发音: IPA: ˈkwɛst /kwɛst/      


  • 寻求   
    (Noun  )
    journey or effort in pursuit of a goal
  • 尋求   
    (Noun  )
    journey or effort in pursuit of a goal
  • 探索   
    (Noun  )
    journey or effort in pursuit of a goal


A journey or effort in pursuit of a goal (often lengthy, ambitious, or fervent); a mission.
To seek or pursue a goal; to undertake a mission or job.

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Intellectual Quest
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en The world is clearly searching for a new order, and multilateralism does not always seem to be the first choice in this quest
zh 世界显然在寻求一种新秩序,在这一过程,多边主义似乎并不总是首选。
en Under his leadership, a breakthrough has been achieved in the quest for peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where the logic of the search for agreement has replaced the logic of war
zh 谋求在刚果民主共和国实现和平工作在他的领导下取得了突破,谋求达成协议的逻辑取代了战争的逻辑。
en In this quest for a peaceful solution to the dispute between Iraq and the United Nations, Senegal reiterates its support for Secretary-General Kofi Annan in his personal efforts for a settlement based on strict compliance with the principles inscribed in the Preamble to the San Francisco Charter and on all relevant Security Council resolutions
zh 在这一和平解决伊拉克和联合国之间的争端的努力中,塞内加尔重申它支持秘书长科菲·安南为寻求基于严格遵守《旧金山宪章》序言中所载的原则及安全理事会各项有关决议的办法而进行的个人努力。
en However, the quest for innovative financing mechanisms remains vital
zh 然而,寻求创新的融资机制仍然非常重要。
en We know, and it is widely acknowledged, that poverty, the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS, a lack of information and weak health infrastructures are hindering our quest in southern Africa to successfully fight this epidemic
zh 我们知道,并且这一点也得到广泛的认知,即贫穷、与艾滋病毒/艾滋病相关的耻辱、缺乏信息和薄弱的卫生基础结构正在妨碍着南部非洲成功地与这一传染性疾病战斗的探索
en Hence, at this stage, it appears that the investigation in each of the cases has come to a virtual halt, pending the quest of the investigative judge for new information that would reactivate the cases
zh 因此,从目前阶段看,在调查法官索要新的资料从而使案件重新启动之前,对每个案件的调查实际上已经停止。
en I conclude by giving prominence to the Ezulwini Consensus and the Sirte Declaration, as both are credible springboards for Africa to achieve greater, and justifiable, leverage in its quest for justice in the Security Council
zh 最后,我强调《埃祖尔韦尼共识》和《苏尔特宣言》,因为这两项文件都是非洲在争取安全理事会安排公正的努力中合理提高非洲影响力的努力的可信的起点。
en At the same time, we remain convinced that, through the active participation of all sectors of civil society, this effort is an indispensable ingredient in our quest for solutions and in the implementation of social projects and programmes
zh 与此同时,我们仍然深信,通过民间社会所有部门的积极参加,这一努力是我们谋求解决办法和执行社会项目和纲领的不可分割的因素。
en Moreover, this quest presumes that an effective approach towards threats can only be found in removing its causes
zh 此外,此一努力假定只有消除各种威胁的成因,才能找到有效对策。
en Operation Green Quest- Operation Green Quest is an interagency law enforcement body under U.S. Customs of the Department of Homeland Security created to identify, disrupt, and dismantle the financial infrastructure of terrorist organizations
zh 绿色追击行动- 绿色追击行动是国土安全部美国海关下属的一个机构间执法机构,负责识别、瓦解和摧毁恐怖主义组织的金融基础设施。
en Having come so far together in their quest for peace, the parties are standing on the threshold of an agreement
zh 各方为了寻求和平共同历经了长途跋涉,现在离达成协定仅仅一步之遥。
en I would like, on behalf of my delegation, to take this opportunity to stress Namibia's unwavering support for the people of Palestine in their quest for peace, justice, statehood and the overall realization of their legitimate goals and aspirations
zh 我要代表我国代表团,借此机会强调纳米比亚对巴勒斯坦人民争取和平、正义、立国和全面实现其合法目标和愿望的坚定支持。
en We also welcome the decision of the Iraqi Government to send envoys east and west to enlist their support in the quest for peace, because we agree with the observation made by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General that an exclusionary approach, whether internal or external, will not result in progress towards peace and stability
zh 我们还欢迎伊拉克政府决定向东方和西方派遣特使,以争取它们支持谋求实现和平,因为我们同意秘书长特别代表的意见,认为无论是内部或外来的排他性办法,都不会促成在实现和平与稳定方面取得进展。
en Implemented by school systems in ‧ countries, Lions-Quest teaches of life skills such as the importance of making healthy decisions such as avoiding the use of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol
zh 该方案在 ‧ 个国家的学校系统实施,该方案教授诸如做出健康的决定,如不吸烟、不吸毒、不酗酒等重要的生活技能。
en The political process towards achieving a two-State solution could benefit from the experience of Latin American and Caribbean States in their quest for independence and sovereignty and their path to economic independence and sustainable development
zh 实现两国解决方案的政治进程,可以借鉴拉丁美洲和加勒比国家谋求独立和主权以及它们迈向经济独立和可持续发展道路的经验。
en The international community must do all in its power to bring the parties back to the negotiating table they left ‧ months ago and to resume the quest for a political solution
zh 国际社会必须遏尽全力使双方回到它们在 ‧ 个月以前离开的谈判桌,恢复寻求政治解决。
en The establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC) marks a watershed in mankind's quest to put an end to impunity and to bring to justice those responsible for crimes against humanity, for genocide and for international crimes
zh 国际刑事法院的成立,标志着人类争取结束有罪不罚和把应对危害人类罪行、种族灭绝和国际罪行负责者绳之以法的努力一个分水岭。
en Our quest for global peace and security will prove unsuccessful unless we intensify international cooperation for development and the reduction of poverty
zh 除非我们为发展和减轻贫困而加强国际努力,否则我们对全球和平与安全的寻求将不会成功。
en The world community has been grappling with a number of unresolved problems in its arduous quest for durable peace, stability and development
zh 国际社会一直在努力解决一些悬而未决的问题,认真努力寻求持久和平、稳定与发展。
en In the ensuing discussion, two representatives raised issues concerning the experience, skills and expertise of women, particularly at the grass-roots level, arguing that such women were a significant and untapped resource in the quest for creative and workable solutions to the multiple challenges of housing in the context of climate change and the current financial crisis, and also that their contribution was insufficiently acknowledged
zh 在随后的讨论中,两位代表提出了关乎妇女,尤其是基层妇女的经验、技能和专门知识的问题,他们指出,在气候变化和当前金融危机的背景下,基层妇女是应对多重住房挑战、寻求创意和可行的解决办法过程中尚未发掘的一项重要资源,她们的贡献尚未得到充分的认可。
en As an association of countries that have long supported the people of East Timor in their quest for independence, CARICOM is pleased that the people of East Timor have now achieved their objective
zh 作为长期支持东帝汶人民谋求独立的国家联盟,加共体对东帝汶人民现在实现其目标感到高兴。
en At the national level, although the diversity of legal systems had to be respected, each State must do its part in the global quest for adherence to the rule of law
zh 在国家层面上,虽然法律体系的多样性应得到尊重,但是各国在全球追求法治遵守的过程中也必须发挥其作用。
en We therefore join the quest for a new culture of conflict prevention since it is evident that, in practice, it costs less to prevent than to control conflicts
zh 因此,我们一起来寻求预防冲突的新文化,因为情况明摆着,预防冲突的代价实际上低于控制冲突。
en The Special Representative believes that the quest for a durable peaceful solution to the Palestinian question cannot be successful in the absence of respect for human rights and for the right of individuals and associations to act in defence of human rights
zh 特别代表认为,只要人权得不到尊重,个人和社团从事维护人权事业的权利得不到尊重,寻求持久和平解决巴勒斯坦问题的目标就不可能实现。
en Equally, the quest for greater efficiency in management should be continued
zh 还应继续努力提高管理效率。