• backup   
    (verb, noun   )
  • reserve     
    (verb, noun   )

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后备reserve; backup
后备存储backing store
后备贸易合作伙伴协议fallback trading partner agreement
后辈younger generation
後輩younger generation


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美国军队和海军部队以及联邦调查局和后备军官训练团出现在波多黎各大学校园,侵犯了波多黎各的主权。The presence on Puerto Rican university campuses of United States military and naval forces and of the FBI and ROTC thwarted the country's sovereignty
后备条文旨在作为法院就分摊损失完全无能为力时的最后解决办法。It is intended as a last resort when a court is entirely unable to apportion the loss
实际上,不利用经过竞争性征聘考试或经过联合国专门培训的年轻后备人员本身就是一种浪费。In fact, the failure to utilize young candidates who passed competitive recruitment examinations or underwent specialized United Nations training was in itself wasteful
“(c) 如果上述规则均不适用,将根据《中间人代持证券所涉某些权利适用法海牙公约》第 ‧ 条,根据后备规则确定适用法。”“(c) If none of the above rules apply, the applicable law would be determined by fallback rules based on article ‧ of the Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Certain Rights of Securities Held with an Intermediary.”
如上所述,作为基金确定后备项目一部分的基金设计组正在 ‧ 个国家提供技术支助服务。As mentioned above, the SUF Facility's dDesign Tteam is providesing technical support services in ‧ countries as part of its effort to identify a pipeline of pilot projects
自 ‧ 年开始,这支中队经常作为直升机行动的后备力量被派遣轰炸西迪贝勒阿巴斯地区伊斯兰灌木丛林地带。From ‧ the squadron was regularly used as a back-up for helicopter operations to bomb Islamist maquis areas in the region of Sidi Bel Abbes
在这方面,委员会获悉,关于扩大后备部队派遣国数目的讨论已深入进行。In this connection, the Committee was informed that discussions concerning widening the base of troop-contributing countries were at an advanced stage
还计划停止使用将台式计算机改造成的服务器,并提供必要的后备设备,以备系统发生故障时使用。It is also planned to discontinue the use of reconfigured desktop computers as servers and to provide necessary back-up facilities in case of system failure
为警察后备股制定的培训第二阶段已于 ‧ 月 ‧ 日开始,这一培训以前称作快速部署署。The second phase of training for the police reserve unit, formerly known as the rapid deployment service, began on ‧ une
ato先生(菲律宾)欢迎维和部正在实施改革以改善联合国有效应对冲突局势的能力,并且支持建立一支 ‧ 多人的文职维持和平部队的提议,以及建立一支待命警察部队和一支可迅速部署的加强型后备队的提议。Mr. Cato (Philippines) welcomed the reforms being undertaken by DPKO to improve the capability of the United Nations to respond effectively to conflict situations and supported the proposal to create a ‧ strong corps of civilian peacekeepers and the proposals for the creation of a standing police capacity and an enhanced, rapidly deployable reserve capacity
纳米比亚继续参加安全理事会特设工作组的工作以审议法官的建议--我们希望这项工作最终将有利于建立诉讼期间法官后备库--我们这样做是充分承认安全理事会和大会的职责以及秘书长办公室的作用。While Namibia continues to participate in the work of the ad hoc working group of the Security Council considering the Judge's proposals- which work we hope will eventually facilitate the creation of a pool of ad litem judges- we do so in full cognizance of the responsibilities of the Security Council and the General Assembly, as well as of the role of the Office of the Secretary-General
来自印度的部队后备连和建筑工程连可望在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月底部署,而孟加拉国的一个工程连可望于下月到达。The force reserve and construction engineering companies from India are expected to deploy by the end of January ‧ and an engineering company from Bangladesh is expected to arrive in the coming month
政府军对达尔富尔平民的陆地和空中袭击 ‧ 月 ‧ 日正义和平等运动对恩图曼(乌姆杜尔曼)的袭击;数百达尔富尔人被任意逮捕和拘押;达尔富尔的数起严重事件,包括 ‧ 月 ‧ 日中央警察后备部队袭击塔维拉和 ‧ 月 ‧ 日Kafod附近反叛团体之间的战斗 ‧ 月发生在阿卜耶伊的苏丹武装部队和苏丹人民解放军之间的战斗;以及 ‧ 月 ‧ 日东赤道州托里特村民与苏人解之间的冲突;这些都引发了关于冲突所有各方实施严重侵犯人权行为的报道。Land and air attacks by Government forces on civilians in Darfur; the ‧ ay Justice and Equality Movement attack on Omdurman; the arbitrary arrest and detention of hundreds of Darfurians; several serious incidents in Darfur, including the ‧ ay Central Reserve Police attack on Tawilla and the fighting between rebel groups near Kafod on ‧ ay; the fighting in Abyei in May between the Sudan Armed Forces and the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA); and clashes between villagers and the SPLA in Torit, Eastern Equatoria on ‧ une all entailed reports of serious violations being committed by all the parties to the conflict
关于在当事各方没有选定法律的情况下适用后备规则的问题,与会者表示了不同意见。As to the fallback rule applicable in the absence of a choice of law by the parties, differing views were expressed
欧洲这一举措的动因包括为欧洲国家争取主权、自治和服务保证,工业利益,确保寿命期应用的安全,以及给全球定位系统和Glonass系统提供补充的和后备的系统。The motivation of the European initiative included achieving sovereignty, autonomy and a guarantee of service for European countries; benefits to industry; certifiable safety of life applications; and availability of complementary and backup systems to GPS and GLONASS
目前每种语文有一名语文协调员和一名助理,没有后备人员,并且大部分时间花在与日俱增的维持现有材料的工作上。At the present time, with one language coordinator and one assistant, in each language, there is no back-up and most of the time is consumed by ever-increasing maintenance tasks for existing material
该部队的建制的基本要素仍应包括一支有效的机动后备队、紧密的空中支援和其他增强战斗力的手段,其兵力应与联塞部队的总体规模和任务相称。An effective mobile force reserve, close air support and other force multipliers, at strengths corresponding to the overall size and tasks of UNAMSIL, remain essential elements of the Force's structure
作为提高通信和信息技术实效和提高效率战略的一部分,联科行动通信和信息技术事务科保持与联利特派团的卫星通讯联系,作为意大利布林迪西联合国后勤基地(后勤基地)通信联系的后备线路,还向联合国西非办事处(西非办)提供通讯设备和技术协助。As part of the strategy to enhance communications and information technology effectiveness and achieve efficiencies, the UNOCI Communications and Information Technology Services Section maintained a satellite link with UNMIL as a backup to the communications link located at the United Nations Logistics Base at Brindisi, Italy (UNLB) and provided the United Nations Office for West Africa (UNOWA) with communications equipment and technical assistance
另一名政治事务干事( ‧ )分工负责太平洋区域( ‧ 个国家),且作为东南亚三国的后备替代干事。The other Political Affairs Officer ( ‧ ) is assigned to cover the Pacific region ( ‧ countries) and is back-up for three South-East Asian countries
第款草案对于未能组成仲裁庭的情况规定了一个后备规则,其中涉及指派当局。 已经按照工作组提出的建议作了修改( ‧ 第 ‧ 段)。Draft paragraph provides a fallback rule in the event of failure to constitute the arbitral tribunal involving the appointing authority and has been revised in accordance with suggestions made in the Working Group ( ‧ paras
年 ‧ 月,美国与另外五个最主要的国际铀浓缩服务供应国一道向国际原子能机构提出了一项建议,建立一套后备机制,确保万一发生供应中断,其他国家能够有保证地获得核燃料。In June ‧ the United States joined five other leading suppliers of international enrichment services in a proposal to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to create a backup mechanism to ensure reliable access for other countries to nuclear fuel should a disruption in supply occur
另一名候选人将被任命为后备国际共同检察官,在出缺或需求增加时担任国际共同检察官。The other nominee is to be appointed as a reserve international co-prosecutor, to fill the post of international co-prosecutor in the event a vacancy or the need arises
考虑到它对最不发达国家的贡献,贸发会议应得到加强,特别是其分析工作和后备服务。In recognition of its contribution to the development of LDCs, UNCTAD should be strengthened, especially with regard to its analytical work and back-up services
由于被告和后备律师之间可能出现利益冲突,后者撤出此案,自 ‧ 年 ‧ 月起由van der Spoel先生代替。Owing to a possible conflict of interest between the accused and the standby counsel, the latter withdrew from the case and was replaced by Mr. van der Spoel as of February
和他们一同前来的还有装备自动步枪的平民和 ‧ 名后备警察。They were with civilians and ‧ officers armed with automatic rifles