• to autograph   
  • to sign (one's name with a pen etc)   

类似的短语在字典中文 英文。 (21)

(不能簽名者)用打叉代替簽字check (X)
报表签名report signature
代码签名code signing
电子签名electronic signature
挂起签名hang signature
令牌签名证书token-signing certificate
内核异常签名kernel exception signature
签名to sign (one's name with a pen etc); to autograph; sign; signature; autograph
签名更新signature update
签名设置Signature Setup
签名时间signature time
签名文件signature file
签名文字signature word
签名行signature line
簽名檔signature file
数字签名digitally signed; digital signature; digitally sign
数字签名标准Digital Signature Standard
未签名驱动程序unsigned driver
已签名的驱动程序signed driver
自签名证书self-signed certificate


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赫·杜库利-托尔伯特(签名Signed) Neh Dukuly-Tolbert Ambassador Permanent Representative
塞尔索·D·甘甘(签名Contracts and memoranda or letters of agreement with consignment agencies (United Nations Postal Administration
穆萨先生阁下的信涉及 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日“洛克比问题”三个委员会(非洲、阿拉伯和不结盟)成员国外交部长给你的信。 该信由部长们在大会第五十七届会议期间在纽约总部于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日举行的联席会议上签名(见附件二)。The letter of H.E. Mr. Moussa concerns the letter dated ‧ eptember ‧ addressed to you from the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the States members of the three committees on the “Question of Lockerbie” (African, Arab, Non-Aligned), which was signed by the Ministers at the joint meeting held on ‧ eptember ‧ during the fifty-seventh session of the General Assembly, at the United Nations Headquarters (see annex II
哥伦比亚共和国总统 阿尔瓦罗·乌里韦·贝莱斯(签名Signed) Alvaro Uribe Vélez President of the Republic of Colombia
保罗·布雷默三世(签名Paul Bremer ‧ dministrator, Coalition Provisional Authority
合理谨慎(或一般疏忽)系《贸易法委员会电子签名示范法》所设想的一般谨慎标准。Reasonable care (or ordinary negligence) is the general standard of care contemplated in the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Signatures
马努切赫尔·穆塔基(签名Signed) Manouchehr Mottaki Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran
布基纳法索 常驻联合国代表 米歇尔·卡凡多(签名Signed) Michel Kafando Permanent Representative of Burkina Faso to the United Nations
穆巴拉克·侯赛因·拉赫马图拉(签名Signed) Mubarak Hussein Rahmtalla Chargé d'affaires a.i. Deputy Permanent Representative
用户 ID 为 % ‧ 的公共密钥尚未经信任签名的认证 。 这些收件人将无法阅读此信件 。Public keys not certified with trusted signature for userid(s) %‧; these persons will not be able to read the message
司法部国务秘书 Simona Teodoroiu(签名Signed) Simona Teodoroiu Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice
此信件中有一部分不会被加密 。 发送部分签名的加密信件可能会损害站点安全性并/或泄漏敏感信息 。 要加密整个信件吗 ?Some parts of this message will not be encrypted. Sending only partially encrypted messages might violate site policy and/or leak sensitive information. Encrypt all parts instead?
法莱赫·达武德·萨勒曼(签名Signed) Faleh Dawod Salman Acting Governor Central Bank of Iraq
OpenPGP 信件-未检查的签名OpenPGP Message-Unchecked Signature
古尔扎拉·图龙恩巴耶瓦(签名Signed) Gulzara Tuyunbayeva Chargé d'affaires a.i
伊尔哈姆·阿扎韦夫(签名Signed) Ilham Aghayev Chargé d'affaires a.i
在准备压缩变形组件盘查清单内,开列物品名称、系列编号、包装箱号、单独拆解组件名称、组件生产号数、组件总数以及车间主任和一般品质管制官员签名In the inventory of parts prepared for deformation, there are data with the name of the item, the number of the series, the number of the packaging cases, the names of the separate dismantled parts, their production numbers, their total number, and the signatures of the chief of the workshop and of the general quality control official
允许用不信任的密钥加密 : 当您导入一个公开密钥时, 它通常被标记为不受信任的, 除非您对它用默认密钥签名使其转为“ 受信任的 ” , 否则无法使用。 选中此项能让您使用一个即使还不信任的密钥 。Allow encryption with untrusted keys: When importing a public key, the key is usually marked as untrusted and as such cannot be used unless it is signed by the default key (Thus, making it 'trusted '). Checking this box enables any key to be used even if it is untrusted
伊戈尔·谢赫尔巴克(签名Signed) Igor Shcherbak
您在此选择的 S/MIME (X. ‧) 证书 将用于对信件进行数字签名 。 您可以将此处留空, 但是 KMail 将无法使用 S/MIME 对电子邮件进行数字签名; 普通的邮件功能不会因此受到影响 。The S/MIME (X.‧) certificate you choose here will be used to digitally sign messages. You can leave this blank, but KMail will not be able to digitally sign emails using S/MIME; normal mail functions will not be affected
例如,美国《统一电子交易法》(见注)第 ‧ 条(a)款规定:电子记录或电子签名“属于其行为人。For example, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act of the United States (see note) provides in section ‧ subsection (a), that an electronic record or electronic signature “is attributable to a person if it was the act of the person
您可在此添加任意一个命令, 是否要写全其路径取决于此命令是否在您的 PATH 环境变量中。 KMail 每次新建信件时, 都会执行此命令并将其标准输出导入为签名。 用来配合此机制工作的命令通常是“ fortune” 或“ ksig-random ” 。You can add an arbitrary command here, either with or without path depending on whether or not the command is in your Path. For every new mail, KMail will execute the command and use what it outputs (to standard output) as a signature. Usual commands for use with this mechanism are " fortune " or " ksig-random "
这些收件人的签名首选项之间有冲突 。 对此信件签名吗 ?There are conflicting signing preferences for these recipients. Sign this message?
另外还指出,虽然看起来有必要在涉及签名时提及代表承运人行事,但是如果把这样的词语加入“运输单证”的定义中,就会由于公约草案的其他地方没有使用这样的短语而产生问题。Further, it was observed that while there was perceived to be a need to reference acting on behalf of the carrier with respect to signature, it was thought that inserting the phrase in the definition of “transport document” would raise questions regarding its absence elsewhere in the draft Convention
达尔富尔各州的领导人、部落酋长和代表签名Signed by the leaders, tribal chieftains and representatives of the Darfur states