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Doha, capital of Qatar多哈


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The representative of Nigeria said that UNCTAD had an important role to play in addressing issues in the Doha Work Programme and in other areas of trade and development尼日利亚代表说,贸发会议在解决多哈工作方案问题和在贸易与发展的其他领域中可发挥重要的作用。
While the actions taken so far do not amount to a return to the kind of protectionism that delayed recovery from the Great Depression in the ‧ s, they illustrate the risk of a further long delay to the conclusion of the Doha round of multilateral trade negotiations虽然迄今为止采取的行动并不等于回到那种拖延从 ‧ 年代大萧条恢复的保护主义,但它们显示出多哈回合多边贸易谈判的结束存在进一步长期拖延的风险。
The Doha Ministerial Declaration noted the "extensive market-access commitments" already made by the acceding countries to WTO多哈部长级宣言》注意到,世贸组织加入国已经作出“大量市场准入承诺”。
[Agreed] Complement and support the Doha Ministerial Declaration and the Monterrey Consensus by undertaking further action at the national, regional and international levels, including through public/private partnerships, to enhance the benefits, in particular for developing countries as well as for countries with economies in transition, of trade liberalization, through, inter alia, actions at all levels to商定]在国家、区域和国际各级,包括通过公私双方的伙伴关系采取进一步行动,补充和支持《多哈部长宣言》和《蒙特雷共识》,特别通过所有各级的行动,加强贸易自由化的利益,特别是对发展中国家以及转型期经济国的利益,以期
In accordance with article ‧ paragraph ‧ of the Convention, the Conference established at its third session, held in Doha from ‧ to ‧ ovember ‧ a mechanism for review of the implementation of the Convention根据公约第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日在多哈举行的缔约国会议第三届会议设立了公约实施情况审查机制。
Among the other “victories” that emanated from Doha included the adjustment of the compliance periods under TRIPS for least developed countries (LDCs) and some compromise language on the issue of export subsidies and on “non-trade concerns”, and with respect to SDT in the Agreement on Agriculture多哈会议还取得了其他“胜利”,如调整了最不发达国家遵守《知识产权协定》的限期 ‧ 在出口补贴、“非贸易问题”和《农产品协定》“特别但有差别”待遇条款中采纳了一些妥协性措词。
b) Establishment and further enhancement of the Gulf Centre for Criminal Intelligence, in Doha, as a state-of-the-art facility for law enforcement personnel of member States of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf to coordinate operations against cross-border organized criminal networks operating in the regionb) 在多哈建立和进一步加强海湾犯罪情报中心,作为一个为海湾阿拉伯国家合作委员会成员国执法人员建立的最先进的设施,以协调打击该区域跨境有组织犯罪网络的活动
Facilitating the economic transformation in such countries required the full implementation of the Doha development agenda and considerable international assistance to expand their exports促进这些国家的经济转型需要全面落实多哈发展工作计划,并提供大量国际援助以扩大其出口。
Implications for the work of the Commission following the Doha Ministerial Conference and related capacity-building and technical cooperation activities of UNCTAD多哈部长级会议对委员会工作的影响和贸发会议的有关能力建设和技术合作活动
Welcoming the decision on the implementation of paragraph ‧ of the Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and public health, adopted by the General Council of the World Trade Organization on ‧ ugust欢迎世界贸易组织理事会 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日通过的将《关于与贸易有关的知识产权问题协定与公共卫生的多哈宣言》第 ‧ 段付诸执行的决定
“ ‧ ecognizes the need for a successful conclusion of the Doha Development Round negotiations of the World Trade Organization as a contribution to creating international conditions that permit the realization of the right to food“ ‧ 确认必须顺利完成世界贸易组织多哈发展回合的谈判,以协助创造使食物权得以实现的国际条件
The representative of the United States of America said that the development dimension of Doha should address not only the growing need for liberalization of trade of developed countries, but also trade liberalization among developing countries美利坚合众国的代表说,在发展方面,多哈进程不仅应处理发达国家对贸易自由化不断增长的需求,而且还应处理发展中国家之间的贸易自由化。
In the Doha Round it was particularly important to take account of the disadvantageous position of the developing countries and assist them in upgrading their negotiating capacity多哈回合中,尤其重要的是要考虑到发展中国家的不利地位,并帮助它们提高谈判能力。
All other participants must register at the registration area located at the al-Dafna entrance of the Conference Centre of the Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel所有其他与会者都必须在多哈喜来登度假村和会议酒店会议中心al-Dafna入口处的登记区办理登记。
Despite the progress made in narrowing differences in the Doha round of trade negotiations over the past ‧ months, including through a mini-ministerial meeting held in July ‧ members of the World Trade Organization have not been able to reach agreement to move the agricultural reform agenda forward尽管在过去 ‧ 个月中,包括通过于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月召开一次“小型部长级会议”,多哈回合贸易谈判在缩小分歧方面取得了进展,但是,世贸组织成员仍未能达成一项协议来推动农业改革的议程。
The Ministerial Meeting of landlocked developing countries, held in Ulaanbaatar, on ‧ and ‧ ugust ‧ has adopted the “Ulaanbaatar Declaration”, which reaffirms and clarifies the common positions of landlocked developing countries on a wide range of issues of interest within the context of the Doha Round of multilateral trade negotiations, in particular trade facilitation and transit transport年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日和 ‧ 日在乌兰巴托举行的内陆发展中国家部长级会议通过了《乌兰巴托宣言》,其中重申和阐明了内陆发展中国家在多哈回合多边贸易谈判框架内,特别是贸易便利化和过境运输方面所关心的各种问题的共同立场。
The Doha Round must deliver real gains in the field of trade多哈回合必须在贸易领域取得实际进展。
While all commodity-dependent developing countries need support for fostering diversification, market access and competitiveness, in the special case of LDCs, the necessity of “support for the diversification needs of their production and export base” has also been recognized in the Doha Ministerial Declaration (parai) 虽然所有依赖商品的发展中国家、特别是最不发达国家在促进多样化、市场准入和竞争力方面需要支持,但如《多哈部长宣言》(第 ‧ 段)所指出的,还必须“支持它们的生产和出口基础多样化需求”。
REQUEST African Trade Ministers and negotiators to remain engaged, vigilant and united and to intensify their efforts in order to ensure that the interests and concerns of Africa are adequately addressed in the final outcome of the Doha Round of WTO negotiations; and请非洲贸易部长和谈判人员继续保持谈判、警惕和团结,以便加强努力,确保世界贸易组织谈判多哈回合最后结果文件充分涉及非洲的利益和问题
We are convinced that the positioning will be decisive in the light of the preparations for the Follow-up International Conference on Financing for Development planned for Doha in ‧ to which my delegation- I can assure the Assembly- will give its full support我们相信,根据到各国目前正在为定于 ‧ 年在多哈举行的发展融资问题后续国际会议作筹备工作。 这一定位将具有决定性影响。 我可以向大会保证,我国代表团将充分支持这次后续国际会议。
It has set itself the goal of reaching an ambitious, balanced and comprehensive agreement at the Doha Round that could help remove imbalances in world agricultural markets欧盟已为自己制定在多哈回合上达成一项全面、均衡、远大和有助于排除世界农业市场不平衡状况的协定的目标。
The Doha Ministerial Declaration stresses the importance of protecting intellectual property rights while promoting access to existing medicines多哈部长宣言》强调既增进取得医药的机会又保护知识产权的重要性。
xi. Emphasize that enhanced market access for goods and services of export interest to developing countries to the markets of developed countries, as well as special and differential treatment for the developing countries, balanced rules and well-targeted sustainably financed technical assistance and capacity building programmes for developing countries are needed for the realization of the development dimension highlighted in the Doha work Programme, and commit to its successful conclusion consistent with the development needs and priorities of developing countries强调,为了实现《多哈工作计划》着重指出的发展,需要加强涉及发展中国家出口利益的产品和服务进入发达国家市场的市场准入,为发展中国家提供特殊和差别待遇,制定平衡的规则并为发展中国家提供目标明确、有资金保证的技术援助和能力建设方案,并承诺按照发展中国家的发展需要和优先事项顺利完成这一计划。
Following the sixth ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO), held in Hong Kong, China, in December ‧ the Doha round has entered its most crucial phase继 ‧ 年 ‧ 月在中国香港举行了世界贸易组织第六次部长级会议之后,多哈回合进入了最为关键的阶段。
The results of the study could be discussed in Doha可在多哈会议上讨论这项研究的成果。