• 联系人   
    A person who acts as a connection to another organization or group, or who provides special information.

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b) Respect the right of the child who is separated from one or both parents to maintain personal relations and direct contact with both parents on a regular basis, except in cases where it is contrary to the child's best interestb) 尊重与父母一方或与父母双方分开生活的儿童保持个人关系并定期与父母双方直接接触的权利,除非出现违背儿童最佳利益的情况
As yet it is not possible to measure its effect: the scheme is still at the feasibility stage, and the various categories of persons concerned are being contacted, with a view to organizing them into cooperatives or structures that can be monitored迄今为止它无法估量该制度的效果:该项制度仍然处于可行性研究阶段,目前正在与各种有关人员进行联系,以把他们组成能够得到监测的合作社或机构。
This type of person-to-person contact fosters mutual trust and confidence, as well as an international network of law enforcement personnel这种类型的个人与个人的联系促进相互之间的信任和信赖,以及执法人员的国际网络。
After contacts between IPSG, IP Amman, and the NCB in Madrid, The person was extradited to Spain这名嫌犯已引渡至西班牙。
OHCHR has extensive and regular contacts with indigenous organizations and organizes two regular mandated meeting for indigenous people each year: the Working Group on Indigenous Populations attended by over ‧ persons and the working group on the draft declaration which is attended by some ‧ indigenous representatives人权专员办事处同土著人组织保持广泛和定期联络,每年为土著人民举办两次规定的会议:有 ‧ 多人参加的土著居民问题工作组会议和 ‧ 来名土著人代表参加的宣言草案工作组会议。
The World Food Programme and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are planning a Darfur-wide registration exercise over the next few months, with the aim of establishing closer and more effective contacts with the internally displaced persons in the camps and their host communities世界粮食计划署和国际移徙组织(移徙组织)正计划在今后数月内开展一次全达尔富尔地区的登记活动,以便与各营地的境内流离失所者及其收容社区建立更密切、更有效的联系。
Throughout their employment with the United Nations, staff have easy access to information about the Office of the Ombudsman in electronic or printed form, as described below, as well as through personal contact with representatives of the Office of the Ombudsman在联合国任职的整个过程中,工作人员可以通过电子或印刷资料(如下文所述)以及与监察专员办公室代表的个人接触,轻松获取有关监察专员办公室的信息。
i) Notify government representatives of the Division's contact persons for the different items on the agenda of the Commission on Sustainable Development, by the end of一) 在 ‧ 年底以前,通知各国政府代表该司负责可持续发展委员会议程上各项目的联系人
The Committee received extensive information from non-governmental organizations during the inquiry, basically concerning cases of persons with whom it had had some form of contact and who claimed to have been victims of torture年 ‧ 月,斯里兰卡副国防部长被谋杀之后,警察开始对在科伦坡的所有泰米尔男子进行大搜捕。
CIECA is a highly specialized organization in the field of driver testing and training, but does not have any access to specialized working groups/activities/contact persons on these issues• 委员会是驾驶者考试和培训方面的一个高度专业化的组织,但却无法接触到这方面的专业工作组/活动/联系人。
Welcoming also the contacts between the United Nations Special Mission to Afghanistan and various non-warring Afghan parties and personalities, and supporting calls by these independent Afghans for an end to the fighting and any proposals that might advance the cause of peace, including the efforts of independent Afghan personalities, many of whom support the proposal of the former King of Afghanistan, Zahir Shah, for the convening of a loya jirgah to promote a political settlement又欢迎联合国阿富汗特派团同阿富汗非交战方和知名人士进行接触,并且支持这些独立的阿富汗人要求结束战争的呼吁以及任何可能推动和平事业的建议,包括独立的阿富汗知名人士的努力,而后者中有许多人支持阿富汗前任国王查希尔·沙阿关于召开一个支尔格大会以推动政治解决的建议
It further recommends that the State party to develop and to implement adequate alternative care for children who are removed from prison, which is regularly supervised and allows the child allow them to maintain personal relations and direct contact with the their mothers remaining in prison委员会还建议缔约国为离开监狱的儿童拟订和采用适当的其他照顾方式,使他们能与仍在监狱的母亲保持亲情和直接联系。
Illustration ‧ fraudster may suggest that eminent persons who cannot be contacted are involved with or have approved the transaction, or that the roots of the transaction lie in historical private or international agreements说明 ‧ 欺诈者可能会暗示有无法接触的重要人物参与或赞成交易,或是交易的根源在于历史上的私人或国际协议。
The internally displaced persons demanded that the team contact the Minister for Distribution of Allowances and requested that he conduct negotiations with them国内流离失所者要求联络组同分发补贴事务部长联系,并要求后者与他们进行谈判。
Contact Persons in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic representations of Lithuania for the anti-terrorist campaign have been appointed在立陶宛外交部和外交机构内已经任命了反恐运动联系人。
The Presidency has also contacted States to enquire if they would agree to be placed on a list of States willing to accept persons sentenced to a term of imprisonment by the Court院长会议还同各国进行接触,询问它们是否同意被列入愿意接受被法院判处监禁的人的国家清单。
b) To avoid unnecessary contacts with the alleged perpetrator, his or her defence team and other persons not directly related to the justice processb) 避免与被指控的加害人、加害人的辩护律师以及与司法过程无直接关系的人的不必要接触。
UNHCR expressed the view that the ninth meeting had provided an excellent opportunity to raise issues relating to refugees and other persons of concern with maritime experts, with whom UNHCR generally had little contact难民署认为,第九次会议为同海事专家探讨与难民和其他受关注者有关的问题提供了一个良机,而难民署一般很少接触到这些专家。
The ICTY sent two requests to the Republika Srpska Secretariat for Relations with the ICTY concerning the collection of contact data aiming at securing the presence of six persons from Republika Srpska on charges brought by the International Criminal Tribunal at The Hague前南刑庭曾向塞族共和国与前南刑庭关系秘书处提出两项请求,要求收集联系材料,确保被海牙国际刑事法庭起诉的六名塞族共和国人到庭。
Other suggestions included notifications, sent to missions and government focal points, of the Division's contact persons for the different items on the agenda of the Commission其他的建议包括向各代表团和政府联络中心通报该司负责委员会不同议程项目的联络人员。
Restriction of contact with members of the child's family and other persons of special importance to the child should never be used as a sanction绝不应把限制儿童与其家人和其他对儿童特别重要的人接触作为一种处罚手段。
The Group has not received elements from the Custom Authority in Mali, despite a written request for information on transit procedures addressed at the end of February ‧ several reminders and personal contacts in Bamako专家组没有收到来自马里海关当局的信息,虽然在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月底曾书面请求提供有关转运程序的信息,发出过数次催复通知并且在巴马科进行过私人接触。
We very much welcome the fact that a contact group of UNMIK and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia on missing persons met for the first time on ‧ une我们非常欢迎科索沃特派团和南斯拉夫联盟共和国的一个关于失踪者的联系小组于 ‧ 月 ‧ 日首次开会。
The experts group also initiated contacts with the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights (ACHPR) secretariat and its mechanisms; the Special Rapporteur on refugees and displaced persons in Africa communicated with the experts group via audio-conference on ‧ pril专家组还与非洲人权和人民权利委员会(非权委)秘书处及其各项机制建立了联系;非洲难民和流离失所者问题特别报告员于 ‧ 月 ‧ 日通过电话会议同专家组进行了联系。
In a survey of homeless individuals who were in contact with the welfare services in ‧ it was estimated that there were ‧ homeless persons in Norway, which is equivalent to ‧ homeless individuals per thousand inhabitants在 ‧ 年的一项对与福利服务部门有接触的无家可归的人的调查中,估计在挪威有 ‧ 名无家可归的人。 相当于每千名居民中有 ‧ 名无家可归的人。
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