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卑辞厚币humble expression for generous donation
卑辭厚幣humble expression for generous donation
currency; silk; coins; money
币别specific currency
币种代码currency code
币种转换currency conversion
currency; coins; money; silk
变造币illegally modified or altered currency
to pin; to distinguish; another; other; surname Bie; to depart; must not; do not; to separate; to classify; to leave
別傳supplementary biography
別管no matter (who, what etc)
別理; don't have anything to do with (him, her etc); don't speak to; don't get involved
別無他法there is no alternative
別無他物nothing else
別無他用to have no other use or purpose (idiom)
別緒emotions at time of parting
別筵farewell banquet
another; depart; to classify; must not; to make sb change their ways, opinions etc; other; do not; distinguish; to separate; to distinguish; awkward; to pin; contrary; separate; leave; to depart; classify; surname Bie; difficult; to leave
别传supplementary biography
别管no matter (who, what etc)
别理don't speak to; don't get involved; don't have anything to do with (him, her etc)
别绪emotions at time of parting
别筵farewell banquet
别嘴; mouthful (awkward speech)
储币savings; to deposit money
儲幣to deposit money; savings
單一資料型別Single data type
分币符号cent sign
古币old coin
古幣old coin
建構的泛型型別constructed generic type
可為 Null 的型別nullable type
劣币驱逐良币bad money drives out good money (economics)
劣幣驅逐良幣bad money drives out good money (economics)
匿名型別anonymous type
區域型別推斷local type inference
三边转换币种triangulation currency
伤别sad goodbye; sorrowful farewell
傷別sorrowful farewell; sad goodbye
使用者定義型別user-defined type
吻別to kiss goodbye
吻别to kiss goodbye
引別to leave; to say goodbye
引别to leave


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我们完全理解近几年来雅加达、巴厘、卡萨布兰卡、利雅得以及斯兰所遭受的可怕痛苦。We fully understand the terrible pain that in recent years has been inflicted upon Jakarta, Bali, Casablanca, Riyadh and Beslanq
在国际移徙组织驻乌克兰办事处的“乌克兰哈尔科夫-尔哥罗德地区移民管理”试验项目内,参加打击非法移民的内政机关获得了技术援助。Under the pilot project “Management of migration in Ukraine on the Kharkov-Belgorod area” of the office of the International Organization for Migration in Ukraine, assistance was received in the form of technical support for the internal affairs bodies which are engaged in combating illegal migration
最近,印度尼西亚和俄罗斯不幸发生了骇人听闻的恐怖攻击,包括发生斯兰的不幸事件,导致 ‧ 多人死亡,其中一半是儿童。 这些恐怖攻击表明,恐怖主义继续是国际社会当前面临的最严重的威胁之一。As has been regrettably demonstrated by the recent appalling terrorist attacks in Indonesia and Russia, including the tragedy of Beslan, in which more than ‧ people, half of them children, lost their lives, terrorism continues to be one of the gravest threats faced by the international community at the present time
但是除了对话以外无办法:武力威胁只会加深现有的不信任;暴力的恢复对于相关社区、对于该地区乃至该地区以外的稳定来讲是最坏的可能结果。There is no alternative, however, to dialogue; the threat of force can only deepen existing mistrust, and a resumption of violence would be the worst possible outcome for the communities concerned and for the stability of the region and beyond
Bivac公司除了遵守之外无他法,因此对所有免检商品没有进行核查。For all the exemptions, Bivac has no verification of the goods
确认民间社会行动者必须在各级贡献力量,防治艾滋流行病,在这方面强调民间社会代表必须积极参加筹备过程和特别会议Recognizes the importance of the contribution of civil society actors in the response to the epidemic at all levels, and, in this regard, underlines the need for the active involvement of civil society representatives in the preparatory process and the special session
? 闪 一? 边 去? 耽? 误 我? 开 工Now back off... and let me do my job
因為 本人 有 ...所以 你 多事Because I do... and I' m offended
我要说的另一件事,是今天真主党之所以遭到指责,是因为它敢于对以色列人说:挡着我们的阳光!Another thing I would like to say is that Hizbollah is being blamed today because it dared say to the Israelis: Stand away from our sunlight!
我以深深地敬畏感和更深切的谦卑感接受各位成员对我的信任:敬畏是因为负责处理重要裁军和国际安全问题的本委员会正面临越来越多的挑战;谦卑是因为人们都充分认识到,如果没有本会议厅内外有关各方的充分合作,任何副主席乃至主席团都想试图使第一委员会届会取得圆满成功。I accept the confidence that members have entrusted in me with a deep sense of awe and a deeper sense of humility: awe because the challenges facing our Committee, tasked with dealing with the important questions of disarmament and international security, are increasing, and humility because there is full recognition that no Vice-Chairman, indeed no Bureau, could even think of trying to bring about a successful conclusion of the First Committee session without the full cooperation of all the stakeholders in this room and beyond
这使人非常怀疑联合国及安全理事会的信誉,怀疑它们是否有能力对所有的人不加区、不用双重标准实施《宪章》准则,是否有能力保障国际和平与安全并制止危及国际和平与安全的侵略及威吓行径。This raises serious questions about the credibility of the United Nations and the Security Council and about their capacity to apply the norms of the Charter to all without distinction and without the use of double standards or to safeguard international peace and security and halt acts of aggression and intimidation that endanger them
现实情况是,数百万人在寻求食物、水、工作、人类尊严和希望,而在这一过程中除移民外无他途。The reality is that millions of people today have no choice but to migrate- in search of food, water, work, human dignity and hope
? 以? 为 你? 们 接下?? 会 很? 顺 利Don' t even think about nothing that' s not right in front of you
最后,他代表波多黎各人民吁请支持波多黎各众议院关于克斯岛上军事演习的决议。In conclusion, on behalf of the people of Puerto Rico, he called for support for the resolution of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico concerning the military exercises on Vieques Island
克斯的癌症患病率比整个波多黎各的平均水平高 ‧ %。The cancer rate in Vieques was ‧ percent higher than the average for Puerto Rico as a whole
该委员会为部长和其他高级代表组织了一次高级别圆桌会议。The Commission had organized a high-level round table for ministers and other high-level representatives
委员会促请缔约国根据《公约》第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款和委员会第 ‧ 号一般性建议,采取有效和持续的法律措施,包括暂行特别措施,以增加在政界各级和领域的妇女任职人数,尤其是在决策职位上。The Committee urges that the State party take effective and sustained legal measures, including temporary special measures, in accordance with article ‧ paragraph ‧ of the Convention and the Committee's general recommendation No ‧ to increase the representation of women at all levels and spheres of politics, especially in decision-making positions
委员会建议缔约国参考委员会在第七十一届会议上通过的提交消除种族歧视委员会会文件指南( ‧ ),于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日前提交第十三次和十四次定期报告的合订本,这份报告应涉及本结论性意见提出的所有各点。The Committee recommends that the State party submit its thirteenth periodic report jointly with its fourteenth periodic report in a single report on the ‧ ay ‧ taking into account the guidelines for the CERD-specific document adopted by the Committee at its seventy-first session ( ‧ ), and that it address all points raised in the present concluding observations
? 站在 那 里 打哈欠. 站好 你的?,, 伙?!!Don' t just stand there gaping.Get to your post, man!
虽然停止了轰炸,关闭了射击场,但克斯平民却成为“分期实施的灭绝种族行为”的受害者。Although the bombings had ceased and the firing range had been closed down, the civilian population of Vieques had been experiencing a “genocide in instalments”
“注意我们的目标,让我们失望,”他说到。“Pay attention to our goals and don't put us down,” he said
? 告? 诉 我 我 有 什 么? 责 任 , 戴 登 先生Don' t tell me my duty, Mr. Dryden
这样称呼有充分的理由,因为他被认为至少有五个已知的别名,非常有可能还有不知道的若干个其他名。There is a good reason for this, as he is thought to have at least five aliases that are already known of and it is highly likely that there are several more that are not
? 忘了 那些 五人 小? 组- 好吧I say, don' t forget those form fives.- All right
这可能很难,但无其它选择。Difficult though it may be, there is no other option