• specific currency   

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humble expression for generous donation
humble expression for generous donation
coins; money; currency; silk
specific currency
currency code
currency conversion
currency; silk; coins; money
illegally modified or altered currency
to separate; surname Bie; to pin; to classify; do not; another; other; to distinguish; to depart; must not; to leave
to stand out; to develop one's own school; to have attitude of one's own
there is no alternative
nothing else
to have no other use or purpose (idiom)
separate; contrary; leave; distinguish; surname Bie; awkward; to separate; to classify; to depart; to leave; other; to make sb change their ways, opinions etc; another; depart; classify; do not; to distinguish; must not; difficult; to pin
Don't look back. You're not going that way.
nothing else
to have no other use or purpose (idiom)
to have quite a lasting charm
to make sb change their ways, opinions etc
Boolean data type
reference type
parameterized type
to deposit money; savings
to deposit money; savings
Single data type
multicurrency reserve system
multicurrency loan
multi-currency accounting system
multicurrency option
cent sign
old coin
old coin
Currency Composition of Official Foreign Exchange Reserves; COFER
assignment of hazard division
enumerated data type
bad money drives out good money (economics)
bad money drives out good money (economics)
anonymous type
age-specific mortality rate
triangulation currency
value type
collector type
coin machine insurance
coin slot
coin slot
to part for an unspecified period; to take leave from indefinitely
AMU; Asian Monetary Unit
Variant data type


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zh 是不是 這 原因? 我 要 你 告訴 她的
en Is that what this is about?I told you not to teII her anything
zh 因此,该组织正在要求美国对该岛上的军事存在给克斯人民的健康造成的所有伤害进行赔偿。
en His organization therefore was seeking compensation for all the harm done to the health of the people of Vieques as a result of the military presence on the island
zh 对于身体下端骨折无法行动的无其他疾病的人进行了一些研究,研究表明,在丧失行动能力后的第 ‧ 天、第 ‧ 天、第 ‧ 天、第 ‧ 天和第 ‧ 天,他们的红血球中的铜-锌超氧化物歧化酶(Cu Zn SOD)的活动量下降(第 ‧ 天达到最大值),在整个无行动能力期间,催化酶的活动量有所下降,第 ‧ 天时的谷胱甘肽过氧化物酶的活动量下降,丧失行动能力 ‧ 天、 ‧ 天、 ‧ 天、 ‧ 天和 ‧ 天之后,脂过氧化物(TBARS)的浓度增加。
en Some studies carried out on otherwise healthy persons, who had been immobilized as a result of fractures in their lower extremities, showed that they had decreased activity of copper-zinc superoxide dismutase (Cu ZnSOD) in erythrocytes on days ‧ and ‧ of immobilization (maximally at day ‧ ), decreased catalase activity during the entire immobilization, decreased activity of glutathione peroxidase on day ‧ and increased concentration of lipid peroxides (TBARS) after ‧ and ‧ days of immobilization
zh 除了会员费、会议费以及出版物、专业服装和附带用品收入之外,无任何其他来源的支助。
en It receives no support from any sources other than membership dues, conference fees and publication, professional attire and accessories income
zh 拉出 來 的時候 ... 千萬 碰到 旁邊
en Now, don' t let it touch the sides when you' re coming out!
zh 任何人如果违反这项法律禁令,定罪后应根据 ‧ 年《海关法》第 ‧ 条处 ‧ 马罚金,或处相当于走私货币十倍以下的罚金。
en Any person contravening this legal prohibition is, upon conviction, liable to a fine of ‧ or not less than ‧ times the amount of smuggled money under Section ‧ of the Customs Act
zh 最近对斯兰(Beslan)无辜的学龄儿童及其家长的恐怖袭击毛骨悚然地提醒人们这种威胁仍在继续。
en The recent terrorist attack on innocent school children and their parents in Beslan was a gruesome reminder of the continuation of this threat
zh 克斯的斗争会继续得到国际社会的广泛支持。
en The struggle in Vieques continued to enjoy broad international solidarity
zh 我们看到,在报告所涉期间,委员会通过各国组合,确实为加强布隆迪和塞拉利昂两国国家体制机构作出了贡献,虽然不无困难。
en During the period under review, we have noted that, through its country-specific configurations, the Commission has definitely- albeit not without difficulty- helped to strengthen the national institutions of Burundi and Sierra Leone
zh 因此,安理会必须适应政治现实,无他择。
en There is, therefore, no alternative to adapting it to political realities
zh 克斯岛局势是一个严重侵犯人权的例子,国际社会必须予以审议。
en The situation on Vieques was an example of a grave violation of human rights which needed to be considered by the international community
zh 儿童基金会对教育的贡献日益反映出本组织基于权利、针对性和部门间措施,以及支持实现千年发展目标发展援助的变革框架。
en UNICEF contributions to education increasingly reflect the organization's rights-based, gender-focused and intersectoral approach, and the changing architecture for development assistance in support of the Millennial Goals
zh 在这一点上,过去六天来在大会发言的我们各国元首或政府首脑、部长和其他高级代表已经为我们订立了非常明确的任务规定。
en And for that, we have a very clear mandate from our heads of State or Government, ministers and the other high-level representatives who have addressed the Assembly over the past six days
zh 鉴于这次仪式的重要性和新《公约》的重大意义,我还请各国政府考虑派遣部长或其他高级代表参加仪式。
en I would also ask Governments to consider the possibility of being represented at that ceremony by ministers or other high-level participants, in keeping with the importance of the occasion and the significance of the new Convention
zh 在俄罗斯联邦斯兰全面修复和装备教室 ‧ 辍学学生回到学校
en Classrooms fully equipped and renovated in Beslan, Russian Federation ‧ chool dropouts returned to school
zh 因此,一国企业在另一国安装的赌博机和投式自动售货机等机器是否构成一个常设单位,这取决于除了安装机器外,该企业是否还开展业务活动。
en In that respect, accounts could not be regarded as prepared symmetrically unless the values of transactions or the methods of attributing profits or expenses in the books of the permanent establishment corresponded exactly to the values or methods of attribution in the books of the head office in terms of the national currency or functional currency in which the enterprise recorded its transactions
zh Robbins 先生 爭 了
en Mr. Robbins, please, I don' t think this is a time for conflict
zh milio García 代表克斯拥护和平老兵致函说
en On behalf of the Veteranos Viequenses por la Paz, Emilio García Cordero wrote
zh 为防止艾滋病毒感染继续蔓延,青年人需要获得全面、客观、无偏见并且针对性和青年人的有关艾滋病毒/艾滋病的信息,还须获得有效的预防方法(例如安全套),以及从事主要针对少女和青年妇女的艾滋病毒/艾滋病教育的支助组织的帮助。
en To prevent the continuous spread of HIV infections, young people need to have access to comprehensive, objective, non-biased, gender and youth-specific information on HIV and AIDS and to effective methods for protection (such as condoms) as well as supporting organizations involved in promoting HIV and AIDS education, especially for girls and young women
zh 注意到波多黎各人民一致赞成释放那些因争取波多黎各独立而在美国监狱服刑的波多黎各政治犯以及那些因争取克斯和平而在服刑的人
en Noting the consensus among the people of Puerto Rico in favour of the release of the Puerto Rican political prisoners who are still serving sentences in United States prisons for cases related to the struggle for Puerto Rico's independence, and of those who are still in prison for reasons relating to the Vieques Island struggle for peace
zh 拉夫罗夫先生(俄罗斯联邦)(以俄语发言):我今天是在当前我国处于极其困难的时刻在大会发言的。 此时此刻,在俄罗斯的斯林市可怕的恐怖攻击中失去孩子和亲人的人,眼泪还没有流干。
en Mr. Lavrov (Russian Federation) (spoke in Russian): I am addressing the Assembly today at a most difficult time for our country, when tears are still being shed by those who lost their children and loved ones during the horrific terrorist attack in the Russian city of Beslan
zh 土库曼斯坦谴责对妇女一切形式的歧视,一贯并毫不动摇地实施不容忍任何男女有、例外或限制政策。
en Condemning discrimination against women in all its forms, Turkmenistan is consistently and unswervingly pursuing a policy of no tolerance for any gender-based distinction, exception or limitation
zh 业务连续性活动包括更新信息和通信技术和大楼维持系统,以便能够进行电子通勤;提供更多视像会议的支助,使得安理会、大会以及其他高级职能能够持续进行(如有必要);并保障多达 ‧ 名关键人员能在万国宫应急居住。
en Business continuity activities include upgrading information and communications technology and building maintenance systems to enable telecommuting, providing additional audio and videoconferencing support, which will enable the Security Council, the General Assembly, and other high-level functions to continue (if necessary) and providing for emergency sheltering within the Palais des Nations for up to ‧ critical personnel