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The name of a particular person, place, organization or other individual entity
Any word or phrase which designates a particular person, place, class or thing.
A noun denoting a particular person, place, organization, ship, animal, event, or other individual entity.


例句与“proper noun”,翻译记忆库

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It would probably also be worthwhile to revise the title so that the adjective “transfronterizo” modifies the noun “insolvencia” rather than the noun “procedimientos”可能也有必要修订标题,用形容词“transfronterizo”限定名词“insolvencia”,而不是限定名词“procedimientos”。
In keeping with the general nature of the document, it would perhaps be better in the Spanish version for the purpose and objectives of the Notes- indicated by the nouns “cooperación”, “comunicación” and “coordinación”- to be indicated in the title without being preceded by the definite article “la”为了与这份文件的一般性质保持一致,在西班牙文本中,在用“cooperación”、“comunicación”和“coordinación”这几个词指明《说明》的宗旨和目的时,标题中的这几个词的前面可能最好不要加定冠词“la”。
The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines aerospace as a noun meaning “the Earth's atmosphere and outer space” and, secondly, as “the technology of aviation in this region”《简明牛津词典》将航空航天界定为一个意指“地球大气层和外层空间”的名词,又指“在该区间飞行的技术。”
It does n't distinguish between parts of speech, e. g. verbs and nouns are mixed up in the lists of words目前无法区分语言成分, 名词和动词都混在单词列表当中 。
As to the first point- the description of the reaction- the most prudent solution is certainly to use the noun “objection” or the verb “object”关于第一点(形容反应),最谨慎的办法当然是使用名词“objection”或动词“object”。
All outputs have been presented in the form of nouns instead of the past tense of verbs, which were used prior to在 ‧ 年之前,所有产出均以过去时态表示,现在用名词表示。
The word “human”, whether used as a noun or as an adjective, dominates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and rightly so“人”这个字无论是作为名词还是作为形容词在《世界人权宣言》中都占了主导地位,这是正确的。
Measures could include establishment of public records on legal and natural persons involved in the establishment, management and funding of legal persons; establishment of proper criteria for disqualification of directors of legal persons; establishment of measures to ensure outside inspection, including, inter alia, establishment of the obligation to maintain proper accounts and application of proper sanctions against falsifications and intentional omissions; and development of proper codes of conduct for attorneys, notaries and accountants (see article ‧ of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (the “Organized Crime Convention”, General Assembly resolution ‧ annex I措施可包括建立关于法人的组建、管理和筹资中所涉法人和自然人的公共记录;建立剥夺法人主管人员资格的适当标准;拟订确保外部检查的措施,其中包括确定按规定记帐的义务,对造假帐和蓄意漏记进行适当的制裁;拟订律师、公证人和会计师的适当行为守则。
In this connection, measures could include establishment of a public record of legal and natural persons involved in the establishment, management and funding of legal persons; establishment of proper standards for disqualification of directors of legal persons; establishment of measures to make possible and ensure external inspection, including establishment of the obligation to maintain accounting books and application of proper and adequate sanctions against their falsification and intentional omissions; and development of proper codes of conduct for attorneys, notaries and accountants (see art这方面的措施可包括,建立参与法人的组建、管理和筹资的法人和自然人的公共记录,规定淘汰法人主管者的适当标准,订出措施使得有可能并确保外部检查,包括规定有义务保持帐簿并对篡改帐簿和故意漏记实行正当和充分的制裁,以及制定律师、公证人和会计的行为守则(见《联合国打击跨国有组织犯罪公约》(《打击有组织犯罪公约》)第 ‧ 条,大会第 ‧ 号决议,附件一)。
a) If it occurs in the course of official duties, is incompatible with official functions, and causes or is likely to cause serious harm to the proper administration of justice before the Court or the proper internal functioning of the Court, such asa) 执行公务时,玩忽职守,严重损害或可能严重损害本法院的正当审判工作或本法院的正常内部运作的行为,例如
While not in any way objecting to the proper utilization of outsourcing, the Committee expects that proper procedure will be followed without exception in future虽然决不是反对适当利用外包的做法,但委员会期望今后将没有例外地遵守适当程序。
This reform also means promoting the Organization's multilateral character and, above all, acting so that the United Nations can again play its proper role and take up its proper responsibility in peacekeeping这一改革还意味着促进本组织的多边性质,首先是行动,使联合国能再次在维护和平方面发挥它的适当作用,承担它的适当责任。
We have also proved our genuine intentions by encouraging and supporting a strong campaign for the registration and participation of Serbs in the elections on ‧ ovember ‧ by exhumation of all mass grave sites in Serbia proper, by opening a DNA laboratory centre in Belgrade in cooperation with the International Commission for Missing People, and by the expeditious transfer of ethnic Albanian prisoners from detention facilities in Serbia proper to Kosovo and Metohija我们还通过下列做法证实了我们的真诚意愿,即鼓励和支持塞尔维亚人登记和参加 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的选举的有力运动,挖掘塞尔维亚地区的所有集体坟墓,同国际失踪人士委员会合作,在贝尔格莱德建立了一个DNA实验室中心,并且将在塞尔维亚地区拘押所内的阿尔巴尼亚种族俘虏迅速转移到科索沃和梅托希亚。
Do you want to generate a backtrace? This will help the developers to figure out what went wrong. Unfortunately this will take some time on slow machines. Note: A backtrace is not a substitute for a proper description of the bug and information on how to reproduce it. It is not possible to fix the bug without a proper description您要生成一个回溯跟踪吗? 这将帮助开发者找出什么地方发生了错误 。 不好的是在慢速的机器上, 这要花费一些时间 。 注意: 回溯跟踪不能代替对错误的正确描述和如何重现错误的信息。 如果没有正确的描述, 将无法修补错误 。
That means proper training, proper equipment and full capacity in line with the demands made这意味着要根据既有的任务要求确保有适当的训练、适当的装备和充分的能力。
In paragraph ‧ the Board recommended that UNDP implement proper controls to ensure that the requirements of the corporate card manual in respect of transaction limits are adhered to and that where there is a need for an increased limit, UNDP implement proper controls to ensure that expenditure is within the allotment lines在第 ‧ 段,委员会建议,开发计划署实施适当的控制,确保遵守公司卡手册有关交易限额的要求,当需要增加限额时,开发计划署应实施适当的控制,确保开支在拨款数额内。
According to Cassese, this notion of “legal entitlement” or “legal licence”, which is less than a “right” proper, encapsulates the idea that wars for self-determination are surely taken into account by international law but not upgraded to the status of manifestations of jus ad bellum proper她说,“合法权利”或“合法许可”低于一项“权利”本身,这种概念所包含的设想是,自决战争肯定受到国际法的考虑,但并不能上升到诉诸战争权的表现形式的地位。
However, what is not appropriate is the fact that the implementation of the Millennial Goals is not proceeding at the proper rate or in the proper manner if we want them to be meaningful但是,《千年目标》的执行工作没有以适当速度或适当方式进行是不恰当的--假如我们想要以有意义的速度和方式进行。
Therefore, the assessment of the security-related requirements for the complex focused on proper access-control measures, adequate security precautions and proper contingency planning虽然联合国在贝鲁特所受威胁程度目前比较低,但该市和该地区的局面难以预测,所以必须采取保安预防措施以应付起码属于中级程度的威胁。
Proper identification of trends and driving forces, coupled with an assessment of the underlying causes leading to structural vulnerabilities, can provide a proper basis for well-considered and balanced policy action正确鉴定各种趋势和驱动力,再加上评估导致结构脆弱性的根本成因,可以提供适当基础采取考虑周全兼顾各方的政策行动。
The second brackets in paragraph ‧ (b) of draft article ‧ of ‧ now proposed paragraph ‧ (b), should be removed and the text maintained to ensure that a third party has proper possibilities to understand the derogations and provide a proper consent应保留现为拟议第 ‧ (b)款的 ‧ 第 ‧ 条草案第 ‧ (b)款第二组括号内的案文并删除其前后的括号,目的是确保第三方有适当的机会了解减损情况并视情表示同意。
The proper interaction and coordination of activities between international actors to avoid duplication of effort and to make proper use of available resources was also stressed此外还强调国际行为者应当进行沟通并协调各自的活动,以避免重复工作,并对现有资源加以适当利用。
In addition, it is crucial that an extension of time is obtained on behalf of the proper parties and from the proper parties此外,代表有关当事方和从有关当事方争取到延长时间都是至关重要的。
The particular situation of these families needs immediate attention; it should serve as an example of the urgent need for more equitable land dispute settlements, proper land title documents, and proper planning when relocation is inevitable这些家庭的特殊情况需要得到立即注意;它应该成为迫切需要更公正地解决土地争端、需要适当的土地所有权文书和当迁移不可避免时需要妥善规划的实例。
Section ‧ of Customs Order prohibits landing of imported goods by sea (a) except at a legal landing place or sufferance wharf; (b) until permission to land has been received from the proper officer of customs; and (c) on days and times as may be prescribed or on other days and times as may be granted by the proper officer of Customs《海关令》第 ‧ 节禁止由海上进口的货物上岸,除非在(a) 法定上岸地点或特许码头;(b) 获得适当海关官员给予的上岸许可之后;(c) 适当海关官员可能规定的日期和时间或可能准许的其他日期和时间。
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