发音: IPA: tʌf /tʌf/    


  • 利害   
  • 強硬   
  • 强硬   


(of food) difficult to cut or chew
(of questions etc) difficult or demanding
(material science) Undergoing plastic deformation before breaking.
hard (life)
tough (on someone)
(vegetables) tough
To toughen.
difficult to chew
harsh or severe
(of weather etc) harsh or severe
rowdy or rough.
strong and resilient; sturdy
(meat) tough
(slang) Used to indicate lack of sympathy
To endure.
rugged or physically hardy
A person who obtains things by force; a thug or bully.

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fierce and tough
凶悍; 兇悍
it's a tough job
難為; 难为
pliable and tough
柔韌; 柔韧
to get tough
来硬的; 來硬的
to raise a tough question
出难题; 出難題
tough and durable
堅韌; 坚韧
tough and stocky build
熊腰虎背; 虎背熊腰
tough position
強硬立場; 强硬立场
tough upright grass
劲草; 勁草
韧性; 韌性



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en However, both parties must recognize their responsibilities in order for that to happen, which will include making the tough decisions that are necessary
zh 然而,双方都必须承认各自的责任,以便能够出现这种局面,这将包括作出必要的艰难决定。
en We must be very tough on this
zh 我们对此必须采取非常严厉的态度。
en This report underlines the tough challenges of programme design and delivery, calling for a determination to orient national and international support to the needs and characteristics of communities
zh 本报告强调方案设计和交付的严峻挑战,需要下决心根据社区的需要和特点提供国家和国际支助。
en Both promised to take tough actions against perpetrators of child abductions
zh 双方保证对绑架儿童者采取严厉行动。
en Tough decisions are required if the Security Council is to be made more representative, democratic, transparent and effective
zh 如果要使安全理事会更具代表性、更加民主、透明和有效,就需要作出艰难决定。
en We know that the draft resolution is tough, but we are confident that there is wide scope for diplomatic cooperation, given that Iran has expressed readiness to continue to permit inspection activities under IAEA safeguards, including settling outstanding questions, so long as the issue remains within the IAEA's purview, in conformity with Iran's letter dated ‧ pril ‧ addressed to the Director General of the IAEA
zh 我们知道,本决议草案是严厉的,但我们相信,外交合作有着广阔的空间,因为按照 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日伊朗给原子能机构总干事的信,伊朗已表示,只要问题仍在原子能机构权限内,它随时准备继续准许开展在原子能机构保障下的核查活动,包括解决悬而未决的问题。
en Secondly, we must reassess the global and international dimension of the problem and acknowledge the necessity of taking tough measures, especially at the international level under the aegis of the United Nations, to eradicate this scourge
zh 第二,我们必须重新评估该问题所涉及的全球和国际层面,承认有必要在联合国支持下采取严厉措施,特别是在国际一级,以消除这种祸害。
en Things are tough these days.Everyone' s having hard times
zh ? 现 在的 日子 很?? 过 啊 每? 个 人 都 活得 很 辛苦
en It has not been easy, but Filipinos are tough and resilient
zh 确实不容易,但菲律宾人顽强不息。
en At the national level, Australia had provided extra resources to enable its intelligence agencies to deal with terrorism-related issues, and it had introduced tough new legislation giving domestic security agencies greater investigative powers and making terrorism a specific offence with a maximum penalty of life imprisonment
zh 在国家一级,澳大利亚为了使其情报机构对付与恐怖主义有关的问题提供了更多的资源,并且实行了严格的新立法,赋予国内安全部门更大的调查权力,将恐怖主义活动定为专门的一项罪行,最重的刑罚为无期徒刑。
en Ms. Astanah Banu (Malaysia) expressed concern that human rights had been the first casualty of tough new measures to tackle terrorism
zh Astanah Banu女士(马来西亚)对人权成为对付恐怖主义的新的强硬措施的第一位牺牲品表示关注。
en There should be no ranking system for toughness
zh 本來 就 不該 因為 強壯 分 個 等級
en This is enabled by the enforcement of strong preventative measures through the clear delineation of responsibilities and the segregation of duties, and by ensuring that tough corrective action is taken when anyone involved in the procurement process (staff member or supplier) is found to have engaged in prohibited conduct
zh 要做到这一点,需要通过明确界定责任和适当分工来实施强有力的预防措施,并确保在发现参与采购过程的任何人(工作人员或供应商)参与被禁行为,则必须采取强硬的纠正行动。
en You' re not human, are you?- It' s tough to get more obvious than that
zh 你 不是 人? 类 , 是 吧 !- 呵呵 ! 你? 还 真是 非常 得 直接 啊
en If I wasn' t tough on you...... when we were kids, you never would' ve beat me today
zh ? 当 我? 们 小? 时 候, 你 今天? 赢 不了 我
en The Iraqi Government has taken tough action against armed groups and militias, regardless of sectarian affiliation, and Iraqi security forces are delivering on their responsibilities
zh 伊拉克政府针对武装团体和民兵采取了严厉行动,而无论其属于什么教派。 伊拉克安全部队正在履行自己的责任。
en In discussions with their interlocutors on the ground, it was recommended that the Council members be diplomatic but tough where necessary, especially with irregular forces such as warlords and rebels
zh 发言者们建议,安理会成员在与实地对话者举行讨论时应讲究策略,但在必要时也应该强硬,在与军阀或叛乱者这样的非正式武装力量对话时尤其如此。
en Rambo wasn' t the only one who had it tough in Vietnam
zh 你 以? 为 只 有 他 在 越南 吃? 过 苦? 头
en Title VIII, Corporate and Criminal Fraud Accountability: Title VIII, or the “Corporate and Criminal Fraud Accountability Act of ‧ ”, provides for tough new fines and imprisonment for altering financial records
zh 第八章,公司和刑事欺骗责任:第八章或《 ‧ 年公司和刑事欺骗责任法》规定对涂改财务记录者实行新的、严厉的罚款和监禁。
en These sanctions are tough, but they are targeted
zh 这些制裁是严厉的,但它们是有针对性的。
en My arm hurts.Come on. Tough it up
zh 我的 手 痛- 加油.? 坚 持 , 你 可以? 办 到 的 , 你 可以? 办 到 的
en Any violation of the travel ban by the designated individual should be subject to tough penalties
zh 列入清单的人若违反旅行禁令,应当受到严厉处罚。
en Considerable effort has been made to give teeth to the new US governance and disclosure requirements by providing for tough enforcement and penalties, and additional resources have been provided to the SEC
zh 已作出很大努力强化美国的治理和披露要求,规定严厉的强制执行和处罚,并为证交会调拨更多资源。
en The continued possession of nuclear weapons by the “ ‧ ” States impedes not only the efforts to make the acquisition and use of nuclear weapons anathema, but also the pursuance of tough enforcement of non-proliferation rules
zh “ ‧ ”国家继续拥有核武器,这不仅妨碍使获取和使用核武器成为人人诅咒的行为的努力,而且妨碍严格实施不扩散规则。
en Market access and market entry for commodities Commodities, particularly agricultural products, face very tough market access conditions
zh B. 商品的市场准入和市场进入