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    (Interjection  ) [slang]
    an expression of gratitude
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(I’m fine) thank you
An expression of gratitude or politeness, in response to something done or given.
An expression of gratitude
A specific expression of gratitude.
An interjection of gratitude or politeness, used in response to something done or given.
[An interjection of gratitude or politeness, used in response to something done or given.]

类似的短语在字典英文 中文。 (3)

thank you for looking after me
承蒙关照; 承蒙關照
thank you very much
非常感謝; 非常感谢


例句与“thank you”,翻译记忆库

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en I wish to thank you, Sir, for organizing this meeting to discuss the draft resolution introduced by the group of four and all other proposals relating to the enlargement of the Security Council
zh 主席先生,感谢你组织本次会议,讨论四国集团决议草案,以及有关扩大安全理事会问题的所有其他提案。
en Permit me once again to thank you, Madam President, and all others who have taken the floor in tribute to the memory of a humanist, a man of culture, an outstanding figure in Luxembourg's contemporary history, a great European and an ardent defender of the United Nations and of the noble purposes that inspire it
zh 主席女士,请允许我再次感谢你和所有其他人发言悼念一位人道主义者、一位具有文化素养的人、卢森堡当代史中的一名杰出人士、一位伟大的欧洲人和联合国及其崇高创始宗旨的坚定捍卫者。
en Mr. Sen (India): We thank you, Mr. President, for convening this joint debate on agenda item ‧ report of the Security Council, and agenda item ‧ question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and related matters
zh 森先生(印度)(以英语发言):我们感谢您,主席先生,感谢您就议程项目 ‧ 安全理事会的报告和议程项目 ‧ 安全理事会席位公平分配和成员数目增加问题及有关事项召开的联合辩论。
en Mr. Staehelin (Switzerland) (spoke in French): Allow me to congratulate you, Sir, on your assumption of the presidency of the Security Council, and to thank you for having invited non-members of the Council to participate in this discussion
zh 施特赫林先生(瑞士)(以法语发言):主席先生,请允许我祝贺你就任安全理事会主席,并感谢你邀请非安理会成员的国家参加这次讨论。
en Mr. Amil (Pakistan): The Pakistan delegation would like to thank you, Mr. President, for convening this debate on General Assembly revitalization
zh 阿米尔先生(巴基斯坦)(以英语发言):巴基斯坦代表团要感谢你,主席先生,举行关于就振兴大会问题的本次辩论。
en Allow me first of all, Madam, to thank you for convening this meeting
zh 主席女士,我首先要感谢你召开本次会议。
en I' d like to thank you all in the community for being here
zh 我 感? 谢 所有 在 到? 场 的 人
en Let me thank you and the delegation of Chile for convening this important meeting
zh 我还要感谢你和智利代表团召集了这次重要的会议。
en Mr. Egeland: On behalf of my colleagues in the humanitarian community, I thank you, Sir, for giving me this opportunity to address the Council in an open meeting
zh 埃格兰先生(以英语发言):主席先生,我代表人道主义界同事感谢你给我机会在安理会公开会议上发言。
en Mr. She Okitundu (Democratic Republic of the Congo) (spoke in French): Thank you, Mr. President, for giving me the floor once again
zh 谢·奥基通杜先生(刚果民主共和国)(以法语发言):主席先生,谢谢你允许我再次发言。
en In that spirit, I would like to thank the Government of Cuba for its generosity in hosting this event, and wish you all a most successful seminar
zh 本着这种精神,我谨感谢古巴政府慷慨地担任这次会议的东道国,并希望讨论会取得圆满成功。
en I should also like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the secretariat, which helped me very generously to draft my statement, which I am now going to read to you as best I can in English
zh 我还想借此机会向秘书处表示诚挚的谢意,他们慷慨地帮助我草拟了我的声明,现在我要尽我所能用英语来宣读这项声明。
en Mr. Heller (Mexico) (spoke in Spanish): Mexico would like to express its thanks to you, Sir, as President of Costa Rica, for the initiatives of your Government and for convening this important debate on an issue of such importance for maintaining international peace and security
zh 埃列尔先生(墨西哥)(以西班牙语发言):主席先生,我国代表团感谢你作为哥斯达黎加总统提出贵国政府的倡议,并召开本次重要辩论,讨论一个对于维护国际和平与安全如此重要的问题。
en But first of all, the European Union thanks you, Madam President, and all four facilitators, for the great efforts made to bring about the consensus on the two framework resolutions that we have adopted today
zh 但是,主席女士,欧洲联盟首先感谢你和 ‧ 位主持人为就我们今天通过的两项框架决议达成共识所作的巨大努力。
en We also thank you for including our delegation in today's debate on the sensitive and important subject of the protection of civilians in armed conflict
zh 我们还感谢你让我国代表团参加今天关于武装冲突中保护平民这样一个敏感和重要主题的辩论。
en Mr. Wenaweser (Liechtenstein) (spoke in French): We would like to thank you, Mr. President, for organizing this meeting
zh 韦纳韦瑟先生(列支敦士登)(以法语发言):主席先生,我们感谢你召开这一会议。
en May I once again thank you, Mr. President, for the splendid work that has been done during this session
zh 主席先生,我再次感谢你在本届会议上所作的杰出工作。
en I wish to thank you for the opportunity to express on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement the concerns that have been expressed by member countries of the Movement on the inclusion of the issue of the situation in Myanmar in the agenda of the Security Council
zh 感谢你给我机会代表不结盟运动表示不结盟运动成员国已就将缅甸局势列入安全理事会议程所表示的关注。
en Mr. Adechi (Benin) (spoke in French): I thank you, Sir, for organizing this public meeting, which will allow us to take stock of the activities of the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution ‧ entrusted with the implementation of sanctions approved by the Council against Al Qaeda and the Taliban
zh 阿德奇先生(贝宁)(以英语发言):主席先生,我感谢你组织本次公开会议,本次会议将使我们能够对安全理事会第 ‧ 号决议所设委员会的各项活动进行评估,该委员会负责执行安理会核可的针对盖达和塔利班的制裁措施。
en Mr. Jenie (Indonesia): Mr. President, thank you for convening this open debate of the Security Council on an issue that has become a preoccupation of the entire international community
zh 哲尼先生(印度尼西亚)(以英语发言):主席先生,感谢你就已经变成整个国际社会极为关切的问题举行这一公开的安全理事会辩论。
en The Secretary-General: Mr. President, thank you for allowing me to present to the Assembly, in person, the five-year progress report that it requested from me on the implementation of the Millennium Declaration
zh 秘书长(以英语发言):主席先生,感谢各位允许我本人应要求提出关于《千年宣言》执行情况的五年期进度报告。
en Let me thank you again for a very useful visit, Mr. Vieira de Mello, but, most importantly, for the work that you are doing on behalf of all of us to let the people of East Timor achieve their independence
zh 比埃拉·德梅洛先生,让我再次感谢你进行了非常有益的访问,但是最重要的是,感谢你代表我们大家正在进行的工作,以便让东帝汶人民实现独立。
en Thank you for convening this open meeting of the Security Council to examine the quarterly special report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Mission of Support in East Timor (UNMISET
zh 感谢你主持召开安全理事会本次会议审查秘书长提出的关于联合国东帝汶支助团问题的特别季度报告( ‧ )。
en Mr. Urbina (Costa Rica) (spoke in Spanish): Mr. President, I would like to thank you for convening this meeting and Mr. Pascoe for briefing us
zh 乌尔维纳先生(哥斯达黎加)(以西班牙语发言):主席先生,我要感谢你召集了这次会议。
en Mr. Kastrup (Germany): Thank you very much, Mr. President, for following your usual procedure of starting on time
zh 卡斯特鲁普先生(德国)(以英语发言):主席先生,非常感谢你按照你通常的程序准时开会。
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