发音: IPA: ˈkwɛst /kwɛst/      


  • 寻求   
    (Noun  )
    journey or effort in pursuit of a goal
  • 尋求   
    (Noun  )
    journey or effort in pursuit of a goal
  • 探索   
    (Noun  )
    journey or effort in pursuit of a goal


A journey or effort in pursuit of a goal (often lengthy, ambitious, or fervent); a mission.
To seek or pursue a goal; to undertake a mission or job.

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Intellectual Quest
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en It was recommended that the Commission should develop a common regional strategy, taking into account the quest for resources to ensure its sustainability
zh 建议委员会制订共同区域战略,其中考虑到寻求其持续实行所需的资源
en Effectiveness can easily fall victim to the quest for legitimacy
zh 对合法性的追求总是容易牺牲有效性。
en The Republic of Djibouti extends its unflinching pledge to the new Government of Somalia that it will spare no efforts to help its brothers and sisters in their earnest quest for nation-building
zh 吉布提共和国向索马里新政府作出坚定的保障:我国将不遗余力地帮助该国的兄弟姐妹们展开建国的真诚努力。
en We wish them all the best in their quest to build a democratic, stable and viable State
zh 我们祝愿他们在寻求建立一个民主、稳定和可以生存的国家的努力中取得圆满成功。
en May I also take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Kofi Annan on his re-election to the post of Secretary-General of our Organization, and I would like once again to express to him Mali's deepest appreciation for his steadfast efforts and his determination in the quest for a better world in the face of the many and complex challenges of the world of today
zh 我还要借此机会祝贺科菲·安南先生再次当选担任本组织秘书长的职务,我要再次向他表示马里对其一贯努力及面对当今世界的很多复杂挑战而争取建立更美好世界的决心的最深切感谢。
en Under his guidance, at its thirty-fifth session the Assembly adopted important resolutions that speak volumes about his tremendous contribution to the quest for solutions to the major challenges facing mankind
zh 在他的指导下,大会第三十五届会议通过了重要的决议,充分说明了他对寻找解决人类面临的重大挑战的方法所作的巨大贡献。
en Building trust in Government is at the core of the world's quest for peace and well-being
zh 建立对政府的信任是全世界追求和平和福祉的核心所在。
en Similarly, the legendary story of Sons of Sakhnin United, a multi-ethnic Israeli soccer team comprising Jews, Arabs and others, and its quest to win the Premier League in Israel, continues to inspire hope and confidence in the capacity for sport and competition to inculcate respect and mutual understanding
zh 同样,“沙克宁之子联队“--一支由犹太人、阿拉伯人和其它民族组成的多族裔以色列足球队--的传奇故事和争取赢得以色列足球超级联赛冠军的努力,继续激发人们对体育和竞技运动能够教诲尊重和互相理解的希望和信心。
en In this context, we believe that the current phase will require an agreement among us all on a number of priorities that would provide for a new framework for addressing the problem, guarantee the best possible utilization of the momentum resulting from the signing of the Darfur peace agreement and create a space of trust between the Sudanese parties and the international community in their quest for stabilizing the region
zh 在这方面,我们认为,目前阶段将要求我们大家商定一些优先事项,为解决该问题、确保最佳利用达尔富尔和平协定的签署所产生的势头,并在谋求区域稳定的苏丹各方同国际社会之间建立信任空间,提供一个新的框架。
en The fragmentation and splintering of the factions of rebels in Darfur and their refusal to negotiate remains the major obstacle facing our quest for peace until this very moment
zh 迄今为止,达尔富尔反叛派别的分割和分裂活动及其对谈判的拒绝态度仍是我们追求和平道路上的主要障碍。
en The draft resolution reaffirms the Strategy's importance and the need to update and develop the means to implement it in order to address changes and challenges the international community faces in its quest to combat terrorism
zh 该决议草案重申《战略》的重要性,以及更新和发展执行《战略》手段,以应对国际社会在打击恐怖主义的工作中所面临的变化和挑战的必要性。
en The Panel discussed ways to further the thinking of the United Nations on e-participation and e-inclusion by exploring and identifying issues and challenges facing both governments and citizens in their quest to devise ICT-led participatory and inclusive policies and programmes
zh 会议讨论了如何推动联合国关于电子参与和电子包容的思想,探讨和查明政府和公民在探询如何制定信息和通信技术引导的参与和包容政策和方案时面对的问题和挑战。
en The fight against terrorism must not be conducted outside the scope of the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and international law: ignoring or negating those principles would constitute a serious setback to humankind in its quest for self-improvement
zh 对付恐怖主义不得逾越《联合国宪章》和国际法所载的准则,忽视或践踏这些准则将会严重挫败人类追求自我完善的努力。
en History may eventually cite the ‧ eptember events as a turning point in our mutual quest for a better world, since utter revulsion at the terrorist attacks created unprecedented patterns of cooperation among Governments and peoples
zh 历史最终将把 ‧ 月 ‧ 日事件作为我们相互寻求更美好世界的一个转折点,因为对恐怖主义攻击的憎恶使各国政府和人民创立了前所未有的合作模式。
en In the quest to move forward with research on this phenomenon- which in ‧ and ‧ affected not only the South Pacific region but other areas of the world as well- the General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council lent their support to the establishment of an International Centre for the Research of the El Niño Phenomenon, in the city of Guayaquíl, in Ecuador
zh 厄尔尼诺现象在 ‧ 和 ‧ 年不仅影响了南太平洋地区,而且影响了世界其他地区,为推动研究这一现象,大会和经济及社会理事会支持在厄瓜多尔的瓜基亚尔市设立了国际厄尔尼诺现象研究中心。
en We commend the international community for the support that it has extended to the Somali people in facilitating negotiations in their quest for peace
zh 我们赞扬国际社会给予索马里人民的支持,促进他们寻求和平的谈判。
en The Committee must redouble its efforts in the quest to relaunch that process, for the loss of a major opportunity to integrate more vulnerable economies into international trade could undermine their potential for development
zh 委员会必须加倍努力,以便重开谈判,因为失去了把更多的脆弱经济体融入国际贸易的重要机会将会破坏这些经济体的发展潜力。
en Competition for control of natural resources in the district of Ituri, the Kivus and northern and central Katanga aimed at financing both rebel armed groups and political actors continues to deprive the country and the population of their wealth and to spoil their quest for peace and security
zh 为了给叛乱武装团伙和政治行为者筹集资金,各方在伊图里地区、南北基伍和加丹加省北部和中部地区展开了对自然资源控制权的争夺,从而继续使该国及其民众无法享有其财富,并使其谋求和平与安全的诉求遭受破坏。
en The violence that we have witnessed in recent weeks clearly shows that there are no alternatives to the quest for peace
zh 过去几周我们所看到的暴力清楚表明,寻求和平别无其他选择。
en The proposal that this week's first plenary be replaced by an informal meeting was immediately resisted by parties variously unwilling to launch discussions without concurrent negotiations or unwilling to agree to informal consultations without an agenda- and the quest for an agenda, of course, would bring the circle right back to where we are and have been for years, seeking consensus on content and balance in our work
zh 有人提议将本周的全体会议改为非正式会议,但这一建议立即遭到在不同时进行谈判的情况下不愿开展协商,或在缺乏议程的情况下不愿同意进行非正式磋商的各方的抵制-- 而设法确定议程自然又会使我们回到我们目前以及多年来一直所处的位置:即寻求关于我们的工作内容的协商一致意见,并设法平衡我们的工作。
en “The quest of the United Nations to build a world of order and justice can be achieved only through respect for the rule of law in international affairs
zh “联合国寻求建立一个讲究秩序和力持正义的世界,这只有通过在国际事务中尊重法治才能成功。
en This interest takes the form of the quest for riches, both for individuals and for the State oligarchies
zh 这一利益的形式是为个人和国家寡头统治寻求财富。
en Democratic systems of government, the rule of law, freedom of speech and human rights have become the quest of a young generation of African leaders
zh 政府的民主体制、法制、言论自由和人权成为新一代非洲领导人的努力目标。
en Government has responded to the challenges facing women and girls in their quest to access education by adopting a number of initiatives such as the Girls' Attainment of Basic Literacy Education- Social Mobilization Campaign, Social Mobilization Campaign on Education Quality, the Re-Entry Policy for Girls into Schools and the engendering of the Curriculum
zh 政府通过采行一系列行动来应对妇女和女童在谋求教育机会时所面临的挑战,这些行动包括:女孩获得基本扫盲教育--社会动员运动,教育质量社会动员运动,女孩重新入学政策,以及课程编制活动,等等。
en Her delegation feared that if the guideline were retained, many States would hesitate to participate in a treaty because they could not make a reservation excluding the dispute settlement or implementation mechanism, and that could jeopardize the quest for universality in multilateral conventions
zh 葡萄牙代表团担心,如果留下该准则,许多国家将犹豫是否加入一项条约,因为它们无法提出一项将解决争端或执行机制排除在外的保留,这可能危及使多边公约普及化的探求。