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Asphalt road pavement construction in ‧ “super camps”• 在 ‧ 个“特大营地”铺设柏油公路
Less than a third of Africa's ‧ million km of roads are asphalted在非洲 ‧ 万公里的公路中,柏油路不到三分之一。
Many of the indicators pointing to a subterranean explosion, such as the fragments of, inter alia, the road asphalt and manholes, found in upper floors of the Hotel St Georges, the impact on the vehicle roofs, and the damage to upper floors in the adjacent buildings, are not inconsistent with a surface large explosion许多表明爆炸是在地下发生的迹象,其中包括St. Georges旅馆顶层楼层上的铺路沥青、下水道入孔和其他物品的碎片、车顶受到的冲击和附近楼房顶层受到的破坏,它们与爆炸是在地面上发生的推断并不矛盾。
In my last report I indicated that preparations by the Moroccan military authorities for the construction of an asphalted road in the Guerguerat area of Western Sahara, at the south-western corner of the Territory, had been suspended at the request of MINURSO ( ‧ para我在上次报告中说,摩洛哥军事当局在西撒哈拉领土西南角盖尔盖拉特地区为修建一条柏油路的准备工作,已应西撒特派团的请求而停止( ‧ 第 ‧ 段)。
When work stopped in August ‧ the remaining work consisted of the construction of an asphalt road (to be performed by a subcontractor) and the remedying of minor deficiencies in works previously handed over to SOLR在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月停工时,余下工程包括建造一条沥青公路(由分包商执行)和弥补此前移交给SOLR的工程的小纰漏。
The expenses of the proposed remediation measures have been adjusted to take account of the modifications in annex ‧ and other adjustments including: Reduced amount of peripheral and road areas which require remediation; An adjustment to take account of the fact that uncontrolled livestock grazing contributed to the damage; Reduction in the area to be decompacted; Construction of revegetation islands; Elimination of construction of asphalt roads; and Reductions of labour and material costs by applying appropriate rates减少需进行补救的边缘和道路地区面积; 考虑到不受控制的放牧造成的损害,进行了有关调整; 缩小疏松土壤的面积; 修建重新植被岛; 取消修建沥青路; 采用适当的费用,降低劳动力和材料费。
It is only recently that its main town, Obock, was connected to the rest of the country by an asphalted road吉布提主要城市奥博克最近才有了一条与该国其他地区相连的柏油公路。
The fourth project was known as the Saqlawia project and involved land reclamation and the construction of main and secondary irrigation and drainage systems, as well as asphalt roads第四个项目称为Saqlawia项目,涉及到土地填筑以及建造主要、二级灌溉和排水系统以及沥青路。
Between ‧ and ‧ hours Israeli enemy forces worked on the road running parallel to the Baskurus between the occupied towns of Abbasiyah and Ghajar with a road roller, preparing it to be surfaced with asphalt时至 ‧ 时 ‧ 分以色列敌军在与Baskurus公路并行的被占领的城镇Abbasiyah和Ghajar之间的公路上用一辆压路机施工,准备压实后以沥青铺面。
The increase is due mainly to the need to comply with Italian Government and Italian Air Force mandatory certification requirements for having all construction projects, including the asphalting of internal roads, the construction of hardstand areas, the upgrading of the storm water network and the upgrading of the electrical network, certified by a locally registered and certified professional所需经费增加的主要原因是需要遵守意大利政府和意大利空军的强制性规定,所有建筑项目,包括内部道路铺设沥青、铺设硬路面、更新防汛下水道和加强电网都须得到当地注册和持照专业人员的鉴定认可。
a two-lane asphalt patrol road一条双车道沥青巡逻路
Projects included a variety of land development and housing schemes, road works and road-related items such as the Asphalt Plant, equipment for the Public Works Department, projects related to electricity, financing of business, tourism and industrial development, seaport development and landside improvements这些项目包括各种土地发展和政府计划,公路工程和与公路有关的项目例如沥青厂,公共工程部使用的设备,与电力有关的项目,商业筹资,旅游业和工业发展,海港发展和地貌改善。
viii) Road applications Granulated materials obtained from scrap tyres have been used in the development of rubber-modified asphalt in the United States, Western Europe and Brazil美国、西欧和巴西已将从报废轮胎中获得的成粒状材料用于橡胶改性沥青的开发。
According to Israeli Ministry of Defence documents and field observation, the Barrier complex consists of the following main components: a fence with electronic sensors designed to alert Israeli military forces of infiltration attempts; a ditch (up to ‧ metres deep); an asphalt two-lane patrol road; a trace road (a strip of sand smoothed to detect footprints) that runs parallel to the fence; and a stack of six coils of barbed wire marking the complex's perimeter根据以色列国防部文件和实地观察,“障碍”综合体包括以下主要部分:设有电子探测器的围栏用以通知以色列军队注意试图渗入的情况;一条壕沟(深达 ‧ 米);一条双线柏油巡逻路;一条与围栏平行的追踪路(平滑沙路以探测脚印);以及一束六圈有刺铁丝网标志综合体的周边。
On ‧ arch ‧ was informed by the Moroccan military authorities of plans to begin construction of an asphalted road at the south-western corner of Western Sahara, across the ‧ km buffer strip and into Mauritania near Nouadhibou摩洛哥军事当局于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日通知西撒特派团,计划在西撒哈拉西南角开始铺设一条沥青路,穿过 ‧ 公里长的缓冲带,在努瓦迪布附近进入毛里塔尼亚。
As a result, a provision of $ ‧ is made for asphalting the road network along the Blue Line and upgrading sealed hard standings and internal roads systems within United Nations positions因此提供了 ‧ 美元经费,用于在蓝线沿线铺设沥青道路网以及用来更新联合国据点里的密封式刚性路面停机坪和内部道路系统。
The National Institute for Health and Occupational Safety of the United States concluded that pavements using rubber asphalt, as opposed to conventional asphalt, cause greater exposure of workers to total particulates, particles soluble in benzene, polycyclic aromatic compounds and organic compounds containing sulphur美国国家职业安全卫生研究所认为,与传统沥青相比,使用橡胶沥青的道路铺设使工人更多地暴露在全部微粒中,可溶于苯的微粒、多环芳烃化合物和含硫的有机化合物。
This Protocol does not apply to munitions which are designed exclusively as anti-runway munitions and that disperse or release explosive sub-munitions each of which weighs more than five kilograms, when used against hard-stand runways, constructed from mass concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt or a combination of these, or from an equivalent material which yields the same compressive strength在对用大体积混凝土、钢筋混凝土、沥青或用这些材料混合修建的、或用产生同样抗压强度的同等材料修建的停机坪跑道使用时,本议定书不适用于专门设计的、撒布或释放每个重量在 ‧ 千克以上的爆炸性子弹药的反跑道弹药。
slags, used mineral oils, asphalt, etc. Idem, HW cut-off levels in the stream to grant a permit for transboundary movement (Box同样,亦应在该废物流项下列出危险废物的临界含量,以便决定是否准许进行越境转移(方框 ‧ )。
The United States Congress began to require the use of rubber asphalt for federally funded projects in ‧ but environmental and public health concerns led to its withdrawal five years later美国国会在 ‧ 年开始要求联邦资助的项目使用橡胶沥青,但是,在五年后由于对环境和公众健康问题的关注而撤销了这一要求。
It is prohibited to use anti-runway munitions against targets other than hard-stand runways, constructed from mass concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt or a combination of these, or from an equivalent material which yields the same compressive strength之三. 除大体积混凝土、钢筋混凝土、沥青或用这些材料混合修建的、或用产生同样抗压强度的同等材料修建的停机坪跑道外,禁止对目标使用反跑道弹药。
There are other occupations in which men are chiefly employed by virtue of the law, however, such as quarrying, mining, metal founding, glass smelting, asphalting and other jobs that require heavy strength, or that are customary or traditional, such as driving public vehicles and manual work但是,法律规定某些职业必须雇用男性,如采石、采矿、金属铸造、玻璃熔炼、铺沥青以及其他要求重体力的工作,或者出于习惯和传统,如驾驶公共车辆和体力劳动。
I mean, there I was, sprawled out on the asphalt, OK?那時候 我 癱 倒在 馬路
This makes the process more expensive than conventional asphalt and there is the probability of emissions of toxic substances, both during production and application这使得处理过程与传统沥青相比花费更高,并且在生产和使用过程中都有可能排放出有毒物质。
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Department of Health and Human Services, “Crumb-Rubber Modified Asphalt Paving: Occupational Exposures and Acute Health Effects” viNational Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Department of Health and Human Services, “Crumb-Rubber Modified Asphalt Paving: Occupational Exposures and Acute Health Effects” vi
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