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穿金戴银richly bedecked; dripping with gold and silver (idiom)
穿金戴銀dripping with gold and silver (idiom); richly bedecked
此地here; this place
此时此地as things stand; here and now
此時此地as things stand; here and now
定银deposit; down payment
定銀down payment; deposit
俸银official salary
俸銀official salary
取银to come second in a competition; to take silver
取銀to take silver; to come second in a competition
三百Three hundred
三对无患宝schleichera trijuga
三脚两步hurriedly; just a few steps away
三腳兩步hurriedly; just a few steps away
收银cash out
收銀cash out
水银quicksilver; mercury
水銀mercury; quicksilver
argent; silver; relating to money or currency;
银合欢leucaena glauca
银叶silver leaf
银制made of silver
relating to money or currency; silver; Silver; argent
銀箔silver foil
銀樅silver fir (Abies alba)
銀點; the silver point
銀海film circles; the world of movies; moviedom
銀漢; the milky way
銀紅silvery red; pink; pale rose color
銀晃晃silver glitter
銀輝radiance; silver white sheen
銀聯UnionPay; CUP
銀樓jewelry center; silverware store
銀盤silver plate; plane of the galaxy
銀瓶silver bottle
銀獅獎Silver Lion, award at the Venice Film Festival
銀絲族old folk; silver haired generation; the older generation (respectful term)
銀苔silver in the form of fibers or branches; moss silver
銀壇film circles; the world of movies; moviedom
銀條silver bullion; silver bar
銀屑silver chloride AgCL
銀燕airplane (affectionate); silver swallow
銀葉silver leaf
銀製made of silver
中银Bank of China;
中銀Bank of China


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这些动议中有一项涉及“Dragomir Milošević案”,被驳回;有项动议由检方撤回。One of those motions, that of Dragomir Milošević, was denied and two were withdrawn by the Prosecutor
教师有权参与教育机构的自我管理;获得国家保障的 ‧ 周带薪年假;按照内阁规定的程序根据助学发展协议获得最长 ‧ 个月带薪休假或最长 ‧ 个月不带薪休假;在年时间内用 ‧ 个日历日进行职业升级,同时保留教师全职工作的教育机构的基本工资;获得教学工作所需经济支持。A teacher has the right to participate in the self-management of the education establishment; to receive a state-guaranteed paid annual leave of ‧ weeks; to receive in accordance with the procedure laid down by the CM a paid sabbatical of up to three months or an unpaid leave of up to six months on the basis of an agreement on the development of study aids; to use ‧ calendar days in the course of three years for the professional upgrade, retaining the basic salary at the education establishments where the teacher works on full time basis; to receive the financial support that is necessary for pedagogical work
收益上的担保权取得对抗第方的效力不需要一项单独的行动。A separate act is not necessary for the security right in the proceeds to be effective against third parties
主管维持和平行动副秘书长和主管外勤支助副秘书长应当共同签署维持和平行动部的行动构想和外勤支助部的支助计划(就启动新特派团而言),以加强这个部之间的一体化和问责制。The Under-Secretaries-General for Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support should co-sign the Department of Peacekeeping Operations Concept of Operations and the Department of Field Support Support Plan for launching new missions to enhance integration and accountability between the two Departments
年里约会议以来,特别是最近、四年,科技界的议程更加重视贫穷和不平等问题。Since Rio in ‧ and specifically over the past three to four years, poverty and inequity have risen higher on the agenda of the scientific and technological community
但是,在这方面,有与会者告诫说,为了能够被各国接受,此种法律在对待特别优先债权人、有担保债权人和担保债权人的问题上必须做到适当兼顾。A note of caution was struck in that regard, however, to the effect that such laws needed to strike an appropriate balance in the treatment of privileged, secured and unsecured creditors so as to become acceptable to States
b) 鼓励发展集团成员在执行目前政府间关于建设和平的讨论的后续行动时,努力确保在政策和业务方面都维持发展方面的高度优先地位。b) Encourage the efforts of the UNDG organizations to ensure, in the follow-up to the present intergovernmental discussions on peace-building, that the high priority of the development dimension is maintained, both in policy and operations
• ‧ 年和 ‧ 年方案支出之间的差额受到 ‧ 年向 ‧ 年结转的资源( ‧ 万美元)和 ‧ 年向 ‧ 年结转的资源( ‧ 万美元)的影响。The difference in programme expenditures for ‧ and ‧ was influenced by the difference between the amount of resources carried forward from ‧ to ‧ ($ ‧ million) and from ‧ to ‧ ($ ‧ million
阿托从此地向布隆迪、卢旺达和乌干达国运输汽油。From there, Atto ships gasoline to Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda
工业发展理事会在其第届会议上注意到总干事关于《同开发计划署的合作协定》执行情况的进度报告( ‧ )。At its thirty-third session the Industrial Development Board took note of the progress report of the Director-General on the implementation of the Cooperation Agreement with UNDP
他强调分之一以上的决定与履约委员会所审议的问题有关,主要是针对不遵守情事问题的。He highlighted that more than one third of the decisions had related to issues taken up by the Implementation Committee, primarily dealing with non-compliance
关于以下指称,即根据《公民权利和政治权利国际公约》第九条第 ‧ 款的要求,拘留不合理,必要,不公正或不相称,工作组承认,人权事务委员会认为,在临时或审前司法性拘留的框架内,“第九条第 ‧ 款的起草历史确认,`任意'不应与`违法'相等,而必须作更广义的解释,包括不适当、不公正和缺乏可预见性等要素。With regard to the allegation that the detention is not reasonable, necessary, just or proportionate as required by article ‧ paragraph ‧ of ICCPR, the Working Group recognizes that the Committee on Human Rights has considered, in the framework of a temporary or pretrial detention of a judicial nature, that: “The drafting history of article ‧ paragraph ‧ confirms that `arbitrariness' is not to be equated with `against the law', but must be interpreted more broadly to include elements of inappropriateness, injustice and lack of predictability
人口约有分之一居住在詹姆斯敦。Approximately one third of the population resides in Jamestown
为确保平稳过渡和积累机构记忆,秘书处应从其目前的工作人员中指定一或个人为该办公室人员。In order to ensure a smooth transfer and to accumulate institutional memory, the Secretariat should assign one or two persons from among its current staff members to the Office
索马里正在经历第个连续雨季,平均谷物产量低于战前水平。Somalia is experiencing the third consecutive gu season with below pre-war average cereal production
满意地注意到委员会第四十四届会议在会员国自愿领导之下设立的十一个行动队为执行第次外空会议的建议而进行的工作,并同意会员国应该充分支持行动队的工作Notes with satisfaction the work conducted by the eleven action teams that the Committee had established at its forty-fourth session under the voluntary leadership of Member States to implement the recommendations of UNISPACE III, and agrees that Member States should provide full support to the action teams in conducting their work
尽管我非常尊重言论自由的价值和重要性,但我强调,我们反对把一再侮辱宗教和神圣象征说成是合法行使言论自由:有许多刺眼的口号,以它们为借口对数万人、数万人及其信仰和宗教进行攻击,由此对他们犯下罪行。With the utmost respect for the value and importance of freedom of expression, I emphasize that we reject repeated affronts to religions and holy symbols being portrayed as a legitimate exercise of freedom of expression: there are many glaring slogans in whose name crimes have been committed against thousands and millions of people by offending them and their religious beliefs
,我们敦促安理会支持在全系统范围内加强监测和报告机制,并且如其他各方所敦促的那样,扩大该机制的范围,使其涵盖性暴力,将性暴力作为启动该机制的一种触发因素。Thirdly, we urge the Council to support the system-wide strengthening of the monitoring and reporting mechanism and, as others have urged, to expand the scope of the mechanism to include sexual violence as a trigger for activating it
首先,该特别小组法、亦不可能调查有关逐步淘汰耗氧物质的各项决定对第 ‧ 条缔约方的社会-经济所产生的消极影响。In the first place, the negative socio-economic impact on Article ‧ arties of the decisions on the phase-out of ODS had not been, nor could it have been, investigated in detail by the Task Force
特派团现金结存可能受到个因素的不利影响。 一方面,摊款实收过程缓慢;另一方面,支付现有特派团费用,特别是所需薪金和合同债务、以及协助通知书方面费用的现金越来越多。Mission cash balances may be unfavourably impacted by the slow collection of assessments on the one hand and, on the other, accelerating cash needs for payment of current mission costs, in particular payroll requirements and contractual liabilities, as well as payments for letters of assist
在法律事务厅将此案移交给外部法律顾问后,律师事务所研究了此案,同意工作队的立场并提出法律意见,即在这个案件中,联合国有充分的理由被视为违法行为受害者。After the Office of Legal Affairs referred the matter to outside legal counsel, the law firm examined the issue and agreed with the Task Force's position, providing a legal opinion that the United Nations may well have a valid argument that it should be recognized as a victim of the offences in these two cases
我的塞浦路斯问题特别顾问阿尔瓦罗·德索托先生于 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 月 ‧ 日期间在塞浦路斯逗留,并于 ‧ 月 ‧ 日转告格拉夫科斯·克莱里季斯先生和登克塔什先生:我邀请他们恢复寻求全面解决办法,参加在我斡旋下已增添了的活力的新阶段,首先是于 ‧ 月 ‧ 日在纽约分别与个领导人举行会谈。My Special Adviser on Cyprus, Mr. Alvaro de Soto, was in Cyprus during the period from ‧ ugust to ‧ eptember. On ‧ eptember, he conveyed to Mr. Glafcos Clerides and to Mr. Denktash my invitation to resume the search for a comprehensive settlement by engaging in a new and reinvigorated phase of my good offices, beginning with separate meetings with the two leaders in New York on ‧ eptember
《公约》在国之间全部生效,但阿拉伯叙利亚共和国不得从其保留中获益。The Convention enters into force in its entirety between the States, without the Syrian Arab Republic benefiting from its reservations
广大利益相关方,包括青年移民、移民妇女和土著群体移民,应参加移民与发展全球论坛,以确保实现包容性的进程; 也应当邀请联合国人权机制,包括特别程序任务执行人和移徙工人委员会成员,参与并分享他们的意见、结论和建议; 各会员国应采取具体措施,拟订移民政策时纳入人的因素,诸如为持证移民和证移民提供享有基本经济、社会和文化权利的机会,包括获得保健、受教育和基本服务的机会; 各会员国应表明其致力于增进移徙者的权利,为此批准《保护所有移徙工人及其家庭成员权利国际公约》; 应当设立一个支持参与全球论坛的自愿基金,为最不发达国家和其他利益相关方,特别是民间社会代表和移民群体筹措资金,以便使各阶层人士均可充分参与。A large variety of stakeholders should participate in the Global Forum on Migration and Development, including adequate representation of young migrants, migrant women and migrants from indigenous groups, with a view to ensure an inclusive process; United Nations human rights mechanisms, including the special procedures mandate-holders and the members of the Committee on Migrant Workers, should also be invited to participate and share their views, findings and recommendations; Member States should take concrete measures to include a human dimension when formulating migration policies, such as providing both documented and undocumented migrants access to the enjoyment of basic economic, social and cultural rights, including access to health care, education and basic services
最后归纳整理已取得协议的领域和解决未决问题,以便根据国际法委员会第四十届会议通过的国家及其财产的管辖豁免问题条款草案,及根据第六委员会不限名额工作组和特设委员会的讨论和讨论结果拟定一份可获普遍接受的文书,并建议文书格式。Making a final attempt at consolidating areas of agreement and resolving outstanding issues, with a view to elaborating a generally acceptable instrument based on the draft articles on jurisdictional immunities of States and their property adopted by the International Law Commission at its forty-third session, and also on the discussions of the open-ended working group of the Sixth Committee and the Ad Hoc Committee and their results, as well as to recommending a form for the instrument