• 身心爽快   


The action of refreshing; a means of restoring strength, energy or vigour
A light snack or drink
A light snack or fresh drink without alcohol.
The action of refreshing; a means of restoring strength, energy or vigour.

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clear and refreshing autumn weather
秋高氣爽; 秋高气爽
cool and refreshing
涼爽; 凉爽
library refresh
程式庫重新整理; 库刷新
light refreshments
點心; 点心
package refresh
重新整理; 提神; 刷新
refresh interval
刷新间隔; 重新整理的間隔
refresh rate
刷新频率; 重新整理的頻率
可刷新的; 可更新
refresher course
复习课程; 进修班
清凉; 耳目一新; 清涼
茶點; 小吃; 茶点
to refresh
祓饰; 祓飾



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en Refreshing X.‧ certificates implies downloading CRLs for all certificates, even if they might otherwise still be valid. This can put a severe strain on your own as well as other people 's network connection, and can take up to an hour or more to complete, depending on your network connection, and the number of certificates to check. Are you sure you want to continue?
zh 刷新 X. ‧ 憑證表示要下載所有憑證的憑證撤銷清單, 即使憑證仍舊合法 。 這有可能會造成您與其他人的網路連線不穩, 如果憑證數量多或網路連線狀況不好, 可能得花一個小時以上才能完成 。 您確定要繼續嗎 ?
en In order to refresh the knowledge of former participants and keep them abreast of the latest developments in related space technology, morning sessions were devoted to presentations and discussions on advanced topics related to the applications of remote sensing to monitoring and protecting the natural environment, new techniques, instruments and platforms, and new teaching methods
zh 为了更新前学员的知识,使他们能够跟上有关空间技术的最新发展,上午的会议专门用于关于遥感在监测和保护自然环境方面的应用、新的技术、仪器和平台以及新的教学方法等高级专题的专题介绍和讨论。
en The United Nations police have also launched a refresher firearms training programme for the ‧ police support unit personnel who underwent training in Nigeria in
zh 联合国警察还为 ‧ 名警察支助单位人员开展一项复习火器训练方案,这些人员曾于 ‧ 年在尼日利亚接受训练。
en Refresh all album contents
zh 刷新全部相册的内容 。
en There are four forms of non-regular education for adults, including illiteracy elimination and post-literacy education; customized education; periodic refresher courses, training courses to update and improve knowledge and skills; programmes to obtain certificates of the national education system, such as in-service training, distance learning and guided self-learning
zh 对成年人而言,共有四种非正规教育,包括:扫盲和识字后教育;定制教育;旨在更新和改善知识和技能的定期进修课程、培训课程;旨在获得国家教育系统的各种证书的方案,如在职培训、远距离学习和受引导的自学等。
en Training and refresher courses in training centres in Cameroon in the areas of the judicial police, defense and the maintenance of public order and security for residents of the region
zh 喀麦隆的训练中心在法警、辩护、维持秩序和本区域侨民安全等方面提供培训和进修机会
en I refer to His Highness Sheikh Zayid Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, who had long refreshed us from the overflowing well of his wisdom and generosity in the critical times through which we have come, and our brother, the freedom fighter Yasir Arafat, President of the Palestinian National Authority, who dedicated his life to the service of his people's cause, and whom we all venerated for his courage, worthy of the great heroes of history, and his greatness as a leader
zh 一位是阿拉伯联合酋长国总统,谢赫·扎耶德·本·苏丹·阿勒纳哈扬酋长殿下,在我们所经历的那些危机时刻,他以他的智慧和慷慨让我们重新振作起来。 另一位便是我们的兄弟,巴勒斯坦民族权利机构主席亚希尔·阿拉法特,他终生致力于巴勒斯坦人民的事业。
en The Unit is entrusted with the tasks of sensitization and awareness-raising, especially for the military, as stressed by the Security Council in its resolution ‧ to provide ongoing HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention programmes for peacekeeping personnel and voluntary counselling and testing, as well as to monitor peer education programmes in the field and to ensure awareness at induction and refresher sessions
zh 艾滋病毒咨询股的任务是像安全理事会第 ‧ 号决议强调的那样,从事宣传教育,特别是对军事人员进行宣传教育,目的是为维持和平人员举办常设的艾滋病毒/艾滋病教育和预防方案,进行自愿咨询和检测,以及监测外地一级的同伴教育方案,并确保在上岗培训和再培训中进行宣传教育。
en Besides the basic training of the police, UNPOS will also initiate, through the Joint Security Committee and the UNDP Rule of Law and Security Programme, a refresher course for the police personnel presently operating on the ground
zh 除了警察的基本训练外,联索政治处还将通过联合安全委员会和开发署法治和安全方案,为目前正在执行实地任务的警员开设进修课程。
en Are you sure you want to refresh the IMAP cache of the folder %‧ and all its subfolders? This will remove all changes you have done locally to your folders
zh 您确定要刷新文件夹 % ‧ 及其全部子文件夹中的 IMAP 缓存吗 ? 这将删除您对本地文件夹已作出的任何改变 。
en Intensive gender briefings have been conducted in staff training and refresher courses, including leadership induction courses for new Resident Representatives/Resident Coordinators, Deputy Resident Representatives, junior professional officers and programme policy officers
zh 在人员培训和进修培训班,包括在为新任驻地代表/驻地协调员、驻地副代表、初级专业人员和方案政策官员举办的领导上任培训班,举行了一些情况简介会,集中论述了两性平等问题。
en v) Continuous and refresher training for teachers of secondary education
zh 五) 对从事中学教育的教师进行终身培训
en Some delegations expressed support for reviewing and refreshing the mechanisms and structures that had been in place over the last ten years, and in particular the role of the INCB, to include greater consideration of drug demand reduction in addition to their focus on supply reduction
zh 一些代表团表示支持审查和更新过去十年当中建立起来的机制和机构,特别是麻管局的作用,除将重点放在减少供应上之外,更多地考虑减少毒品需求的问题。
en In that regard, the benefits to the procuring entity of limiting the duration by permitting new prices, technologies and solutions to be sought at the end of the term, as well as mandating the periodic refreshing of competition and avoiding the perpetuation of monopolies or oligopolies of suppliers or contractors, should be stressed
zh 在这方面,应当强调,通过允许在期限结束时寻求新的价格、技术和解决办法,以及强制规定定期更新竞争并避免供应商或承包商的持久垄断或寡头垄断,采购实体可从对期限的限制获益。
en During the reporting period, more than ‧ personnel received general induction training or refresher training on the United Nations code of conduct and sexual exploitation and abuse
zh 在本报告所述期间,特派团有超过 ‧ 名人接受了关于联合国行为守则以及性剥削和性虐待的基本上岗培训或复习培训。
en Some ‧ minority police have returned to their pre-war locations through our voluntary redeployment programme, and ‧ former officers have been re-employed following refresher courses
zh 通过我们的自愿重新部署方案,大约 ‧ 名少数族裔警察返回其战前地点 ‧ 名前警官在参加进修课程后被重新部署。
en Establish continuing training and refresher programmes for teachers and teaching assistants involved in the education of persons with disabilities
zh 为致力于残疾人教育的教师和助教制订进修和复习方案
en Light refreshments will be served in both areas from ‧ a.m. to ‧ a.m. prior to the opening of the Summit
zh 上午 ‧ 时至 ‧ 时 ‧ 分,在首脑会议开始之前,两处都备有点心供品尝。
en Refreshing OpenPGP certificates implies downloading all certificates anew, to check if any of them have been revoked in the meantime. This can put a severe strain on your own as well as other people 's network connection, and can take up to an hour or more to complete, depending on your network connection, and the number of certificates to check. Are you sure you want to continue?
zh 刷新 OpenPGP 憑證表示要重新下載所有憑證, 以確認憑證是否已被撤銷 。 這有可能會造成您與其他人的網路連線不穩, 如果憑證數量多或網路連線狀況不好, 可能得花一個小時以上才能完成 。 您確定要繼續嗎 ?
en In accordance with decision ‧ continues to improve the integration of environmental components into OCHA overall management of emergencies by developing and delivering an environmental emergencies training component of UNDAC induction courses in May, October and November ‧ as well as a UNDAC refresher course in Panama from ‧ arch to ‧ pril
zh 环境署依照第 ‧ 号决定继续为改进为把环保内容纳入人道协调厅的紧急情况总体管理框架之内而做出努力;分别于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月、 ‧ 月和 ‧ 月编制和提供了由联合国救灾协调方案举办的入门课程的环境紧急情况培训构成部分、以及为救灾协调方案于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日 ‧ 月 ‧ 日在巴拿马举办的复习课程提供了环保内容。
en The gathering point for ‧ and ‧ eptember and for the duration of the general debate will be the West Foyer (Indonesian Lounge) where light refreshments will be served
zh 月 ‧ 日和 ‧ 日及一般性辩论期间,西门厅(印度尼西亚休息厅)为聚会地点,备有茶点招待。
en In cooperation with a major broadcasting organization, the Department of Public Information has organized, in preparation for the pilot project, a training programme to be held in April ‧ to refresh or upgrade staff producers' skills
zh 新闻部与一个大广播组织合作,组织了预定在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月举行的培训方案,以供工作人员制作者进修或提高技能,作为试验项目的筹备工作。
en Using copies of all the offices' databases refreshed at Headquarters on a weekly basis, selected financial tables and human resources tables are merged into a multi-site
zh 总部每周用经更新的各办事处数据库副本,把经选择的财务报表和人力资源表格合并成一个多网址数据库。
en Refresher courses are offered by CONAE specialists and invited institutions
zh 阿根廷国家空间活动委员会的专家和特邀机构开设了进修课程。
en This prohibition also applies to all initiatives concerning guidance, vocational training, specialisation and refresher courses, both in terms of access and content
zh 这种禁止也适用于有关接受指导、职业培训、专门课程和进修课程及其内容的一切倡议。