• backup   
    (verb, noun   )
  • reserve     
    (verb, noun   )

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后备reserve; backup
后备存储backing store
后备贸易合作伙伴协议fallback trading partner agreement
后辈younger generation
後輩younger generation


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委员会回顾指出,重新设计小组在呼吁设立一个专业的法律顾问办公室的同时指出,这并不排除联合国系统各组织具有律师资格的退休工作人员担任法律顾问小组的志愿职务,充当全职法律顾问的后备力量( ‧ 第 ‧ 段)。The Committee recalls that, while the Redesign Panel has called for the establishment of a professional Office of Counsel, it has also pointed out that this would not preclude voluntary service in the Panel of Counsel by retired staff members of organizations of the United Nations system who are qualified lawyers as a back-up to full-time counsel ( ‧ para
后备人员名单包括 ‧ 个职位,其中已填补 ‧ 个职位,其中少数族裔人数为 ‧ 人( ‧ %)。The reserve list includes ‧ positions ‧ of them filled; the number of ethnic minorities is ‧ ( ‧ per cent
其中一些部队将被用作后备部队,以便特派团能够应对各地的多重危机。Some of those troops will be used as a reserve force to enable the Mission to respond to multiple crises in various locations
该系统的职能包括长期补助那些由于年迈或残疾而长期失业的人,需要别人抚养的人以及因养育子女而不堪经济重负的家庭,并使他们的生存有保障;还包括向那些临时失业(因解雇、工伤、怀孕或服后备役)的人提供相当于工资的短期补助,国家保险协会是负责社会保险项目管理的政府机构。This includes long-term payments, guaranteeing resilience to those permanently unemployed due to old age or disability, to dependents and to families struggling with the economic burden of raising children, and short-term payments substituting the wages of those temporarily unemployed (on account of dismissal, work injury, child bearing or military reserve service
但是,作为后备,也可设想建立一种类似于《欧洲社会宪章》所载的制度。However, as a fall-back, the establishment of a system similar to that contained in the European Social Charter could be envisaged
联合国有关机构和组织应与人道协调厅和全球契约合作,继续同私营部门建立后备伙伴关系,以增强救灾能力,使私营部门更有效地参与协调机制。Relevant United Nations agencies and organizations, working with the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the Global Compact, should continue to establish standby partnerships with the private sector, with a view to augmenting its capacity to respond to disasters and bringing it more effectively into coordination mechanisms
最后,他的部分掩盖活动就是在安理会、非洲联盟、阿拉伯联盟和联合国进行的外交工作,倡议和提议他从不遵守的停火,允诺实现他从不提供的正义,并保证解除金戈威德民兵的武装--然后在第二天说不解除后备部队的武装--以及最后威胁要进行报复。Finally, part of his cover-up is diplomatic work to the Council, the African Union, the Arab League and the United Nations, promoting and proposing ceasefires that he never complies with, promising justice that he never delivers and promising to disarm Janjaweed militias- and the next day saying, well, not the reserve forces- and, finally, threatening retaliation
装入自毁装置或自失效装置,并带有后备自失能装置,以限制所有带防排装置的非杀伤人员地雷的有效寿命。To limit the active life of all MOTAPM fitted with AHD by incorporating a self-destructing (SD) mechanism, or a mechanism for self-neutralisation (SN), with a self-deactivation (SDA) backup
在磋商期间,有代表团指出,在某些会议议程上增加“后备”项目会削弱有关机构的既定工作方法,因为其各项工作方案均以来自纽约以外的高级别发言者和代表到会为基础,而他们的旅行安排都无法更改。During the consultations, it had been pointed out that adding “back-up” items to the agendas of certain meetings might undermine the established working methods of the bodies concerned because their programmes of work were based on the availability of high-level speakers and representatives from outside New York whose travel arrangements were fixed
已经达成并维持了共识,这使我们能够把所有国防责任和人事移交给国家,并取消征兵和建立一支小型后备部队,以支持缩小编制的专业军队。A consensus has been built, and maintained, that has enabled the transfer of all defence responsibilities and personnel to the State, as well as the abolition of conscription and the establishment of a small reserve force to back up the downsized professional army
挪威还在联合国同意下在组织人员训练方面向培养执行维和行动的民警和军事人员的国家提供帮助,从而促进了国际和平行动全球资源后备队的建立。Norway was also providing training assistance approved by the United Nations to other countries for civilian police and military personnel, thereby enlarging the global pool of resources available for international peace operations
为了在琼莱州遏制穆尔勒族和洛乌努埃尔族之间的暴力,来自第三区和后备营的军队均属印度特遣队于 ‧ 月 ‧ 日起部署到在阿科博和皮博尔的两个临时行动基地。In an effort to contain the violence in Jonglei State between Murle and Lou Nuer, military forces from sector ‧ and the force reserve battalion, both from the Indian contingent, have been deployed since ‧ ay to two temporary operating bases in Akobo and Pibor
anta Fe要求赔偿四套钻机和钻机后备库申报保险金总数。Santa Fe claims the combined declared insurance value of the four rigs and rig camps
委员会建议行政当局或雇用后备工作人员,或制定出向联合国工作人员提供交叉培训的方法,以确保业务的连续性。The Board recommends that the Administration either hire backup staff or devise a way to provide cross-training of United Nations staff in order to ensure business continuity
据可靠报告指出,苏丹武装部队、正义与平等运动(正义运动-和平派)、苏丹解放军/明尼·米纳维派、苏丹解放军/加辛派、苏丹解放军/阿卜杜勒·瓦希德派、苏丹解放军/沙菲派、民防军、乍得反叛部队、称为“金戈威德”的苏丹政府结盟民兵和中央后备警察部队继续在招募和使用儿童。There are credible reports indicating that SAF, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM-Peace Wing), the Sudan Liberation Army/Minni Minawi (SLA/MM), SLA/Gasim (SLA/AG), SLA/Abdul Wahid (SLA/AW), SLA/Shafi (SLA/S), the Popular Defence Forces (PDF), Chadian rebel forces, Government of the Sudan allied militias, known as the Janjaweed, and the Central Reserve Police (CRP) continue to recruit and use children
然而,在一些区域,尤其是加勒比区域,仍需要进一步的支助,使秘书处能够提供全面有效的后备和维修服务。However, in certain regions, particularly the Caribbean, there remains the need for additional support to enable the secretariat to provide a fully effective back-up and maintenance service
来自调解支助股后备组的自然资源管理专家发挥着重要的作用。A key role is being played by a specialist on natural resource management from the MSU standby team
它要求建立一支约 ‧ 人的部队,由 ‧ 个步兵营组成,一支由两个特种兵连构成的分辖后备队 ‧ 架固定翼侦察机、多达 ‧ 架的用于战术侦察和武装威慑的直升机、 ‧ 架军用通用直升机。It calls for a force of approximately ‧ troops, consisting of ‧ infantry battalions, with a divisional reserve of two Special Forces companies, three fixed-wing operational reconnaissance aircraft, up to ‧ helicopters for tactical reconnaissance/armed deterrence and ‧ military utility helicopters
关于建议(d),目前,开发计划署仰赖联合国信息技术事务司作出综管系统后备安排(在秘书处大楼和 ‧ 大楼),同时FF大楼单独保留一份综管系统生产数据备件。With respect to recommendation (d), at present UNDP relies on the United Nations Information Technology Services Division for IMIS back-up arrangements (both in the Secretariat building and in the ‧ building), while a separate back-up copy of IMIS production data is retained in the FF building
非索特派团将使用这些重要资产来改善其基础设施,并提高其在摩加迪沙的机动性和后备能力,而且联合国非索特派团支助办事处将借此在蒙巴萨建立其支助基地。These essential assets will be used by AMISOM to upgrade its infrastructures and improve its mobility and reserve capacity in Mogadishu and by UNSOA to establish its support base in Mombasa
实际上,不利用经过竞争性征聘考试或经过联合国专门培训的年轻后备人员本身就是一种浪费。In fact, the failure to utilize young candidates who passed competitive recruitment examinations or underwent specialized United Nations training was in itself wasteful
考虑到它对最不发达国家的贡献,贸发会议应得到加强,特别是其分析工作和后备服务。In recognition of its contribution to the development of LDCs, UNCTAD should be strengthened, especially with regard to its analytical work and back-up services
我当时说,此类行为需要持续动员苏丹的国家机器,包括军事、安全和情报部门,还要包括把民兵和金戈威德整编进入后备部队,协调外交和新闻机构,以及控制司法机构。Such acts required, I said at the time, the sustained mobilization of the Sudanese State apparatus, including the military, security and intelligence services and including the integration of the militias and Janjaweed into the reserve forces, the coordination of the diplomatic and public information bureaucracies and the control of the judiciary
后备人员编制名单上列有成员 ‧ 人,其中少数族裔成员 ‧ 人。The reserve personnel establishment list includes ‧ members, of whom ‧ are from the ethnic minorities
此外,要确保持续开展业务就必须填补空缺员额,因为一再削减预算已使行政部门的规模不断缩小,它已不具备任何后备能力为所有利害攸关者提供所需的服务。Furthermore, operational continuity could not have been ensured if posts were left vacant since the repeated budget reductions downsized Administration to a level where there was no reserve capacity left to provide the required services to all stakeholders