• 无依无靠   
  • 无倚无靠   
  • 無依無靠   
  • 無倚無靠   


Having no living parents.
Simple past tense and past participle of orphan.

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inconvenienced by being orphaned憂; 忧
orphan遗孤; 遺孤; 孤立; 孤立磁碟區; 孤兒; 遗男; 遺男; 孤儿
orphan drug孤兒藥; 孤儿药
orphan file孤立文件; 孤立檔案
orphan line孤列
orphaned client孤立的用戶端
orphaned term孤立术语; 孤立字詞
orphans and widows孤寡
small orphan藐孤
son orphaned of his mother哀子
to be orphaned見背; 见背
to be orphaned of one's father失怙; 丧父; 喪父


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Increased percentage of girls and boys with disabilities and Orphans and Vulnerable Children who qualify for secondary education enrolment and complete secondary schools by增加符合中学教育的入学人数和完成学业的残疾男女学生、孤儿和弱势儿童的百分比。
The long ‧ year civil war in Angola leaves in its wake a million dead ‧ orphans ‧ persons mutilated by anti-personnel mines and a third of the population, in other words ‧ million people, displaced安哥拉长达 ‧ 年的内战之后,结果有 ‧ 万人丧生,造成 ‧ 名孤儿 ‧ 人因杀伤人员地雷而致断手断脚,三分之一人口,即 ‧ 万人,流离失所。
We have conducted a study to ensure the rights of orphans我们开展了一项研究来确保孤儿的权利。
They help orphaned children to continue their education, learn skills, and access information on reproductive health and life skills他们帮助孤儿继续接受教育、学习技能和获得关于生殖健康和生活技能的信息。
In this area, the population is made up to ‧ % vulnerable people (widows, poor families, orphans of the genocide of whom some are heads of households, and homeless persons在这一区域,多达 ‧ %的人口为弱势群体(寡妇、贫困家庭、种族灭绝遗留的孤儿--其中一些孩子是户主、以及无家可归者)。
The impact of this epidemic has also resulted in an unprecedented increase in the number of orphans, with ‧ per cent of all children under ‧ having at least one biological parent dead这一疾病的影响还造成孤儿数量的空前增加,所有 ‧ 岁以下儿童中的 ‧ %至少有一名生身父母死亡。
The majority agreed that the draft guiding principles would benefit the community at large (not only persons living in poverty) and especially marginalized groups (women, indigenous peoples, migrants, orphans, children, etc多数答复者一致认为,指导原则草案将能为一般的社区(不仅仅是生活在贫穷中的人),而特别是处于社区边缘的群体(妇女、土著人民、移民、孤儿、儿童,等等)带来福祉。
Apart from the urgent need to end the current conflict, such assistance could specifically be directed to, first, developing a pilot programme for women and girls recruited by the armed forces and armed groups; secondly, making local communities aware of the way in which they regard women and young girls as victims and helping them in reintegration and in respecting their rights; thirdly, providing them with access to health services; fourthly, taking into account the psycho-sexual aspects of sexual abuse and unwanted pregnancies; fifthly, taking into account the problem of orphans, unwanted children and children abandoned by their parents; and sixthly, providing education for young unmarried mothers and socio-economic activities especially for them, to ensure that they have a social life and the minimum income they need除了迫切需要结束目前冲突外,这种援助可以具体用于以下方面:第一,为武装部队和武装团体招募的妇女和女童制订一项试点方案;第二,使地方社区意识到它们如何把妇女和少女视为受害者,并帮助她们重返社会和尊重她们的权利;第三,向她们提供保健服务;第四,考虑到性虐待及其造成的不想要的怀孕的性心理方面;第五,考虑到孤儿、不想要的孩子和父母遗弃的孩子问题;以及第六,为年轻未婚母亲提供教育和专门针对她们的社会经济活动,确保她们参加社会生活并获得所需的最低收入。
It means at this time when our future is threatened by the AIDS pandemic, Botswana gives free anti-retroviral drugs to all those in need, provides food, clothing and support for over ‧ orphans and finances programmes to prevent mother-to-child transmission of the virus.”此时,当我们的未来正受到艾滋病流行病威胁的时候,它意味着博茨瓦纳向所有有需要的人免费提供抗逆转录病毒药物,向 ‧ 多万艾滋病造成的孤儿提供粮食、衣服和支助,以及资助旨在防止儿童经母体感染艾滋病毒的方案。”
Since ‧ hina has revised the Constitution, the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, the Law on the Protection of Women's Rights and Interests, the Law on Compulsory Education, and the Law on the Protection of Minors. It has formulated policies and regulations on providing basic education to children, home care to orphans, assistance to street children and children living with HIV/AIDS or orphaned by AIDS, and so on年以来,重新修订了《宪法》、《传染病防治法》、《妇女权益保障法》、《义务教育法》等,出台了流浪人员救助、孤儿家庭寄养、儿童教育救助、艾滋病患儿及致孤儿童救助等政策法规。
Calls upon all States to adopt and enforce laws and improve the implementation of policies and programmes to protect children growing up without parents and caregivers, in particular orphaned and other vulnerable children, from all forms of violence, neglect, abuse and exploitation, as well as ensure access to education, health and social services吁请各国颁布和执行法律并改进政策和方案的执行,保护没有父母抚养和没人照顾的儿童,特别是孤儿及其他易受害儿童免遭任何形式的暴力、忽视、虐待和剥削,并确保这些儿童能够受教育和获得保健及社会服务
If the Orphan's Court (Parish court) has failed to find a possibility for an orphan or a child deprived of parental care to grow up in a family environment, it adopts the decision on placing the child in a care and education establishments如果孤儿法庭(教区法庭)无法为孤儿或失去父母照料的儿童找到在家庭环境中成长的机会,它就采取将儿童安置在照料和教育机构的决定。
] The burden of care for people living with HIV, including orphans, falls [Holy See: particularly] on women, as state infrastructures are inadequate to respond to the challenges being posed照看感染上艾滋病毒的人、包括孤儿的负担[主要]落在妇女的身上,这是因为国家基础设施无法对提出的挑战作出充分的响应。
This will have a major impact on future food security, as girls and women become unable to farm because of their own illness, or because of caring for other family members or orphans这将给未来的粮食安全造成重大影响,因为女童和妇女将由于自己染病或者照顾家人或孤儿而无法务农。
Informal centres are playing an increasingly important role in assisting orphaned children in countries with generalized HIV/AIDS epidemics非正规托儿所发挥越来越重要的作用,它们为艾滋病毒/艾滋病泛滥国家的孤儿提供援助。
At the end of ‧ there were ‧ million AIDS orphans worldwide ‧ per cent of them living in sub-Saharan Africa年年底,全世界患艾滋病的孤儿为 ‧ 万人,其中 ‧ %住在撒哈拉沙漠以南。
• Special assistance for children orphaned by AIDS, including for access to social services and adequate living standards, the strengthening of family and community capacities to care for orphans, and legal and administrative measures to protect them from abuse, exploitation and discrimination向艾滋病孤儿提供特别援助,包括帮助其获得社会服务并达到适当的生活水平,加强家庭和社区照顾孤儿的能力,并采取法律和行政措施,保护其不受虐待、剥削和歧视。
However, efforts to counter the spread of negative social phenomena such as the growing number of homeless, neglected and orphaned children, the rise in juvenile delinquency, alcohol addiction, drug abuse, substance abuse and prostitution remain inadequate但是,应对普遍的消极社会现象的努力(例如致力于处理无家可归、人照顾、失去双亲的儿童人数不断增加、猛增的青少年犯罪、酗酒、吸毒、滥用药物和卖淫问题)依然不足。
Orphaned children, loss of financial support in the home, the depletion of the human resource base are among the many consequences of this epidemic for the Guyana society变成孤儿的孩子们,家庭收入支柱的丧失,人力资源基础的衰减,这些只是此种流行病给圭亚那社会造成的诸多恶果的一部分。
Like the Secretary-General, we have set four objectives in this fight: prevention; preventing mother-to-child transmission; access to treatment and care; and the protection of vulnerable groups, collateral victims and, above all, orphans我们同秘书长一样,在这场斗争中确立了四个目标:预防;防止母婴传播;享有治疗和护理;保护脆弱群体,附带受害者,尤其是孤儿。
The President: The Assembly will now take a decision on draft resolution ‧ entitled “Assistance to survivors of the ‧ genocide in Rwanda, particularly orphans, widows and victims of sexual violence”主席(以英语发言):大会现在就题为“对 ‧ 年卢旺达境内种族灭绝幸存者,特别是孤儿、寡妇和性暴力行为受害人的援助”的决议草案 ‧ 作出决定。
These KaGogo centres are being constructed across the country and are a new initiative based on traditional ways that empower local communities to look after their orphans within traditional structures正在全国各地建造这些KaGogo中心,它们是基于传统方法的新举措,而这些传统方法赋予地方社区权力,以便在传统机构内照顾这些孤儿。
HIV/AIDS was also making orphans of an increasing number of children艾滋病毒/艾滋病还导致出现了日益增多的孤儿。
These factors have contributed to an increase in the number of street children, most of whom are school drop-outs or AIDS orphans这些因素已造成街头儿童增多,其中大多是退学学生和患艾滋病的孤儿。
Fostering orphans is a common cultural practice, especially in African societies, but the rapid rise in the number of orphans is overwhelming the traditional support system of the extended family尤其在非洲社会,收养孤儿是一种常见的文化传统,但孤儿数目激增却使大家庭的传统支助系统承受很大的压力。