发音: IPA: tʌf /tʌf/    


  • 利害   
  • 強硬   
  • 强硬   


(of food) difficult to cut or chew
(of questions etc) difficult or demanding
(material science) Undergoing plastic deformation before breaking.
hard (life)
tough (on someone)
(vegetables) tough
To toughen.
difficult to chew
harsh or severe
(of weather etc) harsh or severe
rowdy or rough.
strong and resilient; sturdy
(meat) tough
(slang) Used to indicate lack of sympathy
To endure.
rugged or physically hardy
A person who obtains things by force; a thug or bully.

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fierce and tough
凶悍; 兇悍
it's a tough job
難為; 难为
pliable and tough
柔韌; 柔韧
to get tough
来硬的; 來硬的
to raise a tough question
出难题; 出難題
tough and durable
堅韌; 坚韧
tough and stocky build
熊腰虎背; 虎背熊腰
tough position
強硬立場; 强硬立场
tough upright grass
劲草; 勁草
韧性; 韌性



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en After the break-up of FLC six months later, the battalion reportedly remained in Isiro, and some of its companies were sent on tough missions like the invasion of territories lost in Mambasa
zh 六个月后阵线解体,据报该营仍留在伊西罗,并派遣其部分部队执行艰巨的任务,例如侵略在曼巴萨失去的领土。
en This incisive and forthright document provides us with clear indications of the tough decisions that need to be taken if the United Nations is to obtain for itself the political, technical, organizational and procedural means to fulfil the peacekeeping mandate that makes up the lion's share of the work of the Security Council
zh 这份透彻和直截了当的文件向我们清楚表明,必须作出艰难的抉择,以使联合国获得政治、技术、组织和程序手段,执行其维持和平的任务,现在,安全理事会大部分工作就是维持和平。
en Sales volumes declined due to tough competition, but this was partially offset by higher prices in some markets
zh 销售量下降是因为竞争激烈,不过这由某些市场价格提高部分予以抵销。
en Myanmar has undergone very tough times in the past two years, and we all remember the disastrous consequences of Cyclone Nargis
zh 过去两年,缅甸历尽艰险,大家都记得“纳尔吉斯”飓风造成的灾难性后果。
en g) The Special Rapporteur invites international sports organizations to take tough measures against the perpetrators of racist incidents
zh g) 特别报告员请各国际体育组织对种族主义事件肇事者采取严厉措施。
en If we fail to send that tough signal, we shall be ignoring the realities
zh 如果我们不发出这一强硬的信息,我们将无视现实。
en They' re mainly offshoots of the odessa mafia and they' re especially tough to crack from the law enforcement standpoint
zh 他? 们 大多 是 敖 德? 萨 黑手 党 的 分支在? 执 法 的 立? 场 上 他? 们 非常??? 难 以 攻破
en Somebody with a grudge against you hires a tough guy to rattle you...... scare you to death
zh 你的 某個 仇家 雇 了 個 暴徒 來 修理 你 ...想 嚇 到 你 魂飛 魄散
en Mr. Ashe (Antigua and Barbuda), speaking on behalf of the members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), pointed out that the adoption of the Marrakech Accords had brought to a close several years of tough negotiations and had opened the way to the widespread ratification by States of the Kyoto Protocol and its early entry into force
zh she先生(安提瓜和巴布达)在以加勒比共同体(加共体)成员的名义发言时指出,《马拉克什协定》的通过使数年来的艰苦谈判宣告结束,为各国广泛批准《京都议定书》及其早日生效铺平了道路。
en In Canada, restorative justice was based on the need to have a clearly articulated strategy combining crime prevention, a tough response to serious crime and greater use of community sanctions for low-risk offenders
zh 在加拿大,恢复性司法的依据是有必要有一项将预防犯罪、对严重犯罪作出强有力的反应以及对低风险犯罪者更多地采用社区制裁等这些方面结合在一起的明文规定的战略。
en Protecting refugees requires tough punishment for those who profit from these irregular movements
zh 保护难民需要严厉惩罚那些从这种违反常规的人口流动中获利者。
en First, since ‧ dozens of developing countries at all income levels have enacted tough reforms to stabilize their economies, liberalize their trading regimes and improve their business climates, which has unlocked substantial new private sources of financing for development
zh 第一,自 ‧ 年以来,几十个收入水平不一的发展中国家实施了艰难改革,以稳定经济,实现贸易制度自由化,改善商业环境。 这为发展释放了大量新的私有资金来源。
en The Government of Uzbekistan, using all the resources and opportunities available to it, is carrying on a tough and unrelenting struggle against any and all violations of human rights, including torture
zh 乌兹别克斯坦政府利用一切可以调用的资源和财力,坚决和严厉地打击任何侵犯人权情况,其中包括施加酷刑。
en Furthermore, they do business no great favour by failing to provide adequate assistance to companies, especially when they operate in tough environments, such as areas in conflict or otherwise weak governance zones, where companies have done the greatest human rights harm and run into the most trouble
zh 此外,如不向公司提供适当援助,政府没有帮企业的大忙,尤其是公司在严酷的环境中经营(例如在冲突地区或另外治理薄弱的地区)在这些地区,公司造成最大的人权伤害,惹上最大的麻烦。
en This policy is not seen positively by those countries that believe it necessary to be tough on drugs
zh 而那些认为需要严格禁毒的国家则对上述政策不以为然。
en The problem of Darfur involves the political process, peacekeeping deployment, economic development, humanitarian relief assistance and judicial justice. The situation is complex and very tough
zh 达区问题又涉及政治进程,维和部署,经济发展,人道救援,司法正义等多个领域,情况错综复杂,十分棘手。
en If I wasn' t tough on you...... when we were kids, you never would' ve beat me today
zh ? 当 我? 们 小? 时 候, 你 今天? 赢 不了 我
en It has been, I am sure all around this table know, an intensely difficult and tough task
zh 我相信在座的各位都知道,这是一项非常困难和艰苦的工作。
en If we are to address this problem, all of us must make such tough decisions
zh 如果我们要解决这一问题,我们所有人就必须作出此类困难的决定。
en However, if one analyses either periods during which Bernard Dowiyogo held the presidency of Nauru or those during which he held a ministerial portfolio, one realizes that they coincided with some important United Nations events that required the political will of leaders to push through what were then tough political decisions
zh 但是,如果分析伯纳德·多维约戈担任瑙鲁总统或在他担任部长的时期,就可以看到,在这段时期里联合国刚好开展了一些重要的活动,这些活动需要政治领导人展现政治意愿,作出当时被认为困难的政治决定。
en They' re all tough guys.- What are you thinkin ' about?
zh 他? 们 都 是 硬? 汉- 你 在 想 什 么?
en Producers from developing countries are also finding it difficult to cope with the widespread diffusion of fast-changing and tough private grades and standards in supermarkets
zh 发展中国家的生产商感到难以应付肆处扩张的超市中迅速变化的私订苛刻级别和标准。
en That was a tough blow to those who dared to take a step in a difficult but vital direction
zh 对敢于朝这艰难而至关重要的方向迈出一步的人而言,这是沉重的打击。
en I thought all you Special Ops guys were tough
zh 我 以? 为 你? 们 特? 别 行?? 组 的 人 都 是 猛 男
en Mr. Vu Anh Quang (Viet Nam) observed that, although his Government had already met seven of the Millennium Development Goals, it faced a tough task in abolishing HIV/AIDS and aimed to do so only by
zh u Anh Quang先生(越南)认为,越南政府已经实现了七项千年发展目标,但在消除艾滋病毒/艾滋病方面还面临艰巨任务,只能寄希望于到 ‧ 年实现这项目标。