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to discover
(idiomatic) To discover, as by asking or exploring.

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to find a way out of a predicament绝处逢生; 絕處逢生
to find no way out仰屋兴叹; 仰屋興嘆
to find out查清; 瞭解; 了解; 得知; 尋出; 寻出; 获悉; 獲悉; 查出
to find out by tactful indirect questioning套问; 套問
to get out on finding out what it's really like知难而退; 知難而退
to go and find out from the source察访; 察訪
to investigate and find out查明
to try to find out探听; 探聽
unable to find out不得而知


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In such cases it is essential that the results of the investigation be published, including details of how and by whom it was carried out, the findings, and any prosecutions subsequently undertaken在这种情况下,至关重要的是必须公布调查结果,包括这些行为是如何和由什么人实施的详情、调查结果以及随后是否进行任何起诉的情况。
Where a conflict has broken out, the United Nations should apply a standard operating procedure of dispatching a fact-finding mission, including for the purpose of observing and reporting on the treatment of civilians在冲突已经爆发的地方,联合国应当适用派遣实况调查团的标准作业程序,包括为了观察和报告平民待遇。
Relevant concluding observations will serve as a basis for follow-up in future missions, and the findings and recommendations set out in the country reports of the Special Rapporteur can be followed up in subsequent examinations of the same countries by treaty bodies有关的结论意见将作为今后访问采取后续行动的基础,特别报告员国别报告的结论和建议可由条约机构随后对这些国家的审查采取后续行动。
The representatives to whom I have referred made it very clear that, through an objective, transparent process and method, we have to find out what are the elements- or, at any rate, if I may add, the elements grouped in the different packages- that actually command wide support, because only on the basis of that legitimation can there be intergovernmental negotiations上述这些代表已经非常明确地指出,我们得通过一种客观透明的程序和方法,找到事实上能够获得广泛支持的内容,或者如果我可以补充的话,无论如何找到能够获得广泛支持而以不同方案组合的内容,因为这有在这个合法化的基础上,才能有政府间谈判。
Applying the approach with respect to advance payments set out in paragraphs ‧ to ‧ of the Summary, the Panel finds that IMP Metall must account for the advance payments in reduction of its claim按照《概述》第 ‧ 至 ‧ 段所列关于付款的方针,小组认定,IMP Metall必须在索赔中扣除预付款。
All I' m saying is that there' s a connection.We need to find out what it is我 只 是? 说 他 与 此事 有? 联 系 我? 们 要 查清 楚
In this connection, they consider that there is a need for further efforts and more international cooperation in order to find a rapid and comprehensive solution to wars which break out, in which individuals are subjected to gross violations of their human rights, and the humanitarian and environmental consequences of those wars, such as the problem of displaced persons fleeing therefrom, which places a heavy and unexpected burden on the State hosting those refugees, all of whom require accommodation, food and medicine, as well as the problem of the pollution and destruction of the environment, which necessitates the diversion of resources for its rehabilitation科威特当局认为,在此方面需要有进一步的努力和更多的国际合作,以便迅速全面地解决致使个人人权受到严重侵犯的突发战争及其在人道主义和环境方面造成的后果,诸如逃离战争地区的流离失所者问题以及环境污染和毁坏的问题,前者给收容难民的国家带来沉重和不期而遇的负担,因为所有难民都需要住所、食物和药物;后者使国家不得不为恢复环境调拨资源。
b) Examination of the findings of assessments in order to draw out their implications for consideration by the appropriate decision-making body (or bodiesb) 研究评估结果,目的是了解其影响,供适当的决策机构(或多个机构)审议;以及
Based on this evidence, the Panel finds that KOTC has provedn its cash loss and, after applying the currency exchange rate set out in paragraphs ‧ below, it recommends an award of ‧ which reflects an adjustment of ‧ from the amount claimed for cash loss根据这个证据,小组认为KOTC证明了它的现金损失,在采用下文第 ‧ 段中列出的汇率后,建议赔偿 ‧ 科威特第纳尔,即对现金损失的索赔额做了 ‧ 科威特第纳尔的调整。
You have, of course, our fullest support in your ongoing endeavour to find a way out of the CD's present impasse当然,在你不断努力走出裁谈会目前的僵局时我们会给你全力支持。
Such women usually find themselves in shelter inferior to that which they have been forced out of, and end up in urban slums这些妇女往往住在临时庇护所,其条件远不如她们被迫离开的家,而且最终就栖身于贫民窟。
Findings with a financial impact may be identified while analysing processes, reviewing the utilization of assets, assessing procurement activities, reviewing the compliance of benefits paid with rules and procedures or benchmarking costs against the cost of other entities carrying out similar activities在确定财务影响时,要进行分析,审查资产利用情况,评估采购活动,审查支付的津贴是否符合规则和条例,或同开展相同活动的其他实体进行费用比照。
At the ‧ th meeting, the representative of Costa Rica reiterated the need for a constructive spirit in finding a fair and non-discriminatory solution to the problems arising out of the implementation of the Parking Programme在第 ‧ 次会议上,哥斯达黎加代表重申,必须本着建设性的精神,以公平和非歧视性的方式解决实施《泊车方案》产生的问题。
The Committee points out that, in the light of the security assessment by the Department of Safety and Security, the Secretariat should approach the host Government with a view to finding the most effective way of ensuring the safety and security of UNLB premises, facilities and assets委员会指出,根据安全和安保部的安保评估,秘书处应与东道国政府接触,寻找最有效的方法确保后勤基地房地、设施和资产的安全保障。
In accordance with resolution ‧ of ‧ ctober ‧ entitled “Grave and massive violations of the human rights of the Palestinian people by Israel”, the Commission, in a special session, decided inter alia to request the Special Rapporteur on religious intolerance to carry out an immediate mission to the occupied Palestinian territories and to report on his findings根据 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日题为“以色列对巴勒斯坦人民人权的严重大规模侵犯”的第 ‧ 号决议,委员会在一次特别会议上特别决定请宗教不容忍问题特别报告员立即到被占领巴勒斯坦人民领土进行访问,并报告访问结果。
The Bureau of Diplomatic Security has conducted an airport security needs assessment in July ‧ in order to find out the requirements for undertaking an appropriate training for airport staff外交安全局于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日举办一次关于机场安全需要的评估,以便了解为机场工作人员进行适当培训的需求。
It is imperative to work to find ways to open border crossings in order to allow humanitarian and commercial flows in and out of Gaza当务之急是努力找到各种办法,开放边界过境点,以便人道主义和商业活动能出入加沙。
It will begin with a ‧ minute session during the first week, which will provide major group representatives the opportunity to present the findings set out in their discussion papers, as well as their preliminary views on a non-legally binding instrument and the multi-year programme of work它将始于第一周一次为期 ‧ 分钟的会议,该会议将为主要群体的代表提供了一个机会来介绍其讨论文件所列述的结论,并提出他们关于不具法律约束力的文书和多年工作方案的初步看法。
It was also noted that many Article ‧ arties had submitted to the Multilateral Fund requests to revise their national phase-out plans in order to provide enough time to find alternatives to methyl bromide of proven efficiency有人指出,许多按第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款行事的缔约方已向多边基金提出了要求对其国家逐步淘汰计划进行修订的申请,以便有足够的时间找到经证明具有切实功效的甲基溴替代品。
He also wondered why the proposed research concerning the Territories had not been carried out and how the Committee could make informed recommendations with respect to the future of Territories without access to the findings of such research他还想知道为什么未根据提议进行有关非自治领土的研究及委员会如何能够在没有此类研究结果的情况下就非自治领土的未来提出有事实根据的建议。
I needed to find out if it was true所以 臣 想 先看?? 剑 的? 书 法
This May the Council started reviewing its policy towards Iraq, trying to find a way out of the impasse, which characterizes the Council's decade-long consideration of this issue今年 ‧ 月安理会开始审查其针对伊拉克的政策,试图找到摆脱僵局的途径,而僵局一直是安理会 ‧ 年来审议这一问题的特点。
Responding to the query on the situation of elderly women, she pointed out that a programme had been developed within the context of the International Year of Older Persons to find solutions to specific economic, social, health-care and psychological problems confronting the elderly关于老年妇女问题,她指出,在国际老年人年范畴内制订了一项方案,以便解决老年人在经济、社会、保健和心理等方面面临的具体问题。
Before turning to the instalment twenty-three (A) claims, the Panel finds it helpful to set out the background to “stand alone” claims and how they came to be the subject of decision小组认为,在叙述第二十三(A)批索赔之前,宜先说明“非重叠”索赔的背景以及这些索赔如何成为第 ‧ 号决定的主题事项。
While wishing the best of luck to the negotiators tomorrow, and supporting fully the efforts of both parties to find an agreement, we subscribe to the view that, at the end of the period, the inalienable right of the Kosovar people to self-determination will serve not only to build the last sovereign State out of the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, but also to build the bridges- both European and Euro-Atlantic bridges- for the peoples of Serbia and beyond我们祝谈判者明天好运,也充分支持双方寻求一致的努力,但我们也赞同这样的观点,即到该阶段的最后,科索沃人民不可剥夺的自决权将不仅有助于建设前南斯拉夫解体后的最后一个主权国家,还有助于为塞尔维亚人民和其他地区人民架设桥梁---通往欧洲的桥梁和通往欧洲-大西洋一体化的桥梁。
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