• data source   
    In communications, the portion of a Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) device that sends data.
  • source         
    (noun   )

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安裝資料夾installation folder
表格式資料流tabular data stream
次要資料來源secondary data source
次要資料來源使用secondary data uses
非使用中資料來源inactive data source
封裝來源檔案package source file
封裝來源目錄package source directory
根資料夾root folder
共用資料來源項目shared data source item
光線來源light source
記錄來源record source
結構描述資料列集schema rowset
警报来源Alert Source
警示來源Alert Source
可靠来源trusted source
可執行資料夾executable folder
来源origin; source (of information etc); source
來源source (of information etc); source; origin
來源 Cubesource cube
來源程式source program
來源磁碟機source drive
來源檔案source file
來源管理員Source Manager
來源模型source model
來源目錄source directory
來源配接器source adapter
來源日誌source journaling
來源文件source document
來源物件source object
來源系統source system
來源語言source language
來源資料source data
來源資料分割source partition
來源資料庫source database
來源資料整合source data integration
離散化資料行discretized column
離線資料來源offline data source
連結資料來源精靈Link Data Sources Wizard
邏輯來源logical source
明確設定資料explicit profiling
內容來源content source
企業營運資料實體架構line-of-business entity
潛在客戶來源source of lead
潜在顾客来源source of lead
情报资料intelligence information; intelligence data
社會安全福利被形容為凳子的第三只腳的原因是:社會安全福利從來就不是有意計劃成爲退休後的主要收入來源。退休金以及個人的儲蓄或其它投資也應當作爲退休後的收入來源。three legged stool
設定資料來源精靈Configure DataSource Wizard
實體資料模型結構描述Entity Data Model schema
使用方式資料usage data
事件來源event source
受管理的電子郵件資料夾Managed E-mail Folder
輸入來源input source
所有格,表示來源genitive of source
统计资料statistical data
外部來源系統external source system
外部內容類型資料來源External Content Type data source
系統資料來源名稱System Data Source Name
繫結來源binding source
詳細資料區域detail area
消息来源web feed; syndicated feed; news feed
消息來源syndicated feed; web feed; news feed
協同作業資料物件Collaboration Data Objects
信任的來源trusted source
虛擬資料夾―依圖片Picture Virtual Folder
虛擬資料夾―依文件Document Virtual Folder
影像基礎來源image well
預設資料夾default folder
原始檔案來源Raw File source
纸张来源paper source
紙張來源paper source
主要来源main source
资料量quantity of data
資料處理延伸模組data processing extension
資料來源格式化data source formatting
資料來源檢視data source view
資料來源控制項data source control
資料來源驅動程式data source driver
資料來源外掛程式data source plug-in
資料類型data type
資料列版本設定row versioning
資料收集器集合工具data collector set; Data Collector Set
資料驗證data validation
自訂來源custom source
Application 來源資料整合application source data integration
Netgroup 來源netgroup source
Netgroup 來源精靈Netgroup Source Wizard


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b) 与其他缔约国合作,通过其金融机构和管理监督机构,发现和冻结在经济和金融系统中腐败行为所得非法来源资产包括资金在内的转移和交易b) Cooperating with other States Parties, through their financial institutions and regulatory and oversight bodies, in the detection and freezing of transfers and transactions, in the economic and financial systems, involving assets, including funds, of illicit origin derived from acts of corruption
正常的和特别的普通投资基金的受益者如果非进行交易的人或如果是后者的合伙人,则不需要自行讲出财产和/资金的来源The beneficiaries of regular and special common investment funds are not required to make voluntary declarations as to the origin of assets and/or funds when the beneficiaries are different from those involved in the transaction or are in partnership with them
Prevedouros等人( ‧ 年)根据文献资料的数据对 ‧ 年至 ‧ 年间欧洲地区五溴二苯醚的生产、消费和大气排放进行了估计。Prevedouros et al. estimated production, consumption, and atmospheric emissions of PentaBDE in Europe between ‧ and ‧ based on literature data
为向全球和当地公众提供最新的准确信息,在收到对最初作为试点项目分发的《荒漠化公约》资料袋的积极反馈后,于 ‧ 年、 ‧ 年和 ‧ 年以联合国所有 ‧ 种正式语文更新、翻译和重印了整套资料In order to provide up-to-date and accurate information to the public at the global and local levels, the UNCCD information kits, which were initially conceived as a pilot project, received very positive feedback and were subsequently updated, translated and reprinted in ‧ and ‧ in all six official United Nations languages
在 ‧ 个机构中,有三个还没有提交 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的调节资料Out of ‧ agencies, three have not submitted their ‧ ecember ‧ reconciliation
h. 使特定社区参与并交给它们责任,进一步保证为儿童谋福利而采取的行动的功效,以及私人供资来源的更大兴趣。h) Involving and empowering target communities as a further means of ensuring not only the efficiency of the action undertaken on behalf of children but also greater interest on the part of private sources of funding
虽然技术评估团因安全局势不利而未能去成摩加迪沙,但是赶到内罗毕与该评估团会谈的非索特派团部队指挥官、非洲联盟高级官员和联合安全委员会的索马里成员以及支助非索特派团的捐助者代表,均向该评估团提供了宝贵的资料Although the technical assessment mission was unable to travel to Mogadishu owing to the security situation, it obtained valuable information from the AMISOM Force Commander, senior officials of the African Union, and Somali members of the Joint Security Committee who travelled to Nairobi to meet the mission, as well as representatives of donors supporting AMISOM
向各家公共机构发去信函,告知起草本报告一事,根据消除对妇女歧视委员会的要求,收集在 ‧ 至 ‧ 年期间在促进两性平等消除性别歧视方面所做工作的资料• A letter was sent to public institutions announcing the preparation of the report and attaching a set of survey guidelines on “gender-focused actions against discrimination” covering the years ‧ to ‧ in accordance with CEDAW rules
各国应确保受影响的人知悉归还程序,并随时获得有关这个程序的资料,而且资料应以非专业人员可理解的语言编写。tates shall ensure that affected persons are made aware of the restitution process, and that information about this process is made readily available, and in easy to understand layperson's language
本报告根据 ‧ 号决议提交,人权委员会在决议中请秘书长任命一名独立专家,任期一年,目的是更新《通过打击有罪不罚现象的行动保护和增进人权的一套原则》( ‧ ub ‧ ev ‧ 附件二)(《原则》),“以反映国际法和惯例的最新发展,包括国际判例法和国家惯例,同时考虑到“秘书长根据第 ‧ 号决议委托专家编写的关于有罪不罚的“独立研究报告”( ‧ )以及各国、政府间和非政府组织根据第 ‧ 号决议提供的资料和意见。This report is submitted pursuant to resolution ‧ in which the Commission on Human Rights requested the Secretary-General to appoint an independent expert for a period of one year to update the Set of Principles for the protection and promotion of human rights through action to combat impunity ( ‧ ub ‧ ev ‧ annex II) (the Principles) “to reflect recent developments in international law and practice, including international jurisprudence and State practice, and taking into account the independent study” on impunity ( ‧ ) commissioned by the Secretary-General pursuant to resolution ‧ (Independent Study) as well as information and views received from States and intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) pursuant to resolution
基金可以提供可靠的筹资来源,帮助各实地机构迅速处理问题。It can provide a reliable source of financing that helps agencies on the ground to deal with problems quickly
然而,要最后敲定这些计划还需从边界委员会收到关于界桩点确切位置的全面资料However, finalization of these plans continues to be dependent on receipt from the Boundary Commission of complete information regarding the exact locations of pillar sites
由此,可将维持和平行动的情报管理定义为“利用公开来源的情报来理解、形成和主导对任务区的认知”。Thus, information management in peacekeeping operations could be defined as “the use of open-source intelligence to understand, shape and dominate the knowledge terrain in the mission area”
在越南,政府继续严格执行关于罂粟种植的禁令,并已导致种植面积的大幅度下降,但由于缺乏替代收入来源,农民将重新非法种植鸦片的危险仍然存在。In Viet Nam, the continued strict Government enforcement of the ban on poppy cultivation resulted in significant reductions in cultivation, but risks still exist that farmers will return to illicit opium planting owing to lack of alternative sources of income
资料来源:巴西地理统计局 ‧ 和 ‧ 年人口普查 ‧ 年全国住户抽样调查,以及特别列表,NEPO/UNICAMP。Source: IBGE, Demographic Censuses ‧ and ‧ ationwide Survey by Household Sampling ‧ and special Tabulations, NEPO/UNICAMP
以下各段的资料将在登记册上公开发表)。The amounts of ERUs, CERs, and [AAUs] [PAAs], individually and in aggregate, that the Annex I Party expects to acquire (net of transfers by the Annex I Party) during each year of the first commitment period. ]
为文献资料中心提供支持。Support to Documentation Center
在这种情况下,同时由于没有任何其他有关资料,委员会认为,来文的这一部分是未经证实的,因此根据《任择议定书》第 ‧ 条是不可受理的。In the circumstances, and in the absence of any other pertinent information in this regard, the Committee considers this part of the communication inadmissible as unsubstantiated under article ‧ of the Optional Protocol
利用信息和通信技术,共同支助信息系统,完善衡量和监测业绩的文书,更加持续而系统地交换资料和分析结果,这是此一努力不可分割的一部分。An integral part of the effort should be a more continuous and systematic exchange of data and analysis, drawing on ICT and jointly supported information systems, and the refinement of instruments for measuring and monitoring performance
为发挥投资综合信息管理系统的效益,将向所有工作人员提供个人资料的联机访问(例如工资单、人事行动、概况介绍、旅费报销等)。Capitalizing on the investment made in IMIS, online access to personal data (for example pay slips, personnel actions, fact sheets, travel claims, etc.) will be provided to all staff members
在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的第 ‧ 次会议上,增进和保护人权小组委员会,回顾小组委员会 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 号决议和人权委员会 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 号决议,注意到人权委员会 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的第 ‧ 号决议,极为关注有关参加支持和平行动人员严重违反人权的指称,并考虑到 ‧ ub ‧ 号文件提供的背景资料,未经表决即决定委托弗朗索瓦斯·简·汉普森女士在不涉及经费问题的情况下编写一份关于参加支持和平行动的军队、联合国民警、国际公务员和专家的活动范围及责任问题的工作文件,提交小组委员会第五十四届会议。At its ‧ th meeting, on ‧ ugust ‧ the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, recalling its resolution ‧ of ‧ ugust ‧ and Commission on Human Rights resolution ‧ of ‧ pril ‧ taking note of Commission resolution ‧ of ‧ pril ‧ extremely concerned at the allegations of serious violations of human rights on the part of personnel serving in peace support operations and taking into account the background information provided in document ‧ ub ‧ decided, without a vote, to entrust Ms. Françoise Hampson with the task of preparing, without financial implications, a working paper on the scope of the activities and the accountability of armed forces, United Nations civilian police, international civil servants and experts taking part in
我建议,如果要进行调解,就应该利用国家或主题报告员的工作、我们协调厅的目前工作或者是维持和平组成部分的工作,并且在进行任何调解尝试的时候利用这种资料I would suggest that, if there is to be mediation, it should draw on the work of country or thematic rapporteurs, the present work of our Office or components of peacekeeping, and have this material in relation to any attempts at mediation
反恐委员会希望得到更多详细资料说明规定举报可疑行动的机制如何运作。The CTC would appreciate receiving more details on the operation of the reporting machinery
关于高级专员办事处的资金问题,高级专员重申了资金的来源,她强调指出预算外自愿捐款至关重要。Concerning the resources of the Office of the High Commissioner, she referred to their source and stressed the importance of extrabudgetary voluntary contributions