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humble expression for generous donation
humble expression for generous donation
money; currency
specific currency
illegally modified or altered currency
to separate; surname Bie; to pin; to classify; do not; another; other; to distinguish; to depart; must not; to leave
supplementary biography
don't get involved; don't have anything to do with (him, her etc); ; don't speak to
to stand out; to develop one's own school; to have attitude of one's own
there is no alternative
nothing else
to have no other use or purpose (idiom)
to have quite a lasting charm
separate; contrary; leave; distinguish; surname Bie; awkward; to separate; to classify; to depart; to leave; other; to make sb change their ways, opinions etc; another; depart; classify; do not; to distinguish; must not; difficult; to pin
supplementary biography
don't have anything to do with (him, her etc); don't speak to; don't get involved
to stand out; to develop one's own school; ; to have attitude of one's own
there is no alternative
nothing else
to have no other use or purpose (idiom)
to have quite a lasting charm
mouthful (awkward speech);
to deposit money; savings
to deposit money; savings
multicurrency reserve system
multicurrency loan
multi-currency accounting system
multicurrency option
cent sign
closed generic type
old coin
old coin
Currency Composition of Official Foreign Exchange Reserves; COFER
assignment of hazard division
bad money drives out good money (economics)
bad money drives out good money (economics)
anonymous type
triangulation currency
value type
to kiss goodbye
type-safe; type safety
type promotion
type inference
type declaration
AMU; Asian Monetary Unit
Variant data type


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zh 年,工作组由以下专家组成:索莱达·比利亚格拉·德·德曼女士(巴拉圭)、勒伊拉·泽鲁居伊女士(阿尔及利亚)、陶马什·巴恩先生(匈牙利)、赛义德·穆罕默德·哈希米先生(伊朗伊斯兰共和国)和路易·儒瓦内先生(法国)。
en During ‧ the Working Group was composed of the following experts: Ms. Soledad Villagra de Biedermann (Paraguay), Ms. Leïla Zerroügui (Algeria), Mr. Tamás Bán (Hungary), Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Hashemi (Islamic Republic of Iran) and Mr. Louis Joinet (France
zh 但是,海军依然声称波多黎各以及克斯岛居民希望海军继续留驻该岛,因此轰炸没有停止。
en Nevertheless, the Navy continued to assert that the people of Puerto Rico and Vieques wanted it to remain, and therefore the bombing had not stopped
zh 为了解决这些问题,为了加速难民遣返工作,东帝汶各派、秘书长特别代表、联合国部队司令和乌达亚纳军区司令于 ‧ 月 ‧ 日和 ‧ 日在巴厘登帕萨举行了一次会议。
en To address these concerns, as well as to expedite the repatriation of refugees, a meeting of various East Timorese factions, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, the United Nations Force Commander and the Commander of Udayana Military Command was held in Denpasar, Bali, on ‧ uly
zh 因此,欧盟认为,伊朗继续开展与浓缩相关的活动使欧盟除支持就此类措施进行磋商外,无他择。
en Accordingly, the EU believes that Iran's continuation of enrichment-related activities has left the EU no choice but to support consultations on such measures
zh 到 ‧ 年年底,陆军查明克斯岛西部可能遭污染的 ‧ 个场所。
en As of the end of ‧ the Army had identified ‧ potentially contaminated sites on western Vieques
zh 最近几年来,恐怖主义在纽约、马德里和斯兰所犯的卑鄙凶行表明了恐怖主义威胁的严重性。
en The despicable terrorist attacks of the last few years in New York, Madrid and Beslan demonstrate the gravity of the terrorist threat
zh 加沙地带仍然是一个被囚禁的社会,因为主要过境点完全被关闭,目前这里 ‧ %的人口生活在贫困线以下,以色列拒绝承认加沙地带是被占领土,以色列银行已经停止与加沙地带各银行的商务洽谈,此举给这里的居民造成严重影响,因为居民们使用希伯来
en Gaza remained an imprisoned society as a result of the complete closure of the main crossing points and ‧ per cent of its population were now living below the poverty threshold. Since Israel refused to recognize Gaza as an occupied territory, Israeli banks had discontinued dealings with banks in Gaza, a move which had serious consequences for its inhabitants, who used the shekel as their currency
zh 美国总统 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日给国防部长及管理和预算办公室主任关于使用波多黎各克斯岛靶场所作的指示(公民投票
en United States Presidential directive dated ‧ anuary ‧ to the Secretary of Defense and Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Resolution regarding use of range facilities on Vieques, Puerto Rico (referendum
zh ? 告? 诉 他? 们 任何 事你?? 说 的
en Don' t tell them anything!
zh 正如前文所指出的,上一节所提出的两组问题含义显然有
en As noted earlier, the two broad sets of considerations set out in the previous section are in a conceptual sense distinct
zh 根据刑法补充规定第 ‧ 条:“如果确认妻子犯了通奸罪,将判处一个月至一年的劳役以及 ‧ 扎伊尔的罚款或二者选其一。
en Article ‧ of the additional provisions of the Penal Code provides that the penalty for a woman convicted of adultery shall be one month to one year's penal servitude, a fine of ‧ zaires, or both
zh 如上所述,它的指控毫无根据,实属有用心。
en As underlined above, its accusation is baseless and prompted by ulterior motives
zh 支付手段包括日或外币、支票(包括旅行支票)、期票和证券。
en The means of payment includes Japanese or foreign currencies, cheques (including traveller's cheques), promissory notes and securities
zh 年 ‧ 月,前警察首长亚·贾拉卜·雅辛将军企图发动政变,结果以最少的人员伤亡和物质损失予以平息。
en In December ‧ the former chief of police, General Yassin Yabeh Galab, attempted a coup d'état which was resolved with minimum human and material losses
zh 应当将第二句话修改为:“相反的观点认为,应照原样保留第 ‧ 条,以维护最大限度的当事方意思自治。” 因此接下来的一句应这样开始:“一项与此有但却是相关的观点认为,虽然当事方不能商定高于......的可执行性标准......”。
en It would be useful to amend the second sentence to read as follows: “A contrary view was that article ‧ should be left as it was in order to preserve maximum party autonomy.” The following sentence should subsequently begin: “A separate but related observation was that while parties could not agree to a higher standard of enforceability...”
zh 在克罗地亚,促进融合协会与社会福利部合作实施的一个项目在萨格勒布的一个日间托儿中心进行培养独立生活试点训练,并在洛瓦尔和奥斯尼亚的心理残疾人中间实行社区推广方案。
en A project in Croatia, implemented by the Association for the Promotion of Inclusion, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Welfare, is carrying out pilot training for independent living at a day-care centre in Zagreb and by means of community outreach in Bjelovar and Osnia among mentally disabled persons
zh 可是,应与海军陆战队离开克斯岛同时发生的是,应立即将以前用于军事演习、美国内政部依然占领的领土转移给波多黎各人民。
en However, the departure of the Marines from Vieques Island should be accompanied without delay by the devolution to the people of Puerto Rico of the territories previously used in military manoeuvres and still occupied by the United States Department of the Interior
zh 自 ‧ 年后,波多黎各的所有组织都曾向特别委员会介绍过因美国海军与克斯岛有关的活动而产生的局势。
en Since ‧ all Puerto Rican organizations had described to the Special Committee the situation that had resulted from United States Navy activities on the island of Vieques
zh 雇用年轻人( ‧ 岁以下者)的公司,只要受雇者已登记于澳门特别行政区劳动暨就业局“劳工市场”,就可以得领取最高为澳门 ‧ 元的财政津贴(经第 ‧ 号命令修订的第 ‧ 号命令第 ‧ 条)。
en To the companies employing youth (aged under ‧ ), as long as these are recruited amongst those registered in the “Labour Market” of MSAR's Labour and Employment Department, financial subsidies up to the amount of MOP$ ‧ can be granted (article ‧ of Order ‧ as amended by Order
zh 秘书处应当汇编各国报告所载的[结论和建议][意见],并编写一份[专题][汇总]报告,提交给实施情况审查小组。
en The secretariat shall compile the [conclusions and recommendations] [observations] contained in the country reports and prepare a [thematic] [aggregate] report for submission to the Implementation Review Group
zh 据称,本文书中若不阐明与两项扣船公约的关系,将可能造成不确定性,不知对属本文书管辖的索赔请求是否也可坚持主张在这些公约所规定的法域审理。
en It was also stated that not addressing the relationship to the Arrest Conventions in this instrument could give rise to uncertainty as to whether the jurisdiction provided for in those conventions could be upheld for claims falling under this instrument
zh 他还对美国政府没有履行其清理克斯岛轰炸场的承诺、并在克斯岛安装军事监视雷达站的做法表示关切,美国安装雷达站表面上为了打击毒品贩运,实际上是将该领土作为潜在目标。
en Also of concern were the failure of the United States Government to honour its commitment to clean-up of Vieques bombing range and the installation of a military surveillance radar station on Vieques, ostensibly to combat drug trafficking, that in fact made the Territory a potential target
zh rassel女士(“克斯岛联合”组织)说,她所代表的社区组织是由对实现社会目标,特别是克斯岛的和平与安全倍感关注的公民所组成。
en Ms. Brassel (“United for Vieques” organization) said that she represented a community organization of concerned citizens pursuing social goals, and in particular peace and security on Vieques
zh 因此,她高兴地宣布,随着最近的普选,在各级上妇女代表的人数大幅度增加。
en She was therefore pleased to announce significant increases in the number of women representatives at various levels following the recent general elections
zh 许多妇女在她们的父亲和丈夫被迫离岛服兵役或因为克斯缺少工作机会而离开克斯岛期间遭到强奸。
en Many of them had been raped when their fathers and husbands had been forced to leave the island to perform military service or because of the lack of jobs on Vieques