• backup   
    (verb, noun   )
  • reserve     
    (verb, noun   )

类似的短语在字典中文 英文。 (6)

后备reserve; backup
后备存储backing store
后备贸易合作伙伴协议fallback trading partner agreement
后辈younger generation
後輩younger generation


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缔约国认为,提交人混淆了法律条例,缔约国解释说,第 ‧ 号法令所规定的现役后备地位随着 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 号法令的颁布而不复存在,该法令第 ‧ 条过渡性规定称,“处于现役后备地位的国民警卫队员应转为后备地位”。According to the State party, the author has mixed up the legal regulations and it explains that active reserve status, as provided for by Act No ‧ disappeared with Act No
来自印度的部队后备连和建筑工程连可望在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月底部署,而孟加拉国的一个工程连可望于下月到达。The force reserve and construction engineering companies from India are expected to deploy by the end of January ‧ and an engineering company from Bangladesh is expected to arrive in the coming month
目前每种语文有一名语文协调员和一名助理,没有后备人员,并且大部分时间花在与日俱增的维持现有材料的工作上。At the present time, with one language coordinator and one assistant, in each language, there is no back-up and most of the time is consumed by ever-increasing maintenance tasks for existing material
主席请委员会就题为“安全理事会关于任命起诉应对 ‧ 年以来前南斯拉夫境内所犯严重违反国际人道主义法行为负责者的国际法庭后备法官的第 ‧ 号决议所引起的订正概算”的决议草案采取行动。 该决议草案是纳米比亚代表以他的名义提出的。The Chairman invited the Committee to take action on draft resolution ‧ entitled “Revised estimates arising in respect of Security Council resolution ‧ on the appointment of reserve judges at the International Tribunal for the Prosecution of Persons Responsible for Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law Committed in the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia since ‧ ”, which had been submitted on his behalf by the representative of Namibia
由于捐出者资金未及时到位,推迟启动后备项目和试验项目。There was some delay in starting the project pipeline and the pilot projects due to delays in securing donor funding
据估计,军队总共有超过 ‧ 万名武装人员,另有 ‧ 万名后备役人员。It is estimated that the armed forces total over ‧ million armed personnel, with another ‧ million reserve component
我还注意到刚果民主共和国常驻代表 ‧ 月 ‧ 日给安全理事会主席的信( ‧ ),其中表示刚果民主共和国政府支持部署欧洲联盟后备部队,在选举期间协助联刚特派团的工作。I have also taken note of the letter dated ‧ arch from the Permanent Representative of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the President of the Security Council ( ‧ ) conveying the support of the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the deployment of a reserve force of the European Union to assist MONUC during the electoral period
为执行安全理事会第 ‧ 号决议做出决定,估计 ‧ 两年期内,应前南问题国际法庭庭长的要求,任命三名后备法官,出席审判的每个阶段,并在其他法官无法继续审案时替代其中任何一名法官,需要额外经费 ‧ 美元。In implementing the decision contained in Security Council resolution ‧ it is estimated that for the biennium ‧ additional resources in the amount of $ ‧ would be required for the appointment, at the request of the President of the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, of three reserve judges who will be present in court at each stage of the proceedings and will replace any of the other judges should they become unable to continue sitting
聚能型太阳能电站(CSP系统)经事实证明比电光效应技术廉价,而矿物燃料的后备或热储存则能保障长期的能源。Concentrating solar power plants (CSP systems) have proved to be cheaper than photovoltaic technology, and fossil fuel back-up or heat storage guarantees sustained power
这些部队可以说有数千名的搬运夫作为后备,后备最终也可转变为战士。One could consider that the troops are backed by thousands of porters who could eventually be transformed into combatants
此外,也是由于为分遣队采购设备遭到拖延,将作为在阿贝歇的后备部队的尼泊尔营在雨季开始之前将只能部署 ‧ 名士兵。Moreover, the Nepalese battalion, which will constitute the reserve force in Abéché, will be able to deploy only ‧ troops before the rainy season begins, also because of delays in acquiring equipment for the contingent
f) 分散部署的一营兵力后备部队,其总部设在卡杜格利,与守卫朱巴、马拉卡尔和瓦乌的各连队共用驻地。f) A battalion-strength decentralized force reserve, headquartered in Kadugli, with companies garrisoned in Juba, Malakal and Wau
各国家机关正建立后备干部名册,以填补公职空缺,并确保公务员能够升迁。The State agencies are drawing up a roster of personnel to fill civil-service vacancies and to ensure that staff are able to advance through the service
其中包括派遣帝力县警察进行徒步巡逻,近身保护部门负责保护国家要人,后备警察股负责在“关键地带”进行巡逻。These included the use of Dili District Police for foot patrols, the Close Protection Unit for protection of State VIPs and the Police Reserve Unit for patrols in “critical areas”
由于 ‧ 年将开始审判多个被告人,因此认定确有因两位法官无法出席而造成法庭重大拖延和审案过程漫长的潜在风险,需要设立一组后备法官。With the advent of the trials of multiple accused due to commence during ‧ it was determined that the potential risk to the Tribunal of having major and lengthy trials delayed owing to the unavailability of two judges would warrant the creation of a pool of reserve judges
我相信现在大家都清楚地知道,上星期四早上,两名以色列后备士兵误入巴勒斯坦控制的拉马拉镇时,愤怒的暴民对他们处以私刑,将他们打死。As I am sure we are all aware by now, this past Thursday morning, two Israeli reserve soldiers were lynched by an angry mob after they mistakenly entered the Palestinian-controlled town of Ramallah
已经制定了一项正式的后备计划,但尚待制定一项完整的业务连续性计划。A formal backup plan has been established, but a fully fledged service continuity plan has yet to be developed
i) 改善保安工作,包括安装全建筑群的入口控制和警报监测系统;建造一间新的现场和后备保安控制室以及危机中心;安装防擅入监测系统;更新和扩充闭路电视摄像系统;提供保险拦障、改进照明和监督,从而加强有形周边保安;加设有形车辆拦障;在重要场所安装防弹和(或)防爆玻璃; 在理事会会议厅和大会堂设置隔音、防弹的参观点;在 ‧ 街入口处设安检室;挪动重要的空气入口位置并安装监测设备,防范生物及化学危险。i) Security improvements, including installation of a complex-wide access control and alarm monitoring system; construction of a new on-site and backup security control room and crisis centres; installation of an intrusion detection system; upgrade and expansion of closed circuit camera systems; upgrade of physical perimeter security by providing security barriers and improved lighting and surveillance; installation of additional physical vehicle barriers; installation of bullet-resistant and/or blast-resistant glazing at key locations ‧ installation of sound-proof and ballistically protected viewing points for visitors at the Council Chambers and General Assembly Plenary Hall; provision of a screening building at the ‧ nd Street entrance; relocation of key air intakes; and installation of monitoring equipment to safeguard against biological and chemical hazards
后备队编制有 ‧ 名成员,包括 ‧ 名少数民族成员。The reserve personnel establishment list includes ‧ members, of which ‧ are from ethnic minorities
因此,为了创建一支有效和结构完整的部队,既有反应能力,包括 ‧ 小时战斗能力,又最大限度利用现有资源,联刚特派团的军事行动构想已根据(a) 内在后备能力;和(b) 灵活机动能力这两项重要原则加以修订。Thus, with a view to creating an effective, well-structured force that is both responsive and maximizes available resources, including a ‧ hour operational capability, the Mission's military concept of operations has been revised on the basis of the key principles of: (a) built-in reserve capacity; and (b) flexible and mobile capability
后备人员编制名单与上月相比没有变化。The reserve personnel establishment list remains unchanged compared with the previous month
洛巴托部长没有指示Rai Los支持后备警察股,却派遣Rai Los团体到不同地点,包括 ‧ 月 ‧ 日到啼霸。Minister Lobato did not instruct Rai Los to support URP
如果一支特遣队的部队或专家小队与另一支特遣队一起部署,则双方必须在谅解备忘录中规定供电和提供充足的后备能力的责任。When troops or specialist units from one contingent are deployed with another contingent, the responsibility for supplying the power, with a sufficient backup capacity, must be defined in the MOU of both parties
在特派团开办业务中,除新闻干事外,每个专业技能领域都需要至少两名小组成员,以便在必要情况下两班倒,从而解决新特派团最初几周或几个月内在规划、后勤、警务通讯和数据管理等方面出现的各种问题;并需要后备能力,以应付人员生病或由于部署特定技能人员从事援助任务而导致的人手不够情况。At least two team members in each specialty are needed to work double shifts, if necessary, on a start-up operation, with the possible exception of the public information officer, in order to deal with the range of issues in planning, logistics, and police communications and data management that arise in the first weeks or months of a new mission; and to have backup available in case of personnel illness or non-availability owing to deployment of a particular specialist on an assistance assignment
安理会还指出联塞特派团的军事部分应予加强,特别是通过提供给加强的部队后备力量等等,并请我同部队派遣国协商后,就第 ‧ 号决议所载的建议提出报告,其中包括关于如何改组和加强联塞特派团的建议。The Council also considered that the military component of UNAMSIL should be reinforced, inter alia, through the provision of a strengthened force reserve and requested me to submit, after consultations with troop-contributing countries, a report on the proposals contained in resolution ‧ with recommendations to restructure and strengthen UNAMSIL