• backup   
    (verb, noun   )
  • reserve     
    (verb, noun   )

类似的短语在字典中文 英文。 (6)

后备reserve; backup
后备存储backing store
后备贸易合作伙伴协议fallback trading partner agreement
后辈younger generation
後輩younger generation


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后备条文旨在作为法院就分摊损失完全无能为力时的最后解决办法。It is intended as a last resort when a court is entirely unable to apportion the loss
“(d) 电子通信的“发端人”系指亲自或由他人所代表已发送或生成可能随后备存的电子通信的当事人,但不包括作为中间人处理该电子通信的当事人“(d) “Originator” of an electronic communication means a party by whom, or on whose behalf, the electronic communication has been sent or generated prior to storage, if any, but it does not include a party acting as an intermediary with respect to that electronic communication
深信宜准许秘书长在法庭庭长提出要求时,任命后备法官出席前南斯拉夫问题国际法庭具体案件的审判Convinced of the advisability of allowing the Secretary-General to appoint reserve judges to specific trials at the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia when so requested by the President of the Tribunal
我们认为应该继续审议这一建议,即建立战略性的军事和警察后备力量,以便迅速部署,处理由于冲突而产生的敌意行为以及维持冲突后和平与安全。We feel it is important to continue considering the proposal of establishing a strategic military and police reserve that would allow for rapid deployment to deal with hostilities stemming from conflicts, as well as to maintain post-conflict peace and security
个航空队、 ‧ 个工兵连、 ‧ 个运输连和 ‧ 个特种部队连向部队提供使能能力和行动后备人员。One aviation unit, three engineering companies, one transport company and one special force company are providing enabling capacity and operational reserve to the force
年,大会部为 ‧ 年期间作了详细的继任规划,并与人力资源管理厅分享了规划结果,目的是及时排定竞争性考试日期,为填补语文服务处预计出现的空缺提供适当后备人选。A detailed succession planning exercise covering the period from ‧ to ‧ was carried out by the Department in ‧ and the results were shared with the Office of Human Resources Management with the aim of scheduling competitive examinations in time to provide adequate rosters to fill projected vacancies in the language services
名候选人列入中央执行机构国家雇员后备人员名单,其中有 ‧ 名妇女,占 ‧ %。Of the ‧ candidates placed in the personnel reserve of State employees for central executive bodies ‧ were women, representing ‧ per cent
洛巴托部长没有指示Rai Los支持后备警察股,却派遣Rai Los团体到不同地点,包括 ‧ 月 ‧ 日到啼霸。Minister Lobato did not instruct Rai Los to support URP
由于捐出者资金未及时到位,推迟启动后备项目和试验项目。There was some delay in starting the project pipeline and the pilot projects due to delays in securing donor funding
下午约 ‧ 时 ‧ 分,中央后备警察部队逐渐响应达尔富尔混合行动的停火呼吁,并于下午约 ‧ 时 ‧ 分从营地撤走。At around ‧ p.m., the Central Reserve Police gradually responded to appeals by UNAMID to cease fire and withdrew from the camp at around ‧ p.m
法官资格委员会根据资格考试结果决定是否将候选人列为法官后备人员。Based on the results of the qualifying examination, the qualification board of judges decides either to include the candidate on the roster or to reject him or her
每逢怀疑环境犯罪现场存在有危险物质时,均需要有一名合格的安全官员,一个后备组和消除污染设备。Whenever the presence of hazardous substances is suspected at an environmental crime scene, a qualified safety officer, a backup team and decontamination facilities are needed
估计需要经费 ‧ 美元,用于支付下列方面的费用:(a)增加用警犬检测炸药的服务,加强对总部大楼的警卫( ‧ 美元);(b)在所有楼层的出口处以及地下第二层和第三层的出口处设立发亮的出口标志( ‧ 美元);(c)建立并维护供在正常自来水源受污染时使用的饮用水应急供应系统( ‧ 美元);(d)警卫控制中心增设电话线路和传呼系统的费用( ‧ 美元);(e)制服缝补和清洗费用( ‧ 美元);和(f)建立一个后备警卫控制中心需要增加的办公室租金,以及将总部非优先工作人员搬到其他地方的费用( ‧ 美元)。The estimated requirement of $ ‧ would cover costs relating to: (a) additional canine explosive detection services for expanded coverage at the Headquarters complex ($ ‧ ); (b) the installation of luminescent Exit signs for doors on all floors, as well as in pathways in the second and third basements ($ ‧ ); (c) the creation and maintenance of an emergency supply of drinking water in case of contamination of regular tap water sources ($ ‧ ); (d) additional telephone lines in the Security Control Centre, as well as a paging system ($ ‧ ); (e) the repair and cleaning of uniforms ($ ‧ ); and (f) the rental of additional office space for the establishment of a back-up remote Security Control Centre and for the relocation of non-priority occupants at Headquarters to an off-site location ($
行凶者包括苏丹武装部队、中央后备警察、警察部队以及各武装团体,例如正义与平等运动、苏丹解放军/团结派、苏丹解放军/米纳维派、政府支持的民团、乍得反对派团体以及部族群体。The perpetrators include SAF, the Central Reserve Police and police forces, as well as armed groups such as JEM, SLA/Unity, SLA/Minnawi, militias supported by the Government, Chadian opposition groups and tribal groups
年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,一辆汽车在入口检查站被拦截,其后备箱中的几箱蔬菜内藏有大约 ‧ 公斤炸药。On ‧ anuary ‧ a car was stopped at an entry checkpoint carrying around ‧ kilograms of explosives concealed within crates of vegetables in the trunk of the vehicle
应安理会或秘书长的要求,该小组应从随时更新的后备检查人员名册中选聘训练有素的检查人员,组织特设实地视察和监测活动。At the request of the Council or the Secretary-General, it should organize ad hoc inspections and monitoring in the field, using a roster of well-trained inspectors that should be kept up-to-date
稳定部队战术后备役军于 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日部署到科索沃。SFOR Tactical Reserve Forces were deployed to Kosovo from ‧ to ‧ ctober
新的后备法官将指派给审判多个被告人的案件之一,出席审案过程的每个阶段,并准备在一位原有法官无法完成该案时替代该法官,从而防止审案过程中断或重新审判。The new reserve judges will be assigned to one of the multiple accused trials, be present at each stage of the proceedings and be ready to step in should one of the original judges not be able to finish the case, thus preventing disruption to the proceedings or a retrial
如果出现警察无力应付的局面,东帝汶支助团的军事部分将根据东帝汶支助团警务专员的判断和经我的特别代表批准,随时提供后备支助。Should a situation arise that exceeds the capacity of police, the UNMISET military component will remain available for back-up support, based on the judgement of the UNMISET police commissioner and the approval of my Special Representative
万一法院之间达不成协议,还有一条后备条文,规定两个法院共同听审解决不了的某些特定问题将仅由一个法院裁定并解决。In the event that the courts could not agree, a fall back position was included stipulating that certain specified matters not resolved by a joint hearing of both courts would be determined and resolved by one court only
这一段已经列于第 ‧ 条之二,因为修改后的第 ‧ 条之二包含关于仲裁员指定办法的后备规则,因此与关于仲裁员指定的部分关系更紧密(见下文第 ‧ 段)( ‧ 第 ‧ 段)。This paragraph has been placed under article ‧ bis because, as revised, it contains a fallback rule dealing with methods for appointing arbitrators, and therefore relates more to the section on appointment of arbitrators (see below, paragraph ‧ ) ( ‧ para
这就要求部队每天要能在营级规模机动后备部队的支助下,在整个行动区内进行 ‧ 小时安全巡逻,并能在应对突发威胁时,激增部署能力。This would entail a force capable of conducting ‧ security patrols daily across the area of operations, supported by a battalion size mobile reserve force able to provide a surge capacity in response to an emerging threat
关于次级方案 ‧ (人力资源管理),有人指出必须招聘发展中国家的国民,以扩大联合国工作人员的后备库。With regard to subprogramme ‧ uman resources management, the importance of recruitment of nationals from developing countries to increase the pool of United Nations staff was noted
人道协调厅承认,在斯里兰卡开展的地区一级工作没有充分发挥效力,原因是在许多地方只部署了级别较低的工作人员而没有提供足够的后备力量或设备。In Sri Lanka, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs acknowledged that performance at the district level was not fully effective due to the deployment of junior staff without enough backup or equipment in many places
在 你?? 妈 的 车的后备箱里找到毯子了吗? 的 后? 箱 里 找到 毯子 了??Have you got a blanket in the back ot your mom' s Rover?