• 联系人   
    A person who acts as a connection to another organization or group, or who provides special information.

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Important for the protection of personal freedoms is a provision that ensures the right of the detainee to immediately contact and meet a lawyer有一条规定对保护人身自由很重要,即确保被拘留者有权立即联系和会见律师。
It is to be noted that several elements of Amended Protocol ‧ apply to MOTAPM, as “mine” is defined as: “a munition placed under, on, or near the ground or other surface area and designed to be exploded by the presence, proximity or contact of a person or vehicle”. Also, elements relating to “booby traps and other devices” apply to use of IEDs应指出的是,经修正后的第二号议定书的某些内容适用于非杀伤人员地雷,因为“地雷”被界定为“布设在地面或其他表面之下、之上或附近并设计成在人员或车辆出现、接近或接触时爆炸的一种弹药。”
In response to requests contained in paragraph ‧ of Security Council resolution ‧ the Group of Experts contacted a broad range of stakeholders individually by telephone, by correspondence and in some instances by meeting in person专家组应安全理事会第 ‧ 号决议第 ‧ 段的请求,以电话、通信和有时会晤本人的方式同许多利益攸关方单独联系。
The Special Adviser continues to cover developments in countries of the region and maintains close contact with eminent persons, political leaders and civil society groups特别顾问继续注视该区域各国的发展动态,并与知名人士、政治领袖和民间社会团体保持密切联络。
g) Ensure that children deprived of their liberty remain in contact with the wider community, in particular with their family, as well as friends and other persons or representatives of reputable outside organizations, and give opportunity to visit their home and family落实委员会过去就少年司法问题提出的建议( ‧ dd ‧ ); 加速对少年司法制度、其刑法和刑事诉讼法的改革进程,并对《公约》的各项原则加以考虑; 在全国建立充分的少年司法制度,包括少年法庭; 培训法官和那些从儿童被捕时起至实施针对这些儿童作出的行政或司法决定时与儿童接触的所有执法人员; 将剥夺自由当做一项最后的措施使用,并在使用时,根据儿童的最大利益进行定期审查; 提供一套替代剥夺自由的社会教育措施以及有效加以执行的政策; 确保被剥夺自由的儿童仍与更广泛的社区,尤其是家人以及朋友和其他人或有名的外部组织代表接触,并有机会回家探望家人; 重点执行预防犯罪的战略,以在早期并为面临危险的儿童提供支助; 寻求联合国机构间少年司法小组的技术援助,该小组成员包括联合国毒品和犯罪问题办事处、儿童基金会、人权高专办和非政府组织。
Her visiting rights were restricted to two immediate relatives per month for a total of ‧ minutes in multi-person visiting rooms and without physical contact她的探视权被限制在每月两名直系亲属,在多人探视室见面,不得有身体接触,总共 ‧ 分钟。
A number of defenders have faced pogrom-like assaults from the population after defamation campaigns in Government-controlled media disclosing their personal contact details and pictures一些维护者在政府控制的媒体对其进行诋毁,透露其个人联系信息并公布其相片之后,遭到群众的集体迫害式围攻。
At its forty-eighth session, in ‧ the Commission on Human Rights decided to nominate a Special Rapporteur to establish direct contacts with the Government and the people of Myanmar, including political leaders deprived of their liberty, their families and lawyers, with a view to examining the situation of human rights in Myanmar and following any progress made towards the transfer of power to a civilian government and the drafting of a new constitution, the lifting of restrictions on personal freedoms and the restoration of human rights in Myanmar, and to report to the General Assembly at its forty-seventh session and to the Commission on Human Rights at its forty-ninth session (Commission resolution年人权委员会第四十八届会议决定任命一位特别报告员,任务是与缅甸政府及缅甸人民,包括被剥夺自由的政治领袖,他们的家属和律师建立直接联系,以便审查缅甸境内的人权情况,继续注意任何朝向权力移交给文人政府,起草新宪法,解除缅甸境内对个人自由的限制和恢复人权所取得的进展,并向大会第四十七届会议和人权委员会第四十九届会议提交报告(委员会第 ‧ 号决议)。
Table ‧ nited Nations Administrative Tribunal cases involving a person who has had prior contact with the Office of the Ombudsman咨询委员会同秘书长的代表就监察员活动报告格式和内容可能的改进交换了意见。
• Two liaison officers of the Office of the Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office on the Conflict dealt with by the OSCE Minsk Conference (one liaison officer for each side of the Line of Contact• 欧安组织轮值主席关于欧安组织明斯克会议处理危机个人代表办公室的两名联络员(接触线两侧各一名)。
Within the Action Programme to Prevent Intimate Partner and Domestic Violence, launched by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health for ‧ local approaches have been created and a contact person for intimate partner and domestic violence has been appointed in nearly every municipality/economic region在社会事务和卫生部启动的 ‧ 年《预防亲密伴侣暴力和家庭暴力行动计划》框架内,已经制定出了地方做法,并且已经在几乎所有市政主管部门/经济区都任命了负责预防亲密伴侣暴力和家庭暴力的联系人。
The main principle is direct cooperation and contact of handicapped persons with healthy people and employees其主要原则是让残疾人和健康人及雇员进行直接合作和联系。
The troop/police contributor must designate a person at each unit/contingent who is a responsible point of contact with the United Nations Inspection/Verification Team for verification and control matters部队/警察部队派遣国必须在每个单位/特遣队指定一人负责与联合国检查队联络核查和控制事务。
The statement must also give details of any disciplinary rules and of persons who may be contacted if problems arise声明中还必须详细介绍相关的纪律、规章制度等以及出现纪律问题时的联系人。
The State party should ensure that all persons detained are guaranteed a right to contact their families and have immediate access to an independent medical doctor and legal counsel from the very outset of the deprivation of liberty缔约国应当保证,被拘留的所有人士都得到保障,在被剥夺自由一开始起,就有权与家人联系,并能立即接触独立的医生和律师。
“Mine” means a munition designed to be placed under, on or near the ground or other surface area and to be exploded by the presence, proximity or contact of a person or a vehicle十二. “地雷”是指布设在地面或其他表面之下、之上或附近并设计成在人员或车辆出现、接近或接触时爆炸的一种弹药
If requested, the United Nations would arrange transportation, wherever possible, between the capital city of a Member State to the place of the meeting; for this purpose, delegations should send a “Note Verbale” indicating first and last names of the traveller(s) and their date of birth, dates of arrival to, and departure from, New York and should include the fax number and e-mail address of the traveller and/or contact person in New York为此目的,代表团应提交一份“普通照会”,说明旅行者的姓名,生日,抵达和离开纽约的日期,以及旅行者和(或)在纽约联系人的传真号码和电子邮件地址。
Under the direction of the Deputy Registrar, the Judicial Support Division is responsible for managing courtroom activities, providing legal support to the judges and the Chambers, including the Appeals Chamber, providing legal assistance through the assignment of defence counsel to indigent accused persons, supervising the Tribunal's Detention Unit, recommending protective measures, and maintaining contacts with Member States在副书记官长的领导下,司法支助司的职责包括:管理审判室的活动,为法官和包括上诉分庭在内的各分庭提供法律支助,通过为贫困的被告指定辩护律师来提供法律援助,监督法庭的拘留所,建议采取保护性措施,以及与会员国保持联系。
In accordance with that resolution, the Secretary-General, on ‧ pril ‧ submitted a report ( ‧ ) to the Security Council, in which he informed the Council that his Personal Envoy had had no direct contact with the parties during the reporting period根据该项决议,秘书长于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日向安全理事会提交了一份报告( ‧ ),他在报告中告知安理会,在该报告所述期间,他的个人特使没有与双方直接接触。
Welcoming also the contacts between the Special Mission and various non-warring Afghan parties and personalities, and supporting calls by these independent Afghans for an end to the fighting and any proposals that might advance the cause of peace, including the efforts of independent Afghan personalities, many of whom support the proposal of the former King of Afghanistan, Zahir Shah, for the convening of a loya jirgah to promote a political settlement又欢迎特派团同阿富汗非交战各方和人士进行接触,并且支持这些独立的阿富汗人要求结束战争的呼吁以及任何可能推动和平事业的建议,包括阿富汗独立人士所作的努力,而后者中有许多人支持阿富汗前任国王查希尔·沙阿关于召开一个支尔格大会以推动政治解决的建议
In order to determine whether the principle set forth in article ‧ paragraph ‧ is being fully respected, the Committee also requests information on the specific measures applied during detention, e.g., how convicted persons are dealt with individually and how they are categorized, the disciplinary system, solitary confinement and high-security detention and the conditions under which contacts are ensured with the outside world (family, lawyer, social and medical services, non-governmental organizations为了确定第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款规定的准则是否得到充分尊重,委员会还要求缔约国提供在拘留期采取的各项具体措施的情况,如被判罪者的个人境况、如何分类、惩戒制度、单独监禁、严加防范的拘留以及确保与外界保持联系(接触家人和律师,享用社会和医疗服务,以及与非政府组织联系等)需具备的条件等。
Since then the Contact Group on Missing Persons has completed a protocol on the exchange of forensic experts and expertise, and work is also continuing on all aspects covered by the common document, including security and efforts to ensure the transfer of Kosovo Albanian detainees held in Serbian prisons此后,失踪人士问题联络小组已经完成关于交流法医专家和专门知识的议定书,而且,目前正在努力解决共同文件所涉及的所有问题,其中包括安全问题以及确保移交关押在塞尔维亚监狱的科索沃阿族被拘留人士的努力。
Through my direct contacts and the Quartet mechanism, most recently at the meeting of the Quartet on ‧ une ‧ on the shores of the Dead Sea, in Jordan, I remained personally engaged in efforts at achieving peace in the Middle East通过我个人的直接接触和四方机制,特别是最近即 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日在约旦死海海滨举行的四方会议,我本人一直亲自参与在中东实现和平的各种努力。
In that year, the personal contacts made with companies in previous years were strengthened, and additional contacts were made with other companies前几年在企业中进行的个人接触在这一年中得到了加强。 工作人员还同新企业进行了接触。
Some current special representatives in Africa are failing to empower their staff to contact or are themselves failing to personally engage with political actors and rebel forces outside of any agreed-upon process在非洲的一些现任特别代表未授权其工作人员在商定的过程之外与政治行动者和反叛力量接触,自己也未亲自与之联系。
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