发音: IPA: ˈkwɛst /kwɛst/      


  • 寻求   
    (Noun  )
    journey or effort in pursuit of a goal
  • 尋求   
    (Noun  )
    journey or effort in pursuit of a goal
  • 探索   
    (Noun  )
    journey or effort in pursuit of a goal


A journey or effort in pursuit of a goal (often lengthy, ambitious, or fervent); a mission.
To seek or pursue a goal; to undertake a mission or job.

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to quest求索



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The current world economic crisis has further exacerbated the desperation and the quest for human security, survival and development当前世界经济危机使人们更加绝望,更追求人的安全、生存和发展。
Such steadfast support has allowed the historic vision of our Tribunal to become a tangible and compelling force in the quest for peace, justice and reconciliation in the region of the former Yugoslavia因为有了这种坚定地支持,我们法庭具有历史意义的远见才能化为在前南斯拉夫地区谋求和平、正义及和解的一支引人注目的有形力量。
The meeting provided an opportunity for key stakeholders to assess the situation, work towards a common understanding on the road ahead and harness international leverage in the quest for a solution to the conflict该协商会提供了一个契机,使主要利益攸关方能够评估局势,致力于就前进道路达成共识,而且利用国际力量来寻求解决冲突。
Since the adoption of the Treaty of Tlatelolco, the region of Latin America and the Caribbean has been a pioneer in the quest for a world free of nuclear weapons自通过《特拉特洛尔科条约》以来,拉丁美洲和加勒比区域一直是寻求建立一个无核武器世界的先驱。
If anything, it has only created more impediments to the collective quest for a lasting peace in the Middle East如果有什么作用的话,它只是进一步阻碍寻求中东持久和平的集体努力。
It can continue to repeatedly adopt the same narrative, or the General Assembly can support the parties in their quest for peace它可以继续老调重弹,或者大会能够支持有关各方寻求和平。
It also called for appropriate support to developing countries in their quest to enhance local capacities and engender ownership and strong management of partnerships它还呼吁在发展中国家寻求提高地方能力、建立自主权和加强伙伴关系管理方面,向它们提供适当的帮助。
In the West African region, the quest for peace in Sierra Leone is continuing with the commendable assistance of States members of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and with the active support of the United Nations, through the deployment of the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL在西非区域,在塞拉利昂寻求和平的努力正在继续进行,并得到西非国家经济共同体(西非经共体)国家成员的值得赞扬的协助,以及联合国通过部署联合国塞拉利昂特派团(联塞特派团)提供的积极支持。
The current migratory flows were prompted inter alia by the ever greater globalization of information, capital, goods and services; economic disparities between developing and developed countries; intercultural contacts; relations among societies; issues related to labour-market differentiation; situations involving violence and conflict; natural disasters and environmental degradation; accelerated population growth and the quest for better opportunities in life不断发展的信息、资本、资产和服务的全球化,发展中国家与发达国家之间的经济差距,文化间的相互渗透性,各社会之间的关系,不同工种劳务市场的问题,暴力和冲突方面的形势,自然灾害,生态的恶化,人口的快速增长和在生活上对更好机会的追求,这些就是造成当今移徙问题的原因。
Ambassador Volker Heinsberg was President of the Conference on Disarmament when the five Ambassadors' proposal saw the light of day, and it was he who, during an informal lunch, obviously encouraged this quest for a synthesis and also this quest for dialogue among different groups当五大使的建议提出的时候,福尔克·海因斯贝格大使担任裁军谈判会议主席,他在一次非正式午餐期间显然鼓励进行这项争取综合的探索以及在不同集团之间进行这项对话的探索
It can also promote the recognition of cities and local authorities and their world associations as partners of the United Nations in the quest for a safer and better world and enhance the dialogue among Governments at all levels and Habitat Agenda partners on all issues related to effective decentralization and the strengthening of local authorities, as mandated by the Commission它也可以促进将城市和地方当局及其国际协会确认为联合国寻求建立更安全和更美好世界努力中的伙伴,并增进所有各级政府和《人居议程》各伙伴就关于有效权力下放和加强地方当局的所有问题开展对话,以执行委员会已授权的任务。
Much needed is a systematic study of current trends and policies, which would greatly assist the quest for strategies and methods of reform more appropriate than those already tried in the past急需系统地研究目前的趋势和政策,这将大大有助于寻求比过去所尝试的更适当的改革战略和办法。
The Ministers reiterated the appeal to the international community to continue to support the quest for a broad-based, all-inclusive solution to the Congolese question, taking into account the uniqueness and complexity of the situation两位部长重申呼吁国际社会考虑到这一情况的独特性和复杂性,继续协助就刚果问题达成全面的、有广泛基础的解决办法。
Mr. Skurbaty argued that the commentary should reflect the need to ensure: that minority rights matters were encompassed in quests for a world order; that the rule of law should be more synonymous with the promotion of justice; that the emancipation and empowerment of persons belonging to minorities were promoted; and that the accommodation of different groups within State structures was not only a fundamental task of the State but also given priority in the Constitution and other legislation and policykurbaty先生认为,评注应该反映确保下列各方面的需要:将少数群体权利问题纳入对世界秩序的争取;法治应该更加等同于促进正义;促进属于少数群体的人的解放和授权;在国家结构范围内妥善处理不同的群体不仅是国家的一项基本任务,而且还应在宪法和其他立法和政策中获得优先地位。
The Council is able to play a beneficial role and there is room for manoeuvring in our quest for peace, as the Council is committed to the sovereignty, unity, independence and territorial integrity of the Sudan within the framework of the principles of good-neighbourliness, non-interference and regional cooperation, as stated in resolution安理会可以发挥有益的作用,在我们争取和平的努力中,有灵活行动的余地,因为安理会致力于在睦邻、不干涉和区域合作原则的框架内,维护苏丹的主权、统一、独立和领土完整,如第 ‧ 号决议所述。
I wish to pay tribute to the Assembly for its dynamism, its clarity of vision and for pursuing its quest for a spirit of consensus, a quality with which we all are familiar我愿赞扬大会富有的活力、明确的远见及追求协商一致的精神--我们都熟悉这一特性。
The status of those issues, and the continuing quest to attain the objectives that have been set in those areas, must be viewed in relation to the achievement of the Council's goals in the region- that is, security and stability for all现阶段,我们对这些问题的处理和在这些领域继续争取我们的目标的努力,必须同实现安理会在该地区的目标相联系,那就是各国的安全与稳定。
What emerges is a clear convergence in our quest for integrated approaches to oceans issues as envisaged by the Convention出现了在我们寻求《公约》设想的处理海洋问题的综合方法的努力中明显的趋同。
In seeking to ignore the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Algeria was assuming the weighty responsibility of blocking the process of the quest for a political solution, just as it had closed the door on the construction of the Maghreb阿尔及利亚在试图无视秘书长特别代表之同时,承担着阻碍寻求政治解决的进程的重任,正像它给马格里布的建设关上大门一样。
Together with the United Nations and its development programmes, now including the new Democracy Fund, the IPU will continue to engage and work closely with LDCs in their quest for democracy and development与联合国及其发展方案--这些方案中现在包括新建的民主基金--一道,议会联盟将继续与最不发达国家密切合作,以协助其争取民主与发展。
Out of the ashes- a few blocks from where we are gathered- we have witnessed the rise of an international coalition of nations truly united in the quest for peace and security离开我们集会地点的几条街之外,我们目睹一个各国间的国际联盟在灰烬中升起,真正团结起来实现和平与安全。
We need to be constantly reminded as to why the Goals are important, and Professor Sachs in his report on the Millennium Project aptly summarizes the manifold reasons as follows: for the international political system, they are the fulcrum on which development policy is based; for the billion plus people living in extreme poverty, they represent the means to a productive life; for everyone on Earth, they are the linchpin of the quest for a more secure and peaceful world必须不断提醒我们不要忘记这些目标为何十分重要,萨夏教授在他的《千年项目》报告中恰如其分地对许多原因做了如下归纳:就国际政治制度而言,这些目标乃是发展政策的基本支柱;对生活在绝对贫穷之中的十几亿人民而言,它们代表着建设性生活的手段;对世界每一个人来说,它们是谋求更安全和更和平世界的关键。
I believe that Council members will agree with me that the Afghan people have long suffered as victims of war's destruction and that they deserve the international community's utmost assistance in their quest for stability and peace我认为安理会成员将同我一样认为,阿富汗人民作为战争破坏的受害者而长期遭受苦难,他们应在谋求稳定与和平过程中得到国际社会的最大援助。
In conclusion, we hope that, in fulfilling its commitment to the continent that is appropriately named the cradle of humankind, the international community will join efforts to help the peoples of Africa in their quest for a decent life最后,我们希望,在履行对被恰当地称为人类摇篮的非洲大陆的承诺时,国际社会将携手努力,帮助非洲人民过上体面的生活。
We, therefore, strongly support the quest to upgrade the present international legal framework for regulating space activities, established at the relative infancy of the development of space technology, and to buttress and strengthen existing space law for the peaceful use and exploration of outer space因此,我们坚决支持提升现有规范太空活动的国际法律框架,因为那是在太空技术发展比较初期的阶段拟订的,并且巩固和加强和平利用和探索外层空间的现行太空法。