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consumer price index CPI
消费价格指数; 消費價格指數; 居民消費價格指數; 居民消费价格指数

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en The real annualized return had been ‧ per cent adjusted to the United States consumer price index
zh 按美国消费物价指数进行调整后,实际年度收益为 ‧ %。
en Experts from Australia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Canada participated in the two most recent meetings of the Group, held in May ‧ back-to-back with the joint consumer price index meeting in Geneva and in October ‧ on the day before the ‧ th Ottawa Group meeting
zh 来自澳大利亚、美利坚合众国、联合王国、荷兰和加拿大的专家参加了工作组的最近两次会议,一次于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月在日内瓦紧接着消费者价格指数联席会议举行,另一次于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月在渥太华小组第 ‧ 次会议之前一天举行。
en The Committee notes that the Pension Board decided to: (a) recommend that as from ‧ pril ‧ the current reduction in the first consumer price index adjustment due under the Pension Adjustment System of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund to benefits in award be reduced from ‧ per cent to ‧ per cent; and that a ‧ per cent increase be applied on the occasion of the next adjustment to the benefits in payment to existing retirees and beneficiaries who have already had the ‧ per cent reduction applied to their benefits; and (b) recommend implementation as from ‧ pril ‧ of its already approved ‧ recommendation to eliminate the limitation on the right to restoration for existing and future contributing participants, based on length of prior service
zh 咨询委员会注意到养恤金联委会决定:(a) 建议从 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日起,按照养恤基金的养恤金调整制度,把给付中养恤金第一次消费物价指数调整数从 ‧ %减少到 ‧ %;并在下次调整时,将养恤金已经下调 ‧ %的现有退休人员和受益人的给付中养恤金提高 ‧ %;(b) 建议从 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日起,执行已批准的联委会 ‧ 年的建议,即对现有和将来的缴款参与人取消依据先前服务时间恢复权利的限制。
en The second relates to the amounts of pensions; hitherto they were fixed annually on the basis of movements in the general minimum wage, whereas henceforth they will be based on the movement during the calendar year of the national consumer price index
zh 第二个变动与退休金数额有关;迄今为止,它们每年根据一般最低薪酬的变化进行修订,不过,此后将根据历年全国消费价格指数的变化确定。
en Consumer price index and producer price index manuals were published in ‧ and the revised terms of reference refer to the development and implementation of the consumer price index and producer price index manuals and the development of standards and manuals on further price statistics with particular regard to export-import price indices and real-estate price indices
zh 年,出版了消费者价格指数手册和生产者价格指数手册。 经订正的职权范围提到制定和实施消费者价格指数手册和生产者价格指数手册,并制定关于更多价格指数的标准和手册,重点特别放在进出口价格指数和不动产价格指数
en Price indexes for services are also required in their own right as important components of broader domestic measures of price inflation, such as aggregate producer price indexes and consumer price indexes
zh 服务价格指数作为一国国内较为广泛地衡量通货膨胀的重要组成部分(例如综合的生产者价格指数消费物价指数)也有其存在的必要。
en For the period ‧ such negotiations have made it possible to contain annual health cost increases to below ‧ per cent, which is very favourable considering that the current consumer price index increase is over ‧ per cent and the ‧ year average medical inflation rate recorded for the region was ‧ per cent
zh 年期间,上述谈判使医疗费用增长率得以控制在每年 ‧ %以下,鉴于当前消费物价指数增长率超过 ‧ %,该地区十年平均医疗费用上涨率为 ‧ %,这是十分优惠的价格。
en On the other hand, the consumer price index (CPI) rose by ‧ per cent during the period
zh 另一方面,消费物价指数(CPI)在 ‧ 年期间上涨了 ‧ %。
en The joint ECE/ILO consumer price index meetings provide a unique opportunity for national experts to exchange views and experiences in the field of price statistics and to identify good practices
zh 欧洲经委会/劳工组织消费者价格指数联席会议为各国专家提供了一个在价格统计领域交流看法和经验并查明良好做法的独特机会。
en PCBS, “Monthly Consumer Price Index”, Quarterly Reports, different issues, Palestine
zh 巴勒斯坦中央统计局,“月消费价格指数”,季度报告,有关各期,巴勒斯坦 ‧ 年至 ‧ 年。
en Every year pensions are increased in line with the Consumer Price Index so that their real value is maintained
zh 每年都根据消费者价格指数增加养恤金,保持其实际价值。
en This mechanism is triggered whenever there is a rise of ‧ % or more in the consumer price index as determined by successive separate surveys conducted at least one month apart
zh 每当以 ‧ 个月为间隔连续进行的独立调查所测定的消费价格指数上升 ‧ %或以上时,该机制将被触发。
en On that occasion, the Secretary-General, in paragraph ‧ of his report ( ‧ ), noted that according to official statistics of the Netherlands provided by the Court, the consumer price index for the Netherlands for the period from ‧ anuary ‧ to ‧ arch ‧ had increased by ‧ per cent
zh 在这次会议上,秘书长在其报告( ‧ )第 ‧ 段中指出按照法院提供的荷兰政府统计,从 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日荷兰消费者价格指数上升了 ‧ %。
en The Board held its fifty-second session in Montreal from ‧ to ‧ uly ‧ t recommended to the General Assembly a phased approach in the elimination of the ‧ per cent reduction in the first consumer price index adjustment due after retirement; and further recommended that the Pension Adjustment System be amended to provide for an adjustable minimum guarantee at ‧ per cent of the United States dollar track amount
zh 联委会在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日于蒙特利尔举行了第五十二届会议,建议大会分期取消退休后第一次消费价格指数调整数应下调的 ‧ %;又建议修订养恤金调整制度,以提供可调整的最低保障额达美元轨道数额的 ‧ %。
en Examples of cases when political approval was needed are: population census results; the consumer price index; poverty numbers; gross domestic product numbers; and, in one case, “sensitive issues that may have adverse effects on the economy as a whole”
zh 所提供的需要政治批准的例子有:人口普查结果、消费价格指数、贫困数据、国内生产总值数据,有一个例子是“可能会对整个经济产生不利影响的敏感问题”。
en From ‧ to ‧ the consumer price index for food increased more than the consumer price index for all goods and services
zh 从 ‧ 年至 ‧ 年,食物的消费价格指数比所有物品和服务的消费价格指数上涨都要多。
en The International Monetary Fund, as the convener of the Intersecretariat Working Group on Price Statistics, announced the completion and printing of Consumer Price Index Manual: Theory and Practice and its availability in CD-ROM format and on the International Labour Organization web site
zh 作为秘书处间价格统计工作组召集人,货币基金组织宣布完成并印制了《消费物价指数手册:理论与实践》,出版了手册光盘并在国际劳工组织网站上公布了该手册。
en The decreases listed above were partially offset by increases in the following requirements: services for maintenance of premises ($ ‧ ) owing to a number of factors explained below; utilities ($ ‧ ), due mainly to the fact that the consumer price index rate was higher than budgeted; maintenance of audio-visual equipment ($ ‧ ), attributable mainly to the requirement to prepare courtrooms to withstand the higher stress placed on the Tribunal's infrastructure as a result of increased trial activity; supplies for the maintenance of premises ($ ‧ ); freight and cartage ($ ‧ ), owing to the greater volume of equipment and supplies transported from the Netherlands to the field offices where such supplies and equipment were not locally available; and bank charges ($
zh 上文所列减少的数额部分被下述所需费用增加所冲销:由于下文解释的一些因素而致房地维修费增加( ‧ 美元);主要因为消费者物价指数高于预算所列数字而使公用事业费用增加( ‧ 美元);主要由于审判活动增加,国际法庭基础设施承受较大压力,审判室所需视听设备维修费增加( ‧ 美元)房舍维修用品费增加( ‧ 美元);由于从荷兰将当地买不到的设备和用品运往外地的数量较大而致水陆运费增加( ‧ 美元);银行费用增加( ‧ 美元)。
en In the past, financial services other than insurance have typically been ignored or badly covered in consumer price indexes, reflecting the lack of a conceptual framework for their measurement and the difficulty of obtaining reliable data
zh 过去,消费物价指数通常忽略保险业以外的金融服务业或者涵盖不当,这反映出其计量方面缺乏概念框架以及获得可靠数据的困难。
en b) The elimination of the ‧ per cent threshold for effecting consumer price index adjustments for beneficiaries
zh b) 取消对受益人实施消费物价指数调整的 ‧ %起始点
en Inflation rate (change in Consumer Price Index, percentage
zh 通货膨胀率(消费价格指数变化,%
en There was a ‧ per cent contraction in gross domestic product (GDP) and inflation jumped, with an annual increase in the consumer price index of ‧ per cent
zh 当时的国内生产总值减少了 ‧ %,而通货膨胀迅猛上升,年消费者物价指数上升 ‧ %。
en See Appendix A, Table ‧ which shows the percentage changes of the consumer price index and the rates of pay
zh 见附录A表 ‧ 其中显示了 ‧ 年消费者价格指数和收入的比例变化。
en Many products, especially services, are bundled or charged in complex ways that make it difficult to select prices for inclusion in the consumer price index
zh 许多产品,特别是服务产品,实行捆绑销售或以复杂方式收费,因此难以选择列入消费物价指数的价格。
en Inflation refers to changes in the consumer price index
zh 通货膨胀指消费品价格指数的变化。
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