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en We are united in our resolve that those responsible for the atrocities of ‧ eptember, and those who support them, are a cancer in the body of nations- a systemic blight which extends beyond the individual perpetrators and which must be utterly eradicated, lest it return and spread
zh 我们一致坚定地认为,那些对 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的暴行负有责任者,那些支持他们的人,是国际社会中的毒瘤--是一种超出单独肇事者的有计划的毁灭,必须彻底消灭,以免它复发和扩散。
en Promotion of free compulsory education of good quality, bolstered by efforts to create cultural values that reject all forms of child labour, is also one of the most effective ways of bringing an end to a form of exploitation that blights the lives of some ‧ million children under the age of
zh 推广高质量的免费义务教育,同时作出努力以建立不允许任何形式童工的文化价值,是终止童工这种剥削形式的最有效途径。 这种剥削使大约有 ‧ 亿年龄不到 ‧ 岁儿童的生命受到摧残。
en It was urgent to take action at the local level to support the rights of the urban poor and to adopt a concerted approach to housing and services, including ensuring security of tenure and the reintegration of blighted neighbourhoods into the urban fabric
zh 急需在地方一级采取行动以维护城市贫民的权利,并采取协调一致的住房和服务办法,包括确保住房权和破落街区融入城市结构。
en Decentralization would also provide an effective mechanism for eliminating the illegal parallel Kosovo Serb institutions that are such a blight on the local administrative structure of Kosovo
zh 分权也将提供一个有效机制,消除如此有损于科索沃地方行政结构的非法、平行的科索沃塞族机构。
en The sexual exploitation of children is a blight on our civilization
zh 对儿童的性剥削,是人类文明的毒瘤。
en It is indeed a great tragedy that, while Central Africa has the human and natural resource potential to make it among the richest subregions of the world, it is among the world's poorest subregions, blighted by extreme poverty, hunger, disease and ignorance
zh 虽然中部非洲拥有可令其成为世界上最富裕的分区域之一的人力和自然资源潜力,但它却是世界上最贫穷的分区域之一,被极端贫困、饥饿、疾病和无知所折磨,这的确是一个巨大的悲剧。
en The almost unanimous acceptance of the amnesty bill by the Ivorian parliamentarians clearly demonstrates the profound willingness of the people of Côte d'Ivoire to put a definitive end to the instability which has blighted the country since December
zh 科特迪瓦议会以几乎一致的票数通过该法律草案,确实证明科特迪瓦人民热切希望彻底结束 ‧ 年 ‧ 月以来科特迪瓦陷入的动荡局势。
en Terrorism is a blight on all our horizons
zh 恐怖主义是出现在我们各国地平线上的一个祸患。
en I am pleased to report some progress on Srebrenica, which has been a desolate blight on the conscience of the international community
zh 我要高兴地汇报在斯雷布雷尼察问题上已取得一些进展。 这个问题一直是国际社会良知上的一个不幸污点。
en It is true that the Gulf crisis that has blighted our region inflicted a deep wound on the Arab body politic; it will not heal until we overcome the crisis in all its dimensions
zh 的确,使我们区域倍受摧残的海湾危机给阿拉伯政治实体带来了深深的伤痕;在我们解决危机的各个方面之前这道伤痕是不会愈合的。
en This will also enable the other downstream benefits of peace, not least, of course, economic development and autonomy, to begin to make a real and welcome difference to what have been the blighted lives of the people of Bougainville for far too long
zh 这样做也会带来和平的其他方面的好处,无疑包括经济的发展和自治,真正和令人欢迎地改变布干维尔人民长期以来遭受的痛苦。
en The spokesperson for the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry then stated that Addis Ababa was a safe and neutral venue for the blighted meeting
zh 正如埃塞俄比亚外交部发言人所说,亚的斯亚贝巴是举行受挫会议的安全和中立的场所。
en The shift, effected by the United Nations in ‧ from a humanitarian response to the Chernobyl catastrophe to one that emphasizes social and economic development has been seen as offering real hope for the revival of communities blighted in the aftermath of the accident
zh 联合国在 ‧ 年开始的从切尔诺贝利灾难的人道主义救援转向以社会和经济发展为重心的行动,已被视为给受事故后果影响社区的复苏带来了真正的希望。
en The Office believes that, in order for the Organization to be successful in eradicating this blight on the good work of the United Nations in peacekeeping, there is need for a holistic and comprehensive response to the issue
zh 监督厅认为,为了使本组织能够顺利消除这些污点对联合国维持和平行动这一崇高工作的伤害,需要对这个问题采取综合全面的整体应对办法。
en Additionally, the role of the United Nations in demining is important for many countries that continue to suffer from this blight well after many other aspects of a conflict have faded into history
zh 此外,联合国在排雷方面的作用对于在冲突的许多其他方面早已成为历史之后仍遭受这一灾祸患之害的许多国家来说,是非常重要的。
en Yet, while unprecedented wealth is being created in a few countries, destitution blights most other parts of the world
zh 但是,在少数几个国家空前富裕的同时,贫穷折磨着世界其他多数地区。
en In that regard, it was noted that Africa's history over the last ‧ years had been blighted by two weaknesses: a lack of capacity to design and deliver policies; and a lack of accountability
zh 在这方面,据指出,非洲过去 ‧ 年的历史一直饱受两大缺陷之害:一是缺少设计和执行政策的能力;二是缺少问责制度。
en In the short term, however, the prospect of making progress towards achieving the Millennium development goals has suffered, for most developing countries, from the largest and most abrupt setback to the world economy in at least a decade, and is further blighted by forecasts that the recovery will be slow, with the developing countries lagging behind
zh 然而短期内对大多数发展中国家而言,在实现千年发展目标方面取得进展的前景受到了世界经济在至少十年里遭受的最大、最突然的倒退的影响,并且由于预测经济恢复将会缓慢,而发展中国家更落后,前景更加暗淡。
en It would be both disingenuous and immoral to speak of racism today without referring to anti-Semitism, an ever-present blight on humanity that had recently gained renewed vigour; it was a phenomenon that was not only disagreeable and offensive, but also extremely dangerous
zh 如果对反犹太主义置若罔闻,今天对种族主义的讨论将是虚伪而不道德的。 反犹太主义灾难一直肆虐人间,而且最近又重新恢复了活力。 它不仅仅是令人厌恶的污辱性现象,而且非常危险。
en There are too many Africans whose lives are blighted by poverty, insecurity or a lack of human dignity
zh 有太多的非洲人生活在贫困和不安全之中,或者缺乏做人的尊严。
en His country had looked forward to a promising future when it had achieved its independence in ‧ it had, for example, had the highest per capita income in the region-but the promise had been blighted by the mismanagement of the ethnic crisis
zh 年获得独立时,斯里兰卡曾对未来寄予希望,举例来说,当时斯里兰卡的人均收入是该区域最高的,但是,这种希望却由于种族危机处理不当而破灭了。
en That is an appalling situation and a blight on a key area of United Nations activity
zh 这种情况令人震惊,对联合国活动的关键领域影响恶劣。
en Working with a strengthened United Nations and sharing lessons with one another, I passionately hope we can advance the day when political leaders from other regions of the world blighted by conflict can announce in this forum that peace has come to them too
zh 我热切地希望,通过与加强后的联合国携手努力、彼此相互借鉴经验教训,我们能促使世界上受冲突打击的其他区域的政治领导人能够在这个论坛上宣布其已经获得和平的日子尽早到来。
en With the predominance of the master planning approach described earlier, informal settlements were not recognized and were regarded as a blight on the landscape of the modern city
zh 在上面所述总体规划占主导地位的时期,非正规住区不被承认,被看作是现代城市景观中的一大缺陷。
en Mr. Osei (Ghana) said that it was a blight on the conscience of the international community that, at the end of the First International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism ‧ erritories remained non-self-governing
zh sei先生(加纳)说,在“第一个铲除殖民主义国际十年”之后 ‧ 个领土仍是非自治领土,这对国际社会的良心是一项挫折。
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