• 联系人   
    A person who acts as a connection to another organization or group, or who provides special information.

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Contact Group on Missing Persons and Detainees

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en Further calls on the parties to take other measures that will build confidence and promote reconciliation between the two peoples for their mutual benefit, including by affording humane treatment to each other's nationals in accordance with the Algiers Agreements; facilitating sustainable reintegration of refugees, internally displaced persons and demobilized soldiers; promoting cross-border contacts at the local level aimed at resolving disputes and rebuilding community relations; and by facilitating further dialogue among civil society at all levels in the two countries, such as that recently undertaken by the religious leaders
zh 还呼吁双方采取其他措施,为双方的利益在两国人民之间建立信任,促进和解,包括根据《阿尔及尔协定》给予彼此的国民人道待遇;便利难民、国内流离失所者和复员士兵可持续地重返社会;推动地方一级的跨界接触,以解决争端,重建社区关系;以及促进两国各级民间社会之间的进一步对话,如宗教领袖最近进行的对话
en prohibit the person to ill-treat, harass, telephone, contact or any other way communicate with a family member, directly or indirectly
zh 禁止该人以直接或间接方式虐待、骚扰、接触家庭成员,也禁止其向家庭成员打电话或以其他方式进行联系
en In addition, IOMC could develop basic summary information (e.g. project title, contact person, duration, etc.) of IOMC Organization projects, with links to other, more detailed information, where available (as a complement to the existing IOMC Inventory of Activities
zh 此外,组织间化学品无害管理方案可制定组织间化学品无害管理方案组织项目的基本概要信息(例如项目标题、联络人、期限等),并与其它更详细的信息(如有)建立链接(作为对组织间化学品无害管理方案现有活动清单的补充)。
en i) The development and implementation of training programmes, guidelines and other practical measures aimed at promoting respect by all government officials, as well as persons acting on behalf of the State, who have contact with refugee populations, for the right of every individual to security of person and at promoting protection from sexual abuse and exploitation
zh 一) 制定和实施各种培训方案、指导方针和其他实际措施,以促进政府所有官员以及代表国家做事、与难民人口打交道的人员尊重每个人的人身安全权利,并促进防止性虐待和性剥削
en To facilitate media contacts, delegations are invited to provide to the Office of the Spokeswoman the name and telephone number in Monterrey of the person in the delegation whom journalists may contact to request interviews or other information
zh 为了方便媒体联络,请各个代表团向发言人办公室提供代表团在蒙特雷的个人的姓名和电话号码,以便记者可以进行联络,要求采访或提供其他新闻。
en The project participants and the designated operational entity shall each provide a contact person for the review process, including for a conference call, in case the Executive Board would like to address questions to them during the consideration of a review at its meeting; The proposed project activity shall be marked as being “under review” on the UNFCCC CDM web site and a notification shall be sent through the UNFCCC CDM News facility
zh 对审评进程感兴趣的利害关系方也应有机会出席理事会下次或以后的会议; 项目参与方和指定经营实体应该各自提供一名审评进程联系人,包括会议电话的联系人,以便执行理事会在会议上审议某项审评时向他们提出问题; 《气候公约》清洁发展机制网站应将拟议的项目活动标上“在审评中”,并通过《气候公约》清洁发展机制新闻设施发出通知。
en The National Monitoring Directorate contacted two of them and encouraged them to meet the inspectors in person
zh 国家监测局将会见地点告知其中两名专家,并鼓励他们赴约。
en A fully-featured and advanced IM (Instant Messaging) client, which has a number of protocols including MSN, Yahoo, and AIM. & kopete; can fetch display pictures, set aliases for particular persons, as well as run multiple IM sessions at any particular time. & kopete; is quite extensible, and has a comprehensive plugin system which comes with a searchable History of previous chats, statistics on a user 's status, as well as a note system allowing you to create notes for each contact
zh 完整而進階的即時通訊( Instant Messaging, IM) 客戶端軟體, 支援多個協定, 包括 MSN , Yahoo , 還有 AIM 等等。 kopete; 可以抓取並顯示個人圖片, 設定個人的別名, 以及同時執行多個即時通訊的工作階段。 kopete; 也很富有彈性, 可以安裝多個外掛程式以支援如歷史搜尋、 統計使用者狀態及系統通知等等的功能 。
en Though clarifying the fate of disappeared persons is a difficult task, the Working Group, through its continuing contact with Governments and NGOs, whose work on the question of disappearances has been essential, strives to help the victims of disappearances, including the persons directly concerned and their family members
zh 尽管澄清失踪人士的命运或下落并非易事,工作组仍然继续与有关国家的政府和致力于失踪问题的非政府组织进行联系,设法帮助失踪案件的受害者,包括其本人及其家庭成员。
en In several of his past reports, the Special Rapporteur has addressed the particular needs of specific groups in relation to torture and ill-treatment, e.g., the needs of women regarding reproductive health care, family contact, hygiene, etc. (see ‧ ); persons with disabilities, in relation to whom the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities establishes standards regarding “reasonable accommodation” (see ‧ ); and drug users, who need special attention to treat withdrawal symptoms but also regarding medical treatment in more general terms, including access to opioid substitution therapy, HIV/AIDS prevention, etc. (see
zh 在特别报告员以往多份报告中,他提及了特定群体与酷刑和虐待有关的特别需求,例如,妇女与生殖保健、家庭联系、卫生等有关的需求(见 ‧ );与残疾人有关的需求,《残疾人权利公约》设立了与其有关的“合理住所”的标准(见 ‧ ),与吸毒者有关的需求,需要特别关注戒毒症状的治疗以及一般意义上的医治,包括获得鸦片制剂替代疗法、艾滋病毒/艾滋病的预防等(见 ‧ )。
en We take the issue of the protection of children very seriously, and I personally have been in contact with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Mr. Olara Otunnu, in this regard
zh 我们非常严肃地对待保护儿童问题。 我本人在这方面曾与秘书长特别代表奥拉拉·奥图诺先生进行了接触。
en The main considerations in limiting access to the Directory were the concern for the privacy and safety of the staff of the central authorities, who, in some cases, are identified by name with personal contact details; and the purpose of the Directory, which is to provide designated authorities with easy access to the updated contact information of their counterparts
zh 限制查阅名录的主要考虑因素是中央机关工作人员的隐私和安全问题,因为有时列出的是他们的姓名和个人联系方式;而名录的目的是使指定机关能够轻松查到其对应机构的最新联系方式。
en It was stated that, although a variation of the contract of carriage would normally be negotiated between the parties to that contract, the contractual shipper might not always be the best person for the carrier to contact where an urgent decision had to be made in respect of the goods
zh 据指出,尽管对运输合同的变更通常由该合同各方当事人商定,但如果必须就货物立即作出决定,合同当事方托运人可能并不总是承运人的最佳联系人选。
en The purpose of best practice is thus to determine suitable technical parameters for fuse mechanisms, which will increase the discriminatory capacity of MOTAPM and will prevent them from being actuated accidentally by the presence, proximity or contact of a person
zh 因而,最佳做法的目的是确定引信装置的适当技术参数,这样,就能够提高非杀伤人员地雷的区别能力,使其不会因为有人员出现、接近或接触而意外引爆。
en Therefore, in agreement with the Secretary-General and with the support of the Contact Group, I am placing particular emphasis on key priorities in the areas of the rule of law, freedom of movement, returns of displaced persons, functioning local institutions and security
zh 因此,在取得秘书长的同意并在联络小组的支持下,我要特别强调法治、行动自由、流离失所者返回、地方机构运作以及安全等领域中各项关键优先任务。
en In addition, my Personal Representative and his UNSMA colleagues met on several occasions with Pir Sayid Ahmad Gailani, head of the National Islamic Front of Afghanistan, as well as with former mujahideen commanders, tribal leaders and personalities from various political and social groups active both inside and outside the country, contacts which have been intensified since ‧ eptember
zh 此外,我的个人代表和他的联阿特派团同事们几次同阿富汗伊斯兰民族阵线领导人皮尔·赛义德·艾哈迈德·盖拉尼以及同前“自由战士”指挥官、部族领袖和在该国内外积极活动的各种政治和社会团体的人士进行会谈。 在 ‧ 月 ‧ 日以后,更加强了这种接触。
en Vie montante internationale is currently trying to establish contacts in Paris with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), where thought is given to the problems of the family, of which elderly persons are a part
zh 国际溢升会正试图与在巴黎的教科文组织接触,该组织的工作涉及家庭问题,包括老年人问题。
en iii) The Government of the Sudan has stopped all military offensive acts, in compliance with the N'Djamena Ceasefire Agreement; the military force in Darfur has been redeployed in a way that precludes any contact with the camps of internally displaced persons and vulnerable civilians
zh 三) 苏丹政府已经根据《恩贾梅纳停火协议》停止所有军事进攻。
en Furthermore, section ‧ provides that any person who contacts a local public body in the Saami language administrative district has the right to receive a reply in Saami
zh 此外,第 ‧ 节规定任何人同萨米语行政区的地方机关联系时,有权收到用萨米语写的答复。
en c) Guaranteeing, to the extent consistent with each State's obligations, the right of a child whose parents reside in different States to maintain, on a regular basis, save in exceptional circumstances, personal relations and direct contact with both parents by providing means of access and visitation in both States and by respecting the principle that both parents have common responsibilities for the upbringing and development of their children
zh c) 以符合各国义务的方式保证父母分居两国的儿童,除特殊情况外,有权经常同双亲保持私人关系和直接联系,应在有关两国内提供准入和探视的便利,并尊重关于父母在子女抚育和成长方面负有共同责任的原则
en The NGS also highlighted the personal contact that must exist between the supplier and recipient of the service
zh 服务类谈判小组还强调了服务的供应方与接受方之间必须有的个人接触。
en An earlier made proposal to prohibit the use of all MOTAPM fitted with sensitive fuses that can be actuated by the presence, proximity or contact of a person does not seem to be a realistic approach at the present stage
zh 早先有人建议禁止使用装有敏感引信从而可能因人员出现、接近或接触而引爆的所有非杀伤人员地雷,但这在现阶段似乎并不实际。
en It is hoped that the journal will provide Governments with information on strategies to fight crime, as well as on crime patterns prevalent in their region and that it will encourage collaboration with publishing houses, authors and resource persons in research-based institutions related to crime prevention and extend the base of contacts for the Institute in the promotion of its activities
zh 希望该杂志能够向各国政府提供打击犯罪战略及其所在区域主要犯罪特点的信息,并且将鼓励与出版社和著作者以及研究机构预防犯罪相关问题顾问之间的合作,并将拓宽研究所促进其各项活动的联系基础。
en While noting that the new Act of ‧ une ‧ dealing with the reorganization of the State Socio-Educational Centre reduces to ‧ days, instead of the previous ‧ days, the maximum duration of solitary confinement as a disciplinary sanction for persons under ‧ years of age, and provides the child with the possibility of appealing to the juvenile judge, the Committee is still deeply concerned at the use and length of this isolation and at the very harsh conditions depriving the child of almost all contact with the outside world and of any outdoor activity
zh 委员会虽然注意到 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日关于改组国家社会教育中心的新法令,该法令将对 ‧ 岁以下人士作为纪律制裁予以单独监禁的以往最高期限 ‧ 天减少到 ‧ 天,并规定儿童可以向青少年法官上诉,它仍旧深感关切的是使用这种单独监禁及时间过长和十分严厉的条件,几乎剥夺了儿童与外部世界和任何户外活动的一切联系。
en ii) Use of language about older persons, in particular, by the young, by those professionals whose work brings them in contact with older persons, by the media and authors and by older persons themselves
zh 二) 特别是下列各种人对老年人使用的语言:年轻人,工作使其同老年人接触的专业人员,媒体和作者以及老年人自己
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