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He considers that the reference to discrimination concerns not these two groups but rather decisions emanating from a legislative assembly (in this case the appointment of members of the High Council of Justice) and from an administrative authority (the appointment of justices), and that it is also unclear how “importance in society” might justify the lack of any appeal, particularly as such a check on lawfulness in no sense means that the court which rules on the appeal may substitute its judgement for that of another authority exercising discretionary power他认为,歧视问题所涉及的不只是两个类别,而是源于立法议会(本案系为高等司法委员会聘任成员)和行政当局(聘任法官)的决定,而且令人无法明白的是,“社会重要意义”如何成为不得提出任何上诉的理由,尤其在此类上诉是对违法行为一种遏制的情况下,绝不意味着,对上诉下达裁决的法庭,可以自身的判决,来取代另一个行使自酌权的权力机构。
Following the Rawlsian principle of justice, which emphasizes the need to concentrate on the most vulnerable sections of society, it should therefore be possible to appeal to people's sense of justice and persuade them to accept the obligations associated with the elimination of extreme poverty, which makes a small section of the population extremely vulnerable, suffering from the loss of all liberties or freedom of action因此,按照罗尔斯的正义原则,即强调必须重点关注最脆弱的社会阶层,此种界定方法应当可以唤起人们的正义感,促使人们接受其与消除赤贫有关的责任,因为赤贫使少数人处于极端脆弱的境地,失去了一切自由或行动自由。
In particular, my delegation appreciates the repeated references the report makes to the pivotal importance of common sense- that those who plan for rule of law and transitional justice in conflict and post-conflict societies must be guided by those simple tenets of the obvious: listen to the local actors; know what is unique from what is not and therefore- drawing from our shared historical experiences- what is relevant to the circumstances in question from what is not; appreciate the broader picture when seizing on the details; and do all this before sequencing an approach, maintaining, always, a policy that is nimble and alive to changing conditions我国代表团尤其欣赏报告一再提到常识的重要性,即筹划冲突中和冲突后的法治和过渡司法的人应遵循那些最显而易见的原则,即:倾听当地行动者的声音;了解什么是与众不同,并因此从我们共同的历史经验中汲取有益的教训,了解什么对有关的情况有影响,什么没有;要能见微而知著;有了所有这些后再制定方针,永远奉行能够跟上形势变化的灵活政策。
What Cuba expresses in this Hall, with full openness, may not be to the liking of those who run the United States today, but it will be understood one day by the American people, whose generosity and sense of justice were proved to the Cuban people when it had the support of ‧ percent of the public opinion in this country in our struggle to prevent a kidnapped Cuban child from being torn away from his family and subjected to ludicrous political manipulations and cruel psychological tortures古巴在这个大厅内所公开发表的意见或许今天领导美国的那些人不会喜欢,但总有一天美国人民将会理解,在我们为防止将被绑架的古巴儿童与其家人分离以及防止其受到愚蠢的政治操纵和残忍的精神虐待的斗争中,美国有 ‧ %的公众舆论支持了这一斗争,从而显示出美国人民对古巴人民的慷慨大度和正义感。
What Cuba has to say in this Hall, frankly and openly, may not be to the liking of those who govern the United States today, but it will be understood one day by the American people, whose generosity and sense of justice were proved to the Cuban people when we were supported by ‧ per cent of the public opinion in this country in our struggle to prevent a kidnapped Cuban child from being torn away from his family and subjected to ludicrous political manipulations and cruel psychological tortures当我们为了阻止被绑架的古巴男孩被从家人身旁夺走,防止他被迫屈从于政治阴谋和遭受残酷的心理折磨时,这个国家 ‧ %的公众舆论支持我们的斗争。
That argument, however, violated a basic principle of diplomatic protection: for an injury to be attributable to a State, a denial of justice had to have occurred, in the sense that there could be no further possibility of obtaining reparation or satisfaction from the State to which the act was attributable但是,这一论点违背了外交保护的一项基本原则:若要将损害归咎于一国,必须发生拒绝司法的情况,即没有从有关行为所归咎的国家取得赔偿或抵偿的进一步的可能性。
That argument, according to one view, violated a basic principle of diplomatic protection: for an injury to be attributable to a State, a denial of justice had to have occurred, in the sense that there could be no further possibility of obtaining reparation or satisfaction from the State to which the act was attributable有一种意见认为,这种论点违反了外交保护的一项基本原则:必须发生了拒绝司法的情况才能将损害责任归于一国,因为在这种情况下再也不可能从行为国得到赔偿或补偿。
Terrorism was not connected with any particular religion, culture or ethnicity, but sprung from a general sense of a lack of justice in the resolution of international problems, in particular the problem of peoples under foreign occupation恐怖主义并非与特定的宗教、文化或种族相关联,而是产生于国际问题的解决缺乏正义这样一种普遍感觉,特别是处于外国占领之下的人民所遭遇的问题。
c) Strengthen its efforts to educate and sensitize police personnel, judicial personnel and other staff within the justice system to the provisions of the Convention, especially concerning the special needs of children deprived of their liberty, to ensure that the rights of the child, inter alia to be separated from adults and to be treated in a manner consistent with the promotion of the child's sense of dignity and worth, are always respectedc) 增强努力,教育和提高警察队伍、司法人员和司法体制内其他工作人员对《公约》条款,尤其是关于被剥夺自由儿童特殊需要的意识,以确保始终尊重儿童权利,特别是与成年人分开,并以符合增进儿童尊严和价值感的方式对待儿童
“The general tenor of [Justice Blackburn's] statement of principle is therefore that knowledge, or at least foreseeability of the risk, is a prerequisite of the recovery of damages under the principle; but that the principle is one of strict liability in the sense that the defendant may be held liable notwithstanding that he has exercised all due care to prevent the escape from occurring.”“[Blackburn法官]的原则声明的基本意旨是,对危险的认知,或者至少是可预见性,是根据此原则要求赔偿的前提;但是从被告尽管行使了所有应尽的注意防止逸失发生但仍然要负责任的意义上讲,该原则是一种严格赔偿责任。”
Finally, may our participation here this week give all of us a renewed sense of appreciation for humanity to enable each of us to distinguish right from wrong; to stand up for genuine support and understanding; and to make a full, unwavering commitment to peace and justice around the world最后,愿我们本星期在这里的参与使我们都重新产生对人类的认识感,以使我们每个人都能够分辨是非;奋起给予真正的支持与理解;对全世界的和平与正义作出充分和坚定的承诺。
It is essential to ensure a sense of justice in a society struggling to recover from its suffering in the aftermath of conflict在一个冲突后努力摆脱苦难的社会中,必须确保正义感。
The Executive Director will be required to visit the United Nations offices away from Headquarters and major peacekeeping operations, and hold at least one staff retreat, to enable the Office of Administration of Justice in its first year of operation to establish cohesiveness in its work across several duty stations and a common sense of purpose执行主任将需要走访总部以外的联合国办事处及主要维持和平行动,并举行至少一次工作人员务虚会,以便使内部司法办公室在第一年的业务中能够实现其在各工作地点的工作的一致性及共同使命感。
We can either be an international community passively divided and at the mercy of those forces, or we can be a community, in the true sense, of active participants united by our sense of mutual solidarity, our common sense of justice, our common desire for a better and peaceful future and a shared commitment to international law and the human rights of all我们要么成为一个被动分裂、听任一些势力摆布的国际社会,要么成为一个真正意义上的联合体,各方带着相互团结的意识、共同的正义感、建设更美好和平世界的共同愿望以及对国际法和所有人人权的共同承诺而联合在一起,积极参与行动。
It details the scourge of sexual violence, a problem caused by the sense of impunity from justice that its perpetrators believe they enjoy报告中详细探讨了性暴力祸害,这是一个凶手们认为他们能够逍遥法外而引起的问题。
They are also universal in scope since, as the previous Special Rapporteur put it in his ‧ report ( ‧ ), “the requirements of independent and impartial justice... are rooted in both natural and positive law” and, “at the international level, the sources of this law are to be found in conventional undertakings, customary obligations and general principles of law” (para ‧ ); “the general practice of providing independent and impartial justice is accepted by States as a matter of law and constitutes, therefore, an international custom in the sense of Article ‧ (b) of the Statute of the International Court of Justice” (para此外,它们还具有一种普遍意义,正如前任特别报告员在其 ‧ 年的报告( ‧ )中所指出的“独立和公正司法的要求 产生于自然法和实在法”,而且“在国际一级,该法律的渊源来自约定承诺、惯例义务和一般法律原则”(第 ‧ 段),他还指出“各国把保证独立和公正司法的一般惯例视为法律,因此,它构成《国际法院规约》第三十八条第一款(丑)项的意义上的国际习惯” (第 ‧ 段)。
The Secretary-General: Since this will be the last time I will speak in this Chamber in the presence of my friend Ambassador Aguilar Zinser from Mexico, let me also say how much we will miss him, his wit, his sense of humour, his independent spirit and his keen sense of justice and fair play秘书长(以英语发言):由于这是我在安理厅最后一次在我的朋友阿吉拉尔·辛塞尔大使面前发言,我也要说,我们将非常想念他,想念他的智慧,他的幽默,他的独立精神和他深刻的正义与公平意识。
These two quotations, we feel, quite rightly make the point that justice and reconciliation- or punitive and restorative justice- ultimately serve the same purpose: to heal the wounds of a conflict-torn society, first, by acknowledging and establishing accountability for the wounds that have been inflicted on victims; secondly, by creating a just and inclusive social and political order that offers guarantees for the peaceful resolution of future conflicts and against the recurrence of past conflicts and social injustices; and thirdly, by restoring a sense of common purpose among a hitherto divided population我们以为这两段引文正确地提出公平与和解或曰惩处或修复性公平的最终目的是一样的:愈合被冲突分裂社会的创伤;首先是承认并确立受害者遭受创伤的责任;其次是创立公正和包容的社会和政治秩序使它为和平解决未来冲突并防止过去冲突和社会非正义再次发生提供保障;第三是在迄今分裂的人口中恢复共同目标感。
The delays at each stage of the administration of justice, attributable to the lack of resources and to managerial apathy born out of a pervasive sense of impunity, were a travesty of justice and no reform of the system would be complete without the enhancement of managerial accountability called for in General Assembly resolution行政制度每一个阶段的拖延,也是造成缺乏经费以及管理层普遍觉得无须受惩罚所产生的冷漠反应,这是对司法的歪曲,在改善大会第 ‧ 号决议所要求的管理层问责制之前,任何制度改革都不能完成。
Concerning the educational area, some training and dissemination activities have been carried out or are under way: the EDUCA SeRe Project, for the development of remote sensing teaching in the basic and high school levels using CBERS images; a course for schoolteachers (IV Course on Remote Sensing for Environmental Applications); an Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics; the ‧ emote Sensing Data Users Meeting at the National Institute for Space Research (INPE)/Cuiabá, with a lecture on the EDUCA SeRe Project; responsibility for technical advice to the Space Bus Project, designed for students at the grammar school and high school levels; the annual Space School course, from ‧ to ‧ ovember ‧ at INPE; local organization of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) Regional Workshop for Latin American Data Processing from the Chandra and XMM-Newton Space Missions from ‧ to ‧ ecember在教育领域开展了或正在开展一些培训和传播活动:实施了EDUCA SeRe项目,利用CBERS卫星图像发展中小学两级学校的遥感教学;举办了师资培训班(关于环境应用遥感问题第四期课程);开办了天文学和天体物理学基础课程;在库亚巴国家空间研究所(空研所)举行了第二次遥感数据用户会议,并就EDUCA SeRe项目举办了一次讲座;实施了主要针对初高中学生的空间公共汽车技术咨询责任项目,于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日在空研所举办年度空间学校培训班;空间研究委员会(空研委)地方组织于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日在空研所举办拉丁美洲处理Cbhandra和XMM-牛顿空间飞行任务数据问题区域讲习班。
The steadfastness and the sense of dignity shown by five Cuban youths, heroes in the fight against terrorism who are political prisoners in United States jails, whose families, whose wives, whose mothers, whose sons, are following this debate in Havana, confident in the sense of justice of the delegations in this Hall attest to the indomitable spirit with which the Cubans defend today, and will always defend, our right to build a more just, solidarity-based and human society五名古巴青年所展示的坚定意志和尊严意识证明,古巴人今天以不屈不挠的精神捍卫着并将永远捍卫我们的权利,以建立一个更加公正、以团结为基础的和人道的社会,他们是打击恐怖主义的英雄,现在却作为政治犯关在美国监狱中,他们的家庭、妻子,母亲、儿子都在哈瓦那关注着本次辩论,相信本会议厅内的各国代表团都抱有正义感。
However, the Tribunals must strike a delicate balance between the need to preserve a sense of justice for victims and the international community and the interests of delivering justice in a cost-efficient way然而,法庭必须在为受害者和国际社会保持一种公正感的必要性与以有成本效率的方式执行司法之间求得一种微妙的平衡。
This would be achieved by developing a curriculum for remote sensing education from the school to the university level based on strengthening and transforming the existing curricula according to the needs of local, national and regional entities; propagating remote sensing education to interested individuals and groups from various sectors of society; developing a culture of electronic learning (e-learning) and distance learning through remote sensing in the region; and promoting understanding between various communities of the region为此,应根据地方、国家和区域实体的需要在充实现行课程表并对其加以修改的基础上制定中学至大学遥感教育课程表;向社会各部门感兴趣的个人和团体普及遥感教育;在本区域逐步形成通过遥感进行电子学习和远程学习的文化;并促进本区域各社区之间的了解。
The Government of Afghanistan and the international community still do not have a full picture of provincial and district-level demand for justice, accurate figures on justice personnel, and a full sense of infrastructure needs在这方面,宾馆于 ‧ 年仓促完工,以解决联合国志愿人员在选举期间的住房危机。
Regarding agenda item ‧ entitled “Administration of justice at the United Nations”, the Ad Hoc Committee on the Administration of Justice at the United Nations, at its ‧ nd meeting, on ‧ pril ‧ decided to recommend that, at the sixty-third session of the General Assembly, the Sixth Committee establish a working group with a view to finalizing its deliberations on the draft statutes of the United Nations Dispute Tribunal and the United Nations Appeals Tribunal as a priority, bearing in mind resolution ‧ in which the General Assembly decided to establish a two-tier formal system of administration of justice as from ‧ anuary ‧ and continue the discussion of the other legal aspects of the administration of justice at the United Nations关于题为“联合国内部司法”的议程项目 ‧ 联合国内部司法问题特设委员会在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日 第 ‧ 次会议上决定建议第六委员会铭记大会第 ‧ 号决议决定自 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日起设立一个两级正式内部司法系统,在大会第六十三届会议期间设立一个工作组,完成关于联合国争议法庭和联合国上诉法庭规约草案的审议工作,并继续讨论联合国内部司法其他方面的法律问题。
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