• 测试指标   
    A unit of measure for testing.
  • 測試單位   
    A unit of measure for testing.

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test metric threshold
測試單位臨界值; 测试指标阈值

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en On ‧ uly ‧ metric tons of granulated trytol exploded in tunnel ‧ of the Degelen mountain massif at the Semipalatinsk former test site, resulting in the destruction of the last tunnel designed for conducting nuclear-weapon tests
zh 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 在塞米巴拉金斯克前试验场杰格连山 ‧ 号隧道内爆炸了 ‧ 公吨的颗粒状炸药,摧毁了为进行核武器试验建造的最后一个隧道。
en On ‧ uly ‧ at the former Semipalatinsk test site, in horizontal tunnel ‧ in the Degelen mountain range, an explosion was conducted of ‧ metric tons of granulotol, resulting in the destruction of the last horizontal tunnel intended for nuclear weapon tests
zh 国际社会根据这些实验结果,将能检测和更准确地识别核试爆,将其与地震和常规炸药的爆炸区别开来,从而确保有效监督《全面禁止核试验条约》规定的遵守情况,建立有效的监测系统,使任何人都无法在世界任何地点进行国际社会检测不到的秘密核试验。
en a) Collaboration to improve vital registration: the Health Metrics Network, in close collaboration with the United Nations Statistics Division, WHO and a number of other partners published a series of four papers in The Lancet, a leading medical journal, entitled “Who counts?” on vital registration
zh a) 协作改善生命登记工作:卫生计量网络与联合国统计司、世卫组织和若干其他伙伴密切协作,在主要医学杂志《柳叶刀》(The Lancet)上发表了由四篇关于生命登记文章组成的系列文章,题为“谁算在内?”
en Consultations between the chair of the Intersecretariat Working Group and the World Health Organization (WHO), the Statistical Commission and the Health Metrics Network identified areas that could be presented to country representatives of the national statistical offices for their evaluation
zh 秘书处间工作组主席与世界卫生组织(世卫组织)、统计委员会和卫生计量网络之间进行了协商,确定了可向各国家统计局的国家代表提出并供其评估的领域。
en Emissions trading and the project-based mechanisms; Land use, land-use change and forestry; Consideration of information on potential environmental, economic and social consequences, including spillover effects, of tools, policies, measures and methodologies available to Annex I Parties; The coverage of greenhouse gases, sectors and source categories; Common metrics to calculate the carbon dioxide equivalence of anthropogenic emissions by sources and removals by sinks; Possible approaches targeting sectoral emissions; Legal matters arising from the mandate of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments for Annex I Parties under the Kyoto Protocol; Other issues
zh 排放量交易和基于项目的机制; 土地利用、土地利用的变化和林业; 审议附件一缔约方所能使用的工具、政策、措施和方法可能产生的环境、 经济和社会影响的信息,包括关于外溢效应的信息; 温室气体、部门和源类别的覆盖范围; 计算人为温室气体源排放量和汇清除量的二氧化碳当量的通用指标; 针对部门排放量的可能方针。 附件一缔约方在《京都议定书》之下的进一步承诺问题工作组的任务引起 的法律问题; 其他问题。
en In this regard, it was observed that the technological trend was in two areas: towards tanks with higher tonnage and gun calibre or towards using new technologies to develop lighter tanks, although not less than ‧ metric tons
zh 在这方面,它认为有两方面的技术趋势:提高坦克吨位和主炮口径或使用新技术发展较轻的坦克,但不少于 ‧ 公吨。
en Except for ‧ the total imports reported in metric tonnes always exceed the total exports reported, the difference averaging about ‧ per cent over the last six years
zh 除 ‧ 年之外,所汇报的进口总公吨数总是超过所汇报的出口总量;过去六年来,二者之间的差别平均为 ‧ %。
en Since it will be necessary to refer to Article ‧ paragraph ‧ beyond ‧ arties may wish to reflect any new common metrics for the second commitment period in an Article ‧ paragraph ‧ bis, and to amend Article ‧ paragraph ‧ by limiting its applicability to the first commitment period
zh 由于在 ‧ 年以后需引述第五条第 ‧ 款,缔约方不妨在一个第五条第 ‧ 款之二中为第二个承诺期思考任何新的通用指标,并修正第五条第 ‧ 款,限制其对第一个承诺期的适用性。
en Metrics: In Fiscal Year ‧ contracted The Vallarta Institute and Sociometrics Corporation to collaborate with GFC President, staff, Metrics Subcommittee of GFC's Board of Directors, and other key stakeholders to design and implement an evaluation framework
zh 衡量标准 ‧ 财政年度,全球儿童基金会与Vallarta研究所和社会计量学合作组织签订了合约,它们与全球儿童基金会主席、工作人员、全球儿童基金会董事会衡量标准小组委员会以及其他主要利益攸关方合作,共同设计并实施一套评价框架。
en Since last September, the World Food Programme (WFP) has provided more than ‧ metric tons of food to more than nine million Afghans, many of whom will be dependent on food aid for some time
zh 自从去年 ‧ 月,世界粮食规划署向 ‧ 多万阿富汗人提供了 ‧ 多公顿的粮食,这 ‧ 万阿富汗人中的许多人将在一定时期内依赖粮食援助。
en The establishment of the Health Metrics Network will further contribute to enhanced collaboration among partners involved in producing and using health data, and to building closer and more productive partnerships between health and statistics constituencies at global, regional and country levels
zh 卫生计量网络的设立,将进一步促进参与卫生数据的编制和使用的各个伙伴加强协作,并进一步推动全球、区域和国家各级的卫生和统计机构建立更紧密、更有成效的伙伴关系。
en The co-benefits of CAIR were estimated to reduce mercury emissions to ‧ metric tonnes in ‧ the specific requirements of CAMR were estimated to further reduce mercury emissions to ‧ tonnes by
zh 据估计,作为协同效益,《清洁空气州际法》可于 ‧ 年将汞排放量减少至 ‧ 公吨;到 ‧ 年,《清洁空气汞法案》的特定要求则可进一步将汞排放量减少至 ‧ 公吨。
en If the figure of ‧ metric tonnes had been reported by Greece as its official data figure for ‧ in accordance with Article ‧ of the Protocol, the Party would have been found to be in compliance with its CFC production phase-out obligations under the Protocol for that year, regardless of whether its maximum allowable level of CFC production had been determined by its existing baseline data or the ‧ data proposed by Greece
zh 如果希腊将 ‧ 长吨这一数字作为按照《议定书》第 ‧ 条报告的 ‧ 年官方数据,那么无论希腊的氟氯化碳最大允许生产量是由其现有的基准数据决定的还是由其提出的 ‧ 年数据决定的,都可以认为希腊遵守了《议定书》规定的该年度的氟氯化碳生产量淘汰义务。
en For example, in the Insiza district, WFP suspended food distribution after activists and officials of the ruling party, the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front, intimidated its implementing partner and distributed three metric tons of food commodities to party supporters
zh 例如,在因西扎地区,在执政党,即津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线的活动分子和官员威胁其执行合作伙伴并向该党支持者分发了三公吨食品之后,粮食计划署停止了食品分发工作。
en The Bank would hold ‧ metric tons in rice and wheat reserves, contributed by member countries
zh 该粮食库将存放成员国提供的 ‧ 公吨大米和小麦储备。
en Organizations with effective ICT governance link their business strategy, desirable behaviour, business and information technology (IT) goals, and performance metrics
zh 实行信通技术有效管理的组织都将其业务战略、适当行为、业务和信息技术目标以及业绩衡量标准联系起来。
en Furthermore, section ‧ of the submission had reported that completion of the investment project in the rose cultivation sector had phased out ‧ metric tonnes of methyl bromide and that Ecuador had committed to sustain that phase-out through implementation of the project and the use of import restrictions and other policies that it might deem necessary
zh 此外,呈件第 ‧ 节报告说玫瑰种植行业的投资项目结束后,淘汰了 ‧ 长吨的甲基溴,而且,厄瓜多尔承诺会通过执行该项目及采用进口限制和其他必要政策,保持这一淘汰水平。
en However, all projects, whether at the corporate or individual department level, would be scrutinized using business case and financial metrics to determine their nature and the extent of their added value prior to acceptance or implementation
zh 但是,所有项目无论是在团体还是单个部门一级都将采用业务案例和财务计量办法决定其性质及其附加值的范围,然后再接受或执行。
en For instance, since November ‧ quantities of imported commodities arriving through the Mogadishu seaport have dropped progressively, from ‧ metric tons in November ‧ to ‧ metric tons in January ‧ with a continued downwards trend
zh 比如,从 ‧ 年 ‧ 月以来,抵达摩加迪沙海港的进口商品数量逐步减少,从 ‧ 年 ‧ 月的 ‧ 公吨下降至 ‧ 年 ‧ 月的 ‧ 公吨,并呈现继续下降的趋势。
en On ‧ pril WFP announced a two-year refugee aid project, estimated to cost $ ‧ million, which could provide approximately ‧ metric tons of aid to the refugees, pending approval by its Executive Board in May
zh 月 ‧ 日,粮食计划署宣布了一个为期两年、费用约 ‧ 万美元的难民援助项目,向难民提供约 ‧ 公吨的粮援,但须待其执行局于五月份批准。
en These resources could have been used by Cuba to purchase ‧ metric tons of chicken, plus an equal amount of corn and bread flour, half a metric ton of paddy rice and ‧ metric tons of soy beans
zh 这些资源原可用于由古巴采购 ‧ 公吨鸡肉,外加 ‧ 公吨玉米和面粉、 ‧ 公吨大米和 ‧ 公吨大豆。
en Under a United States-Russia agreement to eliminate ‧ metric tons of highly enriched uranium from dismantled Russian nuclear weapons, Russia has so far down-blended ‧ metric tons from Russian weapons into reactor fuel
zh 根据美俄关于消除 ‧ 公吨来自俄国已拆毁核武器的高度浓缩铀的协定,俄国迄今已把 ‧ 公吨来自俄国武器的高度浓缩铀稀释成为反应堆燃料。
en NITC multiplied the number of round trips each vessel made by ‧ per metric ton, the estimated cost of fuel
zh NITC将每艘船舶所作的往返次数乘以每公吨 ‧ 美元这一燃料费用估计数。
en The final sales price is $ ‧ per ‧ kilogram bag or $ ‧ per metric ton (at the port of Kismaayo
zh 最终的销售价格为每袋 ‧ 公斤 ‧ 美元,即每公吨 ‧ 美元(在基斯马尤港)。
en The initiative will create, among other things, a web-based media resource centre; a digital inclusion index establishing metrics, benchmarks and rankings for countries; and a global award for inclusive technology
zh 这一行动除其他外,将设立一个基于网络的媒体资源中心;制定一个数码包容指数,为各国建立标准、基准和排序;颁发全球包容性技术奖。
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