• 物件導向   
    Of, pertaining to, or being a system or language that supports the use of objects.
  • 面向对象的   
    Of, pertaining to, or being a system or language that supports the use of objects.


(computing, programming) Using entities called objects that can process data and exchange messages with other objects.

类似的短语在字典英文 中文。 (61)

务实的; 着重行动的
action-oriented commitment
着重行动的承诺; 注重行动的承诺
action-oriented proposal
Action-Oriented School Health Project
Annual DPI/NGO Orientation Programme
annual orientation programme
client orientation
client-oriented service
Client-Oriented, Provider-Efficient services strategy
面向连接; 連線導向
content-oriented guidelines
country-level orientation
domestic-oriented growth
domestically-oriented foreign affiliates
drop orientation
effect-oriented policy
export-oriented foreign direct investment
export-oriented growth strategy
export-oriented industries
export-oriented joint venture
export-oriented unit
family-oriented policy
long-term mission-oriented programmes
management oriented evaluation
market-oriented reforms
object oriented language
面嚮對象語言; 面向对象语言
object-oriented database
面向对象的数据库; 物件導向資料庫
object-oriented programming
物件導向程式設計; 面向对象的编程
object-oriented structure
offence-oriented approach
offender-oriented approach
oriental catfish
鲶; 鮎; 鲇; 鯰
Oriental Daily News
東方日報; 东方日报
oriental grapefruit
柚; 柚木; 柚子
oriental greenfinch (Carduelis sinica)
金翅; 蘆花黃雀; 綠雀; 绿雀; 金翅雀; 芦花黄雀
Oriental Pearl Television Tower
东方明珠电视塔; 東方明珠電視塔
Oriental Pearl Tower
東方明珠塔; 东方明珠塔
oriental whitebait
銀魚; 银鱼
傾向性; 正方向; 定向; 取向; 导向; 導向; 曏; 傾向; 方向; 倾向性; 倾向; 打印方向; 朝向
orientation debate
Peninsula and Oriental shipping company
半岛和东方航海; 半島和東方航海
Prototype Action-Oriented School Health Curriculum
着重于行动的学校健康课程模式; 健康课程模式
Real-Time Object-Oriented Modeling diagram
实时面向对象建模图; 即時物件導向模型圖表
Service Oriented Architecture
面向服务的体系结构; 服務導向架構


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en The draft resolution which is the object of our consideration today, aimed at denying access of non-State actors and terrorists to weapons of mass destruction, is in accord with the objectives stated in resolution
zh 我们今天审议决议草案,目的在于剥夺非国家作用者或恐怖主义分子获取大规模毁灭性武器可能性,这同第 ‧ 号决议阐述目标是一致
en This objective is of particular relevance for the well-being of families during periods of social and economic stress, such as the current economic crisis
zh 这一目标对社会和经济困难期间,如目前经济危机期间家庭福祉而言,特别具有现实意义。
en The Least Developed Countries ‧ eport offers new policy orientations that are viable and argues that the role of the state is crucially important in promoting development in LDCs
zh 《 ‧ 年最不发达国家报告》提出了可行政策方向,并主张国家作用对促进最不发达国家发展至关重要。
en he subprogramme is expected to achieve its objectives and expected accomplishments on the assumption that: (a) discrepancies in conditions of service vis-à-vis other United Nations agencies adversely affect the retention of staff in hardship duty stations of UNODC operations; and (b) the staff-management consultative process contributes positively to the human resources management reform
zh 本次级方案预计会实现其目标和预期成绩,但前提是:(a) 相对于联合国其他机构服务条件差别不对禁毒办业务艰苦工作地点工作人员留用情况产生不利影响;(b) 工作人员-管理层协商进程积极促进人力资源管理改革。
en Recognizing that the entry into force of the Treaty is still pending and does not look to be imminent, we believe that the advancement of the objectives of the CTBT calls for the following commitments and activities to be diligently pursued
zh 认识到《条约》仍未生效并看来不会马上生效,我们认为,为了推动《全面禁试条约》目标,必须积极推动以下承诺和活动。
en The recent transfer of General Gotovina to the ICTY further convinced us that, through the efforts made by various parties, the work of the two Tribunals will meet the objectives set, as expected by the international community
zh 不久前格托维纳将军被移送前南刑庭一事使我们更加确信,通过各方面努力,两刑庭工作一定会达到国际社会所期待目标。
en When deciding on appointments within the State administration, only objective factors such as experience and competence shall be taken into account
zh 国家行政部门作出聘任决定时,只应考虑经验和能力等客观因素。
en The implementation-oriented frameworks solely focus on funding large-scale highly technical options instead of low-cost locally applicable, affordable and available technologies and community-management approaches that confront community challenges in water, sanitation and human settlements
zh 这些框架重视执行工作,但它们仅注重于为技术含量高大型方案提供资金,而不重视那些成本低、适用于当地、负担得起和可以提供以及有助于社区应对水、环境卫生和人类住区领域挑战技术和社区管理办法
en Three new specific objectives related to HIV/AIDS, early childhood development and emergency preparedness were added to the country programme
zh 国家方案增加了与艾滋病毒/艾滋病、幼儿发展和应急准备相关三项新具体目标。
en Requests the Secretary-General to submit an annual progress report on the implementation of the Programme of Action in a more analytical and results-oriented way by placing greater emphasis on concrete results and indicating the progress achieved in its implementation, which could include the use of a matrix of achievements
zh 请秘书长以更注重分析和着重效果方式提交关于《行动纲领》执行进度报告,其中特别强调具体结果,并指出在执行《行动纲领》方面取得进展,这可包括利用绩效总表
en As a consequence, few women are participating in designing new information technologies; however, women's participation could improve product quality given their cognizant client orientation
zh 结果仅少数妇女参与设计新信息技术;然而,鉴于妇女洞察客户倾向能力,她们参与可改善产品质量。
en The overall objective of the Strategy was to reduce or eliminate consistent poverty among women by ‧ and to improve their access to health care, education and employment
zh 该战略总目标是到 ‧ 年时减少或消除一贯存在于妇女中贫困,增加妇女获得医疗保健、教育和就业机会途径。
en We are convinced that the implementation of the objectives of the Cairo Conference will make a substantial contribution to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs
zh 我们相信执行开罗会议目标将大大有利于实现千年发展目标。
en UNESCO is encouraging civil society to strengthen its efforts to promote a culture of peace through various programmes and initiatives, such as the “Civil societies in dialogue: Israel/Palestine” programme, which aims to help leaders of civil society organizations build a common future through dialogue and policy-oriented research
zh 教科文组织鼓励民间社会加强努力,通过各种方案和倡议弘扬和平文化,例如:民间社会参与对话:以色列/巴勒斯坦方案,方案致力于帮助民间社会组织领导人通过对话和政策研究,进而缔造共同未来。
en The transcript of the hearing allegedly shows that Mr. Gibson offered no evidence, examined no witnesses and made no objections
zh 据称,法庭记录表明,Gibson先生未拿出证据,也未诘问过证人和提出过异议。
en In general, the Third Assessment Report should be used routinely as a useful reference for providing information for deliberations on agenda items of the Conference of Parties and its subsidiary bodies; Annex I Parties should implement their commitments under the Convention, including, where applicable, those relating to the provision of financial resources and technology transfer, and demonstrate that they are taking the lead in modifying longer-term trends in anthropogenic emissions consistent with the objective of the Convention through the adoption of national policies and corresponding measures for the mitigation of climate change; Parties that have ratified the Kyoto Protocol should strongly urge Parties that have not already done so to ratify the Kyoto Protocol in a timely manner
zh j) 附件一缔约方应履行在《公约》下作出承诺,包括凡属适用,履行与提供资金和转让技术相关承诺,表明它们正在率先采取减缓气候变化国家政策和相应措施,按照《公约》目标改变人为排放量长期趋势
en The individual country project documents all had three identical objectives
zh 捐助者、受援国和协调组织联合签署项目文件。
en He further agrees with ICSC that the objectives of streamlining contractual arrangements could be achieved within the simple structure of three types of appointment outlined in the ICSC framework for contractual arrangements
zh 他还同意公务员制度委员会意见,即可在公务员制度委员会合同安排框架所勾画三个任用类型简单结构内,实现精简合同安排目标。
en Furthermore, in January ‧ the Commission developed a six-month workplan with the primary objective of developing an IPBS as a framework for cooperation between Sierra Leone and members of the Commission
zh 年 ‧ 月,委员会制定了一个六个月工作计划,首要目标是拟定建设和平综合战略,以此作为塞拉利昂与委员会成员合作框架。
en Voluntary repatriation continued to be the preferred durable solution for refugees and UNHCR strove to achieve this objective wherever possible, taking advantage of the tremendous potential for sustainable return currently witnessed in Africa
zh 自愿回返仍然是较可取难民问题持续解决办法,凡有可能时,难民专员办事处都利用最近在非洲看到可持续回返巨大潜力,尽量实现这一目标。
en Hence the choice of this organization on my last visit abroad is justified by a convergence in our aims and objectives
zh 因此,我在最后一次海外访问时选择这一组织是有理由,因为我们目标和宗旨是相同
en Nigeria attaches great importance to the objectives of the Agency and has demonstrated on several occasions its political commitment and support for international peace and security and global non-proliferation efforts, especially those directed at curbing the spread of nuclear weapons and all forms of weapons of mass destruction
zh 尼日利亚非常重视该机构目标,已在若干场合表明它对国际和平与安全及全球不扩散努力政治承诺和支持,特别是对旨在阻止核武器和一切形式大规模毁灭性武器扩散努力。
en We hope to attain those objectives by
zh 我们希望到 ‧ 年实现这些目标。
en Other mechanisms include the staff selection system, by which heads of department and office are required to certify that they have taken into account the Organization's human resources objectives and targets as reflected in the departmental action plans, especially with regard to geography
zh 其他机制包括工作人员甄选制度,其中要求部厅主管证明他们考虑到了部门人力资源行动计划所列本组织人力资源目标和指标,特别是地域分配方面目标和指标。
en South Africa further welcomes the fact that the Committee's current outreach planning takes cognizance of the fact that there are important synergies between the objectives of resolution ‧ and other important developmental and security objectives of States
zh 南非进一步欢迎,委员会目前外联规划承认第 ‧ 号决议目标同各国其他重要发展和安全目标之间存在重要协同功效这一事实。