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穿金戴银richly bedecked; dripping with gold and silver (idiom)
穿金戴銀dripping with gold and silver (idiom); richly bedecked
此地here; this place
此时此地as things stand; here and now
此時此地as things stand; here and now
定银deposit; down payment
定銀down payment; deposit
俸银official salary
俸銀official salary
取银to come second in a competition; to take silver
取銀to take silver; to come second in a competition
三百Three hundred
三对无患宝schleichera trijuga
三脚两步hurriedly; just a few steps away
三腳兩步hurriedly; just a few steps away
收银cash out
收銀cash out
水银quicksilver; mercury
水銀mercury; quicksilver
argent; silver; relating to money or currency;
银合欢leucaena glauca
银叶silver leaf
银制made of silver
relating to money or currency; silver; Silver; argent
銀箔silver foil
銀樅silver fir (Abies alba)
銀點; the silver point
銀海film circles; the world of movies; moviedom
銀漢; the milky way
銀紅silvery red; pink; pale rose color
銀晃晃silver glitter
銀輝radiance; silver white sheen
銀聯UnionPay; CUP
銀樓jewelry center; silverware store
銀盤silver plate; plane of the galaxy
銀瓶silver bottle
銀獅獎Silver Lion, award at the Venice Film Festival
銀絲族old folk; silver haired generation; the older generation (respectful term)
銀苔silver in the form of fibers or branches; moss silver
銀壇film circles; the world of movies; moviedom
銀條silver bullion; silver bar
銀屑silver chloride AgCL
銀燕airplane (affectionate); silver swallow
銀葉silver leaf
銀製made of silver
中银Bank of China;
中銀Bank of China


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其次,不集体驱逐规则得到国际社会绝大多数成员国签署的个区域保护人权公约的确认。Second, this rule against collective expulsion is enshrined in three regional human rights conventions that, among them, cover most States members of the international community
第 ‧ 号决议,附件一至,和第 ‧ 号决议,附件。Resolution ‧ annexes I-III, and resolution ‧ annex
我们认为,我们对在伟大的爱国战争中牺牲的几万同胞的亡灵的责任、对独联体人民参加前线的老兵和后方的劳动者的责任在于,积极、切实参加完成人类在二十一世纪的优先任务--建设一个没有战争和暴力的公正的世界秩序的工作。The peoples of the CIS countries see it as their duty to the blessed memory of the millions of their compatriots who gave their lives in the Great Patriotic War, to the veterans of the front and to the toilers in the rear to take an active and effective part in solving mankind's priority problem in the twenty-first century, the building of a just world order free from wars and violence
) 除本条细则规定的托运非随身行李的权利外,可按照秘书长所定条件,部分报销将私人汽车运到一个为此目的指定的工作地点的费用。iii) In addition to the unaccompanied shipment entitlements under the present rule, the cost of transporting a privately owned motor vehicle to one of the duty stations designated for that purpose may be partially reimbursed under conditions established by the Secretary-General
主席说,报告将同时列入种选择。The Chairman said that both options would be included in the report
年 ‧ 月,大会第六十届会议续会决定于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 和 ‧ 日在联合国总部举行第四次发展筹资高级别对话;并请秘书长编写关于该活动工作安排的说明(第 ‧ 号决定)。At its resumed sixty-third session, in September ‧ the General Assembly decided to hold its fourth High-Level Dialogue on Financing for Development on ‧ and ‧ ovember ‧ at United Nations Headquarters; and requested the Secretary-General to prepare a note on the organization of work of that event (decision
,实际上是由此推论下来,我对朴大使事先告知他有意采用的方法表示欢迎。Thirdly, and really in extrapolation of this, I welcome Ambassador Park's pre-notice of the approach he intends to take
还有人不愿透露自己的姓名,他们也提出这类似的指称。Another two individuals, who did not want their names revealed, made similar allegations
委内瑞拉玻利瓦尔共和国代表发言,介绍对决议草案执行部分第 ‧ 段的一项口头修正。The representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela made a statement in the course in which he presented an oral amendment to operative paragraph ‧ of draft resolution III
估计第二阶段的实施工作将在大会批准实施计划和有关筹资安排之后,在一年半至年的时间内完成。It is estimated that the second phase of implementation will take ‧ to ‧ months from the date of approval by the Assembly of the implementation plan and relevant financing arrangements
我们将竭尽全力献计献策并在实质上促进他们的工作。 我们将支持您和您的继任者努力解决这个悬而未决的重大问题,因为这将使得裁谈会着手开展真正的工作,并履行创建的裁谈会所应承担的任务:谈判。We will do our best to contribute ideas and substance to their work and we will support you and you and your successors in trying to solve the two outstanding major issues, as that would enable the Conference to start real work and to perform the task for which it has been created: to negotiate
经过年的调查,文书追查线索本身在确定这种贸易的存在方面价值不高,这是不言而喻的。It should be regarded as axiomatic, after more than two years of investigation, that paper trails by themselves are of little value in establishing the existence of this trade
菲律宾更新了其此前呈件,并报告完全实施了第五十条规定的直接追回财产的措施。The Philippines provided an update of its previous submission and reported full implementation of measures for direct recovery of property, as prescribed by article
在大陆架界限委员会第届会议期间,委员会认为对拥有特殊边缘的沿海国适用第 ‧ 条将造成不平等情况。During the third session of the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf, the Commission considered that the application of article ‧ to coastal States with special margins would result in an inequitable situation
这严重威胁到区域稳定,已导致数人死亡,与此同时,还出现了严重的人道主义危机,而该危机与近几个月来主要因封锁加沙而造成的局势有关。It poses a serious threat to regional stability, has already caused hundreds of deaths and is accompanied by a grave humanitarian crisis linked to a situation caused mainly by the blockade of Gaza in recent months
年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日试图举行一次普选,但仅有人报名成为候选人。An attempt to hold a general election was made on ‧ ay ‧ but only two persons came forward as candidates
随着个专题领域的方案拟定不断扩大,妇发基金必须继续改善系统,以便交流经验教训,对跨专题的关键挑战作出反应。As programming expands in all three thematic areas, it is crucial for UNIFEM to improve systems to share lessons and respond to key challenges across themes
c) 大会第委员会关于妇女权利的辩论( ‧ 年 ‧ 月,纽约c) Third Committee of the General Assembly (New York, October ‧ ) during the debate on women's rights
委员会第 ‧ 次会议后举行。ollowing the adjournment of the ‧ th meeting of the Third Committee
智利代表团非常重视国家主权的原则,因此,拟定的成员名单应当经国政府同意,这一点非常重要。His delegation attached great importance to the principle of national ownership, and it was therefore important that the two Governments concerned should agree with the proposed lists of members
新闻部设立各单独语文股后,能够提高网站发布的新材料的数量以及加强所需的维护与更新工作,但是这项能力因为要达到确保残疾人障碍访问条件的新要求而被削弱。With the establishment of separate language units, the Department is able to increase the volume of new material going onto the site and the required maintenance and updating, but that capacity has been tempered by new requirements of ensuring access by persons with disabilities
估计每天要开会次,上午一次,下午一次,共十次,并提供全部六种语文的口译服务。In accordance with resolution ‧ it is estimated that each session of the renamed Committee of Experts, which would be held yearly for not more than five days in Geneva, would entail the provision of two meetings per day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) for a total of ‧ meetings, with interpretation services in all six languages
. 对联合国协调的支助Support to United Nations coordination
该小组对一多万平方公里的地区进行了调查,抓获了海豹并在其身上安放潜水记录器,以研究其行踪和潜水特点。The team surveyed an area of more than one million square kilometres (km ‧ ) and captured seals and attached dive recorders to study their movements and diving behaviour
委员会:伊拉克的哈米德·巴亚提先生Third Committee, Mr. Hamid Al Bayati of Iraq