten tensions among States and undermine confidence-building measures
zh 第一次讲习班面向西非和中部非洲 ‧ 个国家;第二次讲习班面向南部非洲国家;第次讲习班将面向北非和东非国家。
en The first workshop was for ‧ est and Central African States; the second is for Southern African States, and the third will be for Northern and Eastern African States
zh 表 ‧ 列出了经济、社会、文化权利委员会就根据《公约》提交的第次定期报告提出的建议,并列出核心文件讨论这些建议的地方。
en Table ‧ sets out the suggestions and recommendations of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in relation to Australia's third periodic report under the Covenant, and outlines where these are addressed in the core document
zh a 乍得和中非共和国国政府提供的房舍和土地初步估计值。
en a Preliminary estimated value of buildings and land provided by the Governments of Chad and the Central African Republic
zh 委员会请缔约国在第次定期报告中提供有关劳工部的项目的资料。 该项目旨在优先处理如何减少工作年龄人口中自杀人数和向自杀受害者家庭提供援助的问题。
en The Committee requests that the State party include information in its third periodic report on the project of the Ministry of Labour which addresses as a matter of priority the reduction of the number of suicides among the population of working age and the provision of assistance to families of suicide victims
zh 各位成员将注意到,为了简洁起见 ‧ 月 ‧ 日文件序言部分第 ‧ 段分段(a)和(b)。--这个分段忆及第 ‧ 号决议的某些执行段--已删除,因为序言部分已具体提到该决议。
en Members will note that subparagraphs (a) to (g) of the second preambular paragraph of the ‧ pril document- which recalled certain operative paragraphs of resolution ‧ have been deleted for the sake of conciseness, since that resolution is referred to specifically in the preambular part
zh 这是一个光荣的任务,应该得到由安全理事会所代表的国际社会的保留的支持。
en It is an honourable mission that should receive the unreserved support of the international community represented by the Security Council
zh 内建的主题的 CDE 风格Name
en Built-in unthemed CDE style