• 联系人   
    A person who acts as a connection to another organization or group, or who provides special information.

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Contact Group on Missing Persons and Detainees

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en It seems essential, barring exceptional circumstances, that these criteria should include the maintenance of personal relations and direct and regular contact between the child and both parents”
zh 除了例外的特殊情况之外,这类标准应当包含维系个人关系,以及子女与父母双方的直接和经常接触,这似乎是必不可少的”。
en the child who is separated from one or both parents to maintain personal relations and direct contact with both parents on a regular basis, except if it is contrary to the child's best interests; where such separation results from action initiated by a State, such as the detention, imprisonment, exile, deportation or death (including death arising from any cause while the person is in the custody of the State) of one or both parents of the child, that State shall, upon request, provide the parents, the child or, if appropriate, another member of the family with the essential information concerning the whereabouts of the absent member(s) of the family, unless the provision of the information would be detrimental to the well-being of the child; and, further, to ensure that the submission of such a request shall of itself entail no adverse consequences for the person(s) concerned
zh 继续加强努力,确保所有儿童出生后立即予以登记无论其身份如何,包括考虑制订简化、快速和有效的手续; 承诺尊重儿童保持身份的权利,包括保持国籍、姓名和法律承认的家庭关系的权利,对之不施加非法干预,对于被非法剥夺部分或全部身份要素的儿童,应适当给予协助和保护,以迅速重新确定其身份; 尽可能确保儿童有知其父母和受到父母照料的权利;确保不以违背儿童父母意愿的方式使儿童与父母分离,除非主管当局根据适用的法律和程序,经法院审查,给予所有感兴趣各方以机会参与审理并发表其意见,判定这种分离是儿童最大利益之必需;在特定情况下,可能需作此种判定,如涉及父母虐待或忽视儿童的情况,或在父母分居的情况下,必须就儿童的居住地作出决定;尊重与父母一方或双方分离的儿童经常与父母双方保持个人关系和直接联系的权利,除非其有违于该儿童的最大利益;若此种分离系国家所采取的行动所致,如该儿童父母一方或双方被羁押、监禁、放逐、驱逐或死亡(包括有关人士在被国家扣押中因任何原因死亡),则国家应根据要求向其父母、该儿童、或酌情向该家庭另一成员提供有关缺席的家庭成员下落的基本信息,除非有关信息的提供有损于该儿童的福利;并进一步确保提出此种要求本身不致对有关人士带来不利影响; 处理国际儿童绑架案,牢记儿童的最大利益应为首要考虑,鼓励各国开展多边和双边合作,以便除其他外,确保儿童返回其被劫走或羁押前的最后居住国,在这方面要特别注意由父母中一方或其他亲属所为的国际绑架儿童案件; 按照每个缔约国的义务,保证父母居住在不同国家的儿童,除特殊情况外,有权同父母双方经常保持个人关系和直接联系,提供进入和访问有关两个国家的手段,尊重父母双方对其子女的养育和发展负有共同责任的原则; 采取一切适当措施,尤其是教育措施,加强父母在子女的教育、发展和抚养方面的责任。
en The Prime Minister also initiated direct contacts through his personal representatives with Iraqi opposition groups within Iraq and in Jordan, Egypt and other neighbouring countries
zh 马利基总理还通过私人代表与伊拉克国内以及约旦、埃及和其他邻国境内的伊拉克反对派团体进行直接接触。
en INTRAC has received contact persons from the Directorate General of Tax and the Directorate General of Custom and Excise, the Attorney General's Office and financial service providers to support the performance of its duties and authorities
zh 中心有来自税务总局、海关和关税总局、总检察长办公室和金融服务从业者的联系人,支助其行使职责和权力。
en Between ‧ and ‧ more than ‧ infected persons had been identified ‧ per cent of the cases were transmitted through sexual contact, which explained the increase in the number of women infected ( ‧ per cent in ‧ ), including pregnant women
zh 年至 ‧ 年期间,有 ‧ 多名艾滋病毒感染者被确诊 ‧ %的病例是通过性接触传播的,这解释了为什么被感染妇女( ‧ 年为 ‧ %)包括孕妇的数量会上升。
en In agreement with the PNC, machinery with inter-agency linkages has been established, such as the Directorate-General of Migration, consular offices for countries with which El Salvador has diplomatic relations, airlines and, whenever the need arises, telephone or e-mail contact can be established to share information on a particular person, as with Interpol in El Salvador
zh 国家民警表示有效地设立了一些机制,机构之间互相联系(如移民总局、在有外交关系的国家的领事馆、航空公司)以及在有交流资料必要的情况下通过电话或电子邮件建立联系,就有关人员交换必要的资料,以及与萨尔瓦多刑警组织联系。
en A focal point or contact person is pointed out in all ministries to coordinate the ministries work and specific initiatives concerning gender mainstreaming
zh 每个部皆指定协调中心或联络人,协调各部的工作和有关这方面工作的具体倡议。
en Whatever the reason for the sensitivity, the UK regards fuzes that are highly likely to be activated by the presence, proximity or contact of a person as unacceptable
zh 不论敏感性出于何种原因,联合王国都认为,极有可能因人员的在场、靠近或接触而被触发的引信是无法接受的。
en My Personal Representative, being aware through the Mission's various contacts with a large number of Afghans that there might be a useful role for the former King as a catalyst for change in Afghanistan, intensified his contacts with the former King and members of his entourage in Rome, particularly after the events of ‧ eptember
zh 我的个人代表通过特派团同许多阿富汗人的多方接触,认知到前国王在促成阿富汗变革方面有可能扮演一个有用的角色,因此,特别是在 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的事件之后,加强了同在罗马的前国王及其随员的接触。
en This year, direct personal contacts have been made with more than ‧ companies in Luxembourg with a view to promoting gender equality
zh 今年,为了促进男女平等,有关人员与 ‧ 多家卢森堡企业进行了个人接触。
en Before leaving for Geneva to attend the Tripartite Commission meeting, the Chairman of Kuwait's National Committee for Missing Persons and POW Affairs, Sheikh Salem Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, stated that he would request ICRC to share any information on POWs emerging from contacts with the Iraqi authorities
zh 在前往日内瓦出席三方委员会会议前,科威特失踪人员和战俘事务全国委员会主席谢赫萨利姆·萨巴赫表示,他将请红十字委员会与其交流同伊拉克当局接触后得到的关于战俘的任何资料。
en The Special Rapporteur is concerned that although on the first appeal the Supreme Court commuted the death sentences (to life imprisonment for some, three years' imprisonment for others), it failed to clarify this crucial point, despite the earlier assurances of the Government that contacts with ILO could not be considered illegal in Myanmar. The Special Rapporteur has been informed that a second appeal, to the full bench of the Supreme Court, was made by a lawyer for eight of the nine persons on ‧ ugust
zh 令特别报告员感到关切的是,尽管经过第一次上诉,高等法院宣布缓减死刑(有些减为终身监禁,另外一些改为三年徒刑),但法院没有澄清以及下关键:缅甸政府先前曾保证与劳工组织接触在缅甸不可能视为非法,特别报告员获悉,于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,一名代表 ‧ 人中 ‧ 人的律师向高等法院全体法官提出第二次上诉。
en Subjection to undue restrictions on her personal freedoms. The author was affected by the threat of a potential use of violence; prevented from entering or settling in the vicinity of Nagov and Rokytovce, thereby violating her rights to freedom of movement and freedom to choose a residence; and prevented from having personal contact with persons in the vicinity of Nagov and Rokytovce, thereby violating her right to private life
zh 人身自由受到不应有的限制 提交人受到可能采取的暴力的威胁;被禁止进入或定居在Nagov和Rokytovce周围地区,因而其自由迁徙和自由选择居住地点的权利受到侵犯;被禁止和Nagov和Rokytovce周围地区的人进行接触,因而其私生活权利受到侵犯。
en A network of contact persons for each federal department has been constituted to act as a relay for sensitization measures
zh 一个供每个联邦部门使用的联系人网络已经成立,作为宣传教育活动的中继站。
en It will be recalled that UNHCR and my Special Representative have been promoting with the parties the implementation of confidence-building measures, which aim to facilitate person-to-person contacts between the refugees in the Tindouf area camps and their relatives in the Territory
zh 不妨回顾,难民专员办事处和我的西撒问题特别代表一直向各方宣传执行建立信任措施,目的是促进廷杜夫地区难民营的难民同他们在领土的亲戚进行人对人的联系。
en “Vast and fearsome as the human scene has become, personal contact of the right people, in the right places, at the right time, may yet have a potent and valuable part to play in the cause of peace which is in our hearts”
zh “尽管人场浩瀚、可畏,但在适当地点、适当时候与适当人的人间接触,仍然能在我们心中珍惜的和平事业中发挥有力而宝贵的作用”。
en The Financial Information and Analysis Unit (UIAF) then contacts all banking institutions in order to gather information concerning the business relationships of those persons and entities within Colombia
zh 金融情报和分析股与所有银行机构联系,以收集哥伦比亚境内这些人与实体的商业关系方面的资料。
en Germany also asked what measures can be taken by the authorities to protect human rights defenders who are threatened for their activities and if there are any plans to appoint a special contact person for human rights defenders at the provincial level
zh 德国还问,主管机构可以采取何种措施保护因开展活动而受到威胁的人权维护者,是否打算在省一级任命一位人权维护者特别联络人。
en ROSA also has responsibility for a ‧ hour information telephone service that provides help and advice for victims of human trafficking and other persons who come into contact with victims
zh ROSA负责提供 ‧ 小时电话信息服务,为人口贩运的受害人和与受害人接触的其他人提供帮助和建议。
en d) The Registrar shall maintain contact with the authorities of the host State in relation to the arrangements for the surrender of the person
zh d) 书记官长应就移交该人的安排与东道国当局保持联系。
en The Ministry of Labour has created a national network of contact persons for equality issues, covering both regional and local administration
zh 劳工部建立了全国平等问题联系人网络,涉及地区和地方行政部门。
en By establishing direct contacts with clients, labour offices perform the registration of unemployed persons, find employment, provide employment advice, carry out employment programmes, perform tasks of vocational counselling for youth and adults, and provide scholarships
zh 通过与客户建立直接联系,劳动办公室对失业人员进行登记,寻找就业机会,提供就业咨询,执行就业方案,执行青年和成人的职业咨询任务,以及提供奖学金。
en The Representative continues to maintain regular contacts with his African counterpart and hopes to go on mission with him soon to the Sudan in order to gain insight into the situation of displaced persons in Darfur and the pattern of returns in the southern part of that country
zh 代表继续与该特别报告员保持定期接触,并希望不久能与他一道访问苏丹,了解达尔富尔境内流离失所者的处境以及该国南部的回返情况。
en Most of them, nevertheless, would like to learn something for a pure pleasure of learning and for additional opportunities of contact and personal fulfilment offered by education
zh 然而,他们有大多数人希望为了纯粹的学习乐趣而学习,还希望学点东西,以便通过教育有更多的机会进行交际并使个人得到满足。
en It is also strongly recommended that the Treaty Section be advised of the name and direct telephone number (cellular or other) of the contact person in the delegation for this event
zh 并建议条约科务必了解各代表团参加此项活动的联系人姓名和直拨电话号码(行动电话或其他电话均可)。
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