• 查出   


(idiomatic) To discover, as by asking or exploring.
to discover

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to find a way out of a predicament
绝处逢生; 絕處逢生
to find no way out
仰屋兴叹; 仰屋興嘆
to find out
查清; 瞭解; 了解; 得知; 尋出; 寻出; 获悉; 獲悉; 查出
to try to find out
探听; 探聽
unable to find out


例句与“find out”,翻译记忆库

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He asked what the Coordinating Committee intended to do to involve the financial institutions and banks and to find out their views regarding the event
Those burial sites must be found and the remains returned to their families, who are waiting impatiently to find out the fate of their loved ones
Violations of resolution ‧ were discussed, and the parties endorsed the findings of UNIFIL investigations into the rocket attacks carried out in January and February ‧ and the recommendations to undertake specific measures to prevent a reoccurrence of such attacks
会议讨论了违反第 ‧ 号决议的问题,各方赞同联黎部队对 ‧ 年 ‧ 月和 ‧ 月发生的火箭弹袭击事件的调查结果,以及采取明确措施以防止这类袭击再次发生的建议。
Deeply concerned at the information gathered during its exchanges with ‧ witnesses in the three countries visited, the Committee urges the Government of Israel to allow it to visit the OPT, so that it can find out for itself the situation of human rights in the OPT
委员会在走访这三个国家时,与 ‧ 名证人进行了交流,对所收集的资料深感关切。 委员会敦促以色列政府让委员会访问被占领巴勒斯坦领土,从而使委员会能够亲身了解被占领巴勒斯坦领土的人权状况。
It was also noted that many Article ‧ arties had submitted to the Multilateral Fund requests to revise their national phase-out plans in order to provide enough time to find alternatives to methyl bromide of proven efficiency
有人指出,许多按第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款行事的缔约方已向多边基金提出了要求对其国家逐步淘汰计划进行修订的申请,以便有足够的时间找到经证明具有切实功效的甲基溴替代品。
To reach all these goals, we have to find ways of achieving the objectives set out in the Millennium and Doha Declarations and by the Monterrey and Johannesburg Conferences for optimal use of the earth's resources, for putting an end to conflicts, poverty, illiteracy, epidemic diseases such as AIDS and malaria, for provision of water for all and for achievement of sustainable development
Based on the above, the Panel finds that many of the wells affected by blow-outs were not completely open to the atmosphere. Rather, many wells were damaged and either “seeping” or “gushing” oil, rather than blowing out oil in an unrestricted fashion
Analysis and valuation Applying the principles set out in paragraph ‧ above, the Panel finds that the claim for rent paid in advance on the residence of the Egyptian military attaché in Baghdad is not compensable
依照上面第 ‧ 段中所述原则,小组决定,就埃及驻巴格达军事武官的住所预付房租提出的索赔,不予赔偿。
During both of your terms, the world faced many and complex challenges; you were able to make use of your leadership qualities, and your insight so often helped the international community to find a way out of an impasse
As part of the development of an integrated system of investigative processes, standard operating procedures will also be developed by the Office of Human Resources Management for investigations and fact-finding, which are conducted under the authority of programme managers, and specialized training will be provided for all those entrusted with carrying out such investigations
The international community has a responsibility, not only to design appropriate strategies for a measured and early response to snuff out these conflicts, but also to find ways and means of addressing their root causes, and managing them to a peaceful conclusion
Following the assessment and the submission of its findings to the Government and the Commission on Human Rights, the Special Rapporteur will undertake a post-assessment mission to return to the locations where the assessment was carried out to verify that all the persons who cooperated with the assessment are safe and were not subsequently subjected to harassment, intimidation or reprisals
It is important to help the Conference on Disarmament find a way out of the impasse in which it has been languishing for more than a decade, to relieve the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons from the severe strain to which it has been increasingly subjected lately, and to give new impetus to recognizing the value of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
This will enable trusts to take a `snap shot' of information to find out whether local changes in practices are effective
Eight out of twenty Integrated Framework countries had completed the Study and six of them had mainstreamed the findings in their poverty reduction strategy papers or were in the process of doing so
在 ‧ 个综合框架国家中,有 ‧ 个国家已完成该研究 ‧ 个国家已经或正在将研究结果作为减贫战略文件的中心内容。
The fact that the international registry is intended to be fully computerized means that it will be possible for a potential lender to make a search from any point in the world and to find out, more or less instantaneously, the precise status of the asset against which he is considering advancing funds
The result of the Board's evaluation of the action taken by the Administration and the present comments and findings of the Board are set out below
The method employed was to find out children's knowledge of particular themes and to ask them about those themes, using picture cards, words and sentences
She welcomed the reports submitted under those items and under item ‧ (e), recognizing the utility of the country visits carried out by the Special Rapporteurs and the representatives of the Secretary-General. She drew attention in particular to the findings relating to her country contained in the report of the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
她欣见就这些项目和项目 ‧ (e)提出的报告,同时认识到特别报告员和秘书长代表有机会实地考察,并特别注意到酷刑和其他残忍、不人道或有辱人格的待遇或处罚问题特别报告员的报告( ‧ )中提出的与她本国有关的结论。
Studies and research would also be conducted to find out the social causes that drive women into prostitution
The Panel finds that adjustments should also be made for saved expenses and insufficient evidence, and recommends compensation in the amount of ‧ out of the ‧ claimed
然而,对将维修的设施而言,国防部低报了折旧所需要的扣减。 净效果是小组建议对折旧不够部分做出扣减。
Speakers also expressed satisfaction that UNICEF was carrying out a major thematic evaluation on gender and looked forward to its findings and the use of the study
In the process of capacity-building, Tokelau was finding out what it was capable of doing for its own development, under certain conditions, and what its limitations were
Otherwise, it will need to contact the State or States that have submitted the information on the List to find out if any more identifiers exist
The Mission also finds that Israel violated specific obligations which it has as the occupying Power and which are spelled out in the Fourth Geneva Convention, such as the duty to maintain medical and hospital establishments and services and to agree to relief schemes if the occupied territory is not well supplied
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