• 杀虫   
  • 杀虫剂   
  • 杀虫药   
  • 殺蟲   
  • 殺蟲劑   
  • 殺蟲藥   


A substance used to kill insects
Any chemical agent used to destroy invertebrate pests.

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bacterial insecticides细菌杀虫剂
botanical insecticides植物杀虫剂
Decis (insecticide brand)敵殺死; 敌杀死
derris (insecticide)鱼藤杀虫剂
insecticide crops除虫作物
insecticide selectivity选择性杀虫剂
microbial insecticides微生物杀虫剂
pyrethrum (insecticide)除虫菊杀虫剂
resistance to insecticides杀虫剂抗性
vegetable insecticides蔬菜杀虫剂



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The ‧ s marked an important turning point: with the increasing use of antibiotics, vaccines and insecticides, mortality in developing countries declined rapidly and life expectancy increased from ‧ years in the period ‧ to ‧ years in世纪 ‧ 年代标志着一个重要的转折点:随着抗生素、疫苗和杀虫剂的使用增多,发展中国家的死亡率迅速下降,预期寿命从 ‧ 年的 ‧ 岁增加到 ‧ 年的 ‧ 岁。
Pregnant mothers received chemoprophylaxis for malaria during the ‧ rd trimester while ‧ existing mosquito nets in the camp were re-treated with insecticide已经对怀孕前三个月的妇女采用化学药物疗法预防疟疾,目前已经对难民营中现存的 ‧ 顶蚊帐使用杀虫剂消毒。
On average ‧ per cent of households in these countries owned at least one such net, and ‧ per cent of children under five years of age and ‧ per cent of pregnant women had used an insecticide-treated net the previous night平均而言,这些国家中有 ‧ %的家庭至少拥有一顶驱蚊帐 ‧ %的 ‧ 岁以下儿童和 ‧ %的孕妇在前一天晚上使用过驱蚊帐。
Lindane being the only isomer in the mixture that has insecticidal properties, there is very limited to no commercial value for the other isomers obtained林丹在这种混合物中是唯一具有杀虫剂特性的异构物,产生的其他异构体的商业价值非常有限,甚至根本没有价值。
For instance, donors should work with countries and the private sector to devise and implement innovative financing schemes- the use of targeting mechanisms, such as vouchers for insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) for instance- to improve financial flows to malaria control on the ground例如,捐助者应与国家和私营部门协作拟订和执行创新的筹资计划,比如利用驱蚊帐购买券等定向目标机制,改善当地的防治疟疾资金流动。
It is noted that the general goal of reducing reliance on insecticides (as recommended by WHO Resolution ‧ ) is not restricted to considerations of safety to human health and the environment, but also addresses the need to treat insecticides as important resources that need to be preserved, through resistance management, for strategic purposes现已注意到,减少杀虫剂使用量的总体目标(世界卫生组织第 ‧ 号决议提出的建议)不限于人类健康和环境的安全因素,并且为了战略目的,通过耐药性管理解决将杀虫剂看作应当予以保护的重要资源这一需要。
A National Malaria Strategy has been put in place and focuses on improving malaria case management at all levels of the health sector; reducing the risks of malaria during pregnancy; increasing the use of insecticide-treated nets and other vector-control technologies; and responding to malaria epidemics制定了一项全国疟疾战略,其重点是加强各级卫生部门的疟疾病例管理;减小怀孕期间的疟疾危险;增加使用经杀虫剂处理的蚊帐;以及应付疟疾流行病。
At the same time, technical support and guidance from WHO will be required with a view to preventing the contamination of agricultural products with DDT and other insecticides used for indoor residual spraying同时,需要卫生组织提供技术支持和指导,以防止滴滴涕和室内残余喷洒使用的其他杀虫剂污染农产品。
The Roll Back Malaria interim goals were to support the following Abuja targets: (a) at least ‧ per cent of people suffering from malaria should be able to access and use correct, affordable and appropriate treatment within ‧ hours of the onset of symptoms; (b) at least ‧ per cent of people at risk of malaria, particularly pregnant women and children under five, should benefit from suitable personal and community protective measures, such as insecticide-treated nets; and (c) at least ‧ per cent of all pregnant women who are at risk of malaria, especially those in their first pregnancies, should receive intermittent preventive treatment减疟行动的中期目标是支持阿布贾宣言的下述指标:(a) 至少 ‧ %的疟疾患者能够在出现症状 ‧ 小时内得到和利用正确、廉价和适当的治疗办法;(b) 至少 ‧ %的可能患疟疾者特别是妇女和五岁以下儿童能够从驱蚊帐等适当的个人和社区保护措施中获益;(c) 至少 ‧ %可能患疟疾的孕妇特别是首次怀孕者接受间歇性预防疗法。
Pending further investigations, a meeting of the technical expert group on IPTp, held in July ‧ recommended the continued use of IPTp with SP as a strategy, along with scaling up distribution of insecticide-treated nets and access to effective treatment in sub-Saharan African countries with stable malaria transmission在等待进一步调查的同时,于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月召开的妊娠期间歇性预防治疗技术专家组会议建议,把继续使用以周效磺胺进行的妊娠期间歇性预防治疗作为一项战略,同时在疟疾传播较为稳定的撒哈拉以南非洲国家扩大驱蚊帐的发放,增加有效治疗。
With a grant from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, we dedicated two weeks to distributing long-lasting insecticide-impregnated nets and to an intensive polio immunization campaign我们利用全球防治艾滋病、结核病和疟疾基金的捐赠,专门用两周时间分发长效杀虫蚊帐,并开展了密集的小儿麻痹症免疫活动。
Such interventions include vitamin A supplementation, immunization, exclusive breast feeding, insecticide-treated bednets and deworming此类干预措施包括补充维生素A、免疫接种、全母乳喂养、驱蚊帐和驱
Major gains were seen in the use of routine preventive health services (immunization, vitamin A supplementation and antenatal care) as well as significant increases in use of insecticide-treated bednets (ITNs使用例行的预防保健服务(免疫接种、维生素A补充以及产前保健)已取得重大成果,驱蚊帐的使用大量增加。
UNICEF continued its support to countries for the distribution of insecticide-treated mosquito nets (ITNs) through integrated maternal and child health services儿童基金会继续支助各国通过综合性的妇幼保健服务分发驱蚊帐。
More efforts are needed to increase capacity for local production of insecticide-treated nets in Africa需要更加努力加强在非洲当地生产驱蚊帐的能力。
Public health and veterinary topical insecticide公共保健和兽医的表面杀虫剂
Even more promising, the long-lasting insecticide nets are made from polymers derived from petroleum给人们带来更具大希望的是,长效驱蚊帐所用的材料是石油衍生的聚合物材料。
Expressing concern over the dumping by Israel of nuclear, radioactive and toxic wastes as well as highly toxic pesticides and insecticides in the Mediterranean Sea, especially in the Lebanese territorial waters表示关注以色列向地中海,特别是黎巴嫩领水中倾弃核废物、放射性废物和有毒废物以及高毒性的农药和杀虫剂
The appropriate role of residual insecticides for disease vector control用于病媒控制的残留杀虫剂的适当作用
As one element in reducing prices, the Abuja Declaration committed Governments to “reduce or waive taxes and tariffs for nets and materials, insecticides, antimalarial drugs and other recommended goods and services that are needed for malaria control strategies”作为降低价格措施之一,非洲国家政府在《阿布贾宣言》中承诺“减免蚊帐和材料、杀虫剂、治疟药品以及疟疾防治战略所需的其他建议物品和服务的征税和关税”。
Air releases of lindane can occur during the agricultural use or aerial application of this insecticide, as well as during manufacture or disposal进入空气的排放可能发生在这种农药的农业应用或空中喷洒之时,以及在其制造或处置过程中。
The lack of access to the United States market also means that high-quality technological products, such as herbicides, low-toxicity insecticides and other highly effective pesticides cannot be acquired at a competitive cost, and in many cases equipment, parts and disease diagnostic kits are only produced by United States firms不能进入美国市场的又一个意义是,不能以竞争性的价格购买高品质的技术产品如草剂、低毒杀虫剂、以及其他高效的农药,而且,有许多设备、部件、和疾病诊断包,往往只有美国公司生产。
Africa has continued to make considerable progress in a number of social development areas with some concrete gains in such areas as primary school enrolment, measles vaccination, the use of insecticide-treated bednets, reductions in the rates of HIV prevalence in some countries and on some aspects of gender equality非洲继续在若干社会发展领域取得显著进展,并在诸如下列领域:小学入学率、麻疹疫苗注射、利用驱蚊帐、降低某些国家艾滋病流行率和男女平等的某些方面,获得了一些具体成果。
Indicator ‧ roportion of children under ‧ sleeping under insecticide-treated bednetsa在经过杀虫药处理的蚊帐内睡觉的 ‧ 岁以下儿童比例 a
Spatial analysis tools had been applied to vector control of Chagas disease to describe spatio-temporal patterns of re-infestation and identify the epicentres of re-infestation by vectors after blanket residual insecticide spraying of rural communities in north-western Argentina using GIS, satellite images and spatial statistical tools空间分析工具被用于恰加斯病的病媒控制,以描述再次侵扰的时空模式,并在阿根廷西北部的农村社区普遍进行杀虫剂残留喷洒之后利用地理信息系统、卫星图像和空间统计工具确定病媒再次侵扰的中心。