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Doha, capital of Qatar多哈


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Expressing its profound gratitude and deep thanks to His Highness Sheikh Hamad Ben Khalifa Al Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar, for his faithful efforts to achieve peace in Darfur, and his generous sponsoring to host the Afro-Arab Ministerial Committee in Doha对卡塔尔国埃米尔谢赫哈马德·本·哈利法·阿勒萨尼阁下深表谢意,他为达尔富尔实现和平作出了不懈的努力,为在多哈举办非洲-阿拉伯部长级委员会提供了慷慨赞助。
The programme involves three areas of activities that emerged, in order of priority, out of the three elements identified in paragraph ‧ of the Doha Ministerial Declaration: policy analysis and development, human resources capacity-building and institutional capacity-building该方案包含三个方面的活动,这三个方面按优先顺序源自《多哈部长宣言》第 ‧ 段提及的三项内容:政策分析和制定、人力资源能力建设以及机构能力建设。
Stressing the importance of the Doha Development Agenda adopted at the Fourth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization, held in Doha from ‧ to ‧ ovember ‧ the Monterrey Consensus of the International Conference on Financing for Development and the Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (“Johannesburg Plan of Implementation”) for the attainment of the United Nations millennium development goals and the reduction of poverty in Africa又强调 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日在多哈举行的世界贸易组织第四次部长级会议通过的《多哈发展议程》、 发展筹资问题国际会议的《蒙特雷共识》 和《可持续发展问题世界首脑会议执行计划》(《约翰内斯堡执行计划》) 对实现联合国千年发展目标和减少非洲贫穷非常重要
The meeting helped African trade negotiators identify their evolving trade negotiation objectives for the Doha Conference这次会议帮助非洲贸易谈判者明确其在多哈会议上不断发展的贸易谈判目标。
The representative of Jamaica expressed appreciation for the prompt and thorough manner in which the UNCTAD secretariat had prepared the plan on capacity building and technical cooperation for the WTO Doha Work Programme牙买加代表对贸发会议秘书处及时、全面地制订出世贸组织多哈工作方案的能力建设和技术合作计划表示赞赏。
At a time when we are getting ready for the upcoming International Conference on Financing for Development, to be held next year in Doha, Qatar, this dialogue becomes ever more significant, for it gives us the opportunity to identify the main challenges and obstacles related to financing for development and to promote concrete measures that will allow us to meet the commitments and goals set out in Monterrey and in other multilateral venues related to development, poverty reduction, international cooperation and the establishment of an equitable, just and inclusive international economic, commercial and financing system我们正准备于明年在卡塔尔多哈举行下一次发展筹资问题国际会议,值此之时,本次对话尤显重要,因为它给了我们一个机会,来确定与发展筹资有关的主要挑战和障碍,促进采取具体措施,使我们能够实现蒙特雷和其它多边会议所阐述的与发展、减贫、国际合作以及建立一个公平、公正、具有包容性的国际经济、商业和金融体制有关的承诺和目标。
Transfer of technology and capacity-building in the pharmaceutical sector are critically important, as identified in paragraph ‧ of the Doha Declaration制药业的技术转让和能力建设至关重要,《多哈宣言》第 ‧ 段明确了这一点。
Are there sufficient resources to execute all the technical cooperation activities envisaged in the post-Doha work programme?是否有足够的资源可供执行多哈后工作方案中设想到的所有技术合作活动?
It is therefore important that we honour the content of the Doha Round, as reconfirmed by the Executive Council of the World Trade Organization on ‧ ugust ‧ in accordance with the Monterrey Consensus因此,我们必须履行 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日世界贸易组织执行理事会根据蒙特雷共识所重申的多哈回合的内容。
One week earlier, Qatar had decided to demonstrate its solidarity with the Palestinian people in their harsh ordeal by closing the Israeli trade office in Doha as a result of Israel's decision to suspend the peace process and replace dialogue with force and violence一星期以前,卡塔尔决定表现对苦难中的巴勒斯坦人民的声援,由于以色列决定暂停和平进程,用武力和暴力来代替对话,所以关闭了在多哈的以色列贸易办事处。
UNCTAD had helped developing countries understand the objectives of the Doha multilateral trade negotiations, promoting consensus and building negotiation capacities贸发会议一直协助发展中国家了解多哈多边贸易谈判的目标,促进共识,建设谈判能力。
The Conference should adopt, at its third session to be held in Doha in ‧ a resolution establishing a strong, efficient and effective mechanism mandated with reviewing the implementation of the Convention by States parties缔约国会议在 ‧ 年于多哈召开的第三届会议上通过一项决议,建立一个强大、高效而且有效的机制,授权其审查缔约国实施公约的情况。
Last year, we urged the donor community to move forward with the delivery of “aid for trade” independent of the Doha Round去年,我们曾敦促捐助国不受多哈回合影响,在落实贸易援助上取得进展。
Completing the Doha Development Agenda would substantially help LDCs in their objective to integrate better into the world economy完成《多哈发展议程》将大大帮助最不发达国家实现更好地融入世界经济的目标。
Welcomes the initiative of Qatar to act as host to the second World Summit of Attorneys General and General Prosecutors, Chief Prosecutors and Ministers of Justice, in Doha in November欢迎卡塔尔于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月在多哈担任第二次总检察长、检察长、首席检察官和司法部长世界高峰会议东道国的倡议
We therefore welcome the decision adopted by the WTO General Council to fulfil the development dimensions of the Doha Development Agenda, which places the needs and interests of developing and least developed countries at the heart of the Doha Agenda work programme因此,我们欢迎世贸组织通过了关于解决多哈发展议程的发展层面的决定,该决定将发展中国家和最不发达国家的需要和利益置于多哈议程工作方案的核心地位。
Stresses the importance of a speedy resumption and successful conclusion of the work programme adopted at the Fourth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization, held at Doha, from ‧ to ‧ ovember ‧ taking into account the needs of the commodity-dependent developing countries着重指出应当迅速恢复和成功完成 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日到 ‧ 日在多哈举行的世界贸易组织第四次部长会议通过的工作方案,同时考虑到依赖商品的发展中国家的需要
Urges Governments and all entities of the United Nations system, including United Nations agencies, funds and programmes, and all relevant actors of civil society, to ensure the integration of gender perspectives in the implementation of and follow-up to all United Nations summits, conferences and special sessions and to give attention to gender perspectives in preparation for such events, including the Follow-up International Conference on Financing for Development in Doha in敦促各国政府和联合国系统各实体,包括联合国各机构、基金和方案,以及民间社会所有相关行为体,确保将性别观点纳入所有联合国首脑会议、大型会议和特别会议的落实和后续工作,并在筹备此类活动时,包括在筹备 ‧ 年在多哈举行的发展筹资问题后续国际会议时,注意性别观点
E. Other issues Special and differential treatment (SDT) and implementation issues remain essential to the Doha Round's development dimension, addressing imbalance in the MTS特殊和差别待遇及执行问题仍对多哈回合的发展方面、解决多边贸易体系的不平衡至关重要。
The view that the causes of the ongoing global turmoil are systemic found expression in the Doha Declaration: “The current financial crisis, as well as the continued weaknesses in the international financial system, further underline the need to strengthen the international financial architecture.” Weaknesses in global economic governance, the failure of global imbalances to self-correct, haphazard financial deregulation and inadequate or missing institutions, such as the non-existence of an international lender of last resort, and mechanisms for regulatory coordination are particularly critical认为当前全球动荡不安的原因是系统性的意见已见诸《多哈宣言》:“现有的金融危机以及国际金融体制继续存在的弱点进一步突出表明,必须加强国际金融结构。” 全球经济治理的弱点,全球不平衡未能自我纠正,随意放宽金融监管,机构不足或阙如,例如不存在国际最后贷款人和没有监管协调机制,都是特别关键重要的。
xii) Ad hoc expert groups (regular budget): six ad hoc expert group meetings on consensus-building on development aspects of cooperation in competition agreements ; flexibility for development policies of developing countries with regard to the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, the Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures and the General Agreement on Trade in Services ; improving the contribution of commodity exports to poverty reduction ; making registries an effective tool for the preservation, protection and appropriate use of traditional knowledge ; modelling work in agriculture, industrial products and services in relation to the WTO post-Doha Work Programme ; and special and differential treatment in the emerging multilateral trading system十二) 特设专家组(经常预算):关于下列问题的六次特设专家组会议:就竞争协定中合作的发展方面建立共识;发展中国家在与贸易有关的知识产权协定、与贸易有关的投资措施协定和《服务贸易总协定》方面发展政策的灵活性;让商品出口对减贫作出更大贡献;让登记处成为保存、保护和适当使用传统知识的有效手段;有关世贸组织多哈工作方案后农业、工业产品和服务方面的建立模式工作;新兴多边贸易制度中的特殊、优惠待遇
On this basis, we will urgently re-engage and strive to reach agreement by the end of the year on modalities that lead to a successful and early conclusion to the World Trade Organization Doha Development Agenda with an ambitious, balanced and development-oriented outcome在此基础上,我们将紧急再次接触,力争到年底就模式问题达成一项协议,以能圆满早日结束世界贸易组织多哈发展议程,取得宏伟、均衡、注重发展的成果。
The Conference moved the Doha negotiations forward, though in modest steps with the bulk of key negotiations left for该会议推进了多哈谈判,但是步伐不大,大量关键性谈判留待 ‧ 年进行。
This is why the European Union believes that it is important to continue the negotiations in the WTO framework with the determination and flexibility needed to honour the commitments enshrined in the Doha Development Agenda因此欧洲联盟认为,必须以必要的决心和灵活性,在世贸组织框架内继续谈判,履行在《多哈发展议程》中作出的各项承诺。
At the same time, while progress has been made at the technical level in the negotiations within the framework of the Doha Development Agenda, a final deal remains elusive同时,尽管多哈发展议程框架内的谈判在技术层面取得了进展,但最终的协议仍然未见踪影。