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to discover
(idiomatic) To discover, as by asking or exploring.

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to find a way out of a predicament绝处逢生; 絕處逢生
to find no way out仰屋兴叹; 仰屋興嘆
to find out查清; 瞭解; 了解; 得知; 尋出; 寻出; 获悉; 獲悉; 查出
to find out by tactful indirect questioning套问; 套問
to get out on finding out what it's really like知难而退; 知難而退
to go and find out from the source察访; 察訪
to investigate and find out查明
to try to find out探听; 探聽
unable to find out不得而知


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At the same time, I wish to report that, yesterday, the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation issued a statement in which it strongly condemned the bloody terrorist act carried out in Jerusalem on ‧ ecember and described that act as cruel provocation aimed at undermining attempts to find a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian confrontation与此同时,我希望向大家报告,昨天俄罗斯联邦外交部发表一项声明,强烈谴责 ‧ 月 ‧ 日在耶路撒冷所犯下的血腥的恐怖主义行径,并将这一行径视为残酷的挑衅,企图破坏寻求解决以巴对抗的努力。
The Working Group would have appreciated more information on the specific cases under consideration in order to enable it to ensure that the guarantees established in the relevant international standards and in United States legislation were being observed, particularly as the source claims that the families of the above-mentioned persons have attempted to contact the detainees, without success, and have approached the United States authorities to find out the reasons for their continued detention, again without success工作组本希望就审议中的具体案例获得更多的情况,以便确认有关国际标准和美国立法中确立的保障得到遵守,尤其是来文提交人称,上述个人的家人试图与被拘留者联系,却未能奏效,他们请求美国政府查明对他们进行继续拘留的原因,结果又毫无消息。
f the aim of this plan is to achieve "a political solution which provides for self-determination", it is surprising to find that priority is given to the self-determination referendum, when it would have been logical to set out the underlying political solution first如果这个计划的目的是要实现“规定自治的政治解决”,那么令人吃惊的是发现自决的公民投票得到优先考虑,本来合理的作法是首先阐明基本的政治解决。
Expressing its serious concern that resolution ‧ has not yet been implemented and that the fact-finding team has been obstructed by Israel, the occupying Power, from carrying out its mission对第 ‧ 号决议尚未得到执行并且占领国以色列阻挠实况调查小组执行任务表示严重关切
A way out of the escalating violence and towards the resumption of the peace negotiations was offered through the setting up, on ‧ ovember ‧ of the Sharm el-Sheikh Fact-Finding Committee, headed by former United States Senator George Mitchell年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,设立了由美国前参议员乔治·米切尔领导的沙姆沙伊赫真相调查委员会,为通过恢复和平谈判制止不断升级的暴力行为提供了一种途径。
Guided by these values, we have taken all necessary steps in order to find a diplomatic way out of the current crisis with Eritrea in order to avoid being drawn again into a conflict that we found and still find to be useless从这种价值观出发,我们采取了一切必要的措施,寻求外交途径解决当前与厄立特里亚的危机,以避免再次陷入一场我们过去以及今后都认为是无益的冲突。
The findings set out above concerning the continued presence of children in the ranks of the recently integrated brigades, as well as grave human rights abuses committed by former commanders of armed groups currently integrated in FARDC, make a compelling argument for the establishment of a vetting mechanism that would make it possible to screen the human rights records of FARDC military commanders最近整编的各个旅中仍然有儿童,以及目前整编入刚果(金)武装力量的武装部队的前指挥官实施的严重侵犯人权行为,上述调查结论使我们有充分理由要求建立一种审查机制,从而能够审查刚果(金)武装力量军事指挥官的人权记录。
Wide-ranging and constructive discussions are continuing, with the objective of finding ways and means of enabling the Council to more effectively carry out its primary responsibility in the maintenance of international peace and security, on behalf of the general membership of the Organization目前仍在进行广泛的建设性讨论,目标是找出方式方法,使安理会能够代表联合国广大会员国,更有效地履行其在维持国际和平与安全方面的主要责任。
When employers find out that employees are pregnant, they dismiss them on any pretext or force them to perform tasks that put their pregnancy at risk and require a great deal of effort, such as lifting heavy weights or cleaning, or even subject them to psychological abuse在生育方面共收到 ‧ 起诉讼。 雇主们在得知女性劳动者怀孕以后,便找理由将她们辞退,或者让她们从事对胎儿有影响的工作,如抬重物或进行需要付出很大气力的清洁工作,甚至对她们进行精神虐待。
Regarding, in particular, attacks on places of worship, the Special Rapporteur wishes to point out that in addition to the special protection that is granted to religious places, sites and shrines by resolution ‧ members of religious communities or communities of belief, whenever they find themselves in places of worship, are in a situation of special vulnerability given the nature of their activity尤其是关于对礼拜场所的袭击,特别报告员谨指出,除了第 ‧ 号决议对宗教场所、圣址和神殿给予的特别保护之外,宗教社区的成员或信仰社区本身,无论身处礼拜场所与否,都由于其活动的性质而处于特别易受攻击的境地。
Applying the principles set out in paragraphs ‧ to ‧ above, the Panel finds that the claims for these amounts are not compensable小组援用上面第 ‧ 至 ‧ 段中所述原则,裁定:对上述数额的索赔不予赔偿。
Applying the principles set out at paragraphs ‧ of the First “ ‧ ” Report, the Panel finds that the claim is compensable subject to there being probative evidence, such as contemporaneous records or witness testimony, as to amounts ordinarily held in the safes by MoI小组适用第一份“ ‧ ”报告第 ‧ 段所述的原则,认为,这件索赔应予赔偿,但需提出关于内政部保险柜中通常存放的现金数额的证据,如同期记录或证人证词等。
One representative of an Article ‧ arty stated his belief that the financial support currently available for the phase-out of CFCs was insufficient to allow his country to stop using CFCs in metered-dose inhalers, but expressed confidence that the Meeting of the Parties would be able to find a satisfactory solution一个第 ‧ 条缔约方的代表指出,他认为,目前为逐步淘汰氟氯化碳而提供的财政支持不足以使其国家在生产计量吸入器时停止使用氟氯化碳,但表示相信,缔约方会议能够找到一个令人满意的解决办法。
The Unit in collaboration with National Human Rights Commission carried out five training programmes on Human Rights Fact Finding and Reporting Techniques during the reporting period研究所在报告所述期间,与全国人权委员会合作,举办了 ‧ 个人权实地调查和报告技术训练课程。
In order to find a way out of the sad current situation, we once more call on the Israeli and Palestinian sides to ensure full, immediate and unqualified implementation, without conditions, of the recommendations contained in the Mitchell report and the Tenet plan这给目前可悲局势找到出路,我们再次呼吁以色列和巴勒斯坦方面确保立即、充分和无条件地全面执行米切尔报告和特尼特计划中的各项建议。
UNHCR is of the opinion that the recommendation as worded could be misread out of context, and imply that overpayments are not properly recovered and recorded by UNHCR, which is not the case, as the auditors themselves did not find concrete shortcomings难民专员办事处认为,委员会建议的措辞在没有上下文的情况下可能引起误解,似乎难民专员办事处没有追回和记录多付的款项,其实情况并不是如此,因为审计员并未找出具体的缺陷。
Fourthly, in the light of double standards in this situation, Syria totally rejects the policy of double standards that has manifested itself clearly during this period, whereby Israel carried out its policy of blatant aggression against the Palestinian people, despite the statements of United Nations representatives concerning the war crimes that it committed in Jenin. Nonetheless, the Security Council failed to dispatch the fact-finding team and could not secure respect for resolution第四,鉴于在这一问题上的双重标准,伊拉克完全拒绝在这一期间明显地表现出来的双重标准政策--以色列推行公然侵犯巴勒斯坦人民的政策,尽管联合国代表声明以色列在杰宁已犯下战争罪行,但是,安全理事会却未能派出事实调查组,未能使第 ‧ 号决议得到尊重。
The agreed conclusions on the Commission's second priority theme for ‧ women's participation in and access to the media and information and communication technologies (ICT), and their impact on, and use as an instrument for, the advancement and empowerment of women, while not specifically referring to the situation of rural women, called for the removal of infrastructure barriers that disproportionately affect women and pointed out the importance of finding ways to adapt information and communication technologies to the needs of poor women关于委员会 ‧ 年的第二个优先主题是:妇女参与和接触媒体以及信息通信技术及其作为工具用来提高妇女地位和赋予妇女权力以及它们在这方面的影响。 关于这一主题的商定结论虽然没有具体提及农村妇女的处境,但呼吁消除对妇女影响尤其严重的基础设施上的障碍,并指出必须想方设法使信息通信技术能满足贫困妇女的需要。
The author views its negative reaction as a safeguard measure, a protest against establishing an interpretation of the treaty that it might consider opposable, which it does not find appropriate, and about which it must speak out作出消极反应者将消极反应视为一种保障措施,抗议确立可能反对条约的解释,高声提出反对,认为这种解释不适当。
The method employed was to find out children's knowledge of particular themes and to ask them about those themes, using picture cards, words and sentences所使用的方法是确定儿童是否认识一些专题,用挂图和词句来查问其相关知识。
The Committee has also urged States parties to allow the victims of human rights violations to find out the truth about those acts in order to combat impunity委员会也敦促缔约国允许人权遭到侵犯的受害者找出这些行为的真相,以打击有罪不罚现象。
First, we support the Secretary-General's recommendations for the Security Council to engage with parties and carry out fact-finding missions for providing humanitarian assistance and protection to vulnerable populations第一,我们支持秘书长关于安全理事会与各方接触并进行事实调查以便向易受伤害群体提供人道主义援助和保护的建议。
What I envisage as very important are our attempts to find out what were the lessons learned by the United Nations in Afghanistan在我设想中,非常重要的是,我们应努力找到联合国在阿富汗应吸取的教训。
Survivors of rape in armed conflict situations may not know their HIV status for certain, and may have little incentive to find out about it as the trauma of violent rape may leave women anxious about consulting a male doctor or health provider武装冲突情况下的强奸幸存者可能不确切了解她们的艾滋病毒状况,并且搞清情况的动机很小,因为暴力强奸的创伤会使妇女对咨询一名男医生或医务人员感到担忧。
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