• 身心爽快   


The action of refreshing; a means of restoring strength, energy or vigour
A light snack or drink
A light snack or fresh drink without alcohol.
The action of refreshing; a means of restoring strength, energy or vigour.

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clear and refreshing autumn weather
秋高氣爽; 秋高气爽
cool and refreshing
涼爽; 凉爽
library refresh
程式庫重新整理; 库刷新
light refreshments
點心; 点心
package refresh
重新整理; 提神; 刷新
refresh interval
刷新间隔; 重新整理的間隔
refresh rate
刷新频率; 重新整理的頻率
可刷新的; 可更新
清凉; 耳目一新; 清涼
茶點; 小吃; 茶点
to refresh
祓饰; 祓飾



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en Considering the difficulties in recruitment and the high turn over of medical doctors of the prison, the SPT recommends that the medical staff, particularly the doctors, should be given refresher courses in relevant topics on a regular basis
zh 考虑到监狱医生征聘的困难且更替率高,防范小组委员会建议,监狱中的医务人员,尤其是医生应定期参加相关问题的进修课程。
en From September ‧ onwards, training along similar lines was provided for magistrates' legal advisers- justices' clerks and court clerks- with a refresher day in the early autumn of ‧ immediately ahead of the implementation of the Act
zh 年 ‧ 月以来,为治安法官的法律顾问--法官书记员和法院书记员--提供了类似培训,在 ‧ 年秋季开始时,就在执行该法令的前夕,举办了一次进修日活动。
en recognising that in a fast changing, complex and unpredictable global environment, it is timely to refresh the Forum to preserve relevance and allow it to continue to provide leadership to the region
zh 认识到在一个迅速变化、错综复杂、无法预测的全球环境中,需要及时更新论坛,与时俱进,使其能够继续发挥该区域的领导作用。
en During the biennium ‧ the Office of Legal Affairs and its Codification Division are expected to continue performing the various functions connected with the goals of the Programme, as described in the present report, namely, participation in the International Law Fellowship Programme; regional refresher courses; training of interns; lecturing on international law topics; secretariat functions to the Advisory Committee and to the Sixth Committee on the item concerning the United Nations Programme of Assistance; and dissemination of information regarding the codification and progressive development of international law
zh 在 ‧ 两年期,法律事务厅及其编纂司预期将继续履行本报告中阐述的同本方案目标有关的各项职能,即参与国际法研究金方案、区域进修课程、培训实习生、讲授国际法专题、就有关联合国协助方案的项目向咨询委员会和第六委员会提供秘书处服务、传播关于国际法的编纂和逐渐发展的资料。
en In Uganda, while several positive initiatives had been carried out by non-governmental organizations, a challenge remaining at the technical level was to provide refresher training for serving officers
zh 在乌干达,虽然各种非政府组织已经实施了一些积极的倡议,但在技术层面仍存在着为在职人员提供进修机会的难题。
en There are ‧ women who provide advice and training on family planning methods to the public and to health personnel, at the request of each area, in the context of monthly refresher programmes
zh 应每个卫生保健区的请求,共有 ‧ 名妇女在每月定期更新的方案中,向公众和卫生保健人员进行计划生育方法咨询与培训。
en The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports, campaigned publicly for school enrollment and widely disseminated educational financing policies on the eradication of paying early-academic-year contribution fee and unofficial fund-raising as well as providing budget for school process and refreshments at schools located in slum areas in which the implementation of the strategies has gained fruitful results of the rise in school enrollment
zh 教育、青年和体育部为招生举行公开的宣传运动,广泛宣传教育融资政策,废除了早期教育缴纳的学费和非正式的资金筹措,以及为设在贫民窟区域的学校提供教学经费和在校补餐预算,为此实施的各项战略达到了提高招生率的丰硕成果。
en In that regard, the benefits to the procuring entity of limiting the duration by permitting new prices, technologies and solutions to be sought at the end of the term, as well as mandating the periodic refreshing of competition and avoiding the perpetuation of monopolies or oligopolies of suppliers or contractors, should be stressed
zh 在这方面,应当强调,通过允许在期限结束时寻求新的价格、技术和解决办法,以及强制规定定期更新竞争并避免供应商或承包商的持久垄断或寡头垄断,采购实体可从对期限的限制获益。
en The selection of teachers for kindergarten, primary, lower and higher secondary schools, based on the reports of the Department of Training and Refreshment, are selected under the following conditions
zh 师范学生,男女均可,单身,柬埔寨公民,操行优良,身体健康
en Culture: Setting up concrete cooperation to contribute to intercultural dialogue through festivals and cultural events, cultural and musical creativity and interaction, and training and refresher courses for cultural development staff
zh 文化:具体开展合作以促进文化间对话,包括举办文化节和文化活动、建立文化和音乐方面的交流互动以及对负责文化发展的工作人员进行培训和进修。
en d) Refresher and specialisation courses for public employees
zh d) 为公营部门雇员开设进修和专门化课程
en a) The Trial Chamber issued a decision upholding a previous oral decision on ‧ ecember ‧ that the prosecution was barred from showing one of its witnesses, written extracts from his previous statement to the prosecution during examination in chief to refresh his memory
zh a) 该审判分庭裁定维持 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的一项口头决定,即检方不得给它的一名证人看自己在回答检方问话时所说的话的笔录摘要,以帮助其恢复记忆。
en The enlarged United Nations civilian police component would consist of ‧ trainers assigned to the police training facilities at Hastings and in the provinces to provide basic training for new recruits, as well as refresher courses for serving personnel and training for Sierra Leonean trainers ‧ trainers assigned to the ‧ police divisions across the country to provide on-the-job tutoring and mentoring ‧ trainers assigned to the Sierra Leone police at the headquarters level, as well as at regional and divisional levels, to provide management training ‧ senior-level mentors assigned to the Sierra Leone police headquarters to provide advice on operational and strategic planning; and ‧ officers, as well as a commissioner and a deputy commissioner, assigned to UNAMSIL headquarters to provide guidance and support to the above-mentioned teams
zh 人员增加后的民警部分构成如下 ‧ 名训练员,派到黑斯廷斯和各省的警察培训设施,对新招募人员进行基本训练,对现职人员进行复习训练,和训练塞拉利昂培训员 ‧ 名培训员,派到全国各地的 ‧ 个警区,为在职人员授课和提供指导 ‧ 名培训员,派到塞拉利昂警察总部以及地区和警区总部,就业务和战略规划提供咨询 ‧ 名警官,其中包括警务专员 ‧ 人,副专员 ‧ 人,派到联塞特派团总部,为上述各组提供指导和支助。
en In ‧ the Governments of Britain, France, Germany and China, Russia and the United States- the so-called ‧ refreshed their broad-ranging offer to Iran of June
zh 年,英国、法国、德国和中国以及俄罗斯和美国--所谓的“ ‧ ”--重申了 ‧ 年 ‧ 月向伊朗提出的广泛提议。
en Child rights partners have participated in both basic and refresher skills training in the field of psychosocial support and care
zh 儿童权利伙伴参加了社会心理支助和治疗方面的基础培训和技能复习训练。
en During the first phase, a presentation is given on ECEPI which serves as a refresher for participants
zh 首先,再次向学员阐明《合作战略》。
en Through fifteen intakes at the two police academies established by UNMIBH, twelve refresher courses for pre-war police and seventeen rounds of voluntary redeployment, almost ten per cent of the police forces ( ‧ officers) are now from minority groups in each specific area
zh 通过波黑特派团设立的两个警察学院 ‧ 次招生、 ‧ 个战前警察进修课程和 ‧ 轮自愿的重新部署,现在每个特定地区几乎 ‧ %的警察部队( ‧ 名警察)来自少数族裔。
en Are you sure you want to refresh the IMAP cache? This will remove all changes that you have done locally to your IMAP folders
zh 您确定要刷新 IMAP 缓存吗 ? 这将删除您对本地文件夹已作出的任何改变 。
en Therefore, the same conclusion should apply to the question of refreshing a witness's memory during examination-in-chief
zh 因此,同一结论应适用于在询问本方证人时恢复证人记忆的问题。
en Additionally, the IRS conducts outreach efforts through each of its ‧ field offices, through ‧ uspicious Activity Report Review Teams (SAR-RT) and through ‧ igh Intensity Financial Crime Area (HIFCA) designations. These outreach efforts include BSA basic training regarding Suspicious Activity Reports and refresher training for bank and non-bank financial institutions as well as law enforcement
zh ♦ 此外,IRS通过其 ‧ 个外地办事处、 ‧ 个可疑活动报告审查小组和 ‧ 个高密度金融犯罪区人员开展外展活动,其中包括BSA关于可疑活动报告的基本培训、为银行和非银行金融机构以及执法部门举办的进修培训。
en Equality between men and women is a subject that is taken up in refresher courses by various cantonal agencies, especially in seminars for managers
zh 在各州行政管理机构的进修课程中,尤其是面向管理干部的研究班上,男女平等主题都会被讨论。
en Quality of health This element seeks to improve the quality of health care services through continuous training, refresher training and a regular, adequate supply of essential medication and other equipment
zh 此部分的目的在于通过开展继续教育、进修、提供基本适当的常规药品和其他材料,改善医疗服务质量。
en In ‧ all UNHCR managers were instructed to convene refresher sessions on the UNHCR Code of Conduct and to engage the active participation of all staff serving in field offices and at Headquarters
zh 年,难民专员办事处的所有管理人员被要求开班复习难民专员办事处的行为守则,并调动在外地办事处和总部工作的所有工作人员积极参与。
en BONUCA also provided financial support for the organization of a refresher training course for ‧ overnment journalists and reporters to enhance the quality of service delivery
zh 中非支助处还出资为 ‧ 名政府新闻工作者和记者进行复习训练,提高新闻工作质量。
en They would travel to United Nations Headquarters for refresher orientation and specific mission guidance, as necessary, and interaction with the planners of the Integrated Mission Task Force (see paras ‧ below) for that operation, before deploying to the field
zh 必要的话,他们可以来联合国总部再次听取复习概况介绍和具体任务指导,与负责这一行动的特派团综合工作队(见下面第 ‧ 段)的规划人员交流切磋,然后派往现场。