发音: IPA: ˈpəʊstɪʤ /ˈpəʊstɪʤ/ /ˈpoʊstɪʤ/ ˈpoʊstɪʤ  


  • 郵票   
    (Noun  )
    postage stamp affixed as evidence of payment
  • 郵資   
    (Noun  )
  • 邮费   
  • 郵費   


The postage stamp, or similar token, affixed to an item of post as evidence of payment
The charge for posting an item

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commemorative postage stamp紀念郵票; 纪念邮票
postage and packing fee配送費; 配送费
postage free免付郵資
postage stamp邮票; 郵票



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he amount of $ ‧ at the maintenance level, covers the communication costs of the Information Services Unit, such as long-distance calls, postage and courier and pouch services按维持原有活动水平编列的 ‧ 美元用于信息服务股的通讯费,如长途电话费、邮费、信使和邮袋服务费。
Provisions of $ ‧ are requested for commercial communications, including telephone, facsimile, postage and pouch请拨经费 ‧ 美元用于商业通讯,包括电话费、传真费、邮资和邮袋费。
In addition to the above, the secretariat made available for the technical review process the following resources: document editing support (approximately ‧ person-days- preliminary editing and final editing, including proofreading), administrative support, IT support, facsimile facilities and funds to cover postage and packaging of material sent to the national experts除此以外,秘书处为技术审查进程提供了下列资源:文件编辑支持(约 ‧ 人/天-- 初步编辑和最后编辑,包括校对)、行政支助、信息技术支持、传真设施,并为寄给国内专家的材料支付邮资和包装费。
This includes the cost of telephone, facsimile, Internet, telex/cable, diplomatic pouch and special courier services, as well as postage这包括电话、传真、英特网、用户电报/电报、外交邮袋、特别信使服务以及邮资等费用。
The creation of television and radio series, the publication of press articles and even the issue of postage stamps as means of creating awareness in the past four years are noteworthy efforts in a good number of countries in the region制作电视和广播系列节目,出版报刊文章,乃至发行邮票作为过去四年建立意识的手段,都是该区域许多国家中值得注意的努力。
Since UNPA uses the Austrian postage discount negotiated by the United Nations Office at Vienna for these mailings and charges a handling fee, this is a profitable undertaking for UNPA and does not pose a risk由于邮管处对这类邮寄业务享有联合国维也纳办事处谈判取得的奥地利邮资折扣,同时还收取处理费,这对于邮管处来说是盈利的业务,因此不造成风险。
Commercial communications include the monthly costs of the following: satellite transponder lease, at $ ‧ leased line and Internet access charges, at $ ‧ telephone charges, at $ ‧ local cellular telephone charges, at $ ‧ postage and pouches, at $ ‧ n addition, provisions are made for UNLB commercial access ($ ‧ ) and local Internet service ($商业通信包括下列各项的每月费用:卫星转发器租金 ‧ 美元;联合国后勤基地租用线路和因特网接驳费 ‧ 美元;海卫组织电话费 ‧ 美元;当地移动电话费 ‧ 美元;邮资和邮袋 ‧ 美元。
The expenses for the communications of the Tribunal include: cost of postage and courier services; local and long-distance telephone calls; facsimile services; telex and other electronic means of communication, such as email; audio (and possibly video) services; Internet connections; and access to databases法庭的通讯费包括下列费用:邮资和信差费、当地和长途电话;传真服务;电传和其他电子通讯手段,例如电子邮件;音响服务(可能是录像服务);因特网及数据库使用费。
Ascension's major source of revenue is from the sale of postage stamps阿森松的主要收入来源是出售邮票
Estimates of $ ‧ include a provision for acquisition of field communications equipment and accessories ($ ‧ ); charges for satellite, long-distance and local telephone communication ($ ‧ ); telephone installation costs ($ ‧ ); and charges for postage, facsimile, pouches etc. ($估计费 ‧ 美元包括用于采购外地通信设备和附件的经费( ‧ 美元);卫星、长途电话和当地电话通信费( ‧ 美元);电话安装费( ‧ 美元);以及邮资、传真和邮袋费等( ‧ 美元)。
The media proved to be particularly engaged, through the organization of press conferences; the production of publications, brochures and posters; the issuance of special postage stamps; and the creation of Internet sites特别争取媒体参加,其方法包括举办新闻发布会,制作出版物、小册子和海报,发行特别邮票和设立因特网网站。
b) The cash claim for ‧ and the postage claim for ‧ are both disallowed for reason of insufficient evidence现金索赔 ‧ 科威特第纳尔和邮票索赔 ‧ 科威特第纳尔,因证据不足不予赔偿。
United Nations postage stamps can only be posted at the three issuing stations, New York, Vienna and Geneva联合国邮票只能在三个发行地点--纽约、维也纳和日内瓦使用。
The expenses for the communications of the Tribunal include costs of postage and courier services, local and long-distance telephone; facsimile services; telex and other electronic means of communication, such as email; audio (and possibly video) services; Internet; and access to databases法庭的通讯费包括下列费用:邮资和信差费、当地和长途电话;传真服务;用户电报和其他电子通讯手段(如电子邮件);音响服务(及所需的录像服务);因特网;及数据库使用费。
Provisions of $ ‧ are made for commercial communications, namely, local and long distance calls, tie-lines to Headquarters, private voice network and Internet access and mobile phone charges; and pouch and postage编列经费 ‧ 美元用于商业通讯,即当地和长途电话,直通总部的线路,专用话音网络和因特网接驳以及移动电话费;邮袋和邮资
Commercial communications include: Intelsat transponder lease charges ($ ‧ ); Inmarsat charges ($ ‧ ); cellular phone charges ($ ‧ ); local and long-distance phone charges ($ ‧ ); Internet access services through the United Nations Logistics Base (Brindisi) leased line ($ ‧ ) and postage and pouch charges ($商业通讯包括: 国际通信卫星组织转发器租金( ‧ 美元);海卫组织费用( ‧ 美元);移动电话费( ‧ 美元);当地和长途电话费( ‧ 美元);通过联合国布林迪西后勤基地租用的线路联通互联网服务( ‧ 美元)以及邮资和邮袋费( ‧ 美元)。
NACO also organized a series of events on World AIDS Day ‧ which included an address by the President of India to both Houses of Parliament to reassert their commitment to fight against the HIV epidemic; the release of a special postage stamp to commemorate the Day; a cultural show with popular film personalities and singers committed to HIV/AIDS prevention; the broadcast of a ‧ minute special programme in ‧ languages by ‧ ll India Radio stations; and a press advertisement highlighting the commitments and achievements of the National AIDS Control Programme全国艾滋病控制组织在 ‧ 年世界艾滋病日举办了一系列活动,包括印度总统向议会两院发表演讲,重申其对防治艾滋病毒流行病的承诺;发行艾滋病日的特别纪念邮票;由有著名电影演员和歌星参加的预防艾滋病毒/艾滋病专场文艺演出 ‧ 个全印度电台以 ‧ 种语言进行 ‧ 分钟的专门节目广播;以及突出《全国艾滋病控制方案》的承诺和成就的报纸广告。
Commercial communications include an INTELSAT transponder lease ($ ‧ ); INMARSAT charges ($ ‧ ); cellular phone charges ($ ‧ ); local and long distance phone and facsimile charges ($ ‧ ); and postage and pouch charges ($商业通信包括租用国际通信卫星转发器( ‧ 美元);国际海事卫星费用( ‧ 美元);移动电话费用( ‧ 美元);本地和长途电话和传真费用( ‧ 美元);以及邮资和邮袋费用( ‧ 美元)。
The expenses for the communications of the Tribunal include costs of postage and courier services, local and long-distance telephone, facsimile services, telex and other electronic means of communication, such as e-mail, audio (and possibly video) services, Internet and access to databases法庭的通讯费包括下列费用:邮资和信差费、当地和长途电话、传真服务、用户电报和其他电子通讯手段(如电子邮件)、音响(以至录像)服务、因特网以及数据库的使用费用。
Bringing this unlawful act to your attention, I also take the opportunity to advise that the Yugoslav PTT Association, in its capacity as the postal administration of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, has addressed a circular letter to the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union requesting it to inform all its ‧ members of the illegal issuance of postage stamps by UNMIK在提请你注意这一非法行为的同时,我要借此机会通知你,南斯拉夫邮政、电报和电话协会作为南斯拉夫联盟共和国的邮政管理当局,已向万国邮政联盟国际事务局发出一封通告函,要求其将科索沃特派团非法发行邮票一事通报其所有 ‧ 个成员。
equirements of $ ‧ reflecting a reduction of $ ‧ in rental and maintenance of data-processing equipment for staff members and special envoys travelling on missions, provide for: (a) communications ($ ‧ ), including telephone, facsimile, pouch and postage charges; (b) maintenance of office automation equipment ($ ‧ ) for support services (service level “C”) provided by the Information Technology Services Division, Office of Central Support Services; and (c) miscellaneous services that may arise in connection with the implementation of the programme activities of the Department ($编列经费 ‧ 美元,工作人员和特使出差使用的数据处理设备的租金和维修费减少了 ‧ 美元,这方面将提供:(a)通信费( ‧ 美元),包括电话、传真、邮袋和邮资;(b)中央支助事务厅信息技术事务司提供的支助服务(“C”级服务)的办公室自动化设备维修费( ‧ 美元);和(c)执行该部活动方案时可能需要的杂项服务费( ‧ 美元)。
KOTC states that petty cash and postage valued at ‧ and gold medallions valued at ‧ were stolen after a safe at that facility was burgledKOTC说,在该办事处的一个保险柜被撬开后,价值 ‧ 科威特第纳尔的小额现金和邮票,以及价值 ‧ 科威特第纳尔的金质奖章被盗 ‧ 。
However, it should be noted that in ‧ the United Nations Postal Administration was reimbursing the postal authorities for the full face value of stamps used for postage, while in ‧ the Swiss postal, telegraph and telephone administration (PTT) and the Austrian postal service were reimbursed on the basis of discounted rates due to more favourable agreements但是,应该指出,邮管处在 ‧ 年按邮票面值足额向邮政当局偿还邮资 ‧ 年则根据较为优惠的协定而按折扣费率偿还瑞士邮电局和奥地利邮政局。
One planned investment was to boost honey production; another was an interactive website, commissioned to promote the sale of postage stamps, coins, curios and the Pitcairn Miscellany已计划一项投资,以提高蜂蜜的产生;另一项计划是制作一个互动的网站,促进邮票、钱币和纪念品的销售,并推广《皮特凯恩杂录》。
c) An amount of Sw ‧ (reflecting an increase of Sw ‧ ) for communications to cover telephone, facsimile and data-transfer requirements and postagec) ‧ 瑞士法郎(增加了 ‧ 瑞士法郎)的通信费用于支付电话、传真和数据传输费用和邮费