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    (Interjection  ) [slang]
    an expression of gratitude
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An expression of gratitude
An interjection of gratitude or politeness, used in response to something done or given.
A specific expression of gratitude.
[An interjection of gratitude or politeness, used in response to something done or given.]
An expression of gratitude or politeness, in response to something done or given.
(I’m fine) thank you

类似的短语在字典英文 中文。 (3)

sorry to bother you (polite, used to thank sb for a favor)難為; 难为
thank you for looking after me承蒙关照; 承蒙關照
thank you very much非常感謝; 非常感谢


例句与“thank you”,翻译记忆库

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Mr. Manongi (United Republic of Tanzania): The United Republic of Tanzania wishes to thank you, Sir, for organizing this open debate on post-conflict peacebuilding马农吉先生(坦桑尼亚联合共和国)(以英语发言):主席先生,坦桑尼亚联合共和国谨感谢你举行这次有关冲突后建设和平的公开辩论。
I should also thank you, Mr. President, for the very useful set of guidelines for this meeting that your Permanent Representative circulated earlier in the month主席先生,我也要就贵国常驻代表本月早些时候散发的关于这次会议的一套非常有用的指导方针,向你表示感谢。
Mrs. Mladineo (Croatia): I would like to thank you, Mr. President, for organizing this timely exchange of views姆拉迪内奥夫人(克罗地亚)(以英语发言):主席先生,我感谢你组织这次及时的意见交流。
Mr. Haraguchi (Japan): Thank you, Mr. President, for having taken the initiative to convene this wrap-up meeting focusing on the role of the United Nations in post-conflict situations原口先生(日本)(以英语发言)主席先生,感谢你发起召开这个讨论联合国在冲突后局势中作用的总结会议。
Finally, Mr. President, I should like to conclude by thanking you and the members of the Security Council, the Secretariat and all the organs as well as Member States of the United Nations for their cooperation and support of the Tribunal in ways that continue to facilitate the implementation of the completion strategy最后,主席先生,在结束发言前,我要感谢你和安全理事会各成员、感谢秘书处和所有各机构、以及联合国会员国对法庭的合作和支持,继续便利执行《完成工作战略》。
Mr. Santiago (Brazil) (spoke in Spanish): At the outset, Mr. Chairman, allow me to express our satisfaction at seeing you here in New York once again and to thank you for having convened this meeting and for the information you have provided to us圣地亚哥先生(巴西)(以西班牙语发言):主席先生,首先,请允许我表示我们满意地再次看到你在纽约这里,并感谢你召开本次会议以及为我们提供的信息。
In addition, I should like to join you in welcoming the Secretary-General, Mr. Kofi Annan, and I thank him for his tireless efforts to bring about peace in the region另外,我要同各位一起向秘书长科菲·安南先生表示欢迎,并感谢他为实现该区域的和平做出不懈努力。
I would like to thank you for your support and the support of your office in Bosnia and Herzegovina我感谢阁下以及阁下的波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那办事处提供的支持。
Mr. Li Kexin (China) (spoke in Chinese): The Chinese delegation thanks you, Sir, for convening this meeting at the request of the League of Arab States李克新先生(中国):主席先生,中国代表团感谢你应阿拉伯国家联盟的邀请召集此次会议。
I would like to thank you, Mr. President, for your initiative on this key aspect of international peace and security主席先生,我感谢你就国际和平与安全的这一重要方面提出主动行动。
Mr. SIDOROV (Russian Federation) (translated from Russian): Thank you, Mr. President西多罗夫先生(俄罗斯联邦):谢谢,主席先生。
Mr. Yáñez-Barnuevo (Spain) (spoke in Spanish): I would first like to thank you, Mr. President, for convening this debate, which we believe is very timely亚涅斯-巴尔努埃沃先生(西班牙)(以西班牙语发言):主席先生,首先我要感谢你召开本次辩论会,我们认为它非常及时。
Mr. Lucas (Angola): Mr. President, we thank you for convening this meeting on the situation in Bougainville卢卡斯先生(安哥拉)(以英语发言):主席先生,我们感谢你就布干维尔局势召开本次会议。
Thank you, Sir, for this really unique opportunity to respond to the Security Council members主席先生,谢谢你给我这次真正独特的机会,对安全理事会成员作出答复。
Mr. Seixas da Costa (Portugal): Let me start by thanking you, Mr. President, for organizing this meeting of the Security Council to celebrate the independence of East Timor塞沙斯·达科斯塔先生(葡萄牙)(以英语发言):主席先生,首先我谨感谢你组织了这次安全理事会会议庆祝东帝汶的独立。
So for all this, the ‧ thanks you and your able team for this period of your leadership为此 ‧ 国集团感谢你和你的团队在这一时期的领导。
Mr. Tesch (Australia): Thank you very much, Madam President, for convening this meeting特施先生(澳大利亚)(以英语发言):主席女士,我十分感谢你召开这次会议。
We would also like to thank you very much for the very kind and substantial words you have addressed to the meeting我们也十分感谢你在会上讲了了十分友好的话并作了很有实质内容的发言。
I would also like to thank you, Mr. Secretary-General, for your support and advice on improving the work of our forum同时,我也感谢秘书长先生为改善论坛工作给予的支持和咨询。
In conclusion, I would like to thank you particularly, Mr. President, for including the issue of Kosovo on the Council's agenda this month最后,我想特别感谢主席先生你将科索沃问题纳入安理会本月的议程。
Ms. Løj (Denmark): I should like to congratulate you, Sir, on your assumption of the presidency of the Council for the month of July and to thank Ambassador De La Sablière for leading our work during the month of June洛伊女士(丹麦)(以英语发言):主席先生,我愿祝贺你担任 ‧ 月份安全理事会主席并感谢德拉萨布利埃大使在 ‧ 月份领导了我们的工作。
Let me also thank you, Sir, for organizing the debate, the importance of which was marvellously illustrated by the poignant and moving testimony of Ms. Grace Akallo主席先生,我也要感谢你组织了这次辩论。 Grace Akallo女士所作的富有感染力而又令人同情的陈述就很好地说明了这次辩论的重要性。
Mr. Effah-Apenteng (Ghana): Allow me, at the outset, to thank you, Mr. President, and the other members of the Security Council, for having convened this meeting to discuss the progress report of the Secretary-General on the recommendations of the Security Council mission to West Africa埃法赫-阿彭腾先生(加纳)(以英语发言):主席先生,我首先感谢你和安全理事会其他成员召开这个会议以讨论秘书长关于安全理事会派往西非的代表团提出的建议的进展情况报告( ‧ )。
Permit me at this point to offer my delegation's sincere thanks to you, Mr. President, for convening this open meeting of the Council on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question. We offer our sincere condolences to the families of all victims of recent violence in the region主席先生,在此时刻,请允许我表示,我国代表团真诚地感谢你召集安理会关于中东局势、包括关于巴勒斯坦问题的这次公开会议,我们向该地区最近暴力事件的所有受害者家属表示真诚哀悼。
Mr. Itzchaki (Israel): In fact, my delegation did not plan to take the floor, or at least, it planned to take the floor just to begin by thanking you, Mr. Chairman, for your able guidance, as well as the Chairmen of Working Groups I and II伊扎基先生(以色列)(以英语发言):主席先生,实际上,我国代表团本不打算发言,或者至少发言也是首先要感谢你的出色指导,也感谢第一和第二工作组的主席。
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