发音: IPA: tʌf /tʌf/    


  • 利害   
  • 強硬   
  • 强硬   


(of food) difficult to cut or chew
(of questions etc) difficult or demanding
(material science) Undergoing plastic deformation before breaking.
hard (life)
tough (on someone)
(vegetables) tough
To toughen.
difficult to chew
harsh or severe
(of weather etc) harsh or severe
rowdy or rough.
strong and resilient; sturdy
(meat) tough
(slang) Used to indicate lack of sympathy
To endure.
rugged or physically hardy
A person who obtains things by force; a thug or bully.

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fierce and tough
凶悍; 兇悍
it's a tough job
難為; 难为
pliable and tough
柔韌; 柔韧
to get tough
来硬的; 來硬的
to raise a tough question
出难题; 出難題
tough and durable
堅韌; 坚韧
tough and stocky build
熊腰虎背; 虎背熊腰
tough position
強硬立場; 强硬立场
tough upright grass
劲草; 勁草
韧性; 韌性



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en The people of Montenegro and Serbia have tough political challenges ahead
zh 黑山和塞尔维亚人民面对着艰巨的政治挑战。
en As we all well know, after nine years of very tough negotiations from ‧ to ‧ the Convention was finally adopted on ‧ pril ‧ and opened for signature in Montego Bay, Jamaica, on ‧ ecember, precisely ‧ years ago
zh 众所周知,经过 ‧ 年至 ‧ 年九年非常艰苦的谈判后,公约终于在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日获得通过,并恰好于 ‧ 年前 ‧ 月 ‧ 日在牙买加蒙特哥贝开放供签署。
en Foreign direct investment shrank in the face of tough conditions, but it should be seen- like remittances and microfinance- as a complement to, not a replacement for, official development assistance and debt relief
zh 面对苛刻的条件,外国直接投资呈现萎缩,但汇款和小额供资等投资应被视为官方发展援助和债务减免的补充,而不是替代。
en Our countries' view was that we must take advantage of the political momentum offered by the establishment of the first Open-ended Working Group mandated to negotiate a new agreement on the basis of the Programme of Action, while at the same time expressing a strong and clear-cut commitment on the part of the international community to adopting tough instruments against the proliferation of and illicit trafficking in small arms and light weapons
zh 我国认为,我们必须利用受权在《行动纲领》的基础上谈判达成一项新协定的第一个不限成员名额工作组的设立所提供的政治势头,并与此同时由国际社会坚定和明确地承诺通过禁止小武器和轻武器扩散和非法贩运的严厉文书。
en It is a tough challenge to increase the number of women in high-level decision-making positions in peacekeeping operations
zh 增加妇女在维持和平行动高级决策阶层的人数是一项艰巨挑战。
en The continued possession of nuclear weapons by the “ ‧ ” States impedes not only the efforts to make the acquisition and use of nuclear weapons anathema, but also the pursuance of tough enforcement of non-proliferation rules
zh “ ‧ ”国家继续拥有核武器,这不仅妨碍使获取和使用核武器成为人人诅咒的行为的努力,而且妨碍严格实施不扩散规则。
en On tough, shifting terrain, with key fundamentals of future global security at stake, above all, the course of future nuclear attitudes, postures and arsenals, we are here seeking text for a Conference on Disarmament work programme with every word of which every one of the ‧ diverse States here is prepared to live- every word, every State
zh 在这一面临严峻、易变的环境,并关系到未来全体安全的几个要件-- 首先是今后的核态度、核态势及核武库的走向-- 的时刻,我们在这里设法拟订裁军谈判会议工作方案案文,该案文中的每句话都必须是 ‧ 个互不相同的国家中的每个国家乐于接受的-- 每句话,每个国家。
en Drug traffickers were deterred through tough legislation and rigorous anti-drug enforcement
zh 严格的立法与禁毒执法有效地威慑了贩毒者。
en Singapore's tough stance against illegal immigrants, whether they were trafficked or had entered Singapore of their own volition, and against those involved in human trafficking and human smuggling is well-known
zh 众所周知,新加坡对非法移民(不管他们是被贩卖的还是自愿进入新加坡的)和那些参与人口贩卖和人口走私的人采取强硬姿态。
en With regard to combating trafficking in persons, Mauritius has amended the Child Protection Act in ‧ to introduce the offences of child trafficking, abandonment and abduction, with tough penalties
zh 关于打击贩运人口问题,毛里求斯于 ‧ 年修订了《儿童保护法》,纳入了贩运、遗弃和绑架儿童的罪行,并规定须处以严厉的惩罚。
en In tough times, it is too easy for politicians to blame the foreigner for the nation's ills, shutting foreign products out of the market and slashing foreign-aid budgets
zh 在艰难的时候,政客很容易将本国的问题归咎于外国人,将外国产品拒之市场之外,并减少外援的预算。
en As Kenya takes over the chairmanship of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region, which will convene in December this year, let me assure the Assembly that we will do our best to contribute to the stabilization of our region, which is really a very tough neighbourhood to live in
zh 大湖区问题国际会议拟于今年 ‧ 月举行。 让我向大会保证,肯尼亚担任这次国际会议主席之后,将尽最大努力为本地区稳定作出贡献。 在这一地区生活确实不易。
en Tough decisions are required if the Security Council is to be made more representative, democratic, transparent and effective
zh 如果要使安全理事会更具代表性、更加民主、透明和有效,就需要作出艰难决定。
en Building institutional capacities in countries such as Afghanistan was a tough, long-term process requiring the sustained commitment of both host governments and the international community
zh 在阿富汗这样的国家建立体制能力是一个艰难长期进程,需要东道国政府和国际社会都作出一贯承诺。
en Myanmar has undergone very tough times in the past two years, and we all remember the disastrous consequences of Cyclone Nargis
zh 过去两年,缅甸历尽艰险,大家都记得“纳尔吉斯”飓风造成的灾难性后果。
en Tough luck!Sakamoto!
zh 抱歉 中? 断 你的 假期 , 阪 本 !
en We extend our full support to UNMIK for introducing tough actions to implement those standards
zh 我们全力支持科索沃特派团采取强硬行动,执行这些标准。
en Do you work in a pretty tough neighborhood, Mr. Bass?
zh Bass 先生 你 管? 辖 的 地? 区 是否 很 混? 乱
en Democratically elected Governments will have to make tough decisions, balancing not only competing interests in the future, but also the welfare of future generations
zh 民主选举产生的政府必须作出困难的决定,不仅要平衡未来相互冲突的利益,而且还要平衡今后几代人的福祉。
en My heartfelt thanks go to the two Working Group Chairs, Mr. Zinsou and Mr. Duarte, who volunteered to take up those tough responsibilities from the beginning and who spared no effort in moving our deliberations forward
zh 我由衷地感谢这两个工作组主席,津苏先生和杜阿尔特先生,他们一开始就自告奋勇地承担了这些艰难工作,并且不懈努力,推动我们的讨论。
en The external debt of the developing countries continues to grow, and the vicious circle, in which the more you pay the more you owe, continues to characterize the tough reality of our countries, proving that shy initiatives and relief measures are not enough to solve the problem of external debt
zh 发展中国家的外债继续增加,在我们各国的严峻现实中,仍然存在支付越多欠债越多的恶性循环,这证明畏畏缩缩的倡议和减免措施不足以解决外债问题。
en The mediator, even if compelled at times to be tough, should not use gross interference or violate the legitimate rights or interests of any of the parties
zh 即使调解人有的时候不得不表现出强硬,但他不应粗暴干涉或侵犯任何一方的合法权利或利益。
en Mr. Diallo (Guinea) (spoke in French): Two weeks ago, the Security Council, after tough consultations, unanimously adopted resolution ‧ which welcomes and supports the initiative of the Secretary-General to establish a fact-finding team to shed light on the events that took place in the Jenin refugee camp in occupied Palestinian territory
zh 迪亚洛先生(几内亚)(以法语发言):两个星期前安全理事会在进行了困难的磋商后,一致通过了第 ‧ 号决议,其中欢迎并支持秘书长采取主动行动,设立的一个事实调查小组,以查明在被占领的巴勒斯坦领土上的杰宁难民营发生的事件。
en Prime Minister Terzić and I have agreed that, with respect to the Defence Reform Commission's recommendations, now passed by the Government to Parliament, our target- a very tough one to meet- will be that the legislation should have passed through the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the next North Atlantic Council meeting, on ‧ ecember
zh 泰尔齐奇总理和我都同意这样的看法,关于现在政府正在向国会提出的防务改革委员会的建议,我们极难达到的目标将是,这一立法将在 ‧ 月 ‧ 日下一次北大西洋理事会会议举行之前由波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那议会通过。
en That' s a tough school to get into.- Yeah, I got in, but decided not to go
zh ... 要? 进 那? 学 校 不容易 ...? 对 , 我 考取 了 后? 来 不去 了