• 上蜡   


(countable) a cosmetic procedure in which hair is removed from the body by the application and removal of wax
Cosmetic procedure
Present participle of wax.
(uncountable) the action of the verb to wax

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Chinese white wax bug (Ericerus pela)
白蠟蟲; 白蜡虫; 蜡虫; 蠟蟲
hydrocarbon wax
烃蜡; 烴蠟
lump of wax
蠟坨; 蜡坨
paraffin wax
石蜡; 石蠟
petroleum wax
石油蠟; 石油蜡
tastes as if one is chewing wax (idiom)
味同嚼蜡; 味同嚼蠟
(漸)盈; 蠟; 蜡; 上蜡
wax apple
wax beans
wax charge
wax gourd
wax palm
wax paper
蠟紙; 蜡纸
wax plants
waxing and waning
盈亏; 盈虧
white wax from Chinese white wax bug (Ericerus pela)
虫白蜡; 蟲蠟; 虫蜡; 蟲白蠟; 白蜡; 白蠟



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en Candle, wax taper, match or lighter
zh 蜡烛、小蜡烛、火柴或打火机
en The European Union had waxed lyrical about the human-rights situations in selected developing countries but saw nothing wrong with some of its members drawing up legislation that would allow for indefinite detention without trial and the use in court of secret intelligence evidence that had potentially been obtained through torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
zh 欧洲联盟对一些发展中国家的人权状况大放厥辞,而对其一些成员国内起草容许无限期监禁而不审判的立法以及在法庭上使用特工情报证据却听之任之,这些证据可能是通过酷刑或其他残忍、不人道或有辱人格待遇获得的。
en Waxing gibbous
zh 盈月moon phase between full moon and ‧rd quarter
en f) Total oil- the categories liquefied petroleum gases to fuel oil, and all other petroleum products (refinery gas, ethane, naphtha, petroleum coke, white spirits and special boiling point solvents, paraffin waxes, bitumen, lubricants and others
zh f) 总油:从液化石油气到柴油和所有其他石油产品(炼油厂气、乙烷、石脑油、石油焦、石油溶剂和特殊沸点溶剂、石蜡、沥青、润滑剂等等)的种类。
en He is reported to have been subjected to continuous physical abuse by his interrogators, such as kicks and fist blows, as well as other forms of ill-treatment and torture, including the dropping of hot candle wax on his back
zh 据报道,审问他的人继续不断对他拳打脚踢,以及其他形式的虐待和酷刑,包括将蜡烛热汁滴到他的背上。
en The operation of the causation requirement may also be illustrated by an appeal in litigation involving a seller's claim to be exempt under article ‧ from damages for delivering defective grape vine wax
zh 要证实因果关系要求的作用,也可以通过一项诉讼上诉来说明,其中涉及到卖方要求依据第七十九条免除因交付葡萄藤蜡次品所造成的损害赔偿责任。
en In one decision, a regional appeals court held that a manufacturer from whom the seller ordered vine wax to be shipped directly to the buyer was not within the scope of article ‧ and the seller's exemption claim was governed exclusively by article
zh 在一项判决中,一家地区上诉法院判决,卖方向其订购藤蜡并直接向买方发货的制造商不在第七十九条第款范围内,卖方的免责要求仅受第七十九条第款的支配。
en An aerosol, which emits a foam, mousse, gel or paste is sprayed (approx ‧ g) on a watchglass and an ignition source (candle, wax taper, match or lighter) is placed at the base of the watchglass to observe if ignition and sustained combustion of the foam, mousse, gel or paste occurs
zh 喷出泡沫、凝胶或糊状物的气雾剂,将其喷洒到表面玻璃上(大约五克),并将一个点火源(蜡烛、小蜡烛、火柴或打火机)放在表面玻璃的基座上,观察泡沫、凝胶冻或糊状物是否发生点火和持续燃烧。
en The aggrieved buyer was found to have failed to mitigate damages in the following circumstances: failure to inspect goods properly and to give documents setting out its claims of nonconformity; failure to examine shipments of aluminium hydroxide before mixing the shipments together; failure to stop the use of vine wax after the aggrieved party had discovered the wax to be defective; failure to look for replacement goods in markets other than the local region; failure to cancel its contract of sale with sub-buyer or to conclude a substitute purchase; failure to provide evidence of the price it received on its sale of nonconforming goods to a sub-buyer; failure to provide evidence as to whether the aggrieved buyer could buy the same product from the wholesaler newly-designated by the seller
zh 在以下情况下,受害买方被认定未能减轻损失:未能合理检验货物并提供列明不符合同之处的文件;在将所有氢氧化铝货物混合在一起之前没有对其进行检查;受害方在发现藤蜡有缺陷之后没有停止使用;未能在本地区之外的市场上寻找替代商品;未能取消其与下级买方的销售合同或缔结替代品购买合同;没有提供证据证明在把与合同不符的货物出售给下级买方时其所得到的价款,没有提供证据证明,受害买方是否可以从卖方新近指定的批发商处买到相同产品。
en The court apparently found that, even if the seller had sold defective vine wax that it was not obliged to examine, the default would still not have been caused by an impediment that met the requirements of article
zh 法院显然认定,即使卖方出售了它没有义务检验的有缺陷的藤蜡,造成违约的原因也不是满足第七十九条要求的障碍。
en And where the seller's supplier shipped to the buyer, on the seller's behalf, a newly-developed type of vine-wax that proved to be defective, the situation was found not to involve an impediment beyond the seller's control: a lower court held that the requirements for exemption were not satisfied because the seller would have discovered the problem had it fulfilled it obligation to test the wax before it was shipped to its buyer; on appeal, a higher court affirmed the result but rejected the lower court's reasoning, stating that the seller would not qualify for an exemption regardless of whether it breached an obligation to examine the goods
zh 在卖方供应商以卖方的名义向买方发送了最后证明是有缺陷的、新开发的藤蜡的情况下,法院认定这种情形不涉及非卖方所能控制的障碍问题:一家初级法院裁定,如果卖方在向买方发货之前履行了检验藤蜡的义务,卖方就会发现这一问题,就此而言,免责要求没有得到满足;在上诉时,高等法院确认了该判决结果,但否决了初级法院的推理,指出无论卖方是否违反了货物检验的义务,他都不符合免除责任的资格。
en Waxing crescent
zh 蛾眉月moon phase between ‧st quarter and full moon
en d) On a ‧ × ‧ mm metal support place a paraffin wax candle ‧ to ‧ mm in diameter and ‧ mm high
zh d) 在一个 ‧ × ‧ 毫米的金属支架上,放一个直径 ‧ 至 ‧ 毫米高 ‧ 毫米的固体石蜡蜡烛。
en The Department of Commerce reported the value of Guam's total exports to be $ ‧ million in ‧ ajor export commodities are fish and crustaceans ($ ‧ million), mineral fuels, oils and waxes ($ ‧ million), tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes ($ ‧ million) and automobiles ($ ‧ million
zh 据商业部报告 ‧ 年关岛的出口总额为 ‧ 万美元,主要出口商品是鱼类和甲壳动物类( ‧ 万美元),矿物燃料、油涂科和蜡料( ‧ 万美元),香烟和制成香烟替代品( ‧ 万美元),以及汽车产品( ‧ 万美元)。
en EU countries imported $ ‧ billion worth of vegetable and animal-derived oils, fats and waxes in ‧ roughly ‧ per cent% of which came from was from developing countries
zh 欧盟国家在 ‧ 年进口了价值 ‧ 亿美元的动植物油、脂肪和蜡,其中大约 ‧ %来自发展中国家。
en The seller argued it was exempt because the wax was produced by a third party supplier that had shipped it directly to the buyer
zh 卖方主张,提出免责请求是因为蜡是由给买方直接发货的第三方供应商生产的。
en Major export commodities are fish and crustaceans, mineral fuels, oils and waxes, tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes and automobiles
zh 主要出口商品为鱼类和甲壳动物类、矿物燃料、油料及蜡料、烟草和制成香烟替代品以及汽车。
en On appeal to a higher court, the seller argued that all vine wax from its supplier was defective that year, so that even if it had sold a traditional type (which it presumably would not have had to examine) the buyer would have suffered the same loss
zh 在向高等法院上诉时,卖方声称,其供应商当年提供的所有藤蜡都有缺陷,所以即使卖方销售的是传统产品(假定这种蜡不用检验),买方也将遭受同样的损失。
en They were used for the same sorts of applications as PCBs, although most were used in waxes, plastics, hydraulic fluids, paints and lubricants (Jensen and Jørgensen
zh 它们有和多氯联苯同样类型的用途,不过大部分用于蜡、塑料、液压油、油漆和润滑剂(詹森和乔根森 ‧ 年)。
en The main recipient of Guam exports is Japan. Major export commodities are fish and crustaceans, mineral fuels, oils and waxes, tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes and automobiles
zh 关岛的商品主要出口到日本,主要出口商品为鱼类和甲壳动物类、矿物燃料、油料及蜡料、烟草和制成香烟替代品以及汽车。
en According to the ILO definition, the work of domestic staff includes: sweeping or vacuuming; cleaning or washing and waxing floors, doors, windows, furniture and various objects; washing, ironing and mending bed and table linen and other household linen for personal use; washing dishes; preparing, cooking and serving meals and drinks; buying food and various articles for domestic use; performing related tasks; supervising other workers
zh 根据劳工组织的定义 ‧ 家庭佣工的工作包括:扫地或吸尘;打扫或清洗地板、门窗、家具和各不同物品并给它们上蜡;清洗、熨烫和缝补床单和桌布及其他个人家庭用品;洗碗;准备和烹饪饭菜并上菜上酒;购买食品和各种家庭用品;处理相关事项;监督其他工人。
en Thus it has been held that a seller whose supplier shipped defective vine wax (on the seller's behalf) directly to the buyer, as well as a seller whose supplier failed to produce the goods due to an emergency shut-down of its plant, should reasonably have been expected to have avoided or surmounted these impediments, and thus to have fulfilled their contractual obligations
zh 因此,法庭裁定,对于其供应商(代表卖方)向买方直接发送有缺陷的藤蜡的卖方以及其供应商由于其工厂紧急停产而未生产出货物的卖方,应当有理由预期其能避免或克服这些障碍并因此履行其合同义务。