• 物件導向   
    Of, pertaining to, or being a system or language that supports the use of objects.
  • 面向对象的   
    Of, pertaining to, or being a system or language that supports the use of objects.


(computing, programming) Using entities called objects that can process data and exchange messages with other objects.

类似的短语在字典英文 中文。 (49)

ActiveX Data ObjectsActiveX 数据对象; ActiveX Data Objects
Assistant object助手对象; 小幫手物件
character (of a person, verse, object etc)風調; 风调
classifier for flat objects, sheet张; 張
classifier for objects with handle
classifier for people or objects in general个; 個
color of object物色
common object file format通用对象文件格式; 通用物件檔案格式
connection-oriented面向连接; 連線導向
contact object連絡人物件; 联系对象
control device object控制裝置物件; 控制设备对象
counterfeit object假冒品; 仿製品; 偽造品; 仿冒品; 伪造品; 仿制品
cup or dipper shaped object
DirectX Media ObjectDirectX 媒体对象; DirectX 媒體物件
Document Object Model (DOM)文档对象模型; 文檔對象模型
elderly-oriented media老年媒体
embedded object嵌入对象; 內嵌物件
enterprise service-oriented architecture企業服務導向架構
entity object实体对象; 實體物件
gap between two objects空隙
image object影像物件; 图像对象
landscape orientation橫向
mail-enabled object启用邮件对象; 擁有郵件物件
management by objectives目标管理
material object实物; 實物
object受詞; 對象; 物体; 事物; 客體; 对象; 宾语; 物件; 物體; 物
object (in grammar)宾; 賓
Object Browser物件瀏覽器; 对象浏览器
object code对象代码; 目的碼
object file对象文件; 目的檔
object flow物件流程; 对象流
object for practical use實物; 实物
object library对象库; 物件程式庫
object model对象模型; 物件模型
object model diagram物件模型圖表; 对象模型图
object oriented language面嚮對象語言; 面向对象语言
object path物件路徑; 对象路径
object pooling物件集區
object protection level保護物件層級; 对象保护级别
Object Services对象服务; 物件服務
Oriental Daily News東方日報; 东方日报
Oriental Pearl Television Tower东方明珠电视塔; 東方明珠電視塔
Oriental Pearl Tower東方明珠塔; 东方明珠塔
Oriental ratsnake (Ptyas mucosus)滑鼠蛇
Peninsula and Oriental shipping company半岛和东方航海; 半島和東方航海
Real-Time Object-Oriented Modeling diagram实时面向对象建模图; 即時物件導向模型圖表
Runtime object model运行时对象模型; 執行階段物件模型
Service Oriented Architecture面向服务的体系结构; 服務導向架構
Simple Object Access Protocol简单对象访问协议; 簡易物件存取通訊協定 (SOAP)


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He further argues that the procedure was not objective since it took place in Swedish with only sporadic assistance from untrained interpreters, which prevented him from understanding and responding to the decisions taken concerning him in his own language他进一步辩称,审议程序不客观,因为是在瑞典进行,只是偶尔有未经训练译员提供协助,使他无法用自己语言理解和回应对他作出决定。
f) Be presented along with a draft programme of action containing well-defined objectives and activities, leading to clearly identifiable results, and providing for the establishment of national committees or other mechanisms for the purpose of mobilizing public support and carrying out activities connected with the decadef) 关于国际十年提议应包括一项行动纲领草案,其中明确说明目标和活动,预期产生切实成果,并规定设立国家委员会或其他机制,以调动公众支持和开展与国际十年有关活动。
The Chairperson said that, if she heard no objection, she would take it that the Commission wished to amend subparagraph (c) to reflect the suggestion made in the Secretariat's note主席说,如果没有人反对,她将认为委员会希望修正(c)项,以反映秘书处说明中提出建议。
At the ‧ th meeting, on ‧ ovember, the representative of Cuba, on behalf of Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Benin, Botswana, Burundi, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, El Salvador, Indonesia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, Nigeria, Peru, Rwanda, the Sudan, Suriname, the Syrian Arab Republic, Viet Nam, Yemen, Zambia and Zimbabwe, introduced a draft resolution entitled “Strengthening United Nations action in the field of human rights through the promotion of international cooperation and the importance of non-selectivity, impartiality and objectivity在 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 次会议上,古巴代表以下列国家名义介绍了一项题为“促进国际合作并重视非选择性、公正性和可观性以加强联合国在人权领域行动”决议草案( ‧ ):阿尔及利亚、安哥拉、孟加拉国、贝宁、博茨瓦纳、布隆迪、柬埔寨、中国、哥伦比亚、刚果、古巴、朝鲜民主主义人民共和国、刚果民主共和国、埃及、萨尔瓦多、印度尼西亚、伊朗伊斯兰共和国、老挝人民民主共和国、阿拉伯利比亚民众国、马达加斯加、马来西亚、马里、墨西哥、缅甸、纳米比亚、尼日利亚、秘鲁、卢旺达、苏丹、苏里南、阿拉伯叙利共和国、越南、也门、赞比亚和津巴布韦。
The defect of the new solution was that, by defining serious breaches in article ‧ paragraph ‧ as those involving a gross or systematic failure to fulfil the obligation, it provided no objective way to draw the line between serious and other breaches, particularly in the areas of human rights and environmental protection, where the concept was of the most practical significance解决办法缺点在于,由于把第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款内严重违背义务界定为涉及严重或一贯不履行项义务,所以它没有客观地区分严重违背和其他违背,尤其是在本概念具有最实际重大意义人权与环境保护领域内者。
We look forward to continued assistance from the international community in helping us to achieve the objectives of that resolution to maintain and protect this, our most vital natural resource我们期待着国际社会继续提供援助,以帮助我们实现该决议中保持和保护我们这个最重要自然资源目标。
It goes without saying, however, that devoting the year ‧ to this purpose does not imply that the objective of dialogue among civilizations will then either have been achieved or be obsolete然而,勿庸言,把 ‧ 年专门用于这一目的并不意味着不同文明之间对话目标要么实现要么过时。
c) Organizing appropriate training programmes, including language and external study programmes and induction/orientation courses for new staff members, and disseminating information on career development issues to staffc) 举办适当培训方案,包括语文和外部学习方案,以及新工作人员简介/概况讲习班,并向工作人员提供关于事业发展问题信息
With the issues-oriented phase coming to a conclusion, attention is now turning to the task of transforming the body of recommendations into the ‧ ev注重问题阶段即将结束,现在,人们注意力已经集中到将一系列建议转变为《 ‧ 年SNA,Rev ‧ 》工作上。
But even where the objective was to construct a western European-style mixed economy, the role of the market was greatly enhanced但是,即便有关目标是建立西欧风格混合型经济,市场作用还是得到很大加强。
There is no doubt that the implementation of women's rights and the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women are among the priority objectives of the international community, and that they constitute an integral part of its activities毫无疑问,实施妇女权利和消除一切形式对妇女歧视是国际社会优先目标,而且是其活动不可分割部分。
Indeed, the Supreme Court thoroughly and objectively reviewed each of the grounds for the appeal, which were primarily based on an appraisal of the evidence examined by the trial court, and it was rightly on the basis of this reappraisal that the Court concluded that the refusal to hear expert testimony that would have established the precise quantity of trafficked cocaine was a violation of the authors' right to be presumed innocent实际上,最高法院对上诉理由逐一作了彻底客观复审,这些上诉理由主要依据初审法院调查证据鉴定。 最高法院作了重新鉴定,而且正确地以此为根据得出结论说拒绝听取专家证词以确定贩运可卡因确切数量,侵犯了提交人无罪推定权利。
Near-Earth object observations by the Japan Spaceguard Association (as at August日本空间护卫协会近地物体观测(截至 ‧ 年 ‧ 月
He took it that, if he heard no objection, the Committee wished to approve the composition of the official delegation to the Seminar他认为如果没有反对意见,委员会将核可出席讨论会官方代表团组成。
It was important to ensure that the forthcoming review of the implementation of the outcome of the Fourth World Conference on Women and of the twenty-third special session would be action-oriented and would feed constructively into the subsequent review of the implementation of the social and economic undertakings made in the Millennium Declaration第四次妇女问题世界会议和大会第二十三届特别会议成果落实情况审查在即,确保审查工作着眼于行动非常重要,确保审查能为随后进行《千年宣言》中所作社会经济承诺落实情况审查提供建设性参考非常重要。
• An enhanced set of indicators (quantifiable information) related to the global objectives, derived from existing reporting processes, in particular the Forest Resources Assessment, and supplemented by voluntary national reports• 从现有报告进程,尤其是森林资源评估得出、以自愿性国家报告为补充有关全球目标改进指标(量化信息
It is not only a question of quantitative impact, as the numerical results are still little significant, given the objective of including black young people in higher education: less than ‧ per cent of public institutions have adopted affirmative actions, and these account for only ‧ per cent of admissions to higher education (IPEA, op. cit鉴于目标是将黑人青年纳入高等教育,所以这不仅仅是一个数量效应问题,因为数量结果意义仍然微不足道:采取肯定行动公立学校不到 ‧ %,而这些学校入学人数只占高等教育入学人数 ‧ %(应用经济研究所,同上)。
The Assembly also reaffirmed the right of access of landlocked countries, including landlocked developing countries, to and from the sea and freedom of transit through the territory of transit States by all means of transport, in accordance with international law, and requested the Secretary-General to convene in ‧ another meeting of governmental experts from landlocked and transit developing countries and representatives of donor countries and financial and development institutions, including relevant regional and subregional economic organizations and commissions, to review progress in the development of transit transport systems, including sectoral aspects and transit transportation costs, with a view to exploring the possibility of formulating necessary action-oriented measures大会又重申,内陆国、包括发展中内陆国根据国际法享有出入海洋权利和以各种运输工具通过过境国领土过境自由,并请秘书长于 ‧ 年再召开一次发展中内陆国和过境国政府专家与捐助国及金融和发展机构、包括有关区域和分区域经济组织及经济委员会代表会议,审查在制订过境运输制度方面进展,包括部门问题和过境运输成本,以探讨拟订面向行动必要措施可能性。
Blaming the Advisory Committee for the situation did not match the objective facts指责咨询委员会对这种状况负责并不符合客观事实。
Over the period ‧ no substantive progress was made in developing longer-term qualitative indicators that would assist in determining whether the Convention itself was attaining its overall objective of protecting human health and the environment在 ‧ 年和 ‧ 年阶段,在制订能够帮助确定《公约》本身是否已经实现其保护人类健康和环境总目标长期质量指标方面没有取得任何实质性进展。
The State party has objected that the Mytishchinsk City Prosecutor's Office has investigated the author's pertinent allegations and concluded that they were unfounded缔约国反驳说,Mytishchinsk市检察官办事处对提交人有关指控进行了调查,其结论是这些指控没有根据。
The experts aim at three primary goals, namely, assessing the existing knowledge base on environmental migration, promoting a new agenda of policy-oriented research on migration and the environment, and identifying key questions, research themes and innovative research methods needed for more accurate data collection and cross-cutting approaches to migration and the environment专家们旨在实现三个主要目标,即评估有关环境移民问题现有知识基础、促进着眼于政策移民和环境问题研究新议程以及确定关键问题、研究主题以及更准确数据收集所需创新研究办法以及处理移民和环境问题贯穿各领域办法。
The virtues behind these Asian exploits remain as valid today as before: high savings, sound macroeconomics, investment in human resources, export orientation, public-private sector partnership亚洲这些开拓业绩背后种种优良作法今天与以前一样有效:高储蓄率、健康宏观经济、投资于人力资源、出口导向、公私部门伙伴关系。
The Commission has formed a clear view that, cumulatively, the deliberate and lethal attacks by the IDF on civilians and civilian objects amounted to collective punishment委员会明确认为,以国防军对平民和民用物体蓄意和致命袭击相当于集体惩罚。
d) Discussed plans for the next Expert Group meeting to be held tentatively in March/April ‧ with the main objectives of finalizing data preparation and analysis for the ‧ round of reporting to the Council and the Assemblyd) 讨论暂定于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月举行专家组下次会议计划,主要目的在于最后确定数据制作和分析,以便在 ‧ 年向经社理事会和大会提出报告。