• 无依无靠   
  • 无倚无靠   
  • 無依無靠   
  • 無倚無靠   


Simple past tense and past participle of orphan.
Having no living parents.

类似的短语在字典英文 中文。 (19)

遗孤; 遺孤; 孤立; 孤立磁碟區; 孤兒; 遗男; 遺男; 孤儿
orphan crop
orphan disease
orphan drug
孤兒藥; 孤儿药; 罕用药
orphan file
孤立文件; 孤立檔案
orphan medicines
罕用药; 孤儿药
orphan source
orphaned client
orphaned term
孤立术语; 孤立字詞
orphans and vulnerable children
rapid assessment, analysis and action planning for orphans and other vulnerable children
social orphan
to be orphaned
見背; 见背
to be orphaned of one's father
失怙; 丧父; 喪父


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en Some representatives indicated that efficient aid delivery involved action on many fronts, several of which were particularly important: (a) as much aid as possible should be available on a predictable basis; (b) specific conditions and challenges of delivering aid to fragile States deserved special consideration; (c) there was a need to ensure that aid was better distributed so as to avoid “donor darlings” and “donor orphans”; (d) the issue of aid effectiveness in the United Nations system should be addressed to make the United Nations development assistance channels more attractive to donors; (e) the progress that had been made on innovative sources of finance should be built on; and (f) there was a need to ensure that development aid would lead to “climate proof” aid programmes to prevent environmental degradation
zh 一些代表指出,要有效地提供援助,必须在多方面采取行动,有几个特别重要的方面是:(a) 应在可预测的基础上提供尽可能多的援助;(b) 应特别考虑到向脆弱国家提供援助的特殊情况和挑战;(c) 必须确保较公平地分配援助,避免“捐助方宠儿”和“捐助方孤儿”现象;(d) 应解决联合国系统内援助实效的问题,使联合国发展援助渠道更受捐助方欢迎;(e) 必须继续推动在有创意的资金来源方面取得的进展;(f) 必须确保发展援助导致“不影响气候的”援助方案,以防止环境退化。
en Patterns of behaviour- fed by ignorance, misinformation and social stigmatization- have led to a disease so widespread that it has left millions of breadwinners dead and their children orphaned
zh 由于愚昧无知、误导和社会指责而加剧的行为方式,使得一种疾病传播得如此厉害,使成百万的劳动力死亡,使其子女成为孤儿。
en The Committee recommends that the State party undertake the necessary measures to fully implement the National Guidelines for the Care and Protection of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
zh 委员会建议缔约国采取必要措施,充分履行关于看护和保护孤儿及弱势儿童的全国准则。
en In such situations where there are orphans, where mothers are too poor to provide for their children and are also often widows, children are taken away under the pretext of adoption or receiving a better life and/or opportunities for them, and find themselves forced into prostitution or slavery
zh 在诸如孤儿、母亲因贫困无法抚养子女,而且往往还是寡妇的情况下,儿童通常以领养或使其获得更好的生活和(或)让他们有更好机会为借口被带走,结果陷入被迫卖淫或受奴役的境地。
en Also calls upon all States to protect, in law and in practice, the inheritance and property rights of orphans, with particular attention to underlying gender-based discrimination, which may interfere with the fulfilment of these rights
zh 又吁请所有国家在法律和实践中保护孤儿的继承权和财产权,特别注意潜在的基于性别的歧视,这种歧视可能妨碍这些权利的落实
en UNICEF studies suggest that as many as ‧ per cent of them are not orphans, but have been sent out by their impoverished parents to beg
zh 儿童基金会的研究表明,其中多达 ‧ %不是孤儿,而是由他们的贫困父母送出来乞讨的。
en The UNICEF Executive Director and other leaders had stressed the importance of placing orphans and vulnerable children higher on the agenda of the Global Fund and countries also needed to prioritize that area
zh 儿童基金会执行主任和其他领导人都强调,必须将孤儿和易受伤害儿童问题列为全球基金议程的优先项目,各国还应优先关注这一领域。
en In September ‧ the Government had organized an international seminar on developing institutional mechanisms to improve the situation of children, including disabled and orphaned children
zh 年 ‧ 月,俄罗斯政府组织了一场关于发展体制机制以改善包括残疾儿童和孤儿在内的儿童境况的国际研讨会。
en b) Accelerate efforts to abolish school fees, increase the coverage of school meal programmes and remove other barriers for orphans and children made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS
zh b) 加速采取措施,取消学费,提高学校供餐方案的覆盖率,并为艾滋病毒/艾滋病造成的孤儿和易感染艾滋病毒/艾滋病的儿童消除其他障碍
en For orphans there is sickness insurance coverage, as they receive orphan pensions
zh 领取孤儿抚恤金的孤儿也可享受疾病保险。
en In addition, the current national plan against HIV/AIDS placed special emphasis on the prevention of mother-child transmission and support to children orphaned by the pandemic
zh 此外,目前的国家防治艾滋病毒/艾滋病计划特别重视预防母子传播以及对艾滋病致孤儿童的支助。
en Also calls upon States to assist single-parent families and to pay special attention to the needs of widows and orphans in order to assist the building of family-like ties, particularly in difficult circumstances
zh 又吁请各国帮助单亲家庭,特别注意寡妇和孤儿的需要,尤其是在困难的情况下协助建立家庭般的纽带
en Widows and orphans, among others such as disabled and older persons, have been identified as those who suffered most from the conflict and who are living in the most precarious conditions
zh 他们因此最受苦,经济条件极差。
en Even now, in ‧ far too many children, African children in particular ‧ million of them- have been orphaned due to AIDS, and still more are likely to be orphaned
zh 即便在现在 ‧ 年,太多的儿童,尤其是非洲儿童--他们有 ‧ 万--由于艾滋病而成为孤儿,并且很可能有更多的人成为孤儿。
en These stipulate that collective support will be provided for the elderly who are widowed and alone, for handicapped persons and for orphans who meet the conditions for public support in cities; both collective and separate support will be provided for such persons in rural areas; the collective support will in general be organized by welfare centres, homes for the elderly, convalescent homes, children's welfare homes and other similar welfare institutions
zh 有关法律法规规定:对城市孤寡老人、符合供养条件的残疾人和孤儿实行集中供养,对农村孤寡老人、符合供养条件的残疾人和孤儿实行集中供养与分散供养相结合;集中供养一般通过举办社会福利院、敬老院、疗养院、儿童福利院等福利机构进行。
en Collaboration with ILO has been strengthened throughout the reporting period through the work on social protection and universal cash transfers, which has included joint presentations at the ‧ st ‧ nd ‧ rd and ‧ th sessions of the Commission for Social Development, participating in a UNICEF-funded review of the impact of cash transfers on orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) in Southern Africa, together with Save the Children Fund, which will be used to guide UNICEF's work with national governments on targeting children and their (older) carers in future OVC work
zh 在本报告所述的整个期间,通过在社会保护和普遍现金转移支付方面的工作,与劳工组织的合作得到加强,包括在社会发展委员会第 ‧ 、第 ‧ 、第 ‧ 和第 ‧ 届会议上联合发言,与拯救儿童基金会一起参与儿童基金会资助的审查现金转移对南部非洲孤儿和易受感染儿童的影响;这项审查的成果将用于指导儿童基金会与各国政府今后有关孤儿和易受感染儿童工作方面针对儿童及其年长看护者的工作。
en With regard to AIDS, which was tearing Africa apart, WFP had created programmes which not only fed the patients but also fed the affected members of the family, such as orphans
zh 对于在非洲肆虐的艾滋病,粮食计划署已经制定计划,不仅给病人也给家庭中受影响的成员,比如孤儿,提供粮食。
en To provide support to unemployed young people, orphans and widows in the form of vocational training so that they become useful members of society
zh 辅导失业青年、孤儿和寡妇,教会他们谋生,通过自力更生使他们能够对社会有用。
en In its ‧ point Agenda for Peace, the Government has pledged to give assistance to demobilized soldiers, including those from earlier conflicts (estimated at about ‧ ), and also to take care of the disabled, orphans and widows
zh 政府在其 ‧ 点《和平纲领》中保证向复员士兵,包括最近三次战争的复员士兵(估计约有 ‧ 万人)提供援助,还保证照顾残疾人、孤儿和寡妇。
en The European Union is therefore committed to following the Code, in accordance with the European Directive on the control of highly radioactive sealed sources and orphan sources
zh 因此,欧洲联盟根据《欧洲关于管制高活性密封放射源和主放射源的指令》,承诺遵守该守则。
en Any strategy aimed at addressing this scourge and at assisting the most affected should take into account the situation of AIDS orphans
zh 旨在消除这个祸害并协助受影响最大的人的任何战略都应考虑到艾滋病孤儿的情况。
en a) To ensure, by ‧ a complete and successful replenishment of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, as well as the HIV/AIDS component of the work programmes of the agencies and programmes of the United Nations system engaged in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and notes that a major part of the international HIV and AIDS financing gap relates to children orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS
zh a) 确保全球防治艾滋病、结核病和疟疾基金以及联合国系统参与防治艾滋病毒/艾滋病的各个机构和方案的工作方案中的艾滋病毒/艾滋病组成部分的资金到 ‧ 年能顺利补齐,并注意到防治艾滋病毒/艾滋病的国际筹资缺口主要影响到因艾滋病毒/艾滋病而失去双亲或变得易受伤害的儿童
en The weeks of fighting and sporadic violence that followed cost many lives and left thousands of children orphaned
zh 几个星期的战斗和随后的零星暴力冲突杀死许多人,使得数千儿童成为孤儿。
en Question ‧ lease provide detailed information on effective mechanisms within the social security system in the State party which grant coverage to orphans, children without parental care, families headed by single mothers or children, widows, older persons, persons with HIV/AIDS, handicapped persons as well as rural workers, quilombolas and “riverside dwellers”
zh 问题 ‧ 请提供详细资料说明缔约国社会保障系统内给孤儿、父母照料的儿童、单身母亲或儿童为家长的家庭、寡妇、老年人、艾滋病毒/艾滋病患者、残疾人以及农业工人、前逃亡黑奴(quilombolas)和“河边居民”提供保险的有效机制的情况。
en Significant progress has been achieved since then, namely in the area of prevention, universal access to service and care, and in providing support to orphans and vulnerable children, as well as through multifaceted partnerships
zh 自此以后已取得重要进展,即在预防、普遍获得服务和护理以及支助孤儿和易受害儿童方面,以及通过多方面伙伴关系取得了重要进展。