• 查出   


(idiomatic) To discover, as by asking or exploring.
to discover

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to find a way out of a predicament
绝处逢生; 絕處逢生
to find no way out
仰屋兴叹; 仰屋興嘆
to find out
查清; 瞭解; 了解; 得知; 尋出; 寻出; 获悉; 獲悉; 查出
to try to find out
探听; 探聽
unable to find out


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en So if... for instance, a woman came to you suspicious of her husband, you could guarantee to find out whether he is or is not unfaithful?
zh 所以?....比方?,, 一? 个 女人 怀 疑 自己 丈夫 不忠? 来 找 你
en This was not a time to hastily push through a solution, especially because, as we pointed out in the fact-finding team's report, the country was so divided
zh 这不是匆忙提出解决办法的时候,尤其因为,正如我们在调查小组的报告中所指出,该国意见分歧很大。
en Analysis and valuation The Panel finds that the conclusions set out in paragraph ‧ above are applicable here
zh 小组决定,上面第 ‧ 段中所述结论适用于这件索赔。
en Far from being a threat to its vital interests, the fact-finding team, which Israel claimed had a United Nations bias against it, represented an excellent opportunity to find out the truth of what occurred
zh 以色列声称调查组抱有联合国对它的偏见,但调查组绝不是对其重要利益的威胁,反而代表着查明事实真相的绝佳机会。
en Further elaboration of the Panel's findings in relation to this conclusion is set out in the ‧ report, paragraphs
zh 小组与这个结论相关的调查结果的进一步叙述见 ‧ 报告第 ‧ 段。
en It is our firm view that diplomatic efforts must continue with a view to taking practical steps to find a way out of the tragedy of the situation in the Middle East on the basis of a renewed process towards political settlement
zh 我们坚信,今后必须进一步坚持外交努力,以期采取务实的措施,在重启政治解决进程的基础上寻求结束中东的悲剧。
en As certain members had pointed out, Australia had had a problem dealing with its indigenous people ever since white people had arrived in the country; however, there was a huge level of commitment on the part of both society and Government to tackle the issue and find solutions
zh 正如某些成员所指出的,自从白人入境以来,澳大利亚一直存在应对土著人的问题;但是社会和政府都有很大的决心应对这一问题并找出解决办法。
en Applying the principles set out at paragraph ‧ of the First “ ‧ ” Report, the Panel finds the claim is compensable subject to there being probative evidence, such as contemporaneous records or witness testimony, as to amounts ordinarily held by MoH
zh 小组适用第一份“ ‧ ”报告第 ‧ 段所述的原则,认为,证券索赔应予赔偿,条件是卫生部提供有关其通常拥有的款项的证据,如同时期记录或证人证词等。
en Details of the responses so investigated, and the Panel's findings in respect of them, are set out in the consideration of each of the claims below
zh 下文在关于每项索赔的审理情况中载述了经过调查的答复的详情以及小组的有关结论。
en The international community has a responsibility, not only to design appropriate strategies for a measured and early response to snuff out these conflicts, but also to find ways and means of addressing their root causes, and managing them to a peaceful conclusion
zh 国际社会有责任,不仅拟订适当的战略,尽早采取适当对策,排除这些冲突,而且应当找到办法解决其根源,设法争取和平解决。
en However, I have personally made every effort to find out if there is any basis to such allegations
zh 然而,我本人尽了一切努力,以核实这些指控是否有根据。
en The option of having recourse to this procedure enables both authorities and the employee in question to find out about the justification for the fixed-term nature of the contract
zh 诉诸这一程序的选择权能够使主管部门和上述雇员都能认识到是否有正当理由签订定期合同。
en Some background information, the new factual and legal issues identified in these claims and the Panel's findings and recommendations in respect of those issues are set out below
zh 一些背景资料、在这些索赔中发现的新的事实和法律问题、以及小组有关这些问题的结论和建议,详见下文。
en Anyway, anything you can find out about this guy, I' d appreciate it
zh 不管 怎樣 , 你 若 發現 這個 傢 伙 的 任何 線索 , 我 都 感激 不盡
en The programme reaches out to young people through street work and counselling, assisting homeless youth in finding work as well as helping to integrate youth from various ethnic backgrounds and supporting gender-related youth activities
zh 它通过提供街道工作和咨询、协助无家可归青年寻找工作以及帮助不同族裔背景的青年融入社会和协助开展与性别问题有关的青年活动,向青年伸出援助之手。
en But we hope that those questions will be discussed in December, when the regular report of the Secretary-General is submitted to the Security Council- although we are, of course, interested to find out more about what the coalition is doing with respect to these matters and what the results have been
zh 但是我们希望 ‧ 月份在秘书长向安全理事会提交定期报告的时候能够讨论这些问题--虽然我们当然有兴趣更多地了解联盟在这些问题方面做了什么事情以及结果如何。
en The shock of the revelations and the desire of the people to find out the fate of their loved ones and to give a proper burial to their remains led to a rush on mass graves, without first ensuring that they were secure for a proper investigation
zh 事情的揭露造成的震动和人们寻找其亲人下落以及让亲属遗体得到适当安葬的愿望,导致了匆促挖掘乱葬坑的现象,没有事先保障对这些乱葬坑进行适当的调查。
en To find a solution to the problem posed to the implementation of the Framework Agreement, I submit to you a solemn appeal, in the name of the OAU and its High-Level Delegation, that you accept our proposal that the Eritrean Government agree to re-deploy its troops out of Ethiopian territories occupied after ‧ ay
zh 为了解决执行《框架协定》所产生的问题,我以非统组织及其高级别代表团的名义,严肃地向你呼吁,请你接受我们的提议,即厄立特里亚政府同意将其部队重新部署,撤出 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日以后占领的埃塞俄比亚领土。
en Diversification with a view to transforming an economy is what will eventually lead us out of the box that we find ourselves in
zh 为了实现经济的转变而进行的多样化将最终引导我们走出目前的困境。
en He also pointed out that UNHCR's task in dealing with refugee problems was not being met with commensurate resources, and recalled that it was the duty of all to contribute towards finding solutions to prevent the recurrence and exacerbation of situations of displacement
zh 他还指出,难民高专办在解决难民问题方面的任务没有获得相应的资源,并且回顾说,所有各方都有责任为寻求解决办法而作出贡献,以免流离失所的情况再次发生以及加剧。
en The Commission finds that the Israeli Government should have ordered an immediate relaxation of the blockade to allow the necessary urgent evaluation to be made, assessment measures to be adopted and the necessary cleanup measures to be carried out
zh 委员会认为,以色列政府本应及时下令解除封锁,推动进行必要的紧急评估、采取评估措施和执行必要的清理措施。
en It had been developed through a participatory process, in which women all over the country had been interviewed to find out what was standing in the way of their achieving real equality
zh 它是通过一个广泛参与的过程制定的,在这个过程中,全国各地的妇女都接受了采访,以找出究竟是什么东西在阻碍她们获得真正的平等。
en The representative of the Secretariat pointed out a scheduling overlap in April ‧ between the twentieth session of the Governing Council of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) (No ‧ ) and the thirteenth session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (No ‧ ) and reported that intensive consultations were under way with the two organizations to find a solution that would improve scheduling and facilitate participation in both sessions
zh 秘书处代表指出 ‧ 年 ‧ 月联合国人类住区规划署(人居署)理事会第二十届会议(第 ‧ 项)和可持续发展委员会第十三届会议(第 ‧ 项)的时间安排出现重叠,并报告说,正同两个组织进行密切协商,力求找到解决办法,改善会议的时间安排,便利代表参加两个会议。
en Also, Africa is an active and vibrant continent, which is taking responsibility and deploying political and economic efforts at the national and regional levels to come to terms with itself and to find a way out of the situation
zh 另外,非洲是一个积极和充满活力的大陆,它正在承担责任并在国家和区域两级开展政治和经济努力,以便认识自我并找到走出困境的道路。
en If I find him, I' il wring his head off! and make stuffed duck out of him!
zh 一定? 会 不得 好死 的 , 如果 再? 见 到 他我 一定? 拧 掉 他的? 头 , 身子 拿去 做?? 鸭
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