• 物件導向   
    Of, pertaining to, or being a system or language that supports the use of objects.
  • 面向对象的   
    Of, pertaining to, or being a system or language that supports the use of objects.


(computing, programming) Using entities called objects that can process data and exchange messages with other objects.

类似的短语在字典英文 中文。 (54)

3D object三维对象; 3D 物件
Boot Configuration Data object引导配置数据对象; 開機設定資料物件
browser helper object浏览器帮助程序对象; 瀏覽器協助程式物件
Collaboration Data Objects協同作業資料物件; 协作数据对象
color of object物色
Composites Runtime object model複合執行階段物件模型; 复合运行时对象模型
concrete object實物; 实物
Configuration Manager object設定管理員物件
connected system object creation flag已连接系统对象创建标志; 連接系統物件建立標幟
connection-oriented面向连接; 連線導向
cross reference object交互參照物件; 交叉引用对象
elderly-oriented media老年媒体
embedded object內嵌物件; 嵌入对象
enlistment object登錄物件; 登记对象
enterprise service-oriented architecture企業服務導向架構
funerary objects (items buried together with the dead)陪葬品
gap between two objects空隙
interesting and appealing (of old locations, objects etc)古色古香
landscape orientation橫向
local object本地对象; 本機物件
most important part of an object精華; 精华
not object to不厌; 不厭
null objectNull 物件; 空对象
object (linguistics)受詞; 受词
Object Browser物件瀏覽器; 对象浏览器
object code目的碼; 对象代码
object context对象上下文; 物件內容
Object Dependencies pane对象相关性窗格; 物件相依性窗格
object file目的檔; 对象文件
object flow对象流; 物件流程
object oriented language面嚮對象語言; 面向对象语言
object owner物件擁有者
object path物件路徑; 对象路径
object pooling物件集區
object protection level对象保护级别; 保護物件層級
object query物件查詢; 对象查询
Object Relational Designer物件關聯式設計工具; 对象关系设计器
Object Services对象服务; 物件服務
object tab物件索引標籤; 对象选项卡
Object Test Bench对象测试工作台; 物件測試工作台
object type物件類型; 对象类型
object type mapping物件類型對應; 对象类型映射
object-oriented database面向对象的数据库; 物件導向資料庫
object-oriented programming面向对象的编程; 物件導向程式設計
objection異議; 二話; 意见
Operations Manager objectOperations Manager 物件; Operations Manager 对象
Oriental Daily News东方日报; 東方日報
Oriental Pearl Television Tower东方明珠电视塔; 東方明珠電視塔
Oriental Pearl Tower东方明珠塔; 東方明珠塔
Oriental ratsnake (Ptyas mucosus)滑鼠蛇
Peninsula and Oriental shipping company半島和東方航海; 半岛和东方航海
Real-Time Object-Oriented Modeling diagram实时面向对象建模图; 即時物件導向模型圖表
Replication Management ObjectsReplication Management Objects; 复制管理对象
Service Oriented Architecture服務導向架構; 面向服务的体系结构


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Accordingly, Switzerland wishes to express its wholehearted gratitude to Russia for its efforts to promote dialogue on the questions of preventing an arms race in space within the Conference, and is particularly grateful to Russia for having submitted here, together with China, on ‧ ebruary, through its Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lavrov, a draft treaty on the prevention of the placement of weapons in outer space and of the threat or use of force against space objects因此,瑞士希望表示衷心感谢俄罗斯联邦努力在裁谈会内部推动关于外空军事竞赛问题对话,并特别感谢俄罗斯与中国在此于 ‧ 月 ‧ 日一起通过外交部长拉夫罗夫提交了关于防止在外空部署武器、对外空物体使用或威胁使用武力条约草案。
The Committee also emphasizes that evaluation of the success of restructuring would continue to be measured against these broad objectives委员会还强调说,将继续参照这些大目标来评估改组成功与否。
Whereas withdrawing a reservation hypothetically modifies the content of treaty obligations between the reserving State or international organization and all the other contracting States or organizations, withdrawing an objection to a reservation modifies in principle only the bilateral treaty relationship between the reserving State or organization and the objecting State or organization可以设想,撤回一项保留改变了保留国或保留国际组织与其他所有缔约国或缔约组织之间条约义务内容,而撤回一项对保留反对则一般来说仅仅改变保留国或保留国际组织与反对保留国家或组织之间双边条约关系。
These exchanges should help promote understanding of the mandate and objectives of the Committee这些交流活动将有助于人们了解委员会任务和目标。
Two essential objectives of an effective insolvency law are, first, ensuring that the value of the insolvency estate is not diminished by the actions of various parties and, second, facilitating administration of the estate in a fair and orderly manner一部破产法有两项重要目,首先是确保破产财产价值不因当事各方行为而缩减,其次是促进破产财产得到公平有序管理。
Commitments regarding market access and a new development-oriented trade round, in addition to wider and deeper debt relief, are equally important除了更广泛和深入地减免债务以外,有关市场准入承诺和面向发展新一轮贸易谈判同样重要。
The Project Acceptance Committee continues to analyse the reasonableness of proposed budgets in relation to project objectives and sub-objectives项目审批委员会继续从项目目标和分目标分析概算合理性。
d) Inviting the governing bodies of the National Forest Programme Facility, the Programme on Forests and the Bali Partnership Fund to enhance their contribution to sustainable forest management and the achievement of the global objectives by effectively managing and coordinating among themselves to facilitate access to the funds by developing countries, as well as countries with economies in transition, as appropriated) 请国家森林方案机制、森林方案和巴厘伙伴关系基金理事机构为增进对可持续森林管理和实现全球目标贡献,通过有效管理和相互协调,便利发展中国家及经济转型期国家酌情利用各项供资
I am confident that the further leadership of President Hamid Karzai and the continued efforts of all parties concerned will facilitate the attainment of those objectives我相信,哈米德·卡尔扎伊总统进一步领导和有关各方持续努力将有助于实现这些目标。
Myanmar reserved the right not to apply article ‧ of the Convention and to exercise “powers of arrest, detention, imprisonment, exclusion, interrogation, enquiry and investigation” in respect of children, in order to “protect the supreme national interest” (Multilateral Treaties, op. cit., vol. I, p ‧ note ‧ (chap ‧ )); this reservation, to which four States expressed objections (on the basis of referral to domestic legislation, not the conflict of the reservation with a peremptory norm), was withdrawn in ‧ (ibid缅甸保留不适用《公约》第 ‧ 条和行使关于儿童“逮捕、拘留、关押、排除、审问、询问和调查”权利,以便“保护最高国家利益”(《......多边条约》,前引文献,第一卷,第 ‧ 页,注 ‧ (第四章第 ‧ 节));被四个国家表示反对这项保留(其根据是国内规章,而不是保留与强制性规范之间冲突),于 ‧ 年被撤回(同上)。
Four key conclusions and recommendations were reached: (a) The framework should be shaped around three activity streams, similar to the three platforms of the third cooperation framework: policy development and advocacy; knowledge sharing; and catalyzing innovation; and initiatives in each of those streams should be time-bound and results-oriented; (b) In programming initiatives, the Special Unit should adopt strict criteria and should leverage the capacities of UNDP and other relevant United Nations organizations to enhance the contribution of South-South cooperation to development effectiveness; (c) UNDP should develop a corporate South-South cooperation strategy that addresses emerging issues, draws on its experiences, integrates all of its programme frameworks, and is underpinned by resources, incentives and accountability; and (iv) UNDP should define clear collaboration arrangements得出四项主要结论和建议:(a) 合作框架应围绕与第三个合作框架三个平台类似三个活动领域加以确定:制定和宣传政策、知识分享及促进创新,每个领域举措都应该有时限,并注重成果。 (b) 在方案拟订举措方面,特设局应采取严格标准,并利用开发署和联合国其他相关组织能力,增强南南合作对发展实效贡献。 (c) 开发署应制定一项南南合作整体战略,该战略考虑到新出现问题,借鉴开发署自身经验,综合开发署所有方案框架,并有配套资源、奖励措施和问责制。 (d)开发计划署应当确定明确合作安排。
Civil society. Civil society organizations could be crucial in sensitizing the population about the objectives of NEPAD and enhancing their participation民间社会:民间社会组织能够在提高公众对新伙伴关系各项目标认识和加强其参与方面发挥关键作用。
Since ‧ the Fund has worked to increase accountability for achieving results through the management of staff performance, the implementation of results-oriented office management plans and the issuance by the Executive Director of annual organizational priorities年以来,基金通过对工作人员业绩进行管理,实施注重成果办公室管理计划,并由执行主任公布年度组织优先事项,努力加强问责制,以取得成果。
On the references to PAROS- and here maybe I am not a completely disinterested observer- I did take some objection to the indication that discussions on issues related to PAROS would be ill-focused or unfocused and open to rhetoric关于防止外空军备竞赛――也许在这一问题上我并不是一个完全无关局外人――我的确不赞同所谓与防止外空军备竞赛相关问题讨论会重点不明、漫无目的、陷于空谈说法。
Indeed, it was recalled that, in effect, the criterion for determining intention was the nature and extent of the armed conflict (in paragraph ‧ (b)); the existence of an express provision in the treaty (art ‧ para ‧ ); and the object and purpose of the treaty (art ‧ para诚然,据回顾,实际上,据以确定意图准则是武装冲突性质和范围(载于第 ‧ 款(b)项);条约中有一项明示规定(第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款); 条约目标和宗旨(第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款)连同第 ‧ 款一起理解,提供了有关条约类别事例)。
Consequently, even though it is perfectly true that the Vienna Conventions do not establish any method for settling possible disputes over whether a reservation is compatible with the object and purpose of the treaty to which it relates, it is unwarranted for the commentators to focus unduly on the issue of establishing who is competent to determine the compatibility (or incompatibility) of a reservation with the object and purpose of a treaty因此,尽管两项维也纳公约确没有确定任何方法,以解决在某项保留是否符合有关条约目及宗旨问题上分歧, 但是,也不应在究竟谁有权确定某项保留同有关条约目及宗旨相符(或不相符)问题上做“无谓纠缠”。
The Government of Colombia has prioritized, through our democratic security policy, the objective of promoting conditions that guarantee the protection and full enjoyment of the rights of all persons living in our country哥伦比亚政府通过我国民主安全政策,将促进各种条件来保障在我国生活所有人权利受到保护并充分享有这些权利目标作为一项优先工作。
The Commission considers, however, that such declarations correspond to the definition of objections contained in draft guideline ‧ as it relates to draft guideline然而,委员会认为,由于这个问题牵涉到准则草案 ‧ 这类声明相应于准则草案 ‧ 所载反对定义。
Therefore, the Special Rapporteur recommends to Member States to establish a mechanism to allocate court cases in an objective manner因此,特别报告员建议,各成员国设立一个以客观方式指派法院承办案件机制。
“ ‧ elcomes the work already done by the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in promoting the right to adequate food, in particular its general comment No ‧ on the right to adequate food (article ‧ of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights), in which the Committee affirmed, inter alia, that the right to adequate food is indivisibly linked to the inherent dignity of the human person and is indispensable for the fulfilment of other human rights enshrined in the International Bill of Human Rights, and is also inseparable from social justice, requiring the adoption of appropriate economic, environmental and social policies, at both the national and the international levels, oriented to the eradication of poverty and the fulfilment of all human rights for all“ ‧ 欢迎经济、社会和文化权利委员会为促进适足食物权而进行工作,特别是其关于适足食物权(《经济、社会、文化权利国际盟约》第 ‧ 条)第 ‧ 号一般性意见,除其他外,委员会在其中申明,适足食物权与人固有尊严密不可分,是实现国际人权宪章规定其他人权必不可少条件,也同社会正义密切相关,需要在国内和国际上采用适当经济、环境和社会政策,以消除贫穷和实现每个人所有人权
In a report to the twentieth session of the Committee on Information, the Secretary-General of the United Nations stressed that “The overall objective of the communications and information function is to inform the public about the work of the United Nations in order to help build broad-based global support for the Organization联合国秘书长在向新闻委员会第二十届会议报告中强调,“传播和新闻职能总目标是对民众宣传联合国工作,协助建立对本组织广泛范围全球性支持。
contains the provision that citizens may apply directly to the courts when it proves objectively difficult or impossible to obtain legal representation第 ‧ 号新《司法权法》规定公民客观上难以或无法获得法律援助时可直接诉诸司法机构可能性。
The rejection by the Greek Cypriot side of basic principles such as the equal political status of the two parties and the objective of bringing about a comprehensive settlement enshrining a new partnership, as underlined in your above statement, shows beyond any doubt that the Greek Cypriot side is far from the notion of establishing such a partnership on the basis of sovereign equality希族塞人一方拒绝你在上述致词中强调当事双方具有平等政治地位等基本原则和实现体现新伙伴关系全面解决目标,毫无疑问地表明希族塞人一方距离在主权平等基础上建立这种伙伴关系概念还远得很。
a) The cooperation between the German Nazis and the Austrian Nazis with the object of incorporating Austria into the German Reicha)第 ‧ 至 ‧ 条:从事危害和平罪共同计划或阴谋
The two annual regional consultations were outcome-oriented rather than process-driven两次年度区域协商都注重是成果,而不是程序。