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The name of a particular person, place, organization or other individual entity
Any word or phrase which designates a particular person, place, class or thing.
A noun denoting a particular person, place, organization, ship, animal, event, or other individual entity.


例句与“proper noun”,翻译记忆库

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As to the first point- the description of the reaction- the most prudent solution is certainly to use the noun “objection” or the verb “object”关于第一点(形容反应),最谨慎的办法当然是使用名词“objection”或动词“object”。
In keeping with the general nature of the document, it would perhaps be better in the Spanish version for the purpose and objectives of the Notes- indicated by the nouns “cooperación”, “comunicación” and “coordinación”- to be indicated in the title without being preceded by the definite article “la”为了与这份文件的一般性质保持一致,在西班牙文本中,在用“cooperación”、“comunicación”和“coordinación”这几个词指明《说明》的宗旨和目的时,标题中的这几个词的前面可能最好不要加定冠词“la”。
All outputs have been presented in the form of nouns instead of the past tense of verbs, which were used prior to在 ‧ 年之前,所有产出均以过去时态表示,现在用名词表示。
The word “human”, whether used as a noun or as an adjective, dominates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and rightly so“人”这个字无论是作为名词还是作为形容词在《世界人权宣言》中都占了主导地位,这是正确的。
It does n't distinguish between parts of speech, e. g. verbs and nouns are mixed up in the lists of words目前无法区分语言成分, 名词和动词都混在单词列表当中 。
The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines aerospace as a noun meaning “the Earth's atmosphere and outer space” and, secondly, as “the technology of aviation in this region”《简明牛津词典》将航空航天界定为一个意指“地球大气层和外层空间”的名词,又指“在该区间飞行的技术。”
It would probably also be worthwhile to revise the title so that the adjective “transfronterizo” modifies the noun “insolvencia” rather than the noun “procedimientos”可能也有必要修订标题,用形容词“transfronterizo”限定名词“insolvencia”,而不是限定名词“procedimientos”。
OIOS reiterates that high-value, multifunction contracts should not be entered into without ensuring that a proper contract management function is in place监督厅重申,在没有确保建立适当的合同管理职能之前,不应签订高价值的多种合同。
Proper planning means awareness of developments on the ground适当培训意味着了解实地事态发展。
Once the United Nations agencies have been able to return- assuming the outcome of the United Nations security team's discussions is positive- it will be very important to maintain a high state of vigilance on all sides to ensure that appropriate action can be taken if the situation deteriorates and that proper links and cooperation are maintained between the United Nations agencies and the Indonesian authorities, and others with an interest in this matter一旦联合国机构能够返回--假设联合国安全小组的讨论的结局是积极的--各方就必须高度警觉,以确保在局势恶化时能够采取适当行动,并且在联合国各机构与印度尼西亚当局及对此问题有兴趣的其他方面之间保持适当的联系与合作。
The ‧ onvention and the recommendations of the special session encourage States to transfer between them criminal prosecution proceedings where such transfer may be in the interest of the proper administration of justice, in particular if their legal systems are similar and they do not extradite their own nationals年《公约》和特别会议的建议鼓励各国在这类移交可能有益于适当的司法行政管理的地方相互移交刑事诉讼,尤其是如果它们的司法制度类似并且它们并未引渡其自己的国民。
Finally, it stresses the importance of a proper sequence of institutional changes, capacity-building, liberalization and privatization, which has proved to be a key issue in Eastern Europe最后,该节强调机构改革的适当次序、能力建设、自由化和私有化的重要性。 私有化在东欧证明是一大问题。
For example, although there is awareness of the benefits of preventive strategies, the proper and consistent use of such strategies ought to be mainstreamed in educational systems and public campaigns例如,虽然人们认识到预防战略的好处,但仍然需要使正确和坚持不断地使用这种战略的行为成为教育系统和大众宣传的主流。
In addition to proper medical examination, proper recording of injuries of persons deprived of their liberty by the police is an important safeguard, contributing to the prevention of ill-treatment as well as to combating impunity除了适当体检以外,如实记录警察对被剥夺自由者造成的人身伤害,也有助于防范虐待和消除有罪不罚现象。
Welcomes the intention of the Security Council to engage within the United Nations system in a focused dialogue on what practical measures the United Nations system needs to take to promote greater coherence in its activities aimed at the prevention of armed conflict, and recommends that consideration be given, inter alia, to identifying the proper framework for the elaboration of system-wide coherent and action-oriented strategies within the United Nation System, at Headquarters and in the field, and for rationalizing the funding procedures for the prevention of armed conflict欢迎秘书长打算在联合国系统内,就联合国系统需要采取哪些实际措施来促进其旨在预防武装冲突的活动更加协调一致,进行针对重点的对话,并建议除其他外,考虑确定在联合国总部和外地阐明联合国系统内全系统连贯一致和着重行动的战略,以及使预防武装冲突筹供经费程序合理化的适当框架
Sufficient resources are necessary in order to enable the Tribunal to carry forward investigations and prosecutions in a proper and expedient manner and to increase its activity需要有充分的资源以便使该法庭能够以适当和紧急的方式进行调查和起诉,并加强其各项活动。
Improving the public schools and raising the quality of teaching in the poor areas where the population of African descent live means dignifying the work of the teachers by offering them proper salaries, training and teaching materials, together with an adequate infrastructure改进非洲血统人居住的贫穷地区的公共学校并提高教育质量,这意味着,向教师提供适当的薪金、训练和教学材料,并提供充分的基础设施,从而提高他们的地位。
The resources approved by the General Assembly must be sufficient to allow for the implementation of all mandates of the Organization and to ensure the proper functioning of the intergovernmental machinery大会应核可充足资源,以便联合国能够执行所有已获授权的方案并确保政府间机构正常运作。
He claims that these indictments were indiscriminately and arbitrarily transmitted by the Attorney-General to Sri Lanka's High Court, without proper assessment of the facts as required under Sri Lankan legislation, and that they were designed to harass him他声称这些起诉是由首席检察官向斯里兰卡高等法院不分青红皂白地任意转送的,并没有按照斯里兰卡的法规适当地评估事实,这些起诉是为了骚扰他而提起的。
Initial indications of the situation in the eastern part of the country suggest that this could indeed be the case unless proper measures are taken to prevent such an eventuality刚果民主共和国东部局势的初步迹象显示,除非采取适当的防范措施,这种情况可能会发生。
This approach of the Arab Summit has placed the vision of modernization and development within its proper framework通过阿拉伯首脑会议这一途径把现代化和发展这一愿景置于适当的范围内。
It was agreed that in paragraph of the draft article: (i) the provisions should make it clear that the provisions referred to failures in the procuring entities' systems or communication, and not systems of suppliers or contractors; (ii) the words “[that prevent holding the auction]” should be replaced with the words “that endangered the proper conduct of the auction” or similar; and (iii) the second set of square brackets (but not the text they contained) should be deleted与会者一致认为,在本条草案第款中:(一)条文中应当说明,本条文指的是采购实体的系统或通信出现故障,而非供应商或承包商的系统出现故障;(二)“[使拍卖无法举行的]”应改为“危及拍卖正常举行的”或类似的词语;(三)第二组方括号(但非其中的案文)应予删除。
“(b) Promoting the development of standards and procedures designed to safeguard the integrity of relevant private entities, including codes of conduct for the correct, honourable and proper performance of the activities of business and all relevant professions and the prevention of conflicts of interest“(b) 促进制订各种旨在维护有关的私营实体廉正的准则和程序,包括企业和一切有关的专业人员正确、诚实和妥善实施各项活动并防止利益冲突的行为守则
SPLA columns have temporarily halted redeployment to facilitate proper monitoring and verification, since many troops had moved without prior notification苏人解的各路纵队已暂停重新部署,以便于进行适当的监察与核查,原因是许多部队未经事先通知就开始调动。
At its thirty-sixth session, the Commission formulated a policy, which has been followed since then, that: (a) working groups should normally meet for a one-week session twice a year; (b) extra time, if required, could be allocated from the unused entitlement of another working group provided that such arrangement would not result in the increase of the total number of ‧ weeks of conference services per year currently allotted to sessions of all six working groups of the Commission; and (c) if any request by a working group for extra time would result in the increase of the ‧ week allotment, it should be reviewed by the Commission, with proper justification being given by that working group regarding the reasons for which a change in the meeting pattern was needed委员会在第三十六届会议上制定了一项政策并且从此一直遵循,即:(a)工作组每年应正式召开两次为期一周的会议;(b)如有需要,可将其他工作组未利用的时间作为额外时间予以分配,条件是这样的安排不会增加目前分配给委员会全部六个工作组的每年共计 ‧ 周的会议服务;以及(c)如工作组申请额外时间将导致 ‧ 周分配时间的增加,应由委员会进行审查,并且工作组应就必须改变会议模式的理由给出适当的说明。
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