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consumer price index CPI
消费价格指数; 消費價格指數; 居民消費價格指數; 居民消费价格指数

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en The joint meetings have been an important forum for the work on the international consumer price indexes manual published in ‧ and for feedback from countries for the revision of the electronic version of the manual
zh 联席会议是针对 ‧ 年出版的国际消费者价格指数手册开展工作,以及各国就订正电子版手册提供反馈的一个重要论坛。
en The Ottawa Group steering committee concurs with the descriptions developed by the Intersecretariat Working Group (see the annex to the present report) of the respective roles of the Intersecretariat Working Group, the Ottawa Group and the joint ECE/ILO consumer price index meetings
zh 渥太华小组指导委员会同意秘书处间工作组对秘书处间工作组、渥太华小组和欧洲经委会/劳工组织消费者价格指数联席会议各自作用的描述(见本报告附件)。
en According to information provided by INEC in May ‧ the Costa Rica Central Bank and the Wages Department of the MTSS, between ‧ and ‧ on average workers were remunerated at ‧ % above the Consumer Price Index, the basis on which they are calculated
zh 工资状况 根据国家统计和普查学会、哥斯达黎加中央银行和劳动和社会保障部工资处 ‧ 年 ‧ 月提供的信息,在 ‧ 年间,劳动者的平均报酬比消费者价格指数高 ‧ %,这一指数是计算工资的基础。
en Takes note of the recommendation of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Board of a phased approach to the elimination of the ‧ per cent reduction in the first consumer price index adjustments due after retirement, with effect from ‧ pril ‧ and also takes note of the Board's recommendation that the two-track pension adjustment system of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund be amended to provide for an adjustable minimum guarantee at ‧ per cent of the United States dollar-track amount, also with effect from ‧ pril
zh 注意到联合国工作人员养恤金联合委员会关于自 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日起逐步取消退休后第一次消费物价指数调整数扣减 ‧ %的做法的建议,并注意到联合委员会关于自 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日起在联合国合办工作人员养恤基金的养恤金双轨调整制下规定可调整的最低保障额为美元轨道数额的 ‧ %的建议
en Because of the economic and currency union with Switzerland, the inflation rate is expressed in terms of the annual average of the Swiss national index of consumer prices
zh 由于与瑞士建立了经济和货币联盟,故通货膨胀率按瑞士全国消费物价指数的年平均值表示。
en The Commission further noted that, in accordance with the methodology, the flat rate for boarding and the additional flat rate for boarding had been updated by the movements of the consumer price index between the date of the last adjustment and the date of the current review
zh 委员会进一步指出,根据该方法,已经按上一次调整日期与当前审查日期之间消费品物价指数的变动,修订膳宿费用定额和膳宿费用的额外定额。
en The Board also approved the Working Group's recommendation to eliminate the ‧ percentage point reduction in the first adjustment based on the consumer price index due to existing and future beneficiaries, with the understanding that the implementation of this modification would be subject to a surplus being revealed in the next actuarial valuation, to be performed as at ‧ ecember
zh 联委会还核可了工作组关于取消现受益人和未来受益人第一次作消费物价指数调整数时的 ‧ %扣减额的建议,但有一项谅解 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的下一次精算估值须有盈余才可以实施这种变动。
en a) A phased approach in the elimination of the ‧ per cent reduction in the first consumer price index adjustments
zh a) 逐步取消第一次消费物价指数调整数扣减 ‧ %的做法
en In a sense, all the practical problems that can occur in price index construction are inherent in these commodities: new and disappearing goods; new and disappearing respondents; quality change; and measuring the quantum of services consumed (it is not only the number of households using the service but also their intensity of use
zh 在某种意义上说,物价指数构成中存在的所有实际问题是这些商品本身所固有的:新的和正在淘汰的货物、新的和正在淘汰的被调查者、质量变动、计量所消费的服务总量(不仅是使用该服务的家庭数目,而且还有其使用强度)。
en Inflation for the region as a whole in ‧ measured by the consumer price index, moved up after eight years of steady decline, reaching ‧ per cent; this is twice the rate recorded in
zh 年,整个区域的通货膨胀率按照消费价格指数衡量在稳步下降八年之后开始上涨,达到 ‧ %,是 ‧ 年通货膨胀率的两倍。
en Based on the development programmes of the economy, during the period ‧ it was determined that the wages of State sector employees should be reviewed twice a year according to the consumer price index
zh 根据经济发展方案,在 ‧ 年期间,国有部门职工工资应该根据消费者物价指数每年进行两次评估。
en Inflation in the United States during ‧ increased to ‧ for the consumer price index and ‧ per cent for the core rate; rates picked up slightly in the latter part of the year
zh 美国 ‧ 年的通货膨胀率为消费物价指数上升到 ‧ %,核心通货膨胀率上升到 ‧ %;年底时这两个指标都略为上升。
en Inflation rate (change in consumer price index, %
zh 通货膨胀率(消费品价格指数的变化,%
en e) Integration of CPI and ICP work: an IMF study and a World Bank study have concluded that integration of consumer price index and ICP price data is critical to the improvement of the ICP programme
zh e) 结合消费者价格指数和比较方案的工作:一项货币基金组织和一项世界银行的研究得出结论,认为消费者价格指数和比较方案价格数据,对于改善比较方案极为重要。
en Consumer price index for urban consumer in the United States of America
zh 美利坚合众国城市消费物价指数( ‧ 年
en The minimum rate of wages also includes Special Allowance i.e. Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) linked to Consumer Price Index Number which are revised twice a year effective from April and October
zh 最低工资标准还包括特别补贴,即同消费物价指数挂钩的可变物价补贴,这种补贴每年 ‧ 月和 ‧ 月修订两次。
en The wage level is closely related to the possibilities of the State budget and the consumer price's index increase
zh 工资标准与国家预算额度及消费者物价指数上涨有着密切关系。
en The prices of rice, fuel and other basic commodities increased by ‧ per cent between January ‧ and January ‧ which led to a ‧ per cent increase in the consumer price index during that period
zh 年 ‧ 月至 ‧ 年 ‧ 月,大米、燃料和其他基本商品的价格提高了 ‧ %,导致同期消费价格指数提高 ‧ %。
en FICSA found the proposals regarding boarding costs to be reasonable and valid, noting that they were linked to the consumer price index
zh 公务员协联认为关于膳宿费用的提议是合理的,有道理的,这些费用与消费物价指数相关。
en Following the publication of the November ‧ movement of the Austrian consumer price index (CPI) and determination of the due interim adjustment, the VIC-based organizations (VBOs) agreed on the new GS salary scales, which showed a ‧ per cent increase over the GS salary scales, which had been in effect since ‧ pril
zh 在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月公布奥地利消费物价指数变动以及临时调整到期后,设在维也纳国际中心的各个组织一致同意了新的一般事务工作人员薪资表,这个新的薪资表比自 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日起实行的一般事务工作人员薪资表增加 ‧ %。
en With regard to boarding proposals, the Commission noted that, in accordance with the methodology, the flat rate for boarding and the additional flat rate for boarding had been updated by the movements of the consumer price index between the date of the most recent adjustment and the date of the current review
zh 关于膳宿费用的建议,委员会指出,根据有关办法,膳宿费用的统一费率和补充统一费率已根据上次调整日期和本次审查日期之间的消费物价指数的变动情况加以更新。
en This represents a yearly real rate of return of ‧ per cent for the same period, after adjustment based on the United States consumer price index, and compares favourably with the ‧ per cent long-term real rate of return assumed in the actuarial calculation
zh 在同一期间按美国消费物价指数调整后的实际年回报率是 ‧ %,优于精算估值假设的 ‧ %的长期实际回报率。
en An advisory group will be established to advise the Working Group on updates to the consumer price index and producer price index manuals
zh 将设立一个咨询小组,以便就消费物价指数手册和生产者价格指数手册的更新向工作组提供咨询意见。
en The traditional fixed weight/Laspeyres type indexes, which are used in the compilation of most consumer price indexes, do not allow for substitutions between commodities and cannot adequately allow for new goods
zh 汇编多数消费者物价指数中所使用的是传统的固定权数/拉斯贝尔类型的指数,此类指数不允许商品替待,不能充分考虑新货物。
en The average hourly and weekly industrial wage in British Columbia; The percentage increase in BC's Consumer Price Index; Minimum wage levels in other Canadian and American jurisdictions; The percentage of annual Gross Domestic Product growth in British Columbia industries that hire large numbers of minimum wage earners, such as agriculture, retail trade, food services, accommodation, and personal services; The most current value of Statistics Canada's Low Income Cut-Off rates; The average costs of food, clothing, and shelter in British Columbia; and The status of other economic and social indicators provided to government by business, labour, and community stakeholder groups
zh 不列颠哥伦比亚省每小时及每周平均劳动报酬; 不列颠哥伦比亚省消费者物价指数增长率; 加拿大及美国其他行政区的最低工资水平; 不列颠哥伦比亚省大量领取最低工资的工人所在行业的年国民生产总值增长率,如农业、零售业、食品业、住宿以及服务业; 加拿大低收入者比例的最新统计数据; 不列颠哥伦比亚省食品、服装及住房平均消费成本;以及 商业、劳动及社区管理组织向政府提供的其他经济及社会指标的情况。
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