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卑辞厚币humble expression for generous donation
卑辭厚幣humble expression for generous donation
currency; silk; coins; money
币别specific currency
币种代码currency code
币种转换currency conversion
currency; coins; money; silk
变造币illegally modified or altered currency
to pin; to distinguish; another; other; surname Bie; to depart; must not; do not; to separate; to classify; to leave
別傳supplementary biography
別管no matter (who, what etc)
別理; don't have anything to do with (him, her etc); don't speak to; don't get involved
別無他法there is no alternative
別無他物nothing else
別無他用to have no other use or purpose (idiom)
別緒emotions at time of parting
別筵farewell banquet
another; depart; to classify; must not; to make sb change their ways, opinions etc; other; do not; distinguish; to separate; to distinguish; awkward; to pin; contrary; separate; leave; to depart; classify; surname Bie; difficult; to leave
别传supplementary biography
别管no matter (who, what etc)
别理don't speak to; don't get involved; don't have anything to do with (him, her etc)
别绪emotions at time of parting
别筵farewell banquet
别嘴; mouthful (awkward speech)
储币savings; to deposit money
儲幣to deposit money; savings
單一資料型別Single data type
分币符号cent sign
古币old coin
古幣old coin
建構的泛型型別constructed generic type
可為 Null 的型別nullable type
劣币驱逐良币bad money drives out good money (economics)
劣幣驅逐良幣bad money drives out good money (economics)
匿名型別anonymous type
區域型別推斷local type inference
三边转换币种triangulation currency
伤别sad goodbye; sorrowful farewell
傷別sorrowful farewell; sad goodbye
使用者定義型別user-defined type
吻別to kiss goodbye
吻别to kiss goodbye
引別to leave; to say goodbye
引别to leave


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?? 个 , 其? 实 有? 个 辨? 真? 伪 的? 简 便 方法Well, there' s a simple way of finding out
我们有权利充分享受国家教育(和使用现代技术)并(在各级)参与这方面的决策过程。We have the right to fully access and participate in decision-making processes (at all levels) concerning State Education (and the use of modern technologies
年,澳门体育发展局向澳门曲棍球总会的 ‧ 个队( ‧ 名年青运动员)提供了超过澳门 ‧ 元的资助,用于开展曲棍球训练,并向澳门足球总会( ‧ 名年青运动员)提供了超过澳门 ‧ 元的资助,用于训练 ‧ 岁组别及 ‧ 岁组别的 ‧ 个足球队。In the year ‧ subsidized with more than MOP$ ‧ the ‧ teams of the “Macao Hockey Association” ( ‧ young athletes) for specific hockey training programmes and more than MOP$ ‧ for the training of ‧ teams in under ‧ and under ‧ divisions of the Macao Football Association ( ‧ young athletes
她在一项正式公报中赞扬克斯岛居民、各政党和民间社会的许多代表,以及美国境内许多支持者为实现这一结果而奋斗。In an official communiqué, she commended the tireless work of Vieques residents, the numerous representatives of political parties and civil society and the many supporters in the United States who had fought for this outcome
针对种汇款制度、包括被称为Hawala的制度或其类似制度的有关规章条例。• the regulation of alternative remittance systems, including systems of, or similar to, the kind known as Hawala
年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,据报多达 ‧ 万人聚集在圣胡安市,抗议美国海军从克斯岛上基地进行岸外轰炸演习。On ‧ ebruary ‧ it was reported that as many as ‧ people assembled in San Juan to protest the United States Navy's offshore bombing manoeuvres from its base in Vieques
如果 人? 们 知道 被捕 的 一人...... 是 特? 部? 队 的 一名 成??....... 媒 体?? 会 蜂? 拥 而 至If it becomes known that one of the people arrested...... is a member of the Special Unit...... the media will be all over it like flies
大力鼓励秘书长在承诺为任命妇女为其特别代表和特使制定具体目标,以实现到 ‧ 年男女比例 ‧ 的目标的框架 内,加强努力任命更多妇女担任特别代表和特使,代表他进行斡旋,特别是在与维持和平、建设和平、预防性外交、经济和社会发展有关的事务以及在业务活动方面进行斡旋,任命更多妇女担任驻地协调员和其他高级职务Strongly encourages the Secretary-General, in the context of his commitment to set concrete targets for the appointment of women as his special representatives and special envoys in order to reach the target of ‧ gender balance by ‧ to intensify his efforts to appoint more women as special representatives and envoys to pursue good offices on his behalf, especially in matters related to peacekeeping, peace-building, preventive diplomacy and economic and social development, as well as in operational activities, including appointment as resident coordinators, and to appoint more women to other high-level positions
大家? 慌 今天 是 值得?? 庆 的 日子Relax, folks, today it' s in celebration
正如前文所指出的,上一节所提出的两组问题含义显然有As noted earlier, the two broad sets of considerations set out in the previous section are in a conceptual sense distinct
大力鼓励秘书长重新努力任命更多妇女担任特别代表和特使,代表他进行斡旋,特别是在与维持和平、建设和平、预防性外交、经济和社会发展有关的事务以及在业务活动方面进行斡旋,任命更多妇女担任驻地协调员和其他高级职务Strongly encourages the Secretary-General to renew his efforts to appoint more women as special representatives and envoys to pursue good offices on his behalf, especially in matters related to peacekeeping, peace-building, preventive diplomacy and economic and social development, as well as in operational activities, and to appoint more women as resident coordinators and to other high-level positions
许多家庭试图通过出售外和个人财产等各种各样的临时收入渠道以及食用和出售自产农产品,来抵消工资和其他长期收入的减少。Families attempted to offset the fall in wages and other forms of permanent income with various temporary sources of income, such as the sale of foreign currency and personal assets, as well as by consuming and selling home-grown agricultural produce
Internews组织培养了一批来自巴库和各地区的电视记者,他们经常报道有关妇女权利和性别话题。 阿塞拜疆开放社会基金会经常资助宣传品、会议、研讨会和针对性问题的戏剧表演等。Internews has trained a group of television reporters from Baku and the regions who highlight the topic of women's rights and gender and the Azerbaijan Open Society Foundation sponsors literature, conferences, seminars and gender-oriented theatrical performances
“注意到美国海军陆战队五十多年来一直在波多黎各的克斯岛举行军事演习,因此,限制了平民在占该岛面积约四分之一的范围内的活动,从而对该领土人民的健康、环境以及经济和社会发展产生影响“Aware that Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, has been used for over fifty years by the United States Marines to carry out military manoeuvres, thus limiting access by the civilian population to a space scarcely a quarter of the island, and having an impact on the health of the population, the environment and the economic and social development of the Territory
amos女士(美洲法学家协会)说,由于特别委员会过去几年里通过的各项决议,克斯岛上的轰炸和军事演习已经停止,美国海军陆战队于 ‧ 年撤离了该岛。Ms. Ramos (American Association of Jurists) said that, thanks to the resolutions adopted by the Special Committee in past years, bombings and military exercises on Vieques had ceased and the United States marine infantry had left the island in
在投票以前的这段期间,克林顿总统已经指示克斯岛上的训练活动仅限制于非爆炸性的军火;也已经命令海军和海军陆战队将训练时间减少一半 ‧ 年的训练活动最多 ‧ 天。President Clinton has ordered that, during the period leading up to the vote, the training done on Vieques is to be limited to non-explosive ordnance. He has also directed the Navy and Marine Corps to cut in half the amount of time they will spend training, which will be limited to a maximum of ‧ days in
我们无他择,只有逐步和循序渐进地争取实现彻底消除核武器。There is no alternative to a gradual, step-by-step approach leading to the complete elimination of nuclear weapons
他还批准在 ‧ 年预算期内征聘各级公务员 ‧ 人,在所有公务机关任职,同时还聘请这些机关所需的临时工作人员。He also authorized the hiring of ‧ persons at all levels and in all branches of the civil service in the ‧ budget year and the issuance of contracts to temporary employees currently working in the administration
穩 著 點 , 吉 米 去 看 後 照鏡Keep it steady, Jimmy.Keep your eyes out of the mirror
“ 英? 国 的 皇室 ”“ 答? 应 要 付 ” “ 五千? 个 金? " The Crown of England...... promises to pay...... ‧ golden guineas...... to Auda Abu Tayi. "
应主席的邀请,Pagán女士(救助和发展克斯委员会)在请愿人专席就座。At the invitation of the Chairman, Ms. Pagán (Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques) took a place at the petitioners' table
简单的是与否答案不能解决问题;肯定的答案显然会使外国人权利受到威胁,否定的答案使有关国家无它法,只能不允许外国人经商。The problem is not solved by saying yes or no; the affirmative answer exposing the rights of foreigners to undeniable dangers, the negative answer leaving to the nations involved no alternative except that of exclusion of foreigners from business
我们认为,除立即地、无条件地停止相互的暴力行动、消除他们的仇恨以及为了和平重返谈判桌外,无他择。It is our belief that under the current circumstances there is no alternative for the parties but to end any acts of violence against each other immediately and unconditionally, to overcome their animosity and, for the sake of peace, to come back to the negotiating table