发音: IPA: tʌf /tʌf/    


  • 利害   
  • 強硬   
  • 强硬   


(material science) Undergoing plastic deformation before breaking.
(of questions etc) difficult or demanding
To toughen.
(of food) difficult to cut or chew
rugged or physically hardy
To endure.
strong and resilient; sturdy
harsh or severe
hard (life)
(slang) Used to indicate lack of sympathy
rowdy or rough.
(of weather etc) harsh or severe
difficult to chew
tough (on someone)
(vegetables) tough
(meat) tough
A person who obtains things by force; a thug or bully.

类似的短语在字典英文 中文。 (15)

fierce and tough凶悍; 兇悍
it's a tough job難為; 难为
pliable and tough柔韌; 柔韧
thin, tough silk fabric絹; 绢
to fight off tough competition力挫
to get tough来硬的; 來硬的
to have a tough life命途坎坷
to raise a tough question出难题; 出難題
tough and durable堅韌; 坚韧
tough and stocky build熊腰虎背; 虎背熊腰
tough as nails最牛
tough position強硬立場; 强硬立场
tough upright grass劲草; 勁草
tough, strong, hard
toughness韧性; 韌性



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We therefore have a tough stance against immigration offenders and those involved in human smuggling and trafficking因此,我们采取坚决的态度,打击移民罪犯和参与人口偷运和贩运者。
The tough implementation of the property laws which I had to impose last year has started to depoliticize the emotional issue of refugee returns严格执行我在去年不得不实施的财产法已经开始使难民返回这个情绪化的问题非政治化。
That decision had forced several European countries to take the tough decision to close offices in their capitals该决定迫使一些欧洲国家作出困难的决定,关闭在其首都的办事处。
The two conflicting sides are perhaps summarized by the following citations: “Concern for the welfare of the poor is a weak excuse for inaction and the perpetuation of failed policies”,k but “There is also a danger that a culture of toughness prevails over a culture of analysis”.l Through dialogue and the exchange of information and analysis, communication gaps such as these need to be narrowed and filled冲突双方大概可以用下面两句话概括:“关注穷人的福利是不行动和坚持失败的政策的不实借口”k 但“存在着:强硬的文化会压倒分析文化的危险”。 l 需要通过对话、交流信息和分析,缩小和填补这类沟通鸿沟。
At the extreme, macroeconomic policy makers may view their critics as promoting their own particular cause or as being too “soft” and not able to appreciate the “tough” decisions that must be made when conducting macroeconomic policy-making更有甚者,宏观经济决策人可能认为这些批评者在宣传自己的特殊的事业,或是太“软”,无法了解在执行宏观经济政策时必须作出的“强硬”决定。
This majority is not the one we were all aspiring to get after these tough deliberations, wishing to render service- a minor service- to the Palestinian people suffering in Gaza from the aggressive Israeli bloodshed这个多数并非我们大家在进行这些艰难的辩论、希望向加沙境内遭到以色列血腥侵略的巴勒斯坦人民提供服务--一项小小的服务--之后盼望获得的多数。
It also notes with concern that tough social and economic conditions may lead to the abandonment of the child and a high number of street children委员会还关切地注意到,社会和经济困境可能导致遗弃儿童和大量儿童流落街头。
Lastly, the Council of Ministers and other authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina have continued to show a marked inability to take tough decisions and have sought to pass responsibility for them to the High Representative第三,部长会议以及波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那其他主管当局显然仍不能做出果断决定,而把解决难题的责任推给高级代表。
The battalion called effacer le tableu was well known for its tough personnel and the way it behaved in war time“擦黑板”营以其人员强悍和在战时的行为举止而出名。
In this context, it may be worth encouraging the Government of Saudi Arabia more energetically to lift the livestock ban, to make a serious attempt to stop the flow of illegal arms and to take tough action against the dumping of toxic waste into legal fishing areas in Somali waters在这一方面,值得鼓励沙特阿拉伯政府更加积极地取消牲畜禁运,认真地努力停止非法武器流通,并且采取严厉行动禁止向索马里水域合法渔区倾倒有毒废料。
This is what lies at the very root of the tough condominium ideology that has emerged with the privatization of nearly ‧ per cent of apartments and the slow pace of setting up partnerships with property owners这是随着将近 ‧ %的公寓私有化所出现的顽固共产意识以及与房产主建立伙伴关系方面速度缓慢的根本原因。
It is a test, as the Special Representative of the Secretary-General has just outlined, in which the United Nations has already enjoyed significant success and learned some tough lessons正如秘书长特别代表所指出,在这场考验中,联合国已经取得了重大成果,也学到了一些惨痛教训。
Democratically elected Governments will have to make tough decisions, balancing not only competing interests in the future, but also the welfare of future generations民主选举产生的政府必须作出困难的决定,不仅要平衡未来相互冲突的利益,而且还要平衡今后几代人的福祉。
We all have to muster the political will to make the tough decisions necessary我们大家必须拿出政治意志,作出必要的困难决定。
Taking military action is always a tough decision采取军事行动总是一项艰难的决策。
As per Article ‧ of the Convention, the member states of the Community shall take stringent and tough measures to prevent terrorism, hostile activities and organised crimes in its various forms; and to make sure that their territories are not used as a ground for planning, organising and perpetrating the mentioned actions and crimes该《公约》第 ‧ 条规定,共同体成员国应采取严格和严厉措施,防止一切形式的恐怖主义、敌对活动和有组织犯罪,并确保其领土不被用来筹划、组织和实施上述行动和罪行。
But President Abbas and the Palestinian people face tough choices in the days ahead about their Government and about its relations with Israel and the international community但阿巴斯总统和巴勒斯坦人民今后将面临艰难的选择:对政府的选择,对他们与以色列和国际社会的关系的选择。
The synergy that comes from people working together provides the necessary impetus to "keep going when the going gets tough"但是,一起工作的团队的协同精神提供了“越挫越勇”的动力。
If the parties to a conflict do not implement action plans to free children despite repeated calls from the Security Council, we must not hesitate to impose tough, targeted sanctions如果冲突当事方不执行行动计划,在安全理事会再三要求下仍不释放儿童,我们就必须毫不犹豫地实行严厉的定向制裁。
Drug traffickers were deterred through tough legislation and rigorous anti-drug enforcement严格的立法与禁毒执法有效地威慑了贩毒者。
The situation will require vigilance and tough management decisions这种情况需要保持警惕并作出严格的管理决策。
This is a tough issue这是一个严峻的问题。
It is sort of tough to keep Japanese soldiers from looting a hospital in the center of what was, a few weeks ago, a great city, while the rest of the family is scattered all over the globe要 提防 日本人 洗劫? 医 院 就? 够 我? 们 受 的 了几 周 前 美? 丽 的 城市 已? 经 离 我?? 远 去 其他 的 家人 都 被 分散 了
No side can expect to achieve its ideal objectives, and the way back to the negotiating table will be tough任何一方都不能期待实现其理想的各项目标,回归谈判桌的道路将是艰苦的。
But he' s one tough son of a bitch, real sly但是 他? 实 在 是? 个 狗 娘? 养 的 ,? 实 在 狡猾 啊