• to be as good as one's word   
  • to do as promised   
  • to honor one's word   
  • to mean what one says   

类似的短语在字典中文 英文。 (52)

巴前算后; to consider repeatedly
巴前算後to consider repeatedly
成话to make sense
成話to make sense
的话if; if (coming after a conditional clause)
的話if (coming after a conditional clause)
二话to demur; to object; differing opinion; objection
二話to object; differing opinion; objection; to demur
反话ironic remark; irony
反話ironic remark; irony
放话to leak certain information intentionally; to give orders; to spread news or rumors
放話to give orders; to leak certain information intentionally; to spread news or rumors
共话to discuss together
共話to discuss together
共享会话sharing session
好话to speak well of; words of praise
好話to speak well of; words of praise
后话something to be taken up later in speech or writing
後話something to be taken up later in speech or writing
会话conversation; session; talk; colloquy; dialog
會話talk; ; conversation
拉话to chat
拉話to chat
累算方法accrual method
冷话sarcasm; harsh words; bitter remarks
冷話harsh words; bitter remarks; sarcasm
掐算to count with one's fingers; on the spot calculation
秋后算帐to bide time for revenge
秋後算帳; to bide time for revenge
屈指一算to count on one's fingers
人算不如天算Man proposes but God disposes; God's plans supercede our own
实时共享会话Live Sharing Session
说话算话to honor one's word; to be as good as one's word; to do as promised; to mean what one says
calculate; figure; to figure; to regard as; count; compute; to calculate; to compute
算出calculated; to figure out
算话to keep to one's word
算話to keep to one's word
算了forget about it; let it be; let it pass; forget it
算帐to balance an account; to get one's revenge; to reckon (accounting)
算帳to balance an account; ; to get one's revenge; to reckon (accounting)
玩话joking; playful talk
玩話joking; playful talk
一句话in short; in a word
一句話in short; in a word


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如果我们试图促进理解的,我们就必须避免文明的冲突。We must avoid a clash of civilizations, if we seek to promote understanding
主席:我愿意借此机会一并感谢一些发言者对我讲的友好的The President (spoke in Chinese): I would like to take this opportunity to thank in one statement all speakers who have addressed kind words for me
如果自卫式民族主义走到极端的,一国政府所冒的风险是将国家与全球化主流隔离,或者造成不能维持的保护主义要求,以及对没有竞争力的部门提供预算补助的同样困难风险。If defensive nationalism is taken to an extreme, a Government runs the risk of isolating the country from the mainstream of globalization or the equally difficult risk of creating unsustainable demands for protectionism and budgetary support for uncompetitive sectors
报告国是否接受任何区域人权法庭或其他机制的管辖? 如果接受的,则应说明任何新近待审案件的性质和进展。Whether the State accepts the jurisdiction of any regional human rights court or other mechanism and, if so, the nature and progress of any recent or pending cases
b) 确定同行审查小组成员,召开正式互动性同行审查会议,有可能的在与会的广大竞争专家中进行知识交流,以及编写后续能力建设项目提案和预算b) Identification of panel of peer reviewers and convening formal interactive peer review session with the possibility of knowledge-exchange from the participation of a broader audience of competition experts and preparation of follow-up capacity-building project proposal and budget
几天前,我遭到莫须有--完全是莫须有的--指责,说我想不让以色列说话A few days ago I was being falsely- totally falsely- accused of trying to silence Israel
如果《公约》优于国内法的,她还质疑一些歧视性法律继续存在的问题,比如《家庭法》和《商法》中,这是与《宪法》不一致的。She also questioned the continued existence of discriminatory laws, in the Family Code and the Commercial Code for example, which were not in line with the Constitution, if the Convention had precedence over domestic law
我没有必要重复我在 ‧ 月 ‧ 日说过的每一句,但我建议所有想了解事实的人都重读那篇讲话。It would serve no useful purpose to repeat all the remarks I made on ‧ ugust, but I recommend that statement to any one who desires to review the facts
贝尔·哈吉·阿莫尔先生还指出,任何以提高效率为目标的真正改革都要付出一定的人力和财力成本,他大胆指出,保持现状可能有着比改革更为重大的财政影响,如果现状不再符合各组织利益的Any real reform aimed at improving efficiency had a human and financial cost and, at the risk of being provocative, he ventured that maintaining the status quo could have greater financial implications than reform, in that the status quo no longer served the interests of the various organizations
但是,我谨以我国名义说几句However, I would like to say a few words in our national capacity
支持者指出,如果没有这样一条规则,有担保债权人即使以一部电影的全面版权为保证提供信贷,也必须针对一级又一级的被许可人和次级被许可人不断办理登记手续(如果一项许可根据有关知识产权的法律被视为转让的)。In support, it was stated that without such a rule a secured creditor extending credit against the entire copyright in a movie would need to make continuous registrations against tiers of licensees and sub-licensees (if a licence was treated as a transfer under law relating to intellectual property
开发署巴西国家办事处同意委员会的建议,即,它应该调节年终银行调节中反映出来的巴西国家办事处SAP试表与SAP现金账簿数字之间的差额,并采取步骤防止这类差额今后再度出现。UNDP Brazil agreed with the Board's recommendation that it reconcile the differences noted between the UNDP Brazil SAP trial balance and SAP cashbook figures reflected in the year-end bank reconciliations and take steps to prevent recurrences of these differences in future
我 出去 工作 就 會 出事 的Some thing can happen with me in my road for the work
如果欧洲联盟的“人权标准”是公正的,它应该谴责美国的侵犯人权行为,包括美国非法入侵伊拉克和滥杀平民。If its “human-rights standard” were fair, it would condemn human-rights violations by the United States, including its illegal aggression against Iraq and massacre of civilians
再者 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 号“关于义务的一般理论”的法律,在其第 ‧ 条中规定:“任何人可以有效地签订契约,如果这个人未被法律宣判为无能力的”。Moreover, Act No ‧ of ‧ uly ‧ on the General Theory of Obligations, in article ‧ enacts that: “Any person may make a valid contract if he or she is not declared inapt to do so by the law.”
玛丽·鲁滨逊也说过同样的,她是完全正确的。Mary Robinson has said the same, and she is quite right
有人援引缔约国会议关于向大陆架界限委员会提交划界案的十年期限起日期的决定,作为缔约国会议已经审议实质性问题的例子。The decision of the Meeting of States Parties regarding the date of commencement of the ‧ year period for making submissions to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf was cited as an example of a substantive issue that the Meeting had already considered
被打上边界冲突标记的行为证明是一种严重的企图,企图使历史倒转和重新使厄立特里亚成为殖民地-或者,如果失败的,肢解它、使它芬兰化并把它变成一个卫星国。What was labelled a border dispute proved to be a serious attempt to reverse history and to recolonize Eritrea- or, failing that, to truncate it, to Finlandize it, and to turn it into a satellite State
您可在此输入用逗号分隔的应用程序, 这些程序将不会被保存到会中, 因此在恢复会时也不会启动。 例如 : “ xterm, xconsole ” 。Here you can enter a comma-separated list of applications that should not be saved in sessions, and therefore will not be started when restoring a session. For example 'xterm, xconsole '
私营部门的规模极小,在妇女就业方面不上是重要因素。The private sector was very small and was not a significant factor in women's employment
本文书的任何规定不妨碍适用运输合同或国内法中关于共同海损理的规定。othing in this instrument prevents the application of provisions in the contract of carriage or national law regarding the adjustment of general average
《联邦宪法》第 ‧ 条就征收作出规定,即征收只能由联邦政府进行,并须符合具体规定,称之为“获准征收”,如果所涉农村地产没有发挥其社会功能的Expropriation, incumbent solely on the Federal Government, is provided for in Art ‧ of the Federal Constitution, is subject to specific requirements and is called “sanction expropriation” because the rural property in case is not performing its social function
如果从上次最终判决日起的五年内一违犯者再次违反本制度的规定,则应对该违犯者处以不超过为该项违反行为所规定最高惩罚一倍的惩罚。If a violator again commits any violation of the provisions of this System within five years from the date on which the judgement becomes final, he shall be subject to a penalty not greater than double the maximum penalty determined for the violation