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dripping with gold and silver (idiom); richly bedecked
dripping with gold and silver (idiom); richly bedecked
here; this place
here and now; as things stand
as things stand; here and now
down payment; deposit
down payment; deposit
official salary
official salary
parthenium argentatum
silver picrate
silver halide (usually chloride) used to fix photos
silver cyanide
to come second in a competition; to take silver
to come second in a competition; to take silver
Three hundred
schleichera trijuga
hurriedly; just a few steps away
hurriedly; just a few steps away
cash out
cash out
mercury; quicksilver
mercury; quicksilver
pacific silver fir
Three Non-Nuclear Principles
silver arsenite
argent; silver; relating to money or currency;
silver haired generation; old folk; the older generation (respectful term)
ag (symbol)
silver; Silver; relating to money or currency; argent
silver fir (Abies alba)
film circles; the world of movies; moviedom
; the milky way
silver glitter
guayule (Parthenium argentatum); congress weed (Parthenium hysterophorus)
jewelry center; silverware store
plane of the galaxy; silver plate
silver bottle
Silver Lion, award at the Venice Film Festival
the older generation (respectful term); silver haired generation; old folk
film circles; the world of movies; moviedom
silver bullion; silver bar
silver chloride AgCL
silver swallow; airplane (affectionate)
; thoughtless
Bank of China;
Bank of China


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zh 这项工作围绕四个战略重点开展:(一) 强化机构和组织;;(二) 管理资源;() 照顾受害者和证人;和(四) 改善调查、审判和处罚的工作条件。
en This is built around four strategic focuses: (i) strengthening institutions and organizations; (ii) managing resources; (iii) looking after victims and witnesses; and (iv) improving operating conditions during the investigation, trial and punishment
zh 罗马尼亚完全确信,法院会通过正确适用有关国际法和法院在其有关该问题的既定判例中形成的办法,为国海洋空间划界找出公平的解决办法。
en Romania is fully confident that the Court will find an equitable solution with regard to the delimitation of the maritime spaces of the two countries through correct application of the relevant international law and the method developed by the Court in its well-established jurisprudence on the matter
zh 为该年期制订的按时提交文件比率提高 ‧ %的目标没有实现( ‧ %按时提交),原因是因应人权理事会工作量的增加、更多国家批准条约以及成立防范酷刑和其他残忍、不人道或有辱人格待遇或处罚小组委员会带来的新需求,本次级方案印发的文件数量有所增加。
en The target set for the biennium to increase documents submitted on time by ‧ per cent was not met ( ‧ per cent were submitted on time) owing to the increase in the number of documents issued by the subprogramme in response to the augmented workload of the Human Rights Council, additional treaty ratifications and new demands created by the establishment of the Subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
zh 克罗地亚认为,通过建设和平委员会确立的建设和平概念提供了最佳方式,通过这种方式我们能够有效地实现和巩固联合国的个主要支柱,即安全、发展和保护人权。
en Croatia is of the opinion that the peacebuilding concept enacted through the Peacebuilding Commission offers the best way in which we can effectively achieve as well as consolidate the three main pillars of the United Nations: security, development and the protection of human rights
zh 工作组注意到,该示范法草案将连同颁行和使用指南草案一起发给成员国和观察员发表意见,并将提交委员会第十五届会议审查和通过。
en The Working Group noted that the draft model law, together with the draft guide to enactment and use, would be circulated to member States and observers for comment, and presented to the Commission for review and adoption at its thirty-fifth session
zh 最近的报告显示,在过去几个月中,北达尔富尔和西达尔富尔州的军事进攻和大规模驱赶平民的行动已经减少,很可能是因为政府控制的大部分农村地区的居民已被赶尽。 尽管如此,暴力行动并没有停止。
en According to recent reports, even though military offensives and large-scale displacement of civilians in Northern and Western Darfur have diminished in the past few months, probably because large parts of the rural areas under Government control have been emptied of their rural inhabitants, violence there has not ceased
zh 应当指出,这种增长的表现之一,就是参加离职后健康保险的平均人数增加了一倍以上,从 ‧ 年期的 ‧ 名退休人员增加到 ‧ 年期结束时的 ‧ 名。
en As an indication of this growth, it should be noted that the average after-service health insurance enrolment more than doubled from ‧ retirees in the biennium ‧ to ‧ by the end of the biennium
zh 项来文都请求工作组就拘留上述人员的任意性质提出意见。
en In all three communications, the Working Group had been asked to give its opinion regarding the arbitrary nature of the detention of the above-mentioned persons
zh 根据题为“关于发展筹资的高级别国际政府间审议”的议程项目 ‧ 第二委员会在文件 ‧ 第 ‧ 段中建议通过项决议草案。
en Under agenda item ‧ entitled “High-level international intergovernmental consideration of financing for development”, the Second Committee recommends, in document ‧ paragraph ‧ the adoption of two draft resolutions
zh 委员会注意到在法律领域消除性别歧视取得了进展,但仍对歧视妇女作为家庭资产管理人的家庭法继续生效表示关切(《公约》第和二十六条)。
en Although the Committee takes note of the progress made in the legal field to eliminate gender discrimination, it remains concerned because laws pertaining to the family remain in force which discriminate against women as administrators of their property, such as the joint property marital regime (articles ‧ and ‧ of the Covenant
zh 主席(以英语发言):我谨通知安理会,我收到阿根廷和塞拉利昂国代表的来信,他们在信中要求应邀参加关于安理会议程项目的讨论。
en The President: I should like to inform the Council that I have received letters from the representatives of Argentina and Sierra Leone, in which they request to be invited to participate in the discussion of the item on the Council's agenda
zh b) 一审分庭可由名法官组成(名本国人和一名外国人,或相反
en b) Chambers of first instance could be composed of three judges (two nationals and one non-national, or vice versa
zh 但应强调的是,该人权项公约没有一项明确承认扶持行动的强制性性质。
en Yet, it should be stressed that neither of the Covenants has explicitly recognized the obligatory nature of affirmative action
zh 人权事务高级专员纽约办事处将向第委员会进行关于人权项目的简报,简报于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日星期四下午 ‧ 时 ‧ 分至 ‧ 时 ‧ 分在第 ‧ 会议室专为非政府组织代表举行。
en A briefing on human rights items before the Third Committee, organized by the New York Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, will take place on Thursday ‧ ctober ‧ from ‧ to ‧ p.m. in Conference Room ‧ for representatives of non-governmental organizations
zh 评注中还将解释,虽然本指南适用于应收款担保权和应收款彻底转让,如同本指南适用于担保权一样,作同样处理,并采用共同的术语描述这类权利,但本指南并不把彻底转让转化为担保权。
en The commentary will also explain that, although the Guide applies to security rights in as well as to outright transfers of receivables in the same way that it applies to security rights and uses common terminology to describe both types of right, it does not transform outright transfers into security rights
zh 拉丁美洲保卫妇女权利委员会认为,这项法律的规定应当明确指出并详细阐述政府大部门在预防、处理和消除对妇女暴力方面的责任。
en CLADEM considers that the regulations for this law should specify and expand on the responsibilities of the three branches of government in preventing, tackling and eradicating violence against women
zh 他欣慰地报告说,对于这些空缺率非常高的款次,同 ‧ 年期相比,空缺率已见减小,这种良好的趋势预料将会持续。
en He was pleased to report that vacancy rates in those exceptionally high-vacancy sections had been reduced compared with the biennium ‧ and that that positive trend was expected to continue
zh 人,Degaulle Boutros Bou Taleb和Samir George Khyame, 也是黎巴嫩媒体的成员,据指称也被拘留和转送到al-Khiam拘留中心。
en Two other individuals, Degaulle Boutros Bou Taleb and Samir George Khyame, also affiliated with the Lebanese media, were also allegedly detained and transferred to al-Khiam
zh 委员会曾有机会审议目前摆在大会面前供通过的决议草案。
en The Third Committee had the opportunity to consider the draft resolution that is before the General Assembly for adoption
zh 奉我国政府指示,谨向你致函请求在 ‧ 年安全理事会议程的拟议问题名单中保留关于伊朗伊斯兰共和国占领阿拉伯联合酋长国的个岛屿,即大通布岛、小通布岛和阿布穆萨岛问题的题为“ ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日阿尔及利亚、伊拉克、阿拉伯利比亚民众国和也门人民民主共和国常驻联合国代表给秘书长的信”的项目,直到通过直接谈判或诉诸国际法院裁决以和平手段和保证国际和区域和平、安全和稳定的方式公正、全面和持久地解决相关冲突。
en On instructions from my Government, I have the honour to transmit to you a request for the retention, among the list of proposed questions on the agenda of the Security Council for the year ‧ of the item entitled “Letter dated ‧ ecember ‧ from the Permanent Representatives of Algeria, Iraq, the Libyan Arab Republic and the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General ( ‧ )”, concerning the question of the occupation by the Islamic Republic of Iran of three islands belonging to the United Arab Emirates, namely the Greater Tunb, the Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa, until a just, comprehensive and lasting settlement of the related conflict is achieved by peaceful means through direct negotiation or through recourse to the International Court of Justice and in a manner that guarantees international and regional peace, security and stability
zh 它同意,根据目前掌握的资料,这些通知达到了附件二的所有标准,但尼日利亚和泰国的通知没有达到标准(b) (),而保加利亚和科特迪瓦的通知没有达到标准(b) (一)、(b) (二)和(b) (),并指出科特迪瓦提交的增补资料没有表明已采取的行动如何有效地减少风险。
en It agreed that, on the basis of the information currently available, the notifications had met all the criteria of Annex ‧ with the exception of criterion (b) (iii) for those from Nigeria and Thailand and criteria (b) (i), (b) (ii) and (b) (iii) for those from Bulgaria and Côte d'Ivoire, noting that the additional information submitted by Côte d'Ivoire had not demonstrated how effective the action taken had been in reducing the risk
zh 建议委员会的主席团在每届会议前先确定一个新出现的问题供委员会审议,同时兼顾全球和区域级的重要事态发展,以及联合国内部计划中的活动,例如要求更注重性别观点的政府间活动。
en It is proposed that the Bureau of the Commission identify an emerging issue to be considered by the Commission prior to each session, taking into consideration critical developments at global and regional levels, as well as planned activities within the United Nations, for example in intergovernmental contexts, where increased attention to gender perspectives is required
zh 迄今为止其中一名罪犯已被定罪并开始服年徒刑。
en To date, one of these offenders has been convicted and has begun serving his two-year prison sentence
zh 有趣的是,人们认为每单位 ‧ 个社区倡导员的数目对于有效监督来说过多,建议减至每单位个。
en Interestingly, the number of community animators- five per health unit- was thought to be too high for effective supervision, and a reduction to two per unit was recommended
zh 以色列作为占领国和《关于战时保护平民的日内瓦第四公约》缔约方,必须执行该公约的各项规定,该公约第五十条规定:“占领国对个别或集体属于私人、或国家、或其他公共机关、或社会或合作组织所有之动产或不动产之任何破坏均应禁止[......]”。
en As Israel is the occupying Power and a contracting party to the fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, it is therefore bound to apply the provisions of the Convention which stipulates in its article ‧ that “Any destruction by the Occupying Power of real or personal property belonging individually or collectively to private persons, or to the State, or to other public authorities, or to social or cooperative organizations, is prohibited [].” Article ‧ of the same Convention also prohibits the destruction and appropriation of property not justified by military necessity by the occupying forces as grave breaches of the Convention