发音: IPA: ˈpəʊstɪʤ /ˈpəʊstɪʤ/ /ˈpoʊstɪʤ/ ˈpoʊstɪʤ  


  • 郵票   
    (Noun  )
    postage stamp affixed as evidence of payment
  • 郵資   
    (Noun  )
  • 邮费   
  • 郵費   


The charge for posting an item
The postage stamp, or similar token, affixed to an item of post as evidence of payment

类似的短语在字典英文 中文。 (4)

commemorative postage stamp紀念郵票; 纪念邮票
postage and packing fee配送費; 配送费
postage free免付郵資
postage stamp邮票; 郵票



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he provision of $ ‧ reflecting a decrease of $ ‧ would provide for general operating expenses at both Headquarters and Geneva for: (a) rental and maintenance of electronic dataprocessing, office automation and other equipment relating to both the sale of publications and bookshop operations ($ ‧ ); (b) communications requirements to cover pouch, postage and other mailing and shipping costs associated with sales operations at both Headquarters and Geneva ($ ‧ ); and (c) requirements for miscellaneous services to cover freight costs, bank fees and other miscellaneous items ($所列经费为 ‧ 美元,减少了 ‧ 美元,用于支付总部和日内瓦的一般业务费:(a) 与销售和出版物和书店业务有关的数据处理、办公室自动化设备和其他设备的租赁和维修费( ‧ 美元);(b) 支付与总部和日内瓦销售业务有关的邮袋、邮资和其他邮递和运输费用的通讯经费( ‧ 美元);和(c) 支付运费、银行手续费和其他杂项的杂项事务经费( ‧ 美元)。
The expenses for the communications of the Tribunal include costs of postage and courier services, local and long-distance telephone; facsimile services; telex and other electronic means of communication, such as email; audio (and possibly video) services; Internet; and access to databases法庭的通讯费包括下列费用:邮资和信差费、当地和长途电话;传真服务;用户电报和其他电子通讯手段(如电子邮件);音响服务(及所需的录像服务);因特网;及数据库使用费。
Upon instructions from my Government, I have the honour to inform you that on ‧ une ‧ the Iraqi Government handed over to the Kuwaiti authorities ‧ boxes containing two million, one hundred and twenty-one thousand and one hundred and sixty-six dinars and two hundred and thirty fils ( ‧ ) of old Kuwaiti currency, postage stamps and travel cheques belonging to the Kuwaiti Central Bank奉我国政府指示,谨通知你,伊拉克政府已于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日向科威特当局移交 ‧ 箱财产,内含属于科威特中央银行的价值为 ‧ 第纳尔的科威特旧币、邮票和旅行支票。
Support included such items as telephone charges, costs for shared premises, pouch and postage, miscellaneous supplies and reproduction支助包括电话费用、共用房地费用、邮袋和邮票费用、杂项用品和复印等。
KOTC states that petty cash and postage valued at ‧ and gold medallions valued at ‧ were stolen after a safe at that facility was burgledKOTC说,在该办事处的一个保险柜被撬开后,价值 ‧ 科威特第纳尔的小额现金和邮票,以及价值 ‧ 科威特第纳尔的金质奖章被盗 ‧ 。
The United Kingdom firmly rejects the complaint by the Government of the Argentine Republic concerning the issuing of postage stamps by the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, and British Antarctic Territory联合王国坚决反对阿根廷共和国政府就福克兰群岛、南乔治亚岛和南桑威奇群岛以及英属南极领地发行邮票一事提出的指控。
NACO also organized a series of events on World AIDS Day ‧ which included an address by the President of India to both Houses of Parliament to reassert their commitment to fight against the HIV epidemic; the release of a special postage stamp to commemorate the Day; a cultural show with popular film personalities and singers committed to HIV/AIDS prevention; the broadcast of a ‧ minute special programme in ‧ languages by ‧ ll India Radio stations; and a press advertisement highlighting the commitments and achievements of the National AIDS Control Programme全国艾滋病控制组织在 ‧ 年世界艾滋病日举办了一系列活动,包括印度总统向议会两院发表演讲,重申其对防治艾滋病毒流行病的承诺;发行艾滋病日的特别纪念邮票;由有著名电影演员和歌星参加的预防艾滋病毒/艾滋病专场文艺演出 ‧ 个全印度电台以 ‧ 种语言进行 ‧ 分钟的专门节目广播;以及突出《全国艾滋病控制方案》的承诺和成就的报纸广告。
The centre for international communications, located on the first floor of the Palacio de Convenciones, provides national and international postal facilities, sale of postage, international telephone calls, facsimile facilities, and sale of national and international phone cards位于Palacio de Convenciones一楼的国际通信中心提供有国内和国际邮政设施,出售邮票,备有国际电话服务、传真设施并出售国内和国际电话卡。
dentifying addresses and locations of target groups; translating the questionnaire into several languages along with the guideline for filling out and returning the questionnaire; obtaining postage-paid envelopes for the questionnaires sent to disabled persons' organizations; encouraging Governments to hold seminars with their local organization to discuss the content of the questionnaire and cooperate in filling it out; and finding and allocating the financial resources needed to conduct such a survey确定对象团体的地址和位置;把问题单以及填写和交回问题单的指南译为好几种语言;为发给残疾人组织的问题单取得邮资总付信封;鼓励各国政府同当地组织举行讨论会,讨论问题单的内容,并合作填写;找到并分配进行此项调查所需金融资源。
Earnings from the commercial Tristan da Cunha rock lobster industry, and the sale of postage stamps, coins and souvenirs, are used to fund health, education and other government services特里斯坦-达库尼亚岛商业龙虾产业的收益以及邮费邮票、硬币和纪念品的销售收入,用于公共卫生、教育和其它政府服务经费。
Provision is made for commercial communications (usage and transponder lease charges, local telephone charges, pouch and postage) as well as spare parts for the maintenance of the Mission's communication networks during the liquidation period and for the refurbishment of equipment shipped to the United Nations Logistics Base提供的经费用于商业通信(使用费和应答器租赁费、当地电话费、邮袋和邮费)以及在清理结束期间维护支助团通信网络和翻修将运往布林迪西后勤基地的设备d所需零部件。
equirements of $ ‧ reflecting a reduction of $ ‧ in rental and maintenance of data-processing equipment for staff members and special envoys travelling on missions, provide for: (a) communications ($ ‧ ), including telephone, facsimile, pouch and postage charges; (b) maintenance of office automation equipment ($ ‧ ) for support services (service level “C”) provided by the Information Technology Services Division, Office of Central Support Services; and (c) miscellaneous services that may arise in connection with the implementation of the programme activities of the Department ($编列经费 ‧ 美元,工作人员和特使出差使用的数据处理设备的租金和维修费减少了 ‧ 美元,这方面将提供:(a)通信费( ‧ 美元),包括电话、传真、邮袋和邮资;(b)中央支助事务厅信息技术事务司提供的支助服务(“C”级服务)的办公室自动化设备维修费( ‧ 美元);和(c)执行该部活动方案时可能需要的杂项服务费( ‧ 美元)。
Commercial communications include an INTELSAT transponder lease ($ ‧ ); INMARSAT charges, local and long-distance phone and facsimile charges, pouch and postage ($ ‧ ); and the UNLB lease line ($商业通信包括一台国际通信卫星组织转发器的租金( ‧ 美元);海卫组织收费、当地和长途电话和传真费、邮袋费和邮资( ‧ 美元);以及联合国后勤基地的租赁线路( ‧ 美元)。
According to the Administrator, revenue for the first year of operation of the new Ascension Island Government will derive mainly from the employment levy which will continue to be charged, from the Users (BBC and Cable and Wireless), from receipts from the Ministry of Defence and from receipts for services and goods provided by the Government (such as postage stamps and immigration fees根据行政长官的说法,新的阿森松岛政府的第一年运营岁入主要将来自就业税,这项税将继续从“用户”(英国广播公司与电报和无线电公司)、从来自国防部的收入和从政府提供的服务和货物的收入(例如邮票和移民费)中征收。
The expenses for the communications of the Tribunal include: cost of postage and courier services; local and long-distance telephone calls; facsimile services; telex and other electronic means of communication, such as email; audio (and possibly video) services; Internet connections; and access to databases法庭的通讯费包括下列费用:邮资和信差费、当地和长途电话;传真服务;电传和其他电子通讯手段,例如电子邮件;音响服务(可能是录像服务);因特网及数据库使用费。
Produce designs for use in the publication of postcards, posters, postage stamps, calendars and other publicity materials生产用于发行明信片、宣传画、邮票、挂历和其他宣传材料的各种设计。
n amount of $ ‧ reflecting an increase of $ ‧ is required as follows: (a) $ ‧ for the Regional Office for North America and $ ‧ for the Regional Office for Europe for long-distance telephone calls, pouches and postage; and (b) $ ‧ for the Regional Office for North America and $ ‧ for the Regional Office for Europe for rental and maintenance of office automation equipment需编列 ‧ 美元,反映增长 ‧ 美元,用于下列事项:(a) ‧ 美元供北美区域办事处和 ‧ 美元供欧洲区域办事处支付长途电话、邮袋和邮资费用;(b) ‧ 美元供北美区域办事处和 ‧ 美元供欧洲区域办事处支付办公室自动化设备的租金和维修费用。
Other sources of income- such as the sale of postage stamps and a limited tourist industry based on three or four ship visits per year- cannot realistically be increased significantly其他收入来源--如邮票出售和每年三至四艘船到访的有限旅游业等--实际上无法大幅增加。
The additional provision would provide for communications, including telephone, facsimile, pouch and postage charges ($ ‧ ) and the maintenance of office automation equipment ($ ‧ ) for support services (service level B) provided by the Information Technology Services Division, Office of Central Support Services追加经费将用于通信,包括电话、传真、邮袋和邮费( ‧ 美元),以及中央支助事务厅信息技术事务司提供支助服务(B级)的办公室自动化设备的维持费用( ‧ 美元)。
In support of its claim for loss of postage, KOTC submitted copies of its trial balance dated ‧ une ‧ which shows a stamp inventory of the value claimed, together with original receipts for purchase of the stamps为了证明它对邮票损失的索赔,KOTC提供了 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日该公司的试算表副本,显示了索赔价值的邮票清册和购买邮票的原始数据。
Since UNPA uses the Austrian postage discount negotiated by the United Nations Office at Vienna for these mailings and charges a handling fee, this is a profitable undertaking for UNPA and does not pose a risk由于邮管处对这类邮寄业务享有联合国维也纳办事处谈判取得的奥地利邮资折扣,同时还收取处理费,这对于邮管处来说是盈利的业务,因此不造成风险。
The Department of Management, through the United Nations Postal Administration, issued a postage stamp series to commemorate the entry into force of the Convention管理事务部,通过联合国邮政管理处,发行一套邮票庆祝《公约》的生效。
In the new Government's first year its revenue derived mainly from the employment levy, the Users, receipts from the Ministry of Defence and receipts for services and goods provided by the Government, such as income from postage stamps and immigration fees新的阿森松岛政府的第一年营运岁入主要将来自就业税,“用户”、从来自国防部的收入和从政府提供的服务和货物的收入(例如邮票和移民费)中征收。
Working closely with national authorities, the United Nations Information Centre in Lisbon and the United Nations Information Centre in Rabat helped issue special postage stamps on the Year里斯本和拉巴特联合国新闻中心与所在国当局密切合作,协助发行关于对话年的各种邮票
Production of the PIC Circular, noting that, if the Conference of the Parties decides to move to publication of the circulars on CD-ROM, production and postage costs may be decreased accordinglyiii) 编制《知情同意通报》,如果缔约方大会决定以光盘模式发表各期《知情同意通报》,则编制和邮寄费用便可相应地减少。