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consumer price index CPI消费价格指数; 消費價格指數; 居民消費價格指數; 居民消费价格指数

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Without avoiding theoretical issues, the Group focuses on applied research, particularly, though not exclusively, in the area of consumer price indexes小组不回避理论问题,但其重点是应用研究,尤其是在消费物价指数领域,虽然并不局限于此。
For example, the international consumer price index and producer price index manuals, published in ‧ benefited much from work in the Group例如 ‧ 年出版的国际消费者价格指数和生产者价格指数手册就从小组的工作中获益良多。
This mechanism is triggered whenever there is a rise of ‧ % or more in the consumer price index as determined by successive separate surveys conducted at least one month apart每当以 ‧ 个月为间隔连续进行的独立调查所测定的消费价格指数上升 ‧ %或以上时,该机制将被触发。
The average annual inflation rate from ‧ to ‧ was ‧ per cent based on the consumer price index as calculated by the country's central bank至 ‧ 年,根据刚果中央银行对消费价格指数的计算,每年的平均通货膨胀率为 ‧ %。
Inflation refers to changes in the consumer price index通货膨胀指消费品价格指数的变化。
The Government of Brčko District, in order to protect the families with the lowest incomes, has determined and provided assessments tailored to the consumer price index布尔奇科地区政府为保护最低收入的家庭,确定并提供了特别依据消费者价格指数的摊款。
In the past, financial services other than insurance have typically been ignored or badly covered in consumer price indexes, reflecting the lack of a conceptual framework for their measurement and the difficulty of obtaining reliable data过去,消费物价指数通常忽略保险业以外的金融服务业或者涵盖不当,这反映出其计量方面缺乏概念框架以及获得可靠数据的困难。
The very positive long-term return on investment of the Fund's assets ( ‧ per cent after adjustment in line with the United States consumer price index) was the major factor contributing to the Fund's current actuarial surplus, despite the negative returns for the years ended on ‧ arch ‧ and ‧ arch基金资产的长期回报十分良好(根据美国消费物价指数进行调整后为 ‧ %),是基金本次精算出现盈余的主要因素,尽管 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日和 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日终了年度的回报率为负数。
The Consumer Price Index Manual: Theory and Practice ‧ was published by ILO in July ‧ and the Producer Price Index Manual: Theory and Practice ‧ was published by the IMF in September年 ‧ 月,劳工组织出版了《消费物价指数手册:理论与实践》 ‧ 年 ‧ 月,货币基金组织出版了《生产者价格指数手册:理论与实践》。
In accordance with General Assembly resolution ‧ of ‧ ecember ‧ the annual net compensation of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the ICSC and the Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions is adjusted in January of each year by ‧ per cent of the movement in the consumer price index (CPI) for new York (rounded to the nearest whole number), provided that the index has increased by at least ‧ per cent根据大会 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 号决议,公务员制度委员会主席和副主席以及行政和预算问题咨询委员会主席的年报酬净额,应于每年 ‧ 月按纽约消费物价指数变动幅度的 ‧ %(四舍五入为整数)进行调整,但条件是这项指数至少增加 ‧ %。
The secretariat wishes to inform the Committee on progress made in the completion of the revised Consumer Price Index (CPI) manual and the development of a Producer Price Index (PPI) manual秘书处愿通报委员会在完成经修订的消费者价格指数手册和编写一份生产商价格指数手册方面取得的进展。
The second relates to the amounts of pensions; hitherto they were fixed annually on the basis of movements in the general minimum wage, whereas henceforth they will be based on the movement during the calendar year of the national consumer price index第二个变动与退休金数额有关;迄今为止,它们每年根据一般最低薪酬的变化进行修订,不过,此后将根据历年全国消费价格指数的变化确定。
Software for collecting and processing data- the consumer price index/ICP tool packD. 数据收集和处理软件--消费价格指数/比较方案工具包
Based on the development programmes of the economy, during the period ‧ it was determined that the wages of State sector employees should be reviewed twice a year according to the consumer price index根据经济发展方案,在 ‧ 年期间,国有部门职工工资应该根据消费者物价指数每年进行两次评估。
Following the publication of the November ‧ movement of the Austrian consumer price index (CPI) and determination of the due interim adjustment, the VIC-based organizations (VBOs) agreed on the new GS salary scales, which showed a ‧ per cent increase over the GS salary scales, which had been in effect since ‧ pril在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月公布奥地利消费物价指数变动以及临时调整到期后,设在维也纳国际中心的各个组织一致同意了新的一般事务工作人员薪资表,这个新的薪资表比自 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日起实行的一般事务工作人员薪资表增加 ‧ %。
The revised terms of reference (see annex) refer to the further development of the consumer price index and producer price index manuals and their implementation, including reviewing the electronic versions of the manuals, and to the development of international manuals for other price statistics, in particular export and import price indices and house price indices经修订的职权范围(见附件)介绍了《消费价格指数手册》和《生产者价格指数手册》及其执行情况的新进展,包括审查手册的电子版及编写有关其他价格统计数据(特别是进出口价格指数和不动产价格指数)的国际手册。
Inflation for the region as a whole in ‧ measured by the consumer price index, moved up after eight years of steady decline, reaching ‧ per cent; this is twice the rate recorded in年,整个区域的通货膨胀率按照消费价格指数衡量在稳步下降八年之后开始上涨,达到 ‧ %,是 ‧ 年通货膨胀率的两倍。
b) For those beneficiaries who exercise the option to provide proof of residence in a country other than the United States, a second amount in local currency, which is adjusted periodically according to changes in the cost of living in that country as measured by the country's consumer price indexb) 对于所有做出选择,提交证据,证明自己在美国以外某个国家居住的受益人,还将记录用当地货币计价的第二个数额,并按照用该国消费者价格指数衡量的该国国内生活费的变化定期调整这个数额。
“that the Board approved the recommendation of the Working Group to eliminate the ‧ percentage point reduction in the first consumer price index adjustment due to existing and future beneficiaries, subject to an actuarial surplus being revealed in the actuarial valuation to be performed as at ‧ ecember ‧ ”“养恤金联委会赞成工作组的建议,即取消关于在根据消费物价指数进行第一次调整时将适用指数下调 ‧ %的规定,这一取消适用于目前和今后领取养恤金者,但条件是 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的精算估值表明有精算顺差”。
As the Pension Board had proposed, the General Assembly should not be asked to eliminate the economy measures adopted in the mid ‧ s, and the only action should be, first, to put into effect some of the changes approved at its fifty-seventh session concerning the adjustment of pensions by the consumer price index, and also to modify the pension adjustment system so as to cope with any sharp devaluation of local currency in relation to the dollar正如养恤金联委会提议的,不应该要大会取消 ‧ 年代中期采取的节约措施,唯一的行动应该首先是着手实行大会第五十七届会议核准的一些变化,根据消费物价指数调整养恤金,并修改养恤金调整制度,以便对付本地货币对美元的大幅度贬值。
At the Helsinki meeting in ‧ the Group acknowledged the significant achievement of the Intersecretariat Working Group on Price Statistics in producing new international manuals on consumer and producer price indexes在 ‧ 年赫尔辛基会议上,小组确认了秘书处间价格统计工作组在编制新的国际消费者和生产者价格指数手册方面取得的显著成果。
FICSA noted that the rates for boarding were adjusted by the consumer price index (CPI) movement over the preceding two years公务员协联说,膳宿费用是根据过去两年消费物价指数变动情况作出调整的。
The Commission will have before it the report of the Intersecretariat Working Group on Price Statistics, briefing the Commission on its work on the manuals on consumer price indexes and producer price indexes and the proposed future work programme委员会将收到秘书处间价格统计工作组的报告,向委员会简要报告其关于消费价格指数和生产价格指数手册的工作和拟议的今后工作方案。
The forthcoming ICP exercise will use a more systematic, structured approach to product description, based on that used in some national statistical offices for the consumer price index即将执行的比较方案将以一些国家统计局采用的消费价格指数为依据,以较为有系统和结构化的方式处理产品说明。
The Board held its fifty-second session in Montreal from ‧ to ‧ uly ‧ t recommended to the General Assembly a phased approach in the elimination of the ‧ per cent reduction in the first consumer price index adjustment due after retirement; and further recommended that the Pension Adjustment System be amended to provide for an adjustable minimum guarantee at ‧ per cent of the United States dollar track amount联委会在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日于蒙特利尔举行了第五十二届会议,建议大会分期取消退休后第一次消费价格指数调整数应下调的 ‧ %;又建议修订养恤金调整制度,以提供可调整的最低保障额达美元轨道数额的 ‧ %。
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