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    (Interjection  ) [slang]
    an expression of gratitude
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(I’m fine) thank you
An expression of gratitude or politeness, in response to something done or given.
An expression of gratitude
A specific expression of gratitude.
An interjection of gratitude or politeness, used in response to something done or given.
[An interjection of gratitude or politeness, used in response to something done or given.]

类似的短语在字典英文 中文。 (3)

thank you for looking after me
承蒙关照; 承蒙關照
thank you very much
非常感謝; 非常感谢


例句与“thank you”,翻译记忆库

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en Ms. Espinosa (Ecuador) (spoke in Spanish): At the outset, my country wishes to thank you, Mr. President, for having convened this open debate on a topic that concerns all States Members of the Organization
zh 埃斯皮诺萨女士(厄瓜多尔)(以西班牙语发言):主席先生,我国首先要感谢你召开这次公开辩论会,讨论一个联合国所有会员国都关心的问题。
en Mr. Ouane (Mali) (spoke in French): At the outset I would like to thank you, Sir, for having convened this meeting of the Security Council so that Ambassador Chowdhury, the Chairman of the Security Council Committee for Sierra Leone, could introduce to us the report of the Panel of Experts set up pursuant to paragraph ‧ of section B of Council resolution ‧ on Sierra Leone
zh 乌瓦纳先生(马里)(以法语发言):主席先生,我谨感谢你召集这次安全理事会会议,以便安全理事会塞拉利昂问题委员会主席乔杜里大使能够为我们介绍根据关于塞拉利昂问题的安理会第 ‧ 号决议B节第 ‧ 段设立的专家小组的报告。
en Mr. Stritt (Switzerland) (spoke in French): My delegation wishes at the outset to express its thanks for all the efforts made by you, Sir, and by the Chairmen of the two Working Groups over the past three weeks
zh 斯特里夫先生(瑞士)(以法语发言):我国代表团首先感谢先生你和两个工作组的主席在过去周中所做的一切努力。
en I should like to thank you for having chosen this subject, which is very topical and relevant, as its consideration coincides with yesterday's publication of the long-awaited report on relations between the United Nations and civil society
zh 我谨感谢你选择人们非常关注的这个相关题目,因为恰巧在审议该问题的时候,昨天印发了人们长期等待的关于联合国与民间社会关系的报告。
en As this is my swan song, I should like to thank you, Mr. President, and the members of the Council for your kind words
zh 主席先生,由于这是我最后一次在安理会发言,我要感谢你和安理会成员的友好之辞。
en Thank you for this chance to enjoy one
zh 謝謝你 給 我 機會 分享 這些
en Mr. Majoor (Netherlands): Thank you, Mr. President, for providing my delegation with the opportunity to participate in this open debate
zh 马约尔先生(荷兰)(以英语发言):主席先生,感谢你让我国代表团有机会参加这次公开辩论。
en Mr. Sharma (Nepal): Please accept our congratulations, Sir, on the outstanding manner in which you are presiding over the Security Council this month, and our thanks for convening this timely open debate on Afghanistan
zh 夏尔马先生(尼泊尔)(以英语发言):主席先生,请接受我们祝贺你以杰出的方式主持本月份安全理事会工作,我们感谢你及时召开这次有关阿富汗问题的辩论。
en I would like to thank you, Mr. President, for holding this debate and thank Mr. Kai Eide and Mr. John Holmes for their briefings
zh 主席先生,我感谢你举行本次辩论,并感谢艾德和霍姆斯先生的通报。
en The President: Thank you, Ambassador Denisov
zh 主席(以英语发言):杰尼索夫大使,谢谢你。
en Mr. Shamaa (Egypt): Let me start by thanking you, Mr. Chairman, for the proposed programme of work and timetable, which we believe will be an excellent contribution to our work next year
zh 沙马先生(埃及)(以英语发言):主席先生,首先,我感谢你提议的工作方案和时间表,我们认为这是对我们明年工作的重要贡献。
en Mr. Urbina (Costa Rica) (spoke in Spanish): My delegation would like to begin by thanking you, Mr. President, for convening this open debate on threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts
zh 乌尔韦纳先生(哥斯达黎加)(以西班牙语发言):主席先生,首先,我国代表团要感谢你召开本次公开辩论会,讨论恐怖主义行为对国际和平与安全造成的威胁问题。
en Mr. Adechi (Benin) (spoke in French): We thank you, Mr. President, for your initiative of inviting the Council to reflect on the United Nations response to complex crises
zh 阿德奇先生(贝宁)(以法语发言):主席先生,我们感谢你主动邀请安理会讨论联合国应付复杂危机的办法。
en Mr. Oshima (Japan): Let me first express our thanks to you, Sir, for convening this public meeting on Timor-Leste at an important juncture, as the end of the mandate of the United Nations Office in Timor-Leste (UNOTIL) draws near in a few months time
zh 大岛先生(日本)(以英语发言):主席先生,首先让我表示,我们感谢你召开这次公开会议,在联合国东帝汶办事处(联东办事处)任务期限几个月后即将结束这样一个重要时刻,讨论东帝汶问题。
en Thank you for your evident interest in producing a fair and balanced report
zh “感谢你显然有意编写一份公正不偏的报告。
en Mr. Benmehidi (Algeria) (spoke in French): I thank you, Mr. President, for having organized this public debate
zh 本迈希迪先生(阿尔及利亚)(以法语发言):主席先生,我感谢你组织本次公开辩论会。
en Mr. Bolton (United States of America): I thank you, Mr. President, for allowing Member States to express their preliminary reactions to the most recent report of the Independent Inquiry Committee
zh 博尔顿先生(美利坚合众国)(以英语发言):主席先生,感谢你允许会员国对独立调查委员会最近报告作出初步的反应。
en Mr. Haraguchi (Japan): Thank you, Mr. President, for having taken the initiative to convene this wrap-up meeting focusing on the role of the United Nations in post-conflict situations
zh 原口先生(日本)(以英语发言)主席先生,感谢你发起召开这个讨论联合国在冲突后局势中作用的总结会议。
en I thank you all, fellow members, for the work that we have done together, and I thank you also for the friendship, for the spirit and for the relationship that we have developed and through which we have worked in dealing with the many challenges that we have faced in the course of my service here
zh 我也要感谢各位我们发展起来的友谊、精神和关系,通过这种友谊、精神和关系,我们努力地应对我在此任职期间面临的诸多挑战。
en Mrs. Maierá (Brazil): I would like to thank you for your efforts, Sir, and all the delegations that have expressed their flexibility, which has allowed us to arrive at the good point of discussions in which we find ourselves
zh 马耶拉夫人(巴西)(以英语发言):主席先生,我要感谢你所做的努力,并感谢表示灵活态度的所有代表团,它们的灵活态度使我们的讨论到达了现在这个良好阶段。
en The Secretary-General: Thank you very much, Mr. President, for those kind words
zh 秘书长(以英语发言):主席先生,非常感谢你说的客气话。
en Mrs. Asmady (Indonesia): My delegation thanks you, Mr. President, for convening this important meeting and the Secretary-General for his timely report ( ‧ ) on the progress being made in putting into effect the United Nations System-wide Action Plan for the implementation of Security Council resolution
zh 阿斯马迪夫人(印度尼西亚)(以英语发言):主席先生,我国代表团感谢你召开本次重要会议,也感谢秘书长及时提出报告( ‧ ),介绍旨在执行安全理事会第 ‧ 号决议的联合国全系统行动计划的实施进展情况。
en Mr. Zhang Yishan (China) (spoke in Chinese): I wish at the outset to thank you, Mr. President, for having convened this meeting
zh 张义山先生(中国):谢谢主席,首先,我要非常感谢您安排此次会议。
en Ms. Schneebauer (Austria), Vice-Chairperson of the Committee: I, too, would like to congratulate you, Sir, on your election and to thank your predecessor, Ambassador González of Chile, for the work he did last year
zh 施内鲍尔女士(奥地利)委员会副主席(以英语发言):主席先生,我也祝贺你的当选,并感谢你的前任、智利的冈萨雷斯大使去年所做的工作。
en Ladies and gentlemen... thank you very much for your cooperation
zh 「 黑豹 」女士們 , 先生們
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