• notable   
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  • outstanding       
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  • remarkable       
    (adjv   )
  • statistically significant   

类似的短语在字典中文 英文。 (1)

显著statistically significant; remarkable; notable; outstanding


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强调了粮食援助在发展进程中的重要性和显著作用,并重申了确保此种援助突出重点、明确目标以及相互配合的必要性。The importance and significant impact that food aid has in the development process was reinforced, and the need to ensure that such assistance is focused, targeted and integrated was reiterated
多年来,我国一直在这些国际机构所涉的人权领域发挥着显著作用。For many years it has played a prominent role in the areas of human rights dealt with by these international bodies
联合国支持并且倡导巴勒斯坦人民的各项权利,发挥了并且将继续发挥重要和显著作用。It has played and continues to play an important and distinctive role as it has embraced and advocated the rights of our Palestinian people
打击恐怖主义应该是一项全球和集体的努力,并且联合国应当继续发挥显著作用。Combating terrorism should be a global and collective effort, and the United Nations should continue to play a prominent role
工作场所检查的目标往往是其职业健康和安全记录不良的工作场所及从事显著有害种类工作的场所。Inspections tend to target workplaces with poor occupational health and safety records or those where particularly hazardous types of work are carried out
由于城市化速度快,以及非正规住区和贫民窟扩大,政府急需在设计和执行可持续环卫系统方面发挥显著作用。The rapid pace of urbanization and the growth of informal settlements and slums have created an urgent need for Governments to play a prominent role in designing and implementing sustainable sanitation systems
《行动计划》特别指出整个联合国发展系统必须以技合精神为动力,其所有组织应当发挥促进和推动者的显著作用。The Plan specifically states that the entire United Nations development system must be permeated by the spirit of TCDC and all its organizations should play a prominent role as promoters and catalysts
你在和平解决科摩罗危机中发挥了显著作用,使科摩罗走上了恢复宪法秩序的进程,这将有助于科摩罗这个国家恢复体制和政治稳定。The eminent part you played in the peaceful resolution of the Comoros crisis, which led to the initiation of a process of restoring constitutional order, will allow the nation of the Comoros to regain institutional and political stability
鉴于移徙者的汇款在原籍国经济和社会发展中起着显著作用,应尽一切努力从这些汇款中获取尽可能大的效益。Given that remittances from migrants play a prominent role in the economic and social development of countries of origin, every effort should be made to derive the greatest possible benefit from those remittances
摩洛哥王国政府,确认安全理事会维持和平与国际安全的显著作用,与国际社会共同抱着坚决的反恐愿望,已采取了一系列积极措施。 通过安全理事会的有关决议,尤其是 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 号决议,使愿望变成事实。The Government of the Kingdom of Morocco, respecting the primary role of the Security Council in the maintenance of international peace and security and sharing fully in the will and determination of the international community to combat the scourge of terrorism, has taken a series of initiatives to translate into fact the relevant resolutions of the Security Council and, in particular, resolution ‧ of ‧ eptember
确实,在今天的会议上必须赞扬他特别是在通过《公约》方面的显著作用,以及他在发展整个海洋法方面的了不起的贡献。Indeed, today's event would have been incomplete without commending his notable role in the adoption of the Convention, in particular, and his remarkable contribution to the development of the law of the sea in general
《标准规则》自通过以来已发挥了显著作用,有力地推动在全世界制定关于残疾问题的国家政策和做法。Since their adoption, the Standard Rules have played a significant role in informing the elaboration of national policies and practices on disability throughout the world
显著有效的自由化能否带来比优惠关税幅度还要大的根本收益?Would significant liberalization lead to more fundamental gains than preferential tariff margins?
非政府组织在日常提高认识工作中发挥着显著作用。Non-governmental organizations have the predominant role in the day-to-day work of raising awareness
通过在政策制定和执行领域提供咨询意见和开展能力建设,并加强体制和实际基础设施以及信息的提供,多边组织可以在协助私营部门发展中发挥显著作用。The multilateral organizations could play a significant role in assisting private sector development through advice and capacity-building in the areas of policy formulation and implementation, as well as by enhancing the institutional and physical infrastructure and the provision of information
南北、南南和三角合作在应对发展中国家面临的挑战方面可发挥显著作用。North-South, South-South and triangular cooperation can play a significant role in meeting the challenges faced by developing countries
一些国家机构在促进人的相互理解和社会团结方面发挥了显著作用,其中有课功所(Bayt al-Zakat),这是一个独立的政府机构,在国内和国际上十分活跃。The national institutions which play a conspicuous role in the field of human understanding and social solidarity include Bayt al-Zakat (Zakat House), an independent government body which is active at the domestic and international levels
赞赏两圣寺护法采取的上述主动行动及其在帮助伊斯兰民族做好准备以满足国际经济发展要求过程中发挥的显著作用。Appreciates the aforesaid initiative of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and its significant role in preparing the Islamic Ummah to meet the requirements of international economic developments
执行主任于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月间任命了一名专门负责体育与环境事务的特别代表,其任务是协助环境署与体育界保持联系,并确保环境署在各项体育活动和举措中发挥显著作用。A Special Representative forn Sport and the Environment was appointed in June ‧ by the Executive Director to assist in linking UNEP to the sport community and ensuring that UNEP is prominently visible in sport events and initiatives
各国政府可以修改快速方案,使捐助方可以通过这一渠道输送汞财政资源,特别是当化管大会和化管方针在自愿汞框架方面发挥显著作用时更是如此。Governments could potentially adapt the QSP to serve as a medium through which donors could channel financial resources for mercury, especially if the ICCM and SAICM assumed a prominent role in a voluntary mercury framework
不过,在武装冲突各方不能或者不愿保护平民的情况下,国际社会可发挥显著作用。However, in situations where parties to an armed conflict are unable or unwilling to protect civilians, the international community has a distinct role to play
妇女在微型企业及小型和中型企业发展中发挥显著作用,她们既是工业人力资源的基础,富有创造力和生产力,又越来越多地成为企业家。Women play a significant role in the development of microenterprises, and small and medium-sized enterprises, both as a creative and productive industrial human resource base and, increasingly, as entrepreneurs
我们希望,联合国也将发挥显著作用,支持非洲发展新伙伴关系。We hope that the United Nations will also play a tangible role in support of NEPAD
民间社会和私营部门在项目设计和资源使用的监测方面可以发挥显著作用。Civil society and the private sector could play a visible role in the design of projects and in monitoring the use of resources
乌拉圭在联合国刚果民主共和国观察团(联刚观察团)中起着显著作用,它对该国政府遵守停火协议感到满意,但与此同时对该国东部持续不断的战事也深表不安。Uruguay, which was playing a significant role in the United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC), was pleased that the Government of that country was observing the ceasefire agreement, but at the same time it was deeply concerned that military action was continuing in the eastern part of the country