• to be as good as one's word   
  • to do as promised   
  • to honor one's word   
  • to mean what one says   

类似的短语在字典中文 英文。 (52)

巴前算后; to consider repeatedly
巴前算後to consider repeatedly
成话to make sense
成話to make sense
的话if; if (coming after a conditional clause)
的話if (coming after a conditional clause)
二话to demur; to object; differing opinion; objection
二話to object; differing opinion; objection; to demur
反话ironic remark; irony
反話ironic remark; irony
放话to leak certain information intentionally; to give orders; to spread news or rumors
放話to give orders; to leak certain information intentionally; to spread news or rumors
共话to discuss together
共話to discuss together
共享会话sharing session
好话to speak well of; words of praise
好話to speak well of; words of praise
后话something to be taken up later in speech or writing
後話something to be taken up later in speech or writing
会话conversation; session; talk; colloquy; dialog
會話talk; ; conversation
拉话to chat
拉話to chat
累算方法accrual method
冷话sarcasm; harsh words; bitter remarks
冷話harsh words; bitter remarks; sarcasm
掐算to count with one's fingers; on the spot calculation
秋后算帐to bide time for revenge
秋後算帳; to bide time for revenge
屈指一算to count on one's fingers
人算不如天算Man proposes but God disposes; God's plans supercede our own
实时共享会话Live Sharing Session
说话算话to honor one's word; to be as good as one's word; to do as promised; to mean what one says
calculate; figure; to figure; to regard as; count; compute; to calculate; to compute
算出calculated; to figure out
算话to keep to one's word
算話to keep to one's word
算了forget about it; let it be; let it pass; forget it
算帐to balance an account; to get one's revenge; to reckon (accounting)
算帳to balance an account; ; to get one's revenge; to reckon (accounting)
玩话joking; playful talk
玩話joking; playful talk
一句话in short; in a word
一句話in short; in a word


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特别报告员感到遗憾的是,最后通过的草案没有列入这句The Special Rapporteur was disappointed that this reference was excluded from the draft which was finally adopted
在这方面,大会会员国所接受的方法用第 ‧ 号决议的来说是“促进多边主义”。In that regard, the approach that has been accepted by the membership of the Assembly is, in the words of resolution ‧ the “promotion of multilateralism”
为这个安全理事会代表团说句公道,这也许是一个不可能完成的任务。To be fair to that Security Council mission, it may have been a mission impossible
人们已就妇女在她们基本不负有任何责任的冲突局势中已经和仍在遭受的苦难说了很多的Much has been said about the terrible toll women have paid, and continue to pay, in conflict situations, for which they are largely not responsible
斡旋小组认为,如果有关各方继续尽职开展行动的,有可能在不远的将来达成协议。The team of mediators believes that, if the parties continue to act in good faith, it will be possible to reach agreement in the near future
阿尔文大使请我向本会议转达的是,若干年来与所有的同事一道工作使他不胜愉快,他是带着对于在担任墨西哥常驻代表期间收到的种种善意的愉快回忆返回墨西哥的。Ambassador Albin asked me to convey to the Conference how much he enjoyed working for some years with all his colleagues, and returns to Mexico with a pleasant memory of the tokens of kindness towards him during the time he spent as Permanent Representative of Mexico
在第九序言段落中,“铭记非歧视原则”这句应当删除,因为国际法中没有这样的原则。In the ninth preambular paragraph, the phrase “bearing in mind the principle of non-discrimination and” should be deleted, for there was no such principle in international law
就紧急非常特别会议而言,朗克里大使似乎没有认真听取安全理事会的一个常任理事国在其声明中所说的,即他不会允许安理会审议这个问题。As for the emergency extraordinary special session, it seems that Ambassador Lancry has not listened carefully to what one permanent member of the Security Council said in its declaration that it would not allow the Council to take up the issue
今天我的大多数同事一个接一个所说的在上次会议上,在早些时候的会议上已经说过,因此,我不想重复我在上次发言中已经说过的内容。What is being said today by most of my colleagues one after the other was said at the last meeting and at earlier meetings, so I shall not repeat all the things I said in my last statement
此外,还应注重代表问题,即谁代表谁说话,并注重传播和使用数据问题,因为这涉及到智力和文化产权问题。Furthermore, attention also has to be given to issues of representation, that is, who is speaking on behalf of whom and the dissemination and use of data as it pertains to intellectual and cultural property rights
由于人权事务委员会不满意韩国的答复,因此对没有结果 。Since the response of the State has not been considered satisfactory by the HR Committee, the dialogue remains open
如果阿富汗领导人认为与塔利班温和派寻求接触是合适的,只有在这些人真正放下武器、承认阿富汗政府和《宪法》以及断绝与基地组织的关系的情况下,才应当进行此类对话。If the Afghan leadership believes it appropriate to seek contacts with the moderate wing of the Taliban, such a dialogue should be carried out only with those who truly lay down their arms, recognize the Government and the constitution of Afghanistan and renounce their ties with Al-Qaida
如果是这样的,就应当在第十三章的评注中提及该专门情形。If so, there should be a reference to that exclusion in the commentary to chapter XIII
今天,这些理由或许同样充分,如果不是更加充分的Those arguments are perhaps equally valid today, if not more so
b) 重新部署的部队仍应在其调用前所属特派团军事人员和民警人员的兵员最高限额内,而不应在调用他们的特派团的最高限额内b) Any forces redeployed shall continue to be counted against the authorized ceiling on military and civilian personnel of the mission from which they are being transferred and shall not count against the ceiling of the mission to which they are being transferred
这样,不适用这一规则的情形是,有形资产不属于库存品,而且直接担保权(即不占有可转让单证的有担保债权人的担保权)在下述时间中较早的时间之前便取得了对抗第三方的效力:(a)资产为可转让单证所涵盖的时间;(b)担保权的设保人和占有可转让单证的有担保债权人之间订立协议,规定该可转让单证涵盖该资产的时间,只要是自协议日期起在某一不长的时期内(如三十天)涵盖该资产。Thus, the rule is inapplicable where the tangible assets are assets other than inventory and the direct security right (that is, the security right of the secured creditor not in possession of the negotiable document) was made effective against third parties before the earlier of: (a) the time the asset became covered by the negotiable document; and (b) the time when an agreement was made between the grantor of the security right and the secured creditor in possession of the negotiable document providing for the asset to be covered by the negotiable document, so long as the asset became so covered with a specified short period of time (such as ‧ days) from the date of the agreement
一些国家的代表团对他 ‧ 月 ‧ 日举行的介绍监督厅年度报告的新闻发布会发表了评论,他在答复这些评论时强调说,一些媒体、特别是联合国基金会的联合国电讯的报道指称他讲的歪曲了他的发言。In response to the comments of some delegations concerning the press conference he had given on ‧ ctober to introduce the annual report of the Office, he wished to emphasize that the remarks attributed to him by some media reports, in particular that of the United Nations Foundation UN Wire, were a misrepresentation of his statements
其次,更为严重的是,该准则草案第 ‧ 节不够准确和完整,可能会引起混乱,因为它只考虑可提具反对的期限起始点(起日期)问题(而且还不完整), 对截止日期问题全然不顾;但这个问题肯定不能模糊处理,如果不引述起始点, 就难以单独对其作出回答并确定期限的截止日期。Second, and this is a matter of greater concern, the third paragraph of the draft guideline, although not inaccurate, is incomplete and could cause confusion: it addresses only (and, moreover, incompletely) the question of the date from which an objection may be formulated (dies a quo) but leaves entirely unanswered the question of the dies a quem; clearly, the latter cannot be dealt with on the basis of omission, and it is difficult to deal with it in isolation and to determine the date on which the period of time expires without reference to the date on which it commences
说了这些之后,秘书处应重新审查分配给联苏特派团五个职位的计划,重点放在预防、培训和严格的纪律上,而且调查资源将根据事态发展按需要分阶段投入。That being said, the Secretariat should revisit plans to allocate five positions to UNMIS, with an emphasis on prevention, training and strong discipline and with investigative resources being phased in as necessary in the light of developments
尽管如此,我必须重申,只要我们地区还存在一个违反《公约》文字与精神的活动、甚至只是有一个恐怖主义分子单独开展活动,那么我们的任务就不能全部完成了。Having said that, I have to reiterate that our task will not be fully accomplished until our region is free from even a single activity which is in contravention of the letter and spirit of the Convention, even conducted by an individual terrorist
我们希望所有会员国都能加入协商一致,从而使联合国在这一关键问题上能够以一个声音说话We hope that all Member States will join in consensus so that the United Nations may speak as one on this vital issue
由于他们多数接受一种以他们觉得陌生的语言教学方式提供的教育,许多人在头几年不懂这一语言,他们的学校成绩低,在“特殊”班和学校(如果有这种班和学校的)他们人数很多,很少在义务教育之后继续就学。Since most of them are educated through the medium of a language foreign to them and many do not, at least during the first years, understand this language, their school achievement levels are low, they are hugely over-represented in "special" classes and schools (where these exist), and they seldom continue their education after the obligatory school
如果我对他的没有理解错的,他说的是--这无论如何也是我的坚定信念--在这个问题上,我们需要秘书处的决心;在这个过程中不能有任何松懈;会员国必须作出完全的承诺。If I understood him correctly, he said- and, in any case, this is my firm belief also- that in this matter we require determination on the part of the Secretariat; that there can be no respite in the process; and that there must be a complete commitment on the part of Member States
事实上,如其章程第 ‧ 条界定的,欧洲理协会的目的是:研究和统一共同海损的法律、规则、用法和惯例;推广这一专业;维持良好的专业传统。Indeed, the objects of AIDE, as defined in article ‧ of its Statutes are: study and unification of the laws, rules, usages and customs of general average; the promotion of the profession; the keeping of good professional traditions