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The name of a particular person, place, organization or other individual entity
Any word or phrase which designates a particular person, place, class or thing.
A noun denoting a particular person, place, organization, ship, animal, event, or other individual entity.


例句与“proper noun”,翻译记忆库

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It would probably also be worthwhile to revise the title so that the adjective “transfronterizo” modifies the noun “insolvencia” rather than the noun “procedimientos”可能也有必要修订标题,用形容词“transfronterizo”限定名词“insolvencia”,而不是限定名词“procedimientos”。
All outputs have been presented in the form of nouns instead of the past tense of verbs, which were used prior to在 ‧ 年之前,所有产出均以过去时态表示,现在用名词表示。
In keeping with the general nature of the document, it would perhaps be better in the Spanish version for the purpose and objectives of the Notes- indicated by the nouns “cooperación”, “comunicación” and “coordinación”- to be indicated in the title without being preceded by the definite article “la”为了与这份文件的一般性质保持一致,在西班牙文本中,在用“cooperación”、“comunicación”和“coordinación”这几个词指明《说明》的宗旨和目的时,标题中的这几个词的前面可能最好不要加定冠词“la”。
The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines aerospace as a noun meaning “the Earth's atmosphere and outer space” and, secondly, as “the technology of aviation in this region”《简明牛津词典》将航空航天界定为一个意指“地球大气层和外层空间”的名词,又指“在该区间飞行的技术。”
The word “human”, whether used as a noun or as an adjective, dominates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and rightly so“人”这个字无论是作为名词还是作为形容词在《世界人权宣言》中都占了主导地位,这是正确的。
As to the first point- the description of the reaction- the most prudent solution is certainly to use the noun “objection” or the verb “object”关于第一点(形容反应),最谨慎的办法当然是使用名词“objection”或动词“object”。
It does n't distinguish between parts of speech, e. g. verbs and nouns are mixed up in the lists of words目前无法区分语言成分, 名词和动词都混在单词列表当中 。
The actual images received are archived after proper compression接收的实际图像经适当压缩后存档。
Georgia protests vigorously to the Russian side and, on the basis that the Russian side is ignoring its legitimate demands, appeals to the Security Council and to the entire world community to make a proper assessment of what is happening and to take the necessary steps in order to prevent aggression against Georgia格鲁吉亚向俄罗斯方面提出强烈抗议,由于俄罗斯一方无视格鲁吉亚的合理要求,所以呼吁安全理事会和整个世界社会适当评估发生中的事情,采取步骤阻止对格鲁吉亚的侵略。
The distinction between “normative gap proper” and “application gap” is helpful in the consideration of recommended measures to be taken to fill a gap区分“规范差距本身”与“适用差距”有助于提出各项填补差距的措施。
On the other hand, there are quite powerful reasons in favour of a draft guideline on “bilateralized reservations” purporting to produce, in the relations of parties to a supplementary agreement, the same effect as that produced by reservations proper with which they are sometimes wrongly equated相反地,却有相当充分的理由赞成拟订一项关于“双边互惠”的准则草案,其目的是要在补充协定缔约方的关系上发生与真正的保留相同的效力,这种办法有时被人与真正的保留混为一谈。
Mr. Kyaw Tint Swe (Myanmar), speaking on a point of order, said that he would be grateful if the representative of the United States of America would refer to his country by its proper name, Myanmaryaw Tint Swe先生(缅甸)在就程序问题发言时指出,他希望美利坚合众国的代表在提到缅甸时能够使用其正式国名(Myanmar)。
Most equipment that exists in special schools is outdated and non-functioning as a result of a lack of proper maintenance由于缺乏应有保养,特殊学校中的大部分设备已老旧和难以使用。
Tuvalu is surrounded by the huge Pacific Ocean and is well aware, both of its rights to its vast marine resources and also of its responsibility to ensure the proper and sustainable management of the potentials of the ocean图瓦卢为浩瀚无边的太平洋所环绕,充分意识到其拥有的巨大海洋资源的权利以及其确保适当和可持续地管理海洋潜力的责任。
The European Union urges States that have not yet done so to ratify or accede to the Rome Statute and to the treaties of international humanitarian, human rights and refugee laws, and to take all appropriate measures to ensure proper investigation and prosecution of any violations of the relevant rules欧洲联盟敦促尚未批准或加入《罗马规约》以及国际人道主义、人权和难民法的国家予以批准或加入,并采取一切适当措施,确保对任何违反有关规则的行为进行适当的调查和起诉。
But above all, we would like to stress the issues we just highlighted: the integrity of the process, the need for a single decision to be taken when the time comes to decide on this subject, and the importance of completing the assessment I mentioned previously so that a proper intergovernmental evaluation of the pilot programmes can be carried out但首先,我们要强调我们刚才着重强调的问题:该进程的完整性;在就该问题作出决定时,需要作出单项决定;以及完成我刚才提到的评估很重要,这样,才能妥善开展对试点方案的政府间评估。
In most countries and regions, especially in Africa, weak statistical capacities are likely to pose the biggest challenge for proper reporting on the MDGs在大多数国家和区域,特别是非洲,薄弱的统计能力很可能是恰当作出千年发展目标报告的最大挑战。
A judgment has to be made in each specific case on whether those aquifers should be treated as a system for the proper management of the aquifers在每一个具体情况下,为了妥善管理含水层,必须针对是否应该把这些含水层视为一个系统的问题,作出判断。
Similar practices have now been adopted by an increasing number of regional groupings, and it is vital that we fully implement these standards- putting the need to ensure proper control of MANPADS above commercial considerations类似的做法现已为越来越多的区域集团成员所采用,充分执行这些标准十分重要-者将确保很好地将控制单兵携带防空系统的需要置于商业考虑之上。
That would ensure proper burden-sharing with respect to peacekeeping responsibilities, rather than leaving small countries like Rwanda to do the heavy lifting这将确保在维和责任方面适当分担负担,而不是让卢旺达这样的小国承受重担。
This programme's aim is to present a project that brings scientists and teachers together and thus raise the level of science and mathematics teaching in primary and secondary education, in an effort to give them not only a proper and clear understanding of the mathematical and scientific concepts to be imparted, but also to show them the type of teaching required by the pedagogical principles whereby pupils build up their own knowledge on the basis of their specific activity该方案提供一个把科学家和教师联系起来的计划,以此提高初等和中等教育的科学和数学水平,不仅让他们准确清楚地了解应该教授的数学和科学概念,而且向他们展示根据教育原则应该开展的教学种类,以便让学生们通过具体的活动增加知识。
The importance of monitoring and long-term evaluation of crime prevention programmes in order to ensure a proper assessment of the results, especially with regard to their cost-effectiveness and sustainability, was stressed by many participants许多参加者强调必须对预防犯罪方案进行监测并加以长期的评估,目的是确保对结果,尤其是这些方案的成本效益和可持续性作出适当的评价。
That would be in the interest neither of the Tribunals nor of the proper administration of justice因为这既不利于法庭工作,也不利于妥善地司法。
In addition, the Transitional Government has yet to conduct proper investigations into cases where national police officers have allegedly been involved此外,过渡政府没有对国家警察涉嫌参与的案件进行彻底调查。
Let me express my deep regret that the Human Rights Council has been unable to tackle several serious human rights situations in a timely and proper manner请允许我对人权理事会未能及时和恰当处理几个严重的人权局势深表遗憾。
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