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en There is a civil engineer whose services are being provided in the reconstruction of asphalt/concrete roads and drainages, construction of embarkement-soil reinforcement using geotextile, adjacent to the existing roads, and refurbishment of the Carr's Bay Bridge
zh 有一名土木工程师正在重建沥青/水泥道路和下水道方面提供服务。 利用地节在现有公路附近加固路堤,并翻新Carís湾桥。
en Road construction projects have also made satisfactory progress, including the asphalting of the Gao-Kidal, Ansongo-Ménaka-Andéraboukane, Niono-Tonka-Timbuktu and Kidal-Ménaka roads
zh 修建公路基础设施,例如加奥-基达尔公路、昂松戈-梅纳卡-昂代朗布坎公路、纽诺-丹卡-通布图公路和基达尔-梅纳卡公路铺浇沥青的工程,进展非常顺利。
en The increase from $ ‧ to $ ‧ under premises and accommodation includes non-recurrent costs of $ ‧ for the maintenance, asphalting and sealing of the existing road system within the area of operations
zh 房地/住宿项下的所需经费由 ‧ 美元增至 ‧ 美元,其中包括维修、铺柏油和填补作业区内现有公路系统所需的非经常费用 ‧ 美元。
en In my last report I indicated that preparations by the Moroccan military authorities for the construction of an asphalted road in the Guerguerat area of Western Sahara, at the south-western corner of the Territory, had been suspended at the request of MINURSO ( ‧ para
zh 我在上次报告中说,摩洛哥军事当局在西撒哈拉领土西南角盖尔盖拉特地区为修建一条柏油路的准备工作,已应西撒特派团的请求而停止( ‧ 第 ‧ 段)。
en Projects included a variety of land development and housing schemes, road works and road-related items such as the Asphalt Plant, equipment for the Public Works Department, projects related to electricity, financing of business, tourism and industrial development, seaport development and landside improvements
zh 这些项目包括各种土地发展和政府计划,公路工程和与公路有关的项目例如沥青厂,公共工程部使用的设备,与电力有关的项目,商业筹资,旅游业和工业发展,海港发展和地貌改善。
en The fourth project was known as the Saqlawia project and involved land reclamation and the construction of main and secondary irrigation and drainage systems, as well as asphalt roads
zh 第四个项目称为Saqlawia项目,涉及到土地填筑以及建造主要、二级灌溉和排水系统以及沥青路。
en All complementary infrastructural works have been rebuilt, including a new water and sanitation network, new electrification and new roads, i.e ‧ km of asphalted village road and ‧ km of access roads
zh 所有的补充性基础设施都得到了重修,包括新的水和卫生设施网、新的电气化设施和新公路,即 ‧ 公里长的沥青乡村公路和 ‧ 公路长的公路支线。
en viii) Road applications Granulated materials obtained from scrap tyres have been used in the development of rubber-modified asphalt in the United States, Western Europe and Brazil
zh 美国、西欧和巴西已将从报废轮胎中获得的成粒状材料用于橡胶改性沥青的开发。
en All the cities in the country are linked by non-asphalted roads, except for one beginning at Bangui: the Bangui-M'baiki, Bangui-Sibut and Bangui-Bossembele-Garouamboulaye road, which is still under construction
zh 除从班吉开始的 ‧ 条道路以外,连接全国其他城市的公路都是非沥清路。 ‧ 条沥清路包括:班吉至M'baiki、班吉至Sibut的道路以及正在修建的班吉经Bossembele至Garouamboulaye的公路。
en As a result, a provision of $ ‧ is made for asphalting the road network along the Blue Line and upgrading sealed hard standings and internal roads systems within United Nations positions
zh 因此提供了 ‧ 美元经费,用于在蓝线沿线铺设沥青道路网以及用来更新联合国据点里的密封式刚性路面停机坪和内部道路系统。
en On ‧ arch ‧ was informed by the Moroccan military authorities of plans to begin construction of an asphalted road in the south-western corner of Western Sahara, across the ‧ kilometre buffer strip and into Mauritania
zh 摩洛哥军事当局于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日通知西撒特派团,计划在西撒哈拉西南角开始铺设一条沥青路,穿过 ‧ 公里长的缓冲带进入毛里塔尼亚。
en It is only recently that its main town, Obock, was connected to the rest of the country by an asphalted road
zh 吉布提主要城市奥博克最近才有了一条与该国其他地区相连的柏油公路。
en Geographic obstacles such as remoteness and absence of asphalt roads add to this problem, in addition to the segregation of population which makes the health service coverage a big problem
zh 地处偏远且没有柏油路等地理障碍加剧了问题的严重性,另外人口的种族隔离也使保健服务的覆盖成了一个大问题。
en When work stopped in August ‧ the remaining work consisted of the construction of an asphalt road (to be performed by a subcontractor) and the remedying of minor deficiencies in works previously handed over to SOLR
zh 在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月停工时,余下工程包括建造一条沥青公路(由分包商执行)和弥补此前移交给SOLR的工程的小纰漏。
en On ‧ arch ‧ was informed by the Moroccan military authorities of plans to begin construction of an asphalted road at the south-western corner of Western Sahara, across the ‧ kilometre buffer strip and into Mauritania
zh 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,西撒哈拉特派团被告知,摩洛哥军事当局计划在西撒哈拉西南角开始铺设一条沥青路,穿过 ‧ 公里长的缓冲带进入毛里塔尼亚。
en The first project was known as the Jute Farm Debuni project and involved land reclamation as well as the construction of main, secondary and tertiary irrigation and drainage systems, asphalt roads, houses and administrative buildings
zh 第一个项目称之为Jute Farm Debuni项目,涉及到土地填筑以及建造主要、二级和三级灌溉和排水系统、沥青路、房屋和行政楼。
en In turn, the Design Engineer ( ‧ ) would prepare template designs of standard engineering projects as a basis on which missions could adjust to meet local conditions; prepare template standardized statements of work for project designs; prepare bills of quantities associated with template designs and other design projects; prepare tender documentation and drawings associated with all standardized design projects; review previous designs based on mission reports and amend and adjust as necessary; and prepare standard specifications and requirements for frequently requisitioned engineering materials and equipment, particularly locally supplied materials, such as concrete, asphalt/bitumen, bricks and blocks, and local building products, such as timber, electrical and plumbing materials
zh 设计工程师( ‧ )则制作标准工程项目的模板设计图,特派团可在此基础上作出调整,以满足当地条件;为工程设计编写示范标准化工程说明书;编写与示范设计和其他设计项目有关的建筑细则;制作与所有标准化设计项目有关的招标文件和图纸;按照任务报告对以前的设计进行审查,并作出必要的修订和调整;为经常请购的工程材料和设备,特别是混凝土、沥青和砖石等当地供材以及木料、电材和管道材料等当地建筑产品,拟定标准规格和要求。
en • The Salman Bak asphalt factory of the Jihad State Company of the Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction
zh · 住房和重建部下属国有企业Al-Jihad的Salman Bak沥青厂。
en There are two main processes for producing rubber asphalt (Caltrans, Hylands and Shulman- see footnote ‧ ), i.e., the wet process and the dry process
zh 生产橡胶沥青有两个主要的处理过程(Caltrans、 Hylands和Shulman--见脚注 ‧ ),即湿处理和干处理。
en The projects included asphalting an additional zone to increase space for bulk storage, structural repairs to the training facility and the installation of humidifiers for the protection of equipment
zh 这些项目包括:用柏油铺设另外一块地以增加散装货物储存空间,对培训设施进行结构性维修,以及为保护设备安装加湿器。
en Safety measures for workers are the same as those that apply in traditional asphalt manufacturing plants
zh 工人的安全措施与传统沥青生产厂所采用的措施相同。
en The promotion of safer alternatives and substitutes to asbestos (e.g., for cement sheets that could include polyvinyl alcohol and cellulose fibre-cement, polypropylene and cellulose fibre-cement, bamboo fibre-cement, and other cellulose fibres such as eucalyptus, bagasse, sisal; for roofing tiles it could include “micro-concrete tiles”, which are easily used in rural areas, vegetable fibres and asphalt, clay roofing tiles, galvanized iron roofing (zinc-coated steel), cement reinforced with recycled toothpaste tubes, high-density polyethylene pipe or polyvinyl chloride pipes; Environmentally sound waste disposal practices
zh 一)促进更安全的石棉替代办法和替代物(例如,就水泥板而言,可包括含聚乙烯醇的水泥板和纤维素纤维水泥、聚丙烯和纤维素纤维水泥、竹纤维水泥以及其他纤维素纤维,如桉树纤维、甘蔗渣和剑麻纤维;就铺设屋顶的瓦片而言,则包括可方便地在农村地区使用的“微型混凝土屋瓦”、植物纤维和沥青、粘土屋瓦、白铁皮屋瓦(镀锌铁皮)以及用回收的牙膏皮、高密度聚乙烯管或聚氯乙烯管加固的水泥
en Using this information, a set of oil residue categories should be defined (e.g. weathered asphaltic oil on coarse sand beach, buried liquid oil in soft marshland soils, etc.) and the volume of oil and sediment in each category estimated
zh 应当利用这一资料来确定石油残余物质的类别(例如粗沙滩上历经各种气候影响的沥青油、松软沼泽地土壤中埋藏的液体油,等等),以及在所估测的每一个类别中石油和沉淀物的数量。
en Nor had it responded to the Ozone Secretariat's request of ‧ ebruary ‧ to submit information on whether the Party continued to import carbon tetrachloride for the purposes reported in ‧ namely asphaltic cement extraction tests on pavement blends, cleaner agent for chemical analysis, laboratory analysis for active component extraction, solid- liquid extraction and hydrocarbons, and pesticide detection for sample washing
zh 它也没有响应臭氧秘书处于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日提出的请求,即提交资料介绍该缔约方有无继续进口四氯化碳用于 ‧ 年报告的用途:路面配方沥青水泥提取测试,化学分析用清除剂,活性成分提取、固液提取和碳氢化合物的实验室分析,以及样品洗涤物的农药检测。
en Apart from the asphalt plant, the employee did not refer to any specific items
zh 除了沥清设备外,该名雇员未提到任何具体的物品。
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