发音: IPA: ˈkwɛst /kwɛst/      


  • 寻求   
    (Noun  )
    journey or effort in pursuit of a goal
  • 尋求   
    (Noun  )
    journey or effort in pursuit of a goal
  • 探索   
    (Noun  )
    journey or effort in pursuit of a goal


A journey or effort in pursuit of a goal (often lengthy, ambitious, or fervent); a mission.
To seek or pursue a goal; to undertake a mission or job.

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Intellectual Quest
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en Youth involvement in the quest for solutions was vital, as current decisions would affect those of future leaders
zh 青年参与寻找解决办法是至关重要的,因为现在的决定将影响未来领袖的决定。
en The Ministers of the Rio Group countries also urge the entire international community, in particular those countries or groups of countries which have historically borne responsibility in the quest for solutions to the Middle East conflict, to continue to assist the parties involved to resume the peace process negotiations and to monitor and ensure compliance with the commitments freely made by the parties, in the interests of international peace and security, the unrestricted protection of human rights, respect for cultural and religious values and symbols, progress, well-being and development, and cooperation among the peoples in the Middle East region
zh 此外,里约集团各国外交部长敦促国际社会、特别是历来对寻求解决中东冲突负有责任的国家或国家集团继续协助冲突各方恢复和平进程谈判,注意确保各方履行其在国际和平与安全、全面保护人权、尊重文化和宗教价值观念与象征以及中东各国人民的进步、福祉、发展与合作方面自由作出的承诺。
en Israel is looking forward to expanding its involvement in the international quest for a way effectively to curb proliferation
zh 以色列期待着进一步参与国际努力,以寻求有效控制扩散的途径。
en United States Customs Service/Operation Green Quest
zh 美国海关总署/绿色搜索行动
en These setbacks in the quest for peace are not without their deleterious effect on the humanitarian conditions in the occupied territories
zh 和平努力遇到的这些挫折对被占领土人道主义状况产生了有害影响。
en Just a few months prior to the Millennium Summit, the heads of State and Government of the developing countries convened the first ever South Summit in Havana to chart the future path of the developing world in its unending quest for development, progress and prosperity
zh 就在千年首脑会议之前的几个月前,发展中国家的国家元首和政府首脑在哈瓦那召开了首次南方首脑会议,以规划发展中世界在无止境的追求发展、进步繁荣方面的未来道路。
en Deterrence and prevention of crime, however, need the full commitment of the international community to supporting the quest for justice and accountability by providing the necessary financial and operational means to judicial arrangements, whether established under the auspices of the United Nations or by national Governments
zh 制止和预防犯罪需要国际社会全心全意支持申张正义和追究责任的诉求,向在联合国或国家政府赞助下设立的司法安排提供必要的财政资源和作业途径。
en We hope- and many heads of State or Government expressed this wish during the recent summit- that we are beginning a new phase in the quest for collective security and respect for human rights and in the fight against poverty and disease, which continue to affect so many peoples
zh 我们希望--并且在最近的首脑会议期间许多国家元首和政府首脑表达了这一愿望--我们正在开始一个新阶段,寻求集体安全和尊重人权并战胜仍旧影响这么多人民的贫穷与疾病。
en Another reason why developing countries are paying more attention to FDI in R&D is that their own firms are also undertaking R&D-related FDI in both developed and developing countries in their quest to acquire and build up R&D capacities
zh 发展中国家日益重视研发方面外国直接投资的另一个原因是它们自己的公司为了获得和加强研发能力也在发达国家和发展中国家开展与研发相关的外国直接投资。
en In the past, it had manifested its support for the Palestinian people in their quest for nationhood through regular assistance and the supply of medicines to the Palestinian Authority
zh 过去,印度通过向巴勒斯坦权力机构提供定期援助和医药,表明自己支持巴勒斯坦人民争取获得国家地位。
en Over the years, this process has brought together countries from all continents; their traditions are varied, as are their quests for a democratic world
zh 几年来,这一进程使来自所有大洲的国家聚集在一起;它们的传统各异,它们对民主世界的追求也是如此。
en Argentina therefore believes that the Security Council should attach high priority to the quest for a lasting resolution of the conflict
zh 因此,阿根廷认为,安全理事会应当高度优先重视寻求持久解决冲突的方法。
en With regard to that, the rights of the Palestine refugees were clearly defined by international law, and that would have to serve as a starting point for any quest for a just and long-term solution through negotiations
zh 关于这一点,国际法对巴勒斯坦难民的权利有明确的规定,而那些权利应成为任何试图通过谈判寻找公正而持久的解决办法的起点。
en While significant progress had been achieved in the quest for full enjoyment of human rights, much work remained to be done
zh 在谋求充分享有人权方面尽管已经取得了重大进展,但仍有许多工作尚待完成。
en The quest of United Nations Members to combat international terrorism through diplomatic processes and to draft the appropriate international instruments is hampered by political differences
zh 政治上的漠不关心态度阻碍了联合国会员国通过外交途径打击国际恐怖主义和起草相应国际文书的努力。
en c) The quest for systematic and concerted action with a view to achieving nuclear disarmament should be pursued with renewed determination
zh c) 应该重新下定决心,设法为实现核裁军采取有系统和协调一致的行动
en And yet, the national jurisprudence on the realization of economic, social and cultural rights from courts in countries as diverse as South Africa, India and the Philippines illustrates how much can be done in the quest to eradicate poverty and the debilitating consequences of globalization
zh 然而,在南非、印度和菲律宾这样完全不同的国家中,法院有关实现经济、社会和文化权利的裁决各有不同,这就表明在消除贫困和全球化不利后果的运动中有许许多多工作可做。
en This positive mental attitude is half the battle won in their quest for productive employment
zh 这一积极的心理态度使他们在谋取生产性就业的战役中先赢了一半。
en As we, the delegations, need to continue our quest for consensus in a positive spirit, so do you need to continue your work in a positive spirit to support us in this quest
zh 如我们――各代表团――需要继续以积极精神努力实现协商一致,你们也同样需要以积极精神在这一求索过程中继续你们的工作,向我们提供支持。
en The report of the Secretary-General and other reliable statistics from United Nations agencies and the Bretton Woods Institutions clearly indicate that, while some countries are on track towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, many others still face enormous difficulties and obstacles in the quest to meet the set targets
zh 秘书长的报告和联合国各机构以及布雷顿森林机构的其他可靠统计数字清楚地表明,虽然一些国家正在实现《千年发展目标》方面取得进展,但其他国家仍然在谋求达到所规定的指标方面面临巨大的困难和障碍。
en We reaffirm our support for the United Nations in its quest for just and peaceful solutions to these situations
zh 我们重申,我们支持联合国寻找和平公正的办法来解决这些问题。
en This quest to mend the broken world is grounded in the ideals that constitute the core of the United Nations
zh 这种寻求修补破损世界的努力以构成联合国核心的理想为根基。
en The leaders of the country, in particular, are called upon to recognize the burden of responsibility on their shoulders and to leave no stone unturned in the quest to extricate Zimbabwe from its present predicament
zh 我们特别吁请该国领导人认识到他们肩上的责任,并不遗余力地力求使津巴布韦摆脱目前的困境。
en Ambassador Volker Heinsberg was President of the Conference on Disarmament when the five Ambassadors' proposal saw the light of day, and it was he who, during an informal lunch, obviously encouraged this quest for a synthesis and also this quest for dialogue among different groups
zh 当五大使的建议提出的时候,福尔克·海因斯贝格大使担任裁军谈判会议主席,他在一次非正式午餐期间显然鼓励进行这项争取综合的探索以及在不同集团之间进行这项对话的探索
en Such balance is intended to justify a quest for the sterile concept of parity derived from the cold war
zh 这种平衡旨在为寻求衍生自冷战中毫无结果的对等概念作辩护。