• 杀虫   
  • 杀虫剂   
  • 杀虫药   
  • 殺蟲   
  • 殺蟲劑   
  • 殺蟲藥   


A substance used to kill insects
Any chemical agent used to destroy invertebrate pests.

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bacterial insecticides细菌杀虫剂
botanical insecticides植物杀虫剂
Decis (insecticide brand)敵殺死; 敌杀死
derris (insecticide)鱼藤杀虫剂
insecticide crops除虫作物
insecticide selectivity选择性杀虫剂
microbial insecticides微生物杀虫剂
pyrethrum (insecticide)除虫菊杀虫剂
resistance to insecticides杀虫剂抗性
vegetable insecticides蔬菜杀虫剂



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The insecticidal properties are shared, with some differences in potency, by the α and β isomers and the metabolite endosulfan sulfateα和β异构体与代谢物硫丹硫酸盐有着共同的杀虫特性,但在药效方面有所差别。
For example, the fertilizer and insecticide factory located in Jashuri was established in the Tulkarm settlement after it had been prevented from operating in the Israeli city of Natanya because of the danger posed by the disposal of its wastes例如,设在Tulkarm 定居点的Jashuri化肥农药厂原先由于废物处置构成的威胁,而没有获准在以色列 Natanya市开业。
Nearly all of the ‧ countries in the Africa region had adopted, by the end of ‧ the policy of providing insecticide-treated nets free of charge to children and pregnant women, but only ‧ aimed to cover all age groups at risk到 ‧ 年年底,非洲区域的 ‧ 个国家几乎全部采纳了向儿童和孕妇免费提供驱蚊帐的政策,但只有 ‧ 个国家争取覆盖所有风险年龄组。
Lindane has been used as a broad spectrum insecticide, which acts by contact, for both agricultural and non-agricultural purposes林丹一直被用作范围广泛的不同农药,无论是农业用途还是非农业用途,均通过接触而发生效力。
HCH isomers are the most abundant and persistent organochlorine insecticide contaminants in the Arctic, and their presence in the Arctic and in the Antarctic, where they have not been used or produced, is evidence of their long-range transport六氯环己烷异构体是北极地区最丰富和最具持久性的有机氯杀虫剂污染物,北极和南美洲并不使用或生产这些物质,因此,它们的出现证明这种化学品具有远距离迁移能力。
He had proposed to the Forum the idea of a global commodity subsidy for children, to ensure that children in low-income countries received such essential life-saving commodities as insecticide-treated nets, new drugs for malaria, paediatric ARVs and certain underutilized vaccines at subsidized costs他向论坛提议向全球儿童提供商品补贴,确保低收入国家获得防蚊网、新疟疾药品、儿童抗反转录病毒药物等基本救生商品,并以补贴价格提供某些使用不足的疫苗。
International initiatives are being taken to promote the development of alternative insecticide compounds and technologies for public health use with priority given to malaria control现正在采取国际举措,促进研制替代杀虫化合物和杀虫技术,重点注意疟疾控制问题。
Various new tools, including long-lasting insecticide-treated nets, rapid diagnostic tests, and highly effective artemisinin-combination therapies (ACTs), have become available to prevent, diagnose and treat malaria目前已为防治、诊断和治疗疟疾提供各种新的手段,其中包括长效驱蚊帐、快速诊断检测和高效青蒿素综合疗法。
Some ‧ million birr worth of insecticide-treated bed nets have been distributed, while another ‧ million birr worth of such nets have been imported现已分发了价值约为 ‧ 万比尔的驱蚊帐,同时另外还进口了价值为 ‧ 万比尔的此种蚊帐。
Encourages the producers of long-lasting insecticide-treated nets to accelerate technology transfer to developing countries, and the World Bank and regional development funds to consider supporting malaria-endemic countries in establishing factories to scale up production of long-lasting insecticide-treated nets鼓励生产长效驱蚊帐的厂家加快向发展中国家转让技术,鼓励世界银行和区域发展基金考虑支助疟疾流行国家建立工厂,扩大长效驱蚊帐的生产
Examples of cross-sectoral collaboration are the international effort to reduce taxes and tariffs on ITNs, netting materials and insecticide, and RBM's participation in the process that led to exemptions in the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants for the use of DDT in malaria vector control跨部门协作的实例有:国际社会努力减少对经杀虫剂处理过的蚊帐、蚊帐材料和杀虫剂征税和关税,以及减少疟疾倡议参与导致《关于持久性有机污染物的斯德哥尔摩公约》中豁免疟疾传病媒介控制使用滴滴涕进程。
In response to low re-treatment rates of conventional insecticide-treated nets, especially in Africa, WHO prompted industry to develop long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs)- ready-to-use, factory-pre-treated nets that require no further treatment during their expected lifespan of ‧ years有鉴于此,卫生组织敦促企业界研制长效驱蚊帐,即由厂家预先处理、即可使用的蚊帐,预期的有效使用期为 ‧ 至 ‧ 年,期间无需再次处理。
As part of the response to flooding and conflict in south-central Somalia, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria distributed over ‧ insecticide-treated nets by mid-January ‧ reaching the vast majority of the initial priority target of ‧ children under the age of five and pregnant mothers作为应对索马里中南部水灾和冲突的措施的一部分,截至 ‧ 年 ‧ 月中旬,全球防治艾滋病、结核病和疟疾基金已经分发了 ‧ 顶驱蚊帐,在初步预定优先获取蚊帐的 ‧ 名五岁以下儿童以及孕妇中,大多数人已收到了蚊帐。
Poor health infrastructure, coupled with insufficient supplies of essential drugs and other preventive measures, such as nets and insecticides, and inadequate supervision of health-care providers, leads to poor service delivery卫生基础设施差,加上基本药品以及蚊帐和杀虫剂等其它预防措施供应不足,以及对保健提供者的监督不到位,致使提供的卫生服务很差。
The insecticide impregnation is done during the manufacture of the materials在生产这些材料时即注入杀虫剂
However, owing to limited resources, many countries are still conducting mass distribution of long-lasting insecticidal nets to a subset of the population (children and pregnant women) instead of targeting all households and all persons但是,由于资源有限,许多国家仍只是向一小部分人口(儿童和孕妇)广发长效驱蚊帐,而不是面向所有家庭和所有人。
The fight against malaria has been made more difficult by the emergence of strains with resistance towards available effective and affordable anti-malarial medicines and insecticides由于出现了对现有的物美价廉的抗疟药物和杀虫剂的抵抗力,消除疟疾的斗争越发困难。
The Declaration set a target of ‧ per cent coverage for access to insecticide-treated bed nets and the taking of preventive medicines, namely, intermittent presumptive treatment《宣言》确定的驱蚊帐的获得率和预防性药物即间歇假定性治疗的覆盖率指标为 ‧ %。
Indicator ‧ hildren under age ‧ sleeping under insecticide-treated bednets and those with fever who are treated with appropriate antimalarial drugs可在经过杀虫药处理的蚊帐内睡觉的 ‧ 岁以下儿童,以及发烧后获得适当治疟药品治疗的 ‧ 岁以下儿童
While the progress made in malaria control has been remarkable, there are potential threats that demand increased attention, including: (a) resistance to insecticides and antimalarial medicines and lack of alternatives; (b) insufficient funding to reach universal coverage; and (c) weakness in global and intranational purchasing and supply chains, resulting in stock-outs of key commodities at the national and health facility levels尽管疟疾防治工作取得了显著进展,但是目前仍存在一些必须加大关注力度的潜在威胁,其中包括:(a) 对杀虫剂和抗疟疾药品的抗药性以及替代手段的缺乏;(b) 资金不足,无法实现普遍覆盖;(c) 全球和国家内部的采购和供应链存在不足,导致国家一级和卫生设施一级的关键商品库存耗竭。
These mechanisms, which include decision-support systems, good management practice, monitoring and evaluation, inter-sector collaboration, risk assessment, as well as regional networks on insecticide resistance, require enhanced and expedited technical support and facilitation by the WHO这些机制包括决策支持体系、良好的管理做法、监测和评价、部门间协作、风险评估、以及针对杀虫剂抗药性的区域网络,都要求卫生组织为进一步加强及加快技术支助提供援助和便利。
Dealing with the physical environment and facilities for child development would mean ensuring an environment that has an adequate supply of safe water and fuel and accessible and usable toilets. It means ensuring a clean home environment and safe play areas for young children, handwashing with soap and water, and food hygiene. It means having access to insecticide-treated bednets to help prevent malaria, as well as minimizing the risk to all children of accidents and poisoning and of exposure to environmental pollutants处理促进儿童发展的物质环境和设施问题意味着确保提供充足的安全饮水、燃料,易找得到和可使用的厕所;幼儿享有清洁的家庭环境和安全的游乐场所,用肥皂和水洗手,讲究食物卫生;可获得经杀虫药处理过的床帏,从而有助于预防疟疾,同时尽量减少所有儿童发生意外、中毒和接触环境污染物的危险。
All countries should proceed to universal coverage with insecticide-treated net and other interventions to achieve the World Health Assembly and Roll Back Malaria Partnership targets for ‧ and所有国家均应着手实现驱蚊帐的普遍覆盖并采取其他干预措施,以实现世界卫生大会和“减疟伙伴关系”为 ‧ 年和 ‧ 年订立的目标。
Major advances in control can be achieved rapidly in many countries using existing tools, especially those with a proven impact in Africa: insecticide-treated nets, prompt and effective treatment and intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy使用现有工具,特别是使用在非洲已经证明有效的工具,可以在许多国家迅速取得防治方面的重大进展,这些工具包括:驱蚊帐、及时有效的治疗、以及妊娠期间隙性预防性治疗。
IRS and the use of ITNs, including Long-Lasting Insecticidal mosquito Nets (LLINs), remain the two main interventions for malaria prevention in most malaria endemic areas of the world在世界上大多数疟疾流行的地区,IRS和使用驱蚊帐(包括长效驱蚊帐)仍然是两种主要的预防疟疾措施。