发音: IPA: ˈkwɛst /kwɛst/      


  • 寻求   
    (Noun  )
    journey or effort in pursuit of a goal
  • 尋求   
    (Noun  )
    journey or effort in pursuit of a goal
  • 探索   
    (Noun  )
    journey or effort in pursuit of a goal


To seek or pursue a goal; to undertake a mission or job.
A journey or effort in pursuit of a goal (often lengthy, ambitious, or fervent); a mission.

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to quest求索



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AMDA will carry on its endeavour in its quest “for better quality of life for a better Future” as stated in its slogan协会将按照它的口号继续努力追求“更好的生活素质,更好的将来”。
As a free and prosperous country, Taiwan has much to contribute to the peace and security of the Western Pacific, and we reiterate our full support for the ongoing quest of the people of Taiwan to be granted membership in this family of nations台湾是一个自由和繁荣的国家,可以对西太平洋的和平与安全做出重要贡献,我国重申,我国充分支持台湾人民不断努力加入这个国际大家庭。
Communication, everywhere and always, has been the best way for people to exchange ideas in the ongoing quest for peace, security and understanding at the national and international levels无论何时何地,交流都是人们在国家和国际一级持续追求和平、安全与理解中交换想法的最佳方式。
Notes the holding of training courses conducted by the Dag Hammarskjöld Library for the representatives of Member States and Secretariat staff on the use of Cyberseek, web search, the Intranet, United Nations documentation, United Nations Info Quest and the Official Document System of the United Nations注意到达格·哈马舍尔德图书馆为会员国代表和秘书处工作人员就网络检索、网上查询、内联网、联合国文件、联合国信息查询系统和联合国正式文件系统举办的训练课程
The relationship between the work of UNCITRAL and the quest of developing countries for sustainable development had been highlighted at the Commission's session贸易法委员会该届会议突出讨论了委员会工作与发展中国家追求可持续发展之间的关系。
The quest for innovative ideas and practical solutions was evident in the six dialogues ‧ roundtables discussions and more than ‧ networking events that took place在所进行的 ‧ 次对话 ‧ 次圆桌会议讨论和 ‧ 多次建立联系网活动中,可看出人们要求提出创新性主张和切实可行的解决办法。
In the context of the opportunities created by the technological revolution, the opening of markets, and globalization, the paramount objectives of our endeavours have been the promotion of growth and sustainable development, and the quest for equity and participation by all在技术革命、市场开放和全球化开创了机会的形势下,我们所做的努力的最重要目标是促进增长和可持续发展并寻求公道和各方的参与。
The Secretary-General, in paragraphs ‧ and ‧ of his report ( ‧ ), acknowledged the important role that ad hoc tribunals and hybrid courts such as the Special Court for Sierra Leone play in the quest to end impunity and bring about peace and reconciliation秘书长在其报告( ‧ )第 ‧ 和 ‧ 段承认,特设法庭和塞拉利昂特别法院等混合法院在谋求制止有罪不罚现象和实现和平与和解方面起了重要作用。
It is, therefore, our interpretation that the eighth preambular paragraph of that resolution refers to commitments of a general nature that should guide our Governments' actions in the quest for a world in which peace prevails and sports is given its proper place因此,我们认为该决议序言部分第 ‧ 段提到的是一般性的承诺,应当在争取实现一个和平昌盛以及给予体育恰当位置的世界的努力中指导我们各国政府的行动。
“The Security Council calls again on all Member States, entities and individuals to respect fully the arms embargo established by resolution ‧ as strengthened by resolution ‧ and urges all Somali and regional parties as well as Government officials and other actors contacted outside the region to cooperate fully with the Panel of Experts in its quest for information related to the embargo, in accordance with resolution ‧ and article ‧ of the Eldoret Declaration“安全理事会再次呼吁所有会员国、实体和个人充分遵守第 ‧ 号决议所规定并经第 ‧ 号决议加强的的军火禁运,并敦促索马里及该区域所有各方以及所接触的该区
The current oil price crisis had led to the quest for new and renewable sources of energy当前的油价危机促使寻求新的可再生能源。
If anything, it has only created more impediments to the collective quest for a lasting peace in the Middle East如果有什么作用的话,它只是进一步阻碍寻求中东持久和平的集体努力。
c) The quest for systematic and concerted action with a view to achieving nuclear disarmament should be pursued with renewed determinationc) 应该重新下定决心,设法为实现核裁军采取有系统和协调一致的行动
In our quest to improve the quality of life in the cities, towns and villages of our country, and within the context of the commitments made at Istanbul, which include the provision of shelter, social development, the eradication of poverty, environmental management, economic development, governance and international cooperation, we are grateful to share our efforts with this gathering我们在争取改善城镇和村庄的生活质量过程中,在于伊斯坦布尔所作的承诺范畴内,对于有机会同这次会议分享我们的努力而感激,上述承诺包括提供住房、发展、消灭贫穷、环境管理、经济发展、治理及国际合作。
Mr. Djangone-Bi (Côte d'Ivoire) (spoke in French): It is gratifying to note that, in its rightful quest for sustainable development, Africa can count on the international community詹戈内-比先生(科特迪瓦)(以法语发言):注意到以下一点是令人满意的:非洲在其谋求实现可持续发展的正确努力中可以指望得到国际社会的支持。
While we appreciate the Court's quest to recruit highly qualified staff, we urge it to ensure fair geographical distribution of top and mid-level managerial positions to highly qualified persons我们赞成国际刑事法院要求聘用高素质人员,同时促请它在高素质人员的高层和中层管理职位上注意公平的地理分配。
We could do so in the confident knowledge that our world body, and through it the international community, took a serious and direct interest in the quest for peace in Burundi我们在这样做时,坚信我们的这一世界机构、同时国际社会也通过它对在布隆迪寻求和平给予了严肃和直接的关注。
The State of Qatar renews its support for the Palestinian Authority in its quest to fulfil the aspirations of its people卡塔尔国重申它支持巴勒斯坦权力机构努力实现巴勒斯坦人民的愿望。
Development of women and children through sports must have a special place in our quest to improve the socio-economic well-being of our people通过体育促进妇女和儿童利益必须在我们寻求改进我们人民的社会经济福祉方面具有特殊地位。
The international community should assist them as much as possible to fulfil this quest fruitfully and in the shortest possible time国际社会应尽力帮助他们在尽可能短的时间内圆满完成这一夙愿。
With continued international cooperation, Uganda will play its role in the quest to find a solution to the pandemic通过继续进行国际合作,乌干达将在为这个流行病寻求解决办法方面发挥其作用。
If the move to explore the possible role of missile defences is not to intensify the nuclear danger, it appears essential that it should be pursued as a collective project to promote “cooperative security” rather than as a quest for unilateral strategic advantage by the United States如果要使探索导弹防御的作用的行动不加剧核危险,看来应当将它作为促进“共同安全”的一个集体项目,而不是美利坚合众国对单边战略优势的追求。
I should like also to thank the delegation of Nigeria for its patient and tireless efforts in the quest for a consensus我也谨表示感谢尼日利亚代表团在寻求协商一致意见过程中所作的耐心和不懈的努力。
Implemented by school systems in ‧ countries, Lions-Quest teaches of life skills such as the importance of making healthy decisions such as avoiding the use of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol该方案在 ‧ 个国家的学校系统实施,该方案教授诸如做出健康的决定,如不吸烟、不吸毒、不酗酒等重要的生活技能。
The proposal that this week's first plenary be replaced by an informal meeting was immediately resisted by parties variously unwilling to launch discussions without concurrent negotiations or unwilling to agree to informal consultations without an agenda- and the quest for an agenda, of course, would bring the circle right back to where we are and have been for years, seeking consensus on content and balance in our work有人提议将本周的全体会议改为非正式会议,但这一建议立即遭到在不同时进行谈判的情况下不愿开展协商,或在缺乏议程的情况下不愿同意进行非正式磋商的各方的抵制-- 而设法确定议程自然又会使我们回到我们目前以及多年来一直所处的位置:即寻求关于我们的工作内容的协商一致意见,并设法平衡我们的工作。