发音: IPA: ˈpəʊstɪʤ /ˈpəʊstɪʤ/ /ˈpoʊstɪʤ/ ˈpoʊstɪʤ  


  • 郵票   
    (Noun  )
    postage stamp affixed as evidence of payment
  • 郵資   
    (Noun  )
  • 邮费   
  • 郵費   


The postage stamp, or similar token, affixed to an item of post as evidence of payment
The charge for posting an item

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commemorative postage stamp紀念郵票; 纪念邮票
postage and packing fee配送費; 配送费
postage free免付郵資
postage stamp邮票; 郵票



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A provision of $ ‧ is made for commercial communication to cover charges for telephone, facsimile, postage and pouches at an estimated requirement of $ ‧ per month所列经费 ‧ 美元用于商业通信,以支付电话费、传真费、邮资和邮袋费,每月所需经费估计数为 ‧ 美元。
Issuance of United Nations postage stamps and postal stationary, including the subject, design and quantity to be printed; security and archival safe keeping of postal stocks; liaison with the postal authorities of the United States of America, Switzerland, Austria and other countries regarding postal and philatelic regulations and procedures; liaison with the Universal Postal Union regarding philatelic and postal regulations and procedures; and participation in activities of the World Association for the Development of Philately发行联合国邮票和信封信笺,包括印制品的主题、设计和数量;邮政库存的警卫和安全存放;就邮政和集邮规章和程序与美利坚合众国、瑞士、奥地利和其他国家的邮政局保持联系;就集邮和邮政的规章和程序与万国邮政联盟保持联系以及参加世界发展集邮协会的活动。
Encouraging responses were received from all these eminent personalities and efforts are on for issuance of the postage stamp从所有这些知名人士得到令人鼓舞的回应。 印发邮票的工作已经上路。
The sale of postage stamps and other philatelic items, which are much sought after by collectors, is the island's next most important source of income该岛发行的邮票和其他集邮品较受收集者重视,这也是该岛第二大收入来源。
KOTC states that petty cash and postage valued at ‧ and gold medallions valued at ‧ were stolen after a safe at that facility was burgledKOTC说,在该办事处的一个保险柜被撬开后,价值 ‧ 科威特第纳尔的小额现金和邮票,以及价值 ‧ 科威特第纳尔的金质奖章被盗 ‧ 。
Bringing this unlawful act to your attention, I also take the opportunity to advise that the Yugoslav PTT Association, in its capacity as the postal administration of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, has addressed a circular letter to the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union requesting it to inform all its ‧ members of the illegal issuance of postage stamps by UNMIK在提请你注意这一非法行为的同时,我要借此机会通知你,南斯拉夫邮政、电报和电话协会作为南斯拉夫联盟共和国的邮政管理当局,已向万国邮政联盟国际事务局发出一封通告函,要求其将科索沃特派团非法发行邮票一事通报其所有 ‧ 个成员。
United Nations stamps may be purchased for both postage and philatelic purposes at the United Nations Postal Administration sales counter为寄信或集邮目的购买联合国邮票可以到联合国邮政管理处销售台办理。
parcel post air mail registered and insured mail money orders (international and domestic) information about postage rates and regulations concerning entry or dispatch of parcels to and from various countries解答关于把包裹寄到各国或从各国寄来这里的邮费和规则的问题。
The report indicated that the Organization had made no provision for the contingent liability represented by postage stamps that had been sold out but not presented for mailing秘书长报告指出,本组织没有为已售出但未用于邮寄的邮票带来的或有负债备抵准备金。
The remaining ‧ per cent includes other operational costs, i.e., rent, communications, freight, postage, equipment, reporting and consultancy services剩余的 ‧ %包括其他业务费用,即租金、通讯、运费、邮费、设备以及报告和咨询服务费用。
Other sources of income- a limited tourist industry based on three or four ship visits per year and the sale of postage stamps- cannot realistically be increased significantly其他收入来源--每年 ‧ 艘或 ‧ 艘船只到访的有限旅游业和出售邮票--实际上不能够有重大的增长。
Support included such items as telephone charges, costs for shared premises, pouch and postage, miscellaneous supplies and reproduction支助包括电话费用、共用房地费用、邮袋和邮票费用、杂项用品和复印等。
These bulk mailers use United Nations stamps to save postage costs for mailing their letters and catalogues or for filling their sales orders这些批量邮寄者使用联合国邮票,以便在邮寄信函和目录簿或填写订单时节省邮资
The creation of television and radio series, the publication of press articles and even the issue of postage stamps as means of creating awareness in the past four years are noteworthy efforts in a good number of countries in the region制作电视和广播系列节目,出版报刊文章,乃至发行邮票作为过去四年建立意识的手段,都是该区域许多国家中值得注意的努力。
As a result of those successful measures, the Secretary-General did not currently recommend the establishment of a contingent liability reserve, and advocated continuing the existing practice of meeting from current income any additional expenditure incurred for postage from sales recorded in prior periods由于这些成功措施,秘书长目前不建议设立或有负债准备金,而是主张继续现行做法,用现有收入来承付以前记录的售出邮票所发生的任何额外支出。
Provisions relate to commercial communications consisting of rental of a SATELLITEtransponder ($ ‧ ) and INMARSAT terminals ($ ‧ ); UNLB lease line and internet charges ($ ‧ ); local telephone, postage and pouches ($编列经费用于支付下列商业通信设备的租金:一个卫星转发器( ‧ 美元)和海卫组织终端机( ‧ 美元);联合国后勤基地租赁线路和因特网费用( ‧ 美元);以及当地电话、邮寄和邮袋费用( ‧ 美元)。
Other sources of income- such as the sale of postage stamps and a limited tourist industry based on three or four ship visits per year- cannot realistically be increased significantly其他收入来源--如邮票出售和每年三至四艘船到访的有限旅游业等--实际上无法大幅增加。
Estimates of $ ‧ include a provision for acquisition of field communications equipment and accessories ($ ‧ ); charges for satellite, long-distance and local telephone communication ($ ‧ ); telephone installation costs ($ ‧ ); and charges for postage, facsimile, pouches etc. ($估计费 ‧ 美元包括用于采购外地通信设备和附件的经费( ‧ 美元);卫星、长途电话和当地电话通信费( ‧ 美元);电话安装费( ‧ 美元);以及邮资、传真和邮袋费等( ‧ 美元)。
The media proved to be particularly engaged, through the organization of press conferences; the production of publications, brochures and posters; the issuance of special postage stamps; and the creation of Internet sites特别争取媒体参加,其方法包括举办新闻发布会,制作出版物、小册子和海报,发行特别邮票和设立因特网网站。
The winning design, chosen in cooperation with the United Nations Postal Administration, is being issued as a United Nations postage stamp与联合国邮政管理处合作挑选的获奖设计,将作为联合国邮票发行。
In taking over the responsibilities of the Association to issue postage stamps, i.e., to provide postal services within and without Kosovo and Metohija, UNMIK has been in breach of the relevant rules and regulations of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, article ‧ of the Universal Postal Convention, as well as the provisions of the said resolution of the Security Council, and instrumental in severing the constitutional, legal and administrative links of Kosovo and Metohija with the Republic of Serbia and its eventual separation from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia科索沃特派团接管该协会发行邮票的职责,在科索沃和梅托希亚内外提供邮政服务,这种做法违反了南斯拉夫联盟共和国的有关规则和条例、《万国邮政公约》第 ‧ 条以及上述安全理事会决议的规定,是切断科索沃和梅托希亚与塞尔维亚共和国之间宪法、法律和行政联系,使其最终与南斯拉夫联盟共和国分离的一步重要措施。
United Nations postage stamps can only be posted at the three issuing stations, New York, Vienna and Geneva联合国邮票只能在三个发行地点--纽约、维也纳和日内瓦使用。
Provision is made for commercial communications (usage and transponder lease charges, local telephone charges, pouch and postage) as well as spare parts for the maintenance of the Mission's communication networks during the liquidation period and for the refurbishment of equipment shipped to the United Nations Logistics Base提供的经费用于商业通信(使用费和应答器租赁费、当地电话费、邮袋和邮费)以及在清理结束期间维护支助团通信网络和翻修将运往布林迪西后勤基地的设备d所需零部件。
The additional provision would provide for communications, including telephone, facsimile, pouch and postage charges ($ ‧ ) and the maintenance of office automation equipment ($ ‧ ) for support services (service level B) provided by the Information Technology Services Division, Office of Central Support Services追加经费将用于通信,包括电话、传真、邮袋和邮费( ‧ 美元),以及中央支助事务厅信息技术事务司提供支助服务(B级)的办公室自动化设备的维持费用( ‧ 美元)。
b) The cash claim for ‧ and the postage claim for ‧ are both disallowed for reason of insufficient evidence现金索赔 ‧ 科威特第纳尔和邮票索赔 ‧ 科威特第纳尔,因证据不足不予赔偿。