• 杀有害生物剂   
  • 杀虫   
  • 杀虫剂   
  • 杀虫药   
  • 殺蟲   
  • 殺蟲劑   
  • 殺蟲藥   


A substance used to kill insects
Any chemical agent used to destroy invertebrate pests.

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bacterial insecticides
botanical insecticides
Decis (insecticide brand)
敵殺死; 敌杀死
derris (insecticide)
insecticide crops
insecticide fogger
insecticide selectivity
insecticide-treated mosquito net
浸渍蚊帐; 杀虫剂浸渍蚊帐
insecticide-treated net
驱虫蚊帐; 浸渍蚊帐; 杀虫剂浸渍蚊帐
microbial insecticides
pyrethrum (insecticide)
residual insecticide
vegetable insecticides



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en Through these agreements and resulting actions, the Global Fund had helped to save ‧ million lives by the end of ‧ some ‧ million people received treatment against tuberculosis ‧ million people received antiretroviral drugs; and ‧ million insecticide-treated mosquito nets were distributed
zh 通过这些协议及其要求的行动,该基金到 ‧ 年年底已协助拯救了 ‧ 万人的生命 ‧ 万人获得了结核病治疗 ‧ 万人获得了抗逆转录病毒药物;分发了 ‧ 万张驱蚊帐。
en The use of insecticide-treated bednets by children under age ‧ in malaria-risk areas in sub-Saharan Africa is reported to have improved from ‧ per cent in ‧ to ‧ per cent in ‧ and to ‧ per cent in ‧ (United Nations ‧ a
zh 在撒哈拉以南非洲有患染疟疾风险的地区,五岁以下儿童利用驱蚊帐的人数不断增高,从 ‧ 年的 ‧ %、 ‧ 年的 ‧ %增至 ‧ 年的 ‧ %(联合国 ‧ 年a)。
en DDT was the first of the chlorinated organic insecticides to come into wide commercial use, during the Second World War, as a pesticide against mosquitoes for the prevention of malaria and yellow fever and also for the control of tsetse flies (TOMES Plus® System from Thomson MICROMEDEX
zh 滴滴涕是第一种在商业上广泛使用的氯化有机杀虫剂,在第二次世界大战期间,成为一种灭蚊,用于防治疟疾和黄热病,并控制舌蝇(Thomson MICROMEDEX公司的TOMES Plus®系统)。
en The Roll Back Malaria interim goals were to support the following Abuja targets: (a) at least ‧ per cent of people suffering from malaria should be able to access and use correct, affordable and appropriate treatment within ‧ hours of the onset of symptoms; (b) at least ‧ per cent of people at risk of malaria, particularly pregnant women and children under five, should benefit from suitable personal and community protective measures, such as insecticide-treated nets; and (c) at least ‧ per cent of all pregnant women who are at risk of malaria, especially those in their first pregnancies, should receive intermittent preventive treatment
zh 减疟行动的中期目标是支持阿布贾宣言的下述指标:(a) 至少 ‧ %的疟疾患者能够在出现症状 ‧ 小时内得到和利用正确、廉价和适当的治疗办法;(b) 至少 ‧ %的可能患疟疾者特别是妇女和五岁以下儿童能够从驱蚊帐等适当的个人和社区保护措施中获益;(c) 至少 ‧ %可能患疟疾的孕妇特别是首次怀孕者接受间歇性预防疗法。
en Other achievements that the country has registered include: prompt and effective treatment; epidemic preparedness and response; provision for malaria prevention during pregnancy; information, education and communication for malaria prevention and awareness; strengthening institutional infrastructure and staffing; revival of the indoor residual spraying programme; establishment of a sentinel surveillance system and monitoring anti-malaria drug efficacy and vector response to insecticides
zh 我国取得的其他成绩包括:迅速和有效治疗;流行病防治;提供妊娠期间的疟疾预防;疟疾预防和意识方面的信息、教育和交流;加强体制性基础设施和人员配备;恢复室内滞留喷洒方案;建立哨点监测系统并监测抗疟药物的疗效和病媒对杀虫剂的反应。
en The problems of drug and insecticide resistance were compounded by general weaknesses in the health-care infrastructure and economic shocks that reduced government spending per capita on health care
zh 抗药和抗杀虫剂问题,因保健基础设施整体脆弱以及政府削减人均保健开支的经济冲击而变得复杂。
en Also, in response to calls for “quick win” actions in the Millennium Project report, Japan has decided to donate ‧ million long-lasting insecticide-treated anti-mosquito bed nets to African countries, the distribution of which has already begun
zh 赢”行动的呼吁,日本决定向非洲国家捐助 ‧ 万顶长效驱蚊帐,已经开始分发。
en Insecticide-treated nets are also used in a high proportion of countries in the South-East Asia and Western Pacific regions, but in relatively few countries in the other three regions as classified by WHO
zh 东南亚和西太平洋区域国家使用驱蚊帐的比例也很高,但在其他 ‧ 个卫生组织划分的区域中,使用驱蚊帐的国家相对较少。
en The beneficial effects of IPT will probably be additive to the proven benefits of insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) use by pregnant women
zh 间隙性预防性治疗的益处可能与驱蚊帐对孕妇的明显益处发挥互补作用。
en Urges the international community to become fully knowledgeable about World Health Organization technical policies and strategies, including for indoor residual spraying, insecticide-treated nets and case management, intermittent preventive treatment for pregnant women and monitoring of in vivo resistance studies to artemisinin-based combination therapy treatment, so that projects support those policies and strategies
zh 敦促国际社会充分了解世界卫生组织的技术政策和战略,包括室内滞留喷、驱蚊帐、病例管理、怀孕妇女间歇性预防治疗、青蒿素类复方疗法活体抗药性研究监测等方面的政策和战略,以使各种项目符合这些政策和战略
en Between ‧ and ‧ the percentage of Zambian households with at least one insecticide-treated mosquito net increased from ‧ per cent to ‧ per cent
zh 年至 ‧ 年,赞比亚至少拥有一顶驱蚊帐的家庭的比例从 ‧ %增至 ‧ %。
en As stated in the report of the Secretary-General, other targets achieved by my country include relatively high ownership and use of insecticide-treated bed nets
zh 正如秘书长报告指出的那样,我国实现的其他指标包括获得相对较大的所有权和使用驱蚊帐。
en Looking back on our collective commitment undertaken at Ouagadougou in ‧ we are pleased to inform the General Assembly that, over the past five years, we have been able to significantly decrease measles-related child mortality in Africa as a result of the Measles Partnership; that the Abuja Roll Back Malaria target for long-lasting insecticide nets coverage for Togo was accomplished in one week, when ‧ nets were distributed to people in need; and that the number of polio-endemic countries is steadily decreasing, with possible polio eradication, we hope, by
zh 回顾我们 ‧ 年在瓦加杜古做出的集体承诺,我们很高兴地告诉大会,在过去的五年里,因为有了麻疹预防伙伴关系,我们已经能够大幅度地减少非洲与麻疹有关的儿童死亡率;为多哥确立的耐用驱蚊帐的阿布贾击退疟疾目标在一周之内就实现了,向困难群众分发了 ‧ 顶蚊帐;小儿麻痹流行国家的数量持续减少,我们希望到 ‧ 年有可能彻底消除小儿麻痹。
en Research has been initiated on the use of non-pyrethroid insecticides for treatment of mosquito nets to cope with the problem of pyrethroid resistance
zh 已开始进行研究,使用非除虫菊的杀虫剂来处理蚊帐,以对付除虫菊抗药性的问题。
en Examples of cross-sectoral collaboration are the international effort to reduce taxes and tariffs on ITNs, netting materials and insecticide, and RBM's participation in the process that led to exemptions in the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants for the use of DDT in malaria vector control
zh 跨部门协作的实例有:国际社会努力减少对经杀虫剂处理过的蚊帐、蚊帐材料和杀虫剂征税和关税,以及减少疟疾倡议参与导致《关于持久性有机污染物的斯德哥尔摩公约》中豁免疟疾传病媒介控制使用滴滴涕进程。
en The findings of this evaluation will be used, together with a larger survey on ownership of insecticide-treated nets in the four focal states, to assess the success of current efforts in the Roll Back Malaria programme
zh 这次评价的结果,连同关于四个重点州驱蚊帐拥有情况的更大调查,将用于评价减少疟疾方案的目前努力的成败。
en We need to provide insecticide-treated bednets
zh 我们需要提供驱蚊帐。
en For preventing malaria, insecticide-treated mosquito nets have proved effective, and their distribution has increased tenfold since ‧ (see figure X
zh 为预防疟疾,驱蚊帐证明是有效的,自 ‧ 年以来,其分发量增加了 ‧ 倍(见图十)。
en UNICEF continued its support to countries for the distribution of insecticide-treated mosquito nets (ITNs) through integrated maternal and child health services
zh 儿童基金会继续支助各国通过综合性的妇幼保健服务分发驱蚊帐。
en These include strengthening planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of malaria control activities in ‧ frican countries, including the establishment of sentinel sites and anti-malaria drug efficacy; and promoting large-scale use of insecticide-treated materials
zh 这些活动包括加强规划、执行和监测与评估在非洲 ‧ 个国家的控制疟疾活动,包括建立监控地点和治疟药效及推动大规模使用杀虫剂处理过的材料。
en Scaling up of ITN coverage remains a challenge- as does the retreatment of nets with recommended insecticide, which remains extremely low in most of the affected countries
zh 提高驱蚊帐的覆盖率仍然是一个挑战--这与用推荐的杀虫剂处理蚊帐的情况一样,其覆盖率在大多数受影响国家仍然极低。
en Poor health infrastructure, coupled with insufficient supplies of essential drugs and other preventive measures, such as nets and insecticides, and inadequate supervision of health-care providers, leads to poor service delivery
zh 卫生基础设施差,加上基本药品以及蚊帐和杀虫剂等其它预防措施供应不足,以及对保健提供者的监督不到位,致使提供的卫生服务很差。
en The use of insecticide-treated mosquito nets is on the increase in sub-Saharan Africa, where ‧ of ‧ countries with trend data have reported at least a threefold increase in coverage since
zh 在撒哈拉以南非洲越来越多的人使用驱蚊帐,在 ‧ 个拥有趋势数据的国家中有 ‧ 个报告说,从 ‧ 年以来驱蚊帐使用范围至少增加了三倍。
en The first half of the timetable for attaining the Millennium Development Goals recorded concrete gains in such areas as primary school enrolment, measles vaccination, the use of insecticide-treated bednets, as well as reductions in HIV infection rates in some countries
zh 在千年发展目标时间表的前半期,非洲在小学入学率、麻疹疫苗接种、经杀虫剂处理的蚊帐的使用方面取得了具体成效,一些国家的艾滋病毒感染率下降。
en Chlordane, which was introduced onto the market for the first time in ‧ is a broad-spectrum contact insecticide which was employed on agricultural crops and on lawns and gardens
zh 氯丹被首次引进市场是在 ‧ 年。 它是一种广谱接触性农药,用于农作物、草坪和花园。