• 杀有害生物剂   
  • 杀虫   
  • 杀虫剂   
  • 杀虫药   
  • 殺蟲   
  • 殺蟲劑   
  • 殺蟲藥   


A substance used to kill insects
Any chemical agent used to destroy invertebrate pests.

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bacterial insecticides
botanical insecticides
Decis (insecticide brand)
敵殺死; 敌杀死
derris (insecticide)
insecticide crops
insecticide fogger
insecticide selectivity
insecticide-treated mosquito net
浸渍蚊帐; 杀虫剂浸渍蚊帐
insecticide-treated net
驱虫蚊帐; 浸渍蚊帐; 杀虫剂浸渍蚊帐
microbial insecticides
pyrethrum (insecticide)
residual insecticide
vegetable insecticides



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en Indicator ‧ roportion of children under ‧ sleeping under insecticide-treated bednetsa
zh 在经过杀虫药处理的蚊帐内睡觉的 ‧ 岁以下儿童比例 a
en At the same time, technical support and guidance from WHO will be required with a view to preventing the contamination of agricultural products with DDT and other insecticides used for indoor residual spraying
zh 同时,需要卫生组织提供技术支持和指导,以防止滴滴涕和室内残余喷洒使用的其他杀虫剂污染农产品。
en By ‧ per cent of the total population at risk and ‧ per cent of the total population at high and moderate malaria risk were covered by insecticide-treated nets and ‧ per cent of the population at high risk were covered by indoor residual spraying in this region
zh 截至 ‧ 年,该地区面临疟疾风险的总人口的驱蚊帐覆盖率为 ‧ %,面临高风险和中度风险的总人口的驱蚊帐覆盖率为 ‧ %,面临高风险的总人口的室内滞留喷洒措施覆盖率为 ‧ %。
en For example, in Rwanda, mass distribution of insecticide-treated nets to children ‧ months of age and pregnant women and distribution of artemisinin-based combination therapies to health facilities took place during September and October
zh 例如,卢旺达在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月和 ‧ 月期间向 ‧ 至 ‧ 个月的婴幼儿和孕妇大规模发放了驱蚊帐,并向医疗设施配送了青蒿素类复方疗法药物。
en The gamma isomer is the only isomer showing strong insecticidal properties
zh γ异构体是仅有的一种具有很强杀虫特性的异构体。
en Takes note of the real progress towards the implementation of those plans, most notably the increasing availability of insecticide-treated bednets, the growing use of preventive treatment of pregnant women and prompt access to treatment with effective drugs, that is being made in many countries in which malaria is endemic, particularly in Africa
zh 注意到在执行这些计划方面取得的实际进展,最明显的是在许多流行疟疾的国家、特别是非洲国家,用杀虫剂处理过的蚊帐的供应增加,向孕妇提供预防性治疗越来越多,以及治疗用的有效药物能迅速获得
en At present, the only country which has almost achieved the Abuja target of ‧ per cent coverage of children under ‧ years of age with an insecticide-treated net is Eritrea
zh 目前,唯一几乎实现阿布贾指标的国家是厄立特里亚,即有驱蚊帐的五岁以下儿童的覆盖率达到 ‧ %。
en It is stable in alkalis and acids, but it rearranges to less insecticidally active substances in the presence of strong acids, on exposure to sunlight or on heating above ‧ °C ( ‧ no date
zh 在碱和酸液中状态稳定,但在遇到强酸、曝露在阳光下、或温度超过 ‧ °C时会减弱它的物质活性,从而降低杀虫效果(美国毒物和疾病登记署 ‧ 年;国际化学品安全方案/国际化学品安全方案化学品信息,无日期;世卫组织-粮农组织 ‧ 年)。
en The international community must also increase investment in developing new and improved technologies to control malaria, especially effective drugs, insecticides and vaccines
zh 国际社会也必须增加投资,开发新的和经改良的技术,以控制疟疾,特别是研制有效的药物、杀虫剂和疫苗。
en The use of insecticide-treated mosquito nets is on the increase in sub-Saharan Africa, where ‧ of ‧ countries with trend data have reported at least a threefold increase in coverage since
zh 在撒哈拉以南非洲越来越多的人使用驱蚊帐,在 ‧ 个拥有趋势数据的国家中有 ‧ 个报告说,从 ‧ 年以来驱蚊帐使用范围至少增加了三倍。
en Since ‧ has supplied the Organization's primary health care program in southern Somalia (which controls the spread of infectious diseases like malaria and treats over ‧ women and children annually) with medicines, insecticide-treated bed nets (ITNs), vaccines and equipment
zh 自 ‧ 年起,儿童基金会向本组织在索马里南部的初级保健方案提供药物、驱蚊帐、疫苗和设备等用品,该方案控制了疟疾等传染病蔓延,并每年治疗一万多名妇女和儿童。
en UNICEF was commended for initiatives on reducing child mortality in Africa, support for the positive results on reduction of measles-related deaths and increased distribution of insecticide-treated nets and malaria drugs in malaria-endemic countries
zh 儿童基金会在降低非洲儿童死亡率、支持减少麻疹引起的死亡方面的积极成果、以及在疟疾流行国家,更多发放防虫蚊帐和抗疟药等方面的举措,获得赞扬。
en Thallium sulphide is used as rat poison and thallium sulphate is used as insecticide and pesticide
zh 硫化铊可用作鼠药,而硫酸铊则被用做杀虫剂和农药。
en Other achievements that the country has registered include: prompt and effective treatment; epidemic preparedness and response; provision for malaria prevention during pregnancy; information, education and communication for malaria prevention and awareness; strengthening institutional infrastructure and staffing; revival of the indoor residual spraying programme; establishment of a sentinel surveillance system and monitoring anti-malaria drug efficacy and vector response to insecticides
zh 我国取得的其他成绩包括:迅速和有效治疗;流行病防治;提供妊娠期间的疟疾预防;疟疾预防和意识方面的信息、教育和交流;加强体制性基础设施和人员配备;恢复室内滞留喷洒方案;建立哨点监测系统并监测抗疟药物的疗效和病媒对杀虫剂的反应。
en The alternative used for public health and veterinary topical insecticide is: Infectopedicul solution (Permethrin) (Annex F information provided by Germany
zh 用作公共卫生和兽医外用杀虫剂替代物有:Infectopedicul solution(二氯苯醚菊酯)(德国提供的附件F资料 ‧ 年)。
en The dwindling arsenal of low-risk and cost-effective insecticides for public health use is a threat to vector control in malaria-endemic countries
zh 用于公共卫生目的的低风险且具成本效益的杀虫剂越来越少,这威胁到疟疾流行国家的病媒控制。
en Taxes and tariffs had been eliminated in six countries, thus lowering the cost of the insecticide-treated mosquito nets and making them more affordable to the average family
zh 在六个国家取消了各种税赋和关税,从而降低了经杀虫剂处理过的蚊帐的成本,使其更能为一般家庭所承受。
en All efforts in the fight against malaria must work for prevention, the widespread distribution of insecticide-treated mosquito nets, the creation of new insecticides and the inclusion of preventive measures in broad vaccination campaigns, especially for pregnant women and infants, vaccine research and the strengthening of health-care capacities
zh 防治疟疾斗争中的所有努力必须旨在预防、广泛分发驱蚊帐、研制新杀虫剂以及将预防性措施纳入广泛的接种疫苗运动(特别是为孕妇和婴儿接种疫苗)、疫苗研究以及加强保健能力。
en To slow the increase in malaria cases, WHO and UNICEF provided technical support and supplies for intensified malaria-control activities, including spraying, health education and the distribution of insecticide-treated bed nets and malaria drugs
zh 为了抑制疟疾病例的增加,卫生组织和儿童基金会提供了技术支助和用品来强化控制疟疾的活动,包括喷药、保健教育以及分发经过杀虫剂处理的蚊帐和疟疾药物。
en Even more promising, the long-lasting insecticide nets are made from polymers derived from petroleum
zh 给人们带来更具大希望的是,长效驱蚊帐所用的材料是石油衍生的聚合物材料。
en First, some existing insecticides not currently available for public health purposes show potential
zh 首先,一些目前尚未被用于改善公众健康的现有杀虫剂是有潜力的。
en The cost per death averted and cost per disability adjusted life years averted with long-lasting insecticidal nets lasting three years were less than half the comparable costs using conventional insecticide-treated nets
zh 利用有效期为三年的长效驱蚊帐避免死亡和避免残疾调整生命年的成本,不到利用传统驱蚊帐相应成本的一半。
en Achieving complete coverage with insecticide-treated nets in populations living in areas of intense malaria transmission in Africa and elsewhere remains one of the main challenges to Roll Back Malaria
zh 使生活在非洲和其他区域疟疾传播高发区的人们全部都能用上驱蚊帐仍然是减少疟疾伙伴面临的主要挑战之一。
en The regular monitoring of the efficacy of medicines and insecticides should be a routine component of endemic country malaria programmes
zh 定期监测药品和杀虫剂的疗效,应该成为疟疾流行国家的抗疟疾计划的一个经常性组成部分。
en The Strategy sets the target of achieving ‧ per cent coverage for access to insecticide-treated bed nets and preventive medicines by
zh 这项战略设定的目标是到 ‧ 年实现使 ‧ %的人能够获得驱蚊帐和防疫药品。