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  • 无倚无靠   
  • 無依無靠   
  • 無倚無靠   


Simple past tense and past participle of orphan.
Having no living parents.

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遗孤; 遺孤; 孤立; 孤立磁碟區; 孤兒; 遗男; 遺男; 孤儿
orphan drug
孤兒藥; 孤儿药
orphan file
孤立文件; 孤立檔案
orphaned client
orphaned term
孤立术语; 孤立字詞
to be orphaned
見背; 见背
to be orphaned of one's father
失怙; 丧父; 喪父


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en New areas of endeavour include campaigns to abolish school fees and an emphasis on children orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS
zh 新的工作领域有,开展运动,取消学校规费,重视由于艾滋病毒/艾滋病而沦为孤儿或沦为弱势群体的儿童所面临的问题。
en The Iraqi Government has established a social security network to support different social sectors, including orphans, widows and the unemployed
zh 伊拉克政府还建立了社会安全网络,以支持各个社会部分,包括孤儿、寡妇和失业者。
en The Assembly also recommended that, by ‧ overnments should develop and implement national policies and strategies to, inter alia, protect orphans and vulnerable children from all forms of abuse, violence, exploitation, discrimination, trafficking and loss of inheritance
zh 大会还建议各国政府到 ‧ 年制定并执行国家政策和战略,旨在保护孤儿和处于脆弱地位的儿童使其不遭受任何形式的虐待、暴力、剥削、歧视、贩卖和丧失继承权。
en Unfortunately, the role of the African Union Mission in Burundi seemed thereafter to be relegated to that of a poor orphaned sibling to the better resourced United Nation mission and not as a cooperating and collaborating partner
zh 令人遗憾的是,自此开始,非洲联盟特派团在布隆迪似乎就变成了资源富足的联合国的一个人疼爱的穷兄弟,而不是一个合作和协作伙伴。
en b) Visits to Ayany primary school, a child-friendly school supported by UNICEF located close to the Kibera informal settlement, and to a household in the Kibera informal settlement, to meet a family benefiting from the cash transfer programme for families with orphaned and vulnerable children
zh b) 访问了位于基贝拉非正规住区附近的Ayany小学,这是儿童基金会赞助的爱幼学校。
en It covered the scale of the HIV/AIDS epidemic; its impact, specifically on children; the goals, strategies, role and response of UNICEF; and what needed to be done to provide care and support for orphans and vulnerable children
zh 该报告载述艾滋病毒/艾滋病流行的程度;该病的影响,特别是对儿童的影响;儿童基金会的目标、战略、作用和因应措施;向孤儿和处境困难的儿童提供照料和帮助。
en “ ‧ lso calls upon States to assist single-parent families and to pay special attention to the needs of widows and orphans in order to assist the building of family-like ties, particularly in difficult circumstances
zh “ ‧ 又吁请各国帮助单亲家庭,特别注意寡妇和孤儿的需要,尤其是在困难的情况下协助建立家庭般的纽带
en Recognizes that a considerable number of children, including orphans, children living on the street, internally displaced and refugee children, children affected by trafficking and sexual and economic exploitation and children who are incarcerated, live without parental support, and in this regard urges States to take special measures to support such children and the institutions, facilities and services that care for them, and to build and strengthen children's abilities to protect themselves
zh 认识到许多儿童,包括孤儿、街头儿童、境内流离失所儿童和难民儿童、遭到贩运以及性剥削和经济剥削的儿童和被监禁的儿童,得不到父母的扶持,在这方面敦促各国采取特别措施支助这种儿童以及照顾他们的机构、设施和服务,并培养和加强儿童保护自己的能力
en There are ‧ widows and ‧ orphans in Tajikistan- the sad consequence of the fratricidal war
zh 在塔吉克斯坦有 ‧ 万寡妇和 ‧ 万 ‧ 千孤儿,这是自相残杀战争造成的悲惨的后果。
en The Committee is concerned at the large number of children in the State party living in institutions, a significant proportion of whom are “social” rather than natural orphans
zh 委员会感到关注的是,缔约国有大量儿童生活在养育院,其中相当大一部分是“社会”孤儿,而非正常孤儿。
en Care and support centres ‧ projects, aimed at people in permanent or temporary difficulties e.g. Peru- Pampa De Ocas: Soup kitchen and basic health care centre for families, Mozambique-Chowke and Machel: Support to orphans and children abandoned because of AIDS
zh 保健和支助中心 ‧ 个项目,针对长期或暂时生活困难的人,例如,秘鲁--Pampa De Ocas:为家庭提供的羹汤供应站和基本卫生保健中心,“Mozambique-Chowke和Machel”:救济孤儿和因艾滋病受遗弃的儿童。
en A particularly devastating impact of the HIV/AIDS crisis on children is felt by those left orphaned by the death of parents due to the disease
zh 艾滋病毒/艾滋病危机对儿童特别不利的影响是,使一些儿童因其父母死于艾滋病而变成孤儿。
en Beneficiaries of support to HIV/AIDS-Orphans
zh 支助感染艾滋病毒/艾滋病的孤儿 ‧ 人受益( ‧ 年
en a) Implementing national preventive and treatment strategies, regional and international cooperation measures and the development of international initiatives to provide special assistance to children orphaned by HIV/AIDS
zh a) 实施全国预防和治疗战略,采取区域及国际合作措施,并制订国际方案,向那些父母因艾滋病毒/艾滋病而双亡的孤儿提供特别援助
en The raising and instruction of orphans and children left without parental care is organized in general schools, children's homes or boarding schools
zh 由普通学校、孤儿院或寄宿学校来安排抚养和教育孤儿或父母照看的儿童事宜。
en b) As HIV prevalence is on the increase, so is the number of AIDS orphans
zh b) 随着艾滋病毒的蔓延,因艾滋病失去父母的孤儿在增加
en With the benefit of a small grant by the United Nations Foundation, nine projects focused on children's health received funding, including assistance to children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, small agricultural businesses and basic education and professional training for young people
zh 通过联合国基金会提供的一小笔赠款,共有 ‧ 个将重点放在儿童保健的项目得到资助,其中包括向因艾滋病毒/艾滋病成为孤儿的儿童、农村小企业以及青年的基本教育和专业培训等。
en The Government is currently finalizing the Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children Trust Fund, which will cover all essential needs for these children
zh 政府目前正最后完成孤儿和其他易受伤害儿童信托基金的建立工作,该基金将照顾到这些儿童的所有根本需求。
en As an example, the Executive Secretary noted that the number of orphanages in Rwanda had been reduced by two thirds, as orphans of the genocide found foster homes
zh 作为一个例子,执行秘书指出,卢旺达孤儿的数量减少了三分之二,许多种族灭绝产生的孤儿找到了寄养的家庭。
en At the request of UNICEF, the Forces de défence et de sécurité-Forces nouvelles focal points have also identified other vulnerable children, including street children and orphans in areas under their control
zh 新生力量国防保安部队协调人还根据儿童基金会要求,在该部队的控制地区查明了其他弱势儿童,如流浪儿和孤儿的身份。
en That efforts to reduce poverty among the most vulnerable populations affected by HIV/AIDS be scaled up significantly, particularly among the elderly, children orphaned because of the disease, widows, the indigenous, and girls and women at risk of being sexually exploited
zh 加大在受艾滋病毒/艾滋病影响的最脆弱人群中减少贫穷的力度,特别是老年人疾病所致孤儿、寡居者、土著人及面临遭受性剥削风险的女孩和妇女。
en Orphan's social assistance pensions shall be granted to all orphaned children who do not receive social insurance orphan's pensions, because their deceased parents (one of their parents) have not acquired the required pensions insurance period
zh 对于所有因过世的父母双方(或其中一方)未能达到所需的养恤金保险期限而未能领取社会保险孤儿养恤金的孤儿,应当提供孤儿社会援助养恤金。
en In December ‧ was assisting ‧ orphans and other vulnerable children, including former child soldiers
zh 年 ‧ 月,粮食计划署帮助了 ‧ 万名孤儿和包括前儿童兵在内的其他易受伤害儿童。
en uratom Radiation (Emergency Preparedness & Public Information) Regulations ‧ ontrol of high activity sealed radioactive sources and orphan sources ‧ uratom Radiation (Emergency Preparedness & Public Information) Regulations
zh 欧洲原子能共同体(关于应急准备与公共信息的规定)( ‧ 年)--关于对强放射性密封放射源与独立放射源实施控制的规定。
en UNICEF also strives to focus on the children, including the girl child, street children and orphans, living in vulnerable situations in poor urban areas
zh 儿童基金会还努力将其工作重点放在包括女童、街头儿童和孤儿在内的儿童以及居住在贫穷城市地区易受伤害状况中的儿童身上。