• 身心爽快   


The action of refreshing; a means of restoring strength, energy or vigour
A light snack or drink
A light snack or fresh drink without alcohol.
The action of refreshing; a means of restoring strength, energy or vigour.

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clear and refreshing autumn weather
秋高氣爽; 秋高气爽
cool and refreshing
涼爽; 凉爽
library refresh
程式庫重新整理; 库刷新
light refreshments
點心; 点心
package refresh
重新整理; 提神; 刷新
refresh interval
刷新间隔; 重新整理的間隔
refresh rate
刷新频率; 重新整理的頻率
可刷新的; 可更新
清凉; 耳目一新; 清涼
茶點; 小吃; 茶点
to refresh
祓饰; 祓飾



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en Recognizing that more needed to be done to ensure a higher degree of consistency across all duty stations in the assessment of applicant competencies, the Office of Human Resources Management has provided training in competency-based interviews and follow-up refresher courses for managers
zh 人力厅认识到需要做更多的工作,以确保所有工作地点在评估候选人能力方面保持高度的一致性;因此在针对能力的面谈和后续进修课程方面为管理人提供培训。
en OpenPGP certificates refreshed successfully
zh OpenPGP 证书刷新完成 。
en During the first phase, a presentation is given on ECEPI which serves as a refresher for participants
zh 首先,再次向学员阐明《合作战略》。
en Refresher courses are offered by CONAE specialists and invited institutions
zh 阿根廷国家空间活动委员会的专家和特邀机构开设了进修课程。
en To enhance employability and to refresh skills ‧ thou ( ‧ %) women were directed to training courses designed for the long-term unemployed to refresh professional knowledge and practical skills, including ‧ thou women registered with the labour exchange after being absent from the labour market for more than ‧ years, and ‧ thou women older than ‧ years
zh 为了提高其就业能力和更新技能,有 ‧ 名妇女(占 ‧ %)被推荐参加专门为长期失业者开办的培训班,以更新其专业知识和实用技能,其中有 ‧ 名妇女是在脱离劳动力市场三年多以后在职业介绍所登记的,另外还有 ‧ 名妇女在 ‧ 岁以上。
en The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education shall ensure the incorporation into the curricula of higher educational institutions which provide training and refresher training for journalists of special training programmes for the study of domestic and international experience of the involvement of the media in the protection of human rights in the light of the requirements of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
zh 中高等专科教育部在新闻工作者培训和进修高等教育机构的教学计划中采用专门的教学大纲,研究媒体根据《世界人权宣言》的要求、参与保护人权的本国和国际经验。
en The evaluation workshops also provided an excellent opportunity for refresher training for former participants, as well as for the formation of an Internet-based network of remote sensing and GIS educators that would assist participants to share their experiences, teaching materials, information on funding opportunities, and so forth
zh 除了为前参与者提供一个绝佳的更新培训机会以外,评价讲习班还提供形成以因特网为基础的遥感和地理信息系统教育工作者网的机会,这一网络将协助参与者共享他们的经验、教材、资助机会信息等资源。
en With respect to the human rights training provided to law enforcement and judicial officers with regard to the protection of human rights of women, children and persons of minority sexual orientation or gender identity, the delegation replied that the Police and Prisons Departments offer training and refresher courses on human rights and other subjects
zh 关于向执法和司法官员提供妇女、儿童以及性取向或性别认同少数群体人权保护培训的问题,代表团答复说,警察和监狱部门提供关于人权和其他问题的培训和再培训课程。
en But first, let me refresh our collective memory by recalling once again that in Myanmar all citizens are equal before the law, regardless of race, religion, status or sex
zh 但是,首先,为了提醒各位,让我再次指出,在缅甸,所有公民在法律面前都是平等的,而不论其种族、宗教、地位或性别。
en Lunch and refreshments were also provided to all passengers in-flight when the author and his son were transferred from Sydney to Port Hedland
zh 在将提交人及其儿子从悉尼移送到黑德兰港的飞行期间,航空公司也为所有乘客提供了午餐和饮料。
en The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, for its part, organized and encouraged various public events and conducted internal refresher courses on human rights in general and women's rights in particular
zh 联邦外交部则组织和鼓励不同的公共宣传活动,并开设以普遍人权及妇女权利为主题的内部进修课程。
en This time setting controls the refresh rate of various KDE Print components like the print manager and the job viewer
zh 该时间设置控制各种 KDE打印 部件的刷新率, 例如打印管理器和作业查看器 。
en The World Health Organization (WHO) provides technical and material support to the Ministry of Public Health and makes substantial efforts to train female health-care providers in schools of nursing and midwifery and to provide refresher training for those already working in the health sector
zh 世界卫生组织(卫生组织)向公共卫生部提供技术和物质支助,并作出重大努力在护理和接生学校培训妇女保健工作者以及向已经在保健部门工作的妇女提供进修培训。
en In May ‧ embarked on a major exercise to refresh its brand and communication strategy as the organization prepares for the Special Session and the development of the MTSP
zh 年 ‧ 月,随着儿童基金会为特别会议开展筹备工作并着手编制中期战略计划,该组织展开了一次重振品牌和传播战略的活动。
en A refresher course for judicial police is to begin on ‧ ctober
zh 法警的进修课程将于 ‧ 月 ‧ 日开始。
en We would be glad to send copies of our statement to Council members who want to refresh their memories
zh 如果有安理会成员想要恢复一下它们的记忆,我们将高兴地提供我们发言的复印件。
en The Meeting also noted that a summer-school refresher course for graduate students and practitioners from East and Central Africa would be organized in cooperation with the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and other partners, such as the Regional Centre for Training in Aerospace Surveys, the African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment and the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development, in November
zh 会议还注意到,将与国际摄影测量和遥感学会以及诸如航空航天测量区域培训中心、非洲环境遥感协会和发展资源绘图区域中心等其他合作伙伴合作,于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月为东非和中非的毕业生和从业人员举办一次暑期进修班。
en The enlarged United Nations civilian police component would consist of ‧ trainers assigned to the police training facilities at Hastings and in the provinces to provide basic training for new recruits, as well as refresher courses for serving personnel and training for Sierra Leonean trainers ‧ trainers assigned to the ‧ police divisions across the country to provide on-the-job tutoring and mentoring ‧ trainers assigned to the Sierra Leone police at the headquarters level, as well as at regional and divisional levels, to provide management training ‧ senior-level mentors assigned to the Sierra Leone police headquarters to provide advice on operational and strategic planning; and ‧ officers, as well as a commissioner and a deputy commissioner, assigned to UNAMSIL headquarters to provide guidance and support to the above-mentioned teams
zh 人员增加后的民警部分构成如下 ‧ 名训练员,派到黑斯廷斯和各省的警察培训设施,对新招募人员进行基本训练,对现职人员进行复习训练,和训练塞拉利昂培训员 ‧ 名培训员,派到全国各地的 ‧ 个警区,为在职人员授课和提供指导 ‧ 名培训员,派到塞拉利昂警察总部以及地区和警区总部,就业务和战略规划提供咨询 ‧ 名警官,其中包括警务专员 ‧ 人,副专员 ‧ 人,派到联塞特派团总部,为上述各组提供指导和支助。
en This plugin cannot auto-refresh the current part
zh 这个插件无法自动刷新当前部分 。
en The training provides an opportunity to orient new officers and refresh seasoned peacekeeping personnel on their roles as advisers and case officers with regard to current rules, guidance and procedures relevant to conduct and discipline
zh 这些培训提供了机会,对新来官员给与指导,让经锻炼过的维和人员重温自己在与行为和纪律有关的现行规则、指导和程序方面担任顾问和案件官员的作用。
en UNPOL personnel are deployed throughout the country at ‧ sites, where they continue to carry out the following functions: mentoring and advice to the local security and defence forces through mixed patrols; refresher courses and specialized police training at various academies; joint security patrols with Licorne and UNOCI forces in the northern part of the country; and participation in arms embargo inspections
zh 联合国警察部署在全国 ‧ 个地点,他们继续履行下列职责:通过混编巡逻为当地安保与防卫力量提供指导和咨询;在不同的专业院校提供进修课程和特种警察训练;在该国北部地区与法国独角兽行动部队和联科行动部队进行联合安全巡逻;参与武器禁运检查。
en Two more training session are foreseen for ‧ one in September for staff in the Asian field offices and one refresher course for selected staff at headquarters
zh 预计 ‧ 年将举办另外两个培训班:一个是 ‧ 月为亚洲外地办事处工作人员举办的培训班,另一个是为总部选定工作人员举办的进修课程。
en So, as we prepare for next year's summit in Washington, D.C., and the Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons- and, I am pleased to say, on the advice that we have received from the great statesmen who are here today, Mr. Schultz, Mr. Perry, Mr. Kissinger and Mr. Nunn, as well as from all the countries around this table- I believe we should be prepared to act now to renew and refresh for our times the global bargain that is at the heart of the non-proliferation Treaty
zh 因此,在我们为明年的华盛顿特区首脑会议以及不扩散核武器条约缔约国审议大会进行筹备的时候,同时也要高兴地说,根据今天在座的各位了不起的政治家--舒尔茨先生、佩里先生、基辛格先生和纳恩先生--以及在座各位所代表的所有国家向我们提出的建议,我认为我们应做好立即行动的准备,以便为当今世界重申构成《不扩散条约》核心的全球协议,并为它注入新的活力。
en The ‧ per cent target mentioned above can be explained in light of the view that this is the minimum level required to guarantee that every worker will have the chance to undergo refresher training every five years, although the Government does recognize that this in and of itself is not enough, given the transformations in the worldwide economy and labour market
zh 上述 ‧ %的目标可以从这样一种观点来解释,即这是保证每个工人每 ‧ 年至少有机会接受进修培训所需的最低水平,尽管政府确实承认,鉴于全球经济和劳动力市场的变革,光靠这一点是不够的。
en Women's access to refresher training continues to improve and the discrepancies between average access rates continue to fall
zh 妇女接受继续教育率正在提高,平均的接受继续教育率的差距正在缩小。