发音: IPA: ˈpəʊstɪʤ /ˈpəʊstɪʤ/ /ˈpoʊstɪʤ/ ˈpoʊstɪʤ  


  • 郵票   
    (Noun  )
    postage stamp affixed as evidence of payment
  • 郵資   
    (Noun  )
  • 邮费   
  • 郵費   


The charge for posting an item
The postage stamp, or similar token, affixed to an item of post as evidence of payment

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commemorative postage stamp
紀念郵票; 纪念邮票
postage and packing fee
配送費; 配送费
postage free
postage stamp
邮票; 郵票



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en In addition to the above, the secretariat made available for the technical review process the following resources: document editing support (approximately ‧ person-days- preliminary editing and final editing, including proofreading), administrative support, IT support, facsimile facilities and funds to cover postage and packaging of material sent to the national experts
zh 除此以外,秘书处为技术审查进程提供了下列资源:文件编辑支持(约 ‧ 人/天-- 初步编辑和最后编辑,包括校对)、行政支助、信息技术支持、传真设施,并为寄给国内专家的材料支付邮资和包装费。
en The expenses for the communications of the Tribunal include costs of postage and courier services, local and long-distance telephone calls; facsimile services; telex and other electronic means of communication, such as e-mail; audio (and possibly video) services; Internet; and access to databases
zh 法庭的通讯费包括下列费用:邮资和信差费、当地和长途电话;传真服务;用户电报和其他电子通讯手段,例如电子邮件;音响服务(可能是录像服务);因特网及数据库使用费。
en There are stricter international regulations on the trade of old postage stamps than on conventional armaments
zh 就连对旧邮票交易的国际规章也要比对常规军备交易的规章更为严格。
en c) Communications: requirements in the amount of $ ‧ including requirements for postage, telephone (cellular, long distance and satellite), telex, cables and pouch services are estimated for the Office at Headquarters ($ ‧ ) and for the ‧ field offices ($
zh c) 通信:所需费用 ‧ 美元,包括总部办公室( ‧ 美元)和 ‧ 个外勤办事处( ‧ 美元)估计的邮资、电话(移动电话、长途电话和卫星电话)、传真、电报和邮袋服务
en Likewise, the Argentine Government rejects the attempt by the United Kingdom to issue postage stamps on behalf of the alleged and illegal governments of the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, and the so-called “British Antarctic Territory”, none of which are recognized by the Argentine Republic
zh 阿根廷政府还反对联合王国企图以所谓的马尔维纳斯群岛、南乔治亚岛和南桑威奇群岛非法政府以及所谓的英属南极领地名义发行邮票,阿根廷共和国对这些均不予承认。
en The report indicated that the Organization had made no provision for the contingent liability represented by postage stamps that had been sold out but not presented for mailing
zh 秘书长报告指出,本组织没有为已售出但未用于邮寄的邮票带来的或有负债备抵准备金。
en he requirement of $ ‧ is broken down as follows: (a) $ ‧ for rental and maintenance of premises; (b) $ ‧ for utilities (electricity, water, fuel and oil); (c) $ ‧ for rental, on an as required basis, of cars/vans during peak-workload periods; (d) $ ‧ for maintenance of data-processing equipment, such as uninterruptible power-supply (UPS) systems, LAN servers, Ascom Timeplex equipment and routers; (e) $ ‧ for communications (for example, postage, cables, telephone, pouch, Internet connection); (f) $ ‧ for maintenance of furniture and equipment, including office equipment, photocopiers, transportation equipment, the ESCAP Meridian ‧ private automatic branch exchange (PABX) and the connected UPS system, television/video equipment; (g) $ ‧ for miscellaneous services, including bank charges, general insurance for the buildings and freight
zh 经费 ‧ 美元, 用于下列各方面:(a) ‧ 美元用于租用和维修房地;(b) ‧ 美元用于水电费(电力、水、燃料和油);(c) ‧ 美元用于视需要在工作最忙期间租用汽车/面包车;(d) ‧ 美元用于维修数据处理设备,如不断电系统、局部网服务机、ASCOM-TIMEPLEX设备和路由器;(e) ‧ 美元用于通讯(邮费、电报,电话、邮袋、因特网联结,等等);(f) ‧ 美元用于维修家俱和设备, 包括办公室设备、复印机、运输设备、亚太经社会Meridian ‧ 分机和联结的不断电系统、电视/录像设备;(g) ‧ 美元用于杂项事务, 包括银行收费、一般建筑物保险费和运费。
en In order to salute women farmers of India, a postage stamp on women farmer was presented to The President, Prime Minster and several prominent public representatives inviting the support of great numbers of NGO
zh 为了对印度妇女农民表示敬意,向总统、总理和若干知名的公众代表提出了一个以妇女为主题的邮票,并邀请大量非政府组织支持这件事。
en At the same time, extreme right-wing forces in Japan are making territorial claims to Tok Islet, a Korean territory, publishing postage stamps and conducting a mock raid on it, rousing fears that it may use this for invasion of Korea at any time
zh 与此同时,日本的极右势力正在对朝鲜领土独岛提出领土要求,他们发行邮票,并作奇袭该岛的模拟演习,使人们害怕日本可能会借此随时对朝鲜发动侵略。
en Provisions of $ ‧ are requested for commercial communications, including telephone, facsimile, postage and pouch
zh 请拨经费 ‧ 美元用于商业通讯,包括电话费、传真费、邮资和邮袋费。
en Commercial communications include: Intelsat transponder lease charges ($ ‧ ); Inmarsat charges ($ ‧ ); cellular phone charges ($ ‧ ); local and long-distance phone charges ($ ‧ ); Internet access services through the United Nations Logistics Base (Brindisi) leased line ($ ‧ ) and postage and pouch charges ($
zh 商业通讯包括: 国际通信卫星组织转发器租金( ‧ 美元);海卫组织费用( ‧ 美元);移动电话费( ‧ 美元);当地和长途电话费( ‧ 美元);通过联合国布林迪西后勤基地租用的线路联通互联网服务( ‧ 美元)以及邮资和邮袋费( ‧ 美元)。
en For paper versions (or CD-ROM versions) of these publications, UNIDO tries to recover such costs as photocopying, CD copying and postage
zh 关于这些出版物的书面版(或光盘版),工发组织设法收回复印费、光盘复制费和邮费等费用。
en A provision of $ ‧ is made for commercial communication to cover charges for telephone, facsimile, postage and pouches at an estimated requirement of $ ‧ per month
zh 所列经费 ‧ 美元用于商业通信,以支付电话费、传真费、邮资和邮袋费,每月所需经费估计数为 ‧ 美元。
en In the area of communications, postal service and information technology, the Council considered the recommendations made by the fourteenth meeting of the ministerial committee regarding settlement rates between communications companies in the GCC States, the issuance of a common postage stamp in all the GCC countries on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Council and coordination in the field of postal security and Internet information security
zh 在通信、邮政和信息技术领域,理事会审议了部长委员会第十四次会议的建议,这些建议有关海合会国家各通信公司之间的结算率,在理事会成立二十五周年之际在所有海合会国家发行共同的邮票,以及在邮政安全和因特网信息安全领域进行协调。
en However, it should be noted that in ‧ the United Nations Postal Administration was reimbursing the postal authorities for the full face value of stamps used for postage, while in ‧ the Swiss postal, telegraph and telephone administration (PTT) and the Austrian postal service were reimbursed on the basis of discounted rates due to more favourable agreements
zh 但是,应该指出,邮管处在 ‧ 年按邮票面值足额向邮政当局偿还邮资 ‧ 年则根据较为优惠的协定而按折扣费率偿还瑞士邮电局和奥地利邮政局。
en Promotional events and tools, such as booklets, posters and commemorative postage stamps were employed
zh 利用了诸如小册子、海报和纪念邮票等倡导活动和措施。
en This includes the cost of telephone, facsimile, Internet, telex/cable, diplomatic pouch and special courier services, as well as postage
zh 这包括电话、传真、英特网、用户电报/电报、外交邮袋、特别信使服务以及邮资等费用。
en Earnings from the commercial Tristan da Cunha rock lobster industry, and the sale of postage stamps, coins and souvenirs, are used to fund health, education and other government services
zh 特里斯坦-达库尼亚岛商业龙虾产业的收益以及邮费邮票、硬币和纪念品的销售收入,用于公共卫生、教育和其它政府服务经费。
en Ascension's major source of revenue is from the sale of postage stamps
zh 阿森松的主要收入来源是出售邮票
en The percentage of the gross stamp-sale revenue paid to the United States Postal Service in postage charges was ‧ per cent in ‧ compared with ‧ per cent in
zh 年,支付给美国邮政局的邮费邮票销售总额的 ‧ %,而 ‧ 年则为 ‧ %。
en KOTC states that petty cash and postage valued at ‧ and gold medallions valued at ‧ were stolen after a safe at that facility was burgled
zh KOTC说,在该办事处的一个保险柜被撬开后,价值 ‧ 科威特第纳尔的小额现金和邮票,以及价值 ‧ 科威特第纳尔的金质奖章被盗 ‧ 。
en The expenses for the communications of the Tribunal include costs of postage and courier services, local and long-distance telephone; facsimile services; telex and other electronic means of communication, such as email; audio (and possibly video) services; Internet; and access to databases
zh 法庭的通讯费包括下列费用:邮资和信差费、当地和长途电话;传真服务;用户电报和其他电子通讯手段(如电子邮件);音响服务(及所需的录像服务);因特网;及数据库使用费。
en provision of $ ‧ reflecting an increase of $ ‧ is required for: (a) long-distance telephone service, pouch, and postage ($ ‧ ); and (b) maintenance of office automation equipment, to which the increase relates ($
zh 需编列经费 ‧ 美元,反映增长 ‧ 美元分配如下:(a) 长途电话服务、邮袋和邮资费用( ‧ 美元);(b) 办公室自动化设备维修的经费及其增长( ‧ 美元)。
en The Office is funded mainly from Crown revenue such as from the sale of postage stamps and Internet domain names
zh 办公经费使用皇家收入,如出售邮票和英特网域名所得。
en As a result of those successful measures, the Secretary-General did not currently recommend the establishment of a contingent liability reserve, and advocated continuing the existing practice of meeting from current income any additional expenditure incurred for postage from sales recorded in prior periods
zh 由于这些成功措施,秘书长目前不建议设立或有负债准备金,而是主张继续现行做法,用现有收入来承付以前记录的售出邮票所发生的任何额外支出。