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    (Interjection  ) [slang]
    an expression of gratitude
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An expression of gratitude
An interjection of gratitude or politeness, used in response to something done or given.
A specific expression of gratitude.
[An interjection of gratitude or politeness, used in response to something done or given.]
An expression of gratitude or politeness, in response to something done or given.
(I’m fine) thank you

类似的短语在字典英文 中文。 (3)

sorry to bother you (polite, used to thank sb for a favor)難為; 难为
thank you for looking after me承蒙关照; 承蒙關照
thank you very much非常感謝; 非常感谢


例句与“thank you”,翻译记忆库

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Mr. Ramos-Horta: Thank you, Mr. President, for giving me the opportunity to essentially say many, many thanks to you, first, for inviting us to share in the deliberations of the Council today, and to thank all Council members for their very kind words addressed to me, and in particular to thank them all for their continuing active engagement with the ongoing process of Timorization, capacity-building and security in East Timor拉莫斯-奥塔先生(以英语发言):主席先生,感谢你给我这次机会,主要是表示万分感谢你邀请我们参加今天安理会的审议工作,同时也感谢所有安理会成员对我所说的非常友好的话,特别是感谢大家继续积极地介入东帝汶正在展开的帝汶化、能力建设和安全的进程。
Mr. President, through you, I should like to say to all my colleagues on the Council, in other delegations and in the Secretariat, “Thank you for your cooperation, thank you for your friendship and thank you, sometimes, for laughing at my jokes.”主席先生,我谨通过你向我在安理会、其它代表团和秘书处的所有同事们表示,“感谢大家的合作,感谢大家的友谊,感谢大家有时为我的笑话所乐。”
Mr. Urbina (Costa Rica) (spoke in Spanish): Thank you, Mr. President. I would like to thank you for having convened this important meeting and thank Mr. Holmes for his valuable report on the current situation in the field and the principal challenges linked with the protection of civilians in armed conflict乌尔维纳先生(哥斯达黎加)(以西班牙语发言):主席先生,感谢你召开本次重要会议,同时也感谢霍姆斯先生就当前实地情况以及与武装冲突中保护平民相关的重要挑战所作的重要报告。
I want finally, Mr. President, to thank you, to thank the Deputy Secretary-General, and to thank all those representatives who have sacrificed their time to be here this afternoon and participate in this debate主席先生,最后,我想感谢你,感谢常务副秘书长和所有代表今天下午抽出时间参加本次辩论。
The time has come for me to thank the people of Zambia for having given me the privilege and honour of serving in the distinguished capacity of President of the Republic of Zambia, to thank my colleagues in Africa for entrusting me with the chairmanship of the OAU and for their confidence and support and to thank all of you in the international community现在是我感谢赞比亚人民的时候了,他们使我有幸担任赞比亚共和国总统这个具有崇高荣誉的职务,我还感谢我的非洲同事们选择我担任非统组织主席职务,感谢他们对我的信任和支持,我同时感谢国际社会的你们所有人。
Again, I thank you, Sir; I thank the members of the Council; and I thank all the other delegations that participated in this discussion我再次感谢你主席先生;我感谢安理会各位成员;我感谢参加这次讨论的其他各代表团。
Thank you, Mr. President, and thank you for the kind words you addressed to me at the beginning of this meeting谢谢你主席先生,谢谢你在会议开始时对我说的友好的话。
We thank you for that, and we thank you also for the work that has been put in to the presidency by the Colombian delegation, which, as I said to you last night, has been an extremely competent, professional and inspired operation我们对你表示感谢,我们还感谢哥伦比亚代表团为履行主席的职能而做的工作。 象我昨天晚上对你说的那样,哥伦比亚代表团所做的工作是极其称职、专业化和卓越的。
Mr. Baali (Algeria) (spoke in French): First, Mr. President, I would like to welcome you and extend to you my delegation's thanks for choosing this topic, which is important in every respect, and thank you for the preparation of the basic document巴利先生(阿尔及利亚)(以法语发言):主席先生,我要首先对你表示欢迎,并代表我国代表团感谢你选择这个各方面都十分重要的议题,并感谢你拟定这份基本文件。
The President: It is not a question, Ambassador Motoc, of bearing with you. It is a question of offering you my thanks and the thanks of the Council for the work you have done on two Committees, one of which whose subject matter is intrinsically difficult. The extent of that is demonstrated by your report主席(以英语发言):莫措克大使,这不是耐心听你发言的问题,而是我和安理会应当感谢你在这两个委员会中所做工作的问题,其中一个委员会处理的问题复杂而艰难,你的报告已经说明了这一点。
The PRESIDENT: Thank you so much for your remarks and thank you so much for the remarks that you addressed to the Chair主席:十分感谢您的发言,十分感谢您对主席所说的话。
Mr. Oshima (Japan): I would like to begin by thanking you, Madam, and the delegation of the United Kingdom for the important initiative you have taken of organizing this timely debate on the security implications of climate change and global warming, and I thank you as well for the excellent concept paper that was presented大岛先生(日本)(以英语发言):主席女士,我首先要感谢你和联合王国代表团采取主动行动,就气候变化和全球变暖的安全影响组织这次及时辩论,而且我还感谢你提出的出色概念文件。
The PRESIDENT: Thank you, Ambassador Sood, and thank you for the kind words that you have addressed to the chair主席:感谢你索德大使并感谢你对主席的赞誉。
I would also like to thank you for all the efforts you have undertaken that have led us to the decision that the Conference has just taken, and I would like to use this occasion also to thank all your predecessors on whose efforts you have been able to build我也要感谢您作出一切努力,使我们达成了裁谈会刚才作出的决定,我想利用这次机会感谢你的所有前任为你继续推动的工作所奠定的基础。
Thank you to all of those who have helped in the past and who are helping today and you, Ladies and Gentlemen, who hold high office, thank you too for your understanding感谢所有过去曾经给过帮助和现在正在给予帮助的人,也感谢你们,女士们,先生们,这些担任重要职务的人,感谢你们的理解。
I congratulate you on that and thank you for quoting a major German author of whom I too am very fond, and I thank you for your statement and for your encouragement to the Chair对此我向你祝贺,感谢你引述我也非常喜欢的这位德国大作家的话,我感谢你的发言和你对本主席的鼓励。
Thank you, thank you.- We' re with you???? 谢 谢谢- 我? 们 和 你 在一起
The PRESIDENT: On behalf of the Conference, I should like to thank very much the Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs for his important statement and advice and to thank you very much also for the ongoing support of your Government to the work of this Conference and the support you have expressed for the Chair主席:我谨代表裁谈会衷心感谢日本外务大臣政务官的重要讲话和忠告,并十分感谢贵国政府对裁谈会工作的不断支持以及你对主席所表示的支持。
Let me thank the President of the Security Council- my good friend, Ambassador Anwarul Karim Chowdhury- for proposing my reappointment, and to thank all of you for the great honour you have done me我感谢安全理事会主席、我的好朋友安瓦尔·卡里姆·乔杜里大使提议任命我,感谢你们所有人给予我的莫大荣誉。
Mr. Du Preez (South Africa): On behalf of the States of the Non-Aligned Movement, including those which have already thanked you, Mr. Chairman, it is my pleasure to thank you and the rest of the Iranian delegation for your leadership, both during the formal meetings of the Commission and during the informal consultations prior to the start of the Commission's work杜普里兹先生(南非)(以英语发言):主席先生,我高兴地以不结盟运动国家--包括已经感谢过你的那些国家--的名义感谢你和伊朗代表团其他成员,在委员会正式会议期间和委员会工作开始之前的非正式磋商期间,你们发挥了领导作用。
Mr. CAUGHLEY (New Zealand): Thank you very much, Mr. President, and thank you also, Mr. Secretary-General, for your very warm comments考勒先生(新西兰):主席先生,非常感谢你。 也感谢你,秘书长先生,感谢你们热情洋溢的发言。
Let me once again thank you very sincerely, Mr. President, for giving this opportunity to Mr. Ramos-Horta and me to brief the Council and thank you again for your very strong support主席先生,请允许我再次非常真诚地感谢你给予拉莫斯-奥尔塔先生和我这次机会向安理会介绍情况,并再次感谢你予以我们有力的支持。
The PRESIDENT: Thank you so much, and I thank you for the kind words addressed to the Chair and your expression of support主席:十分感谢你,我要感谢你对主席说的友好的话和所作的支持的表示。
Thank you for the presidency and thank you for the coffee感谢你履行主席的职能,感谢你所提供的咖啡。
Mr. KHAN (President of the Sixth Review Conference and Chairman of the ‧ meetings of the Biological Weapons Convention): Thank you, Mr. President, for the generous introduction, and thank you for inviting me to address the Conference on Disarmament on the Biological Weapons Convention汗先生(《生物武器公约》第六次审查会议主席及 ‧ 年《生物武器公约》会议主席) (以英语发言):主席先生,谢谢你对我的慷慨介绍,并且谢谢你邀请我在有关《生物武器公约》的裁军谈判会议上发言。
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