• 身心爽快   


A light snack or drink
A light snack or fresh drink without alcohol.
The action of refreshing; a means of restoring strength, energy or vigour
The action of refreshing; a means of restoring strength, energy or vigour.

类似的短语在字典英文 中文。 (16)

clear and refreshing autumn weather秋高氣爽; 秋高气爽
cool and refreshing涼爽; 凉爽
library refresh程式庫重新整理; 库刷新
light refreshments點心; 点心
package refresh封裝重新整理
refresh重新整理; 提神; 刷新
refresh interval刷新间隔; 重新整理的間隔
refresh rate刷新频率; 重新整理的頻率
refreshable可刷新的; 可更新
refreshing清凉; 耳目一新; 清涼
refreshments茶點; 小吃; 茶点
to have tea and refreshments饮茶; 飲茶
to refresh祓饰; 祓飾
to refresh (computer window)刷新
to refresh the mind沁人心脾



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d) Refresher and specialisation courses for public employeesd) 为公营部门雇员开设进修和专门化课程
vi) Work is ongoing on the revision and improvement of an internal communication strategy relating to avian and human influenza (situation, prevention, preparedness). This includes a refreshed awareness campaign through website/Intranet, brochures, posters and staff briefings六) 目前正在修订和改善与禽流感和人流感有关的内部通信战略(情况、预防和准备工作),包括通过网站/内联网、小册子、海报和工作人员简报会重新开展宣传活动。
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Their principal aims are: To give teachers tools for the development of the educational programmes and projects which the Federal Government is introducing in the different levels and modalities of basic education; To include in the teacher refresher agenda important educational themes which have not received sufficient attention and are of national interest and those deriving from the reforms of the study plans and programmes of basic education赋予教师工具,以发展联邦政府在不同级别和基础教育的不同形式中引入的教育项目和计划; 在教师进修议程中纳入重要的教育计划,这些计划对国家至关重要,但没有受到足够的重视,还有那些源自学习计划和基础教育项目改革的内容。
Police training on domestic violence is based on a four-level approach: that is, the basic level, the advanced level, the specialized level and refresher courses对警员进行的应对家庭暴力行为的培训分为四个层次:初级、高级、专门和进修课程。
Although conscious of the need to refresh the organization with new talent, the Inspector sees a risk in that ALDs can be used to short-cut normal recruitment and promotion procedures检查员尽管意识到必须使该组织充实新的力量,但认为限期任用有可能被用来绕过正常的征聘和晋升程序。
In cooperation with a major broadcasting organization, the Department of Public Information has organized, in preparation for the pilot project, a training programme to be held in April ‧ to refresh or upgrade staff producers' skills新闻部与一个大广播组织合作,组织了预定在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月举行的培训方案,以供工作人员制作者进修或提高技能,作为试验项目的筹备工作。
They would travel to United Nations Headquarters for refresher orientation and specific mission guidance, as necessary, and interaction with the planners of the Integrated Mission Task Force (see paras ‧ below) for that operation, before deploying to the field必要的话,他们可以来联合国总部再次听取复习概况介绍和具体任务指导,与负责这一行动的特派团综合工作队(见下面第 ‧ 段)的规划人员交流切磋,然后派往现场。
Last year ‧ drivers of heavy vehicles in the unorganized sector were provided refresher training through non-governmental organizations and local institutions去年,无组织部门 ‧ 名重型机车驾驶员通过非政府组织和地方机构获得了复习训练。
The principles of this Campaign have been disseminated through a brochure in Italian and during a refresher course on “Education to democratic citizenship”通过散发一本意大利文小册子 和举办“教育民主社会的公民”的重温班,宣传了这项运动的原则。
iii) Continuous and refresher training for teachers of the six primary grades三) 对从事六年制小学教育的教师进行终身培训和知识更新
In accordance with decision ‧ continues to improve the integration of environmental components into OCHA overall management of emergencies by developing and delivering an environmental emergencies training component of UNDAC induction courses in May, October and November ‧ as well as a UNDAC refresher course in Panama from ‧ arch to ‧ pril环境署依照第 ‧ 号决定继续为改进为把环保内容纳入人道协调厅的紧急情况总体管理框架之内而做出努力;分别于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月、 ‧ 月和 ‧ 月编制和提供了由联合国救灾协调方案举办的入门课程的环境紧急情况培训构成部分、以及为救灾协调方案于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日 ‧ 月 ‧ 日在巴拿马举办的复习课程提供了环保内容。
The Project Unit had conducted project closure refresher training sessions within the bureaux项目股在各局范围内举办了项目结束进修培训班。
d) Capacity development, including refresher training on CIP and training in communication and facilitation skills, is important for collaborators and project management unit members at the local leveld) 进行能力培养,包括关于预防儿童伤害问题的复习训练及传播和促进技能方面的培训,对于地方一级的合作者和项目管理单位成员非常重要
Accounts payable, controls will be further strengthened and proper refresher training will be given to all finance staff in ‧ to prevent recurrence of such errors对应付账款将进一步加强控制,并在 ‧ 年对所有财务人员进行复习培训,以防止再次出现此类错误。
The following measures cater for the diversity of pupil needs in the classroom: (a) awareness-raising for head teachers and teachers in ordinary schools; (b) refresher workshops for teachers in ordinary schools; (c) technical assistance and monitoring of disabled children in integrated schools; and (d) training for the teachers of the various special-education services采取以下措施,满足学生在课堂的多种需要:(a)提高普通学校校长及教师的认识;(b)开办普通学校教师进修讲习班;(c)在综合学校对残疾儿童提供技术援助和监测;和(d)对提供各种特殊教育服务的教师进行培训。
Besides the basic training of the police, UNPOS will also initiate, through the Joint Security Committee and the UNDP Rule of Law and Security Programme, a refresher course for the police personnel presently operating on the ground除了警察的基本训练外,联索政治处还将通过联合安全委员会和开发署法治和安全方案,为目前正在执行实地任务的警员开设进修课程。
In May ‧ embarked on a major exercise to refresh its brand and communication strategy as the organization prepares for the Special Session and the development of the MTSP年 ‧ 月,随着儿童基金会为特别会议开展筹备工作并着手编制中期战略计划,该组织展开了一次重振品牌和传播战略的活动。
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Breakfast, lunch, dinner and a light refreshment at the evening are served at the Minors Institute少年感化院提供早餐、午餐、晚餐和一顿夜点心。
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Child rights partners have participated in both basic and refresher skills training in the field of psychosocial support and care儿童权利伙伴参加了社会心理支助和治疗方面的基础培训和技能复习训练。
The Mission also recommends consolidating the recently established mechanisms for selection and evaluation and expanding the training and refresher activities for judges同样的,核查团建议加强最近设立的挑选和评价机制,同时推广法官的培训和进修工作。
It is refreshing indeed for us to hear instead from civil society organizations, because they have an advantage: they can dot the “i”s and cross the “t”s and put forward multiple issues and challenges听民间社会组织的发言确实令人耳目一新,因为它们可能做事一丝不苟,提出了多种问题和挑战。
There are so many innovative and refreshing approaches to learn from out there but what may be lacking is a focal point to track and provide feedback to other stakeholders有那么多可学的创新性的和新颖的做法,但是可能缺少一个跟踪情况和向其他利益攸关者提供反馈的联络机构。