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consumer price index CPI消费价格指数; 消費價格指數; 居民消費價格指數; 居民消费价格指数

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This allowance is updated yearly according to the Consumer Price Index补助标准将根据消费者物价指数逐年提高。
Inflation is under control: the ‧ percent Broad Consumer Price Index in ‧ was the lowest since ‧ (Annexes, Box通货膨胀受到控制 ‧ 年广义消费物价指数为 ‧ %,为 ‧ 年以来最低的幅度(附件,方框 ‧ )。
FICSA found the proposals regarding boarding costs to be reasonable and valid, noting that they were linked to the consumer price index公务员协联认为关于膳宿费用的提议是合理的,有道理的,这些费用与消费物价指数相关。
Health care is one of the most difficult areas for consumer price index treatment保健服务是处理消费物价指数方面最困难的领域之一。
The Advisory Committee agrees with the first measure proposed by the Pension Board that the General Assembly approve a phased approach in the elimination of the ‧ per cent reduction in the first consumer price index adjustments due after retirement (ibid., paras ‧ (a) and咨询委员会同意养恤金联委会提议的第一项措施,即大会批准分阶段取消一项规定,这项规定把应在退休后支付的第一笔消费物价指数调整款降低 ‧ %(同上,第 ‧ (a)以及第 ‧ 和 ‧ 段)。
Under section ‧ of the Pension Insurance Act, pension increases will be set so that with the average old age pension it will correspond to at least ‧ per cent of the growth in the consumer price index《养恤金保险法》第 ‧ 条规定,养恤金增加后,平均养老金增加幅度应至少相当于消费者价格指数增长的 ‧ %。
Increase in and adaptation of the parameter for the updating of pensions awarded under the Act in force until ‧ une ‧ to that of the Act now in force, i.e., approval of the parameter for pension increases in both regimes so that all pensions will be updated in line with the national consumer price index增加并调整参数,把根据 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日以前法案所发放的养恤金调整到现行法律规定的数额,也就是批准两个体系的养恤金参数同时增长,因此所有养恤金将经过调整与国家消费物价指数同步。
Payment value for banking operations, adjusted daily in accordance with the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI根据每天消费者物价指数增幅进行调整的银行业务支付值。
Factors usually taken into consideration during the negotiation process are wage increases in other sectors/enterprises, increases to the Consumer Price index and average monthly wages谈判过程中通常考虑的因素是:其他部门/企业的增薪,消费物价指数的上涨以及平均月工资。
Consumer price index at country level年度通货膨胀加剧,保持在 ‧ %的高水平。
Scanning of cost-of-living adjustments documents and consumer price index data into the Fund's optical system, for easy access将有关生活费调整问题的文件和消费物价指数数据扫描输入养恤基金的光盘系统,以便取用。
Also decides to maintain the procedure for adjusting the compensation of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the International Civil Service Commission and the Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions on the basis of the movement of the consumer price index又决定保持按照消费物价指数变动情况调整国际公务员制度委员会主席和副主席以及行政和预算问题咨询委员会主席报酬的程序
The real annualized return had been ‧ per cent adjusted to the United States consumer price index按美国消费物价指数进行调整后,实际年度收益为 ‧ %。
Joint Economic Commission for Europe/International Labour Organization consumer price index meetings欧洲经济委员会/国际劳工组织消费者价格指数联席会议
After declining ‧ per cent in ‧ the consumer price index (CPI) rose ‧ per cent in the first quarter of ‧ due to the spike in oil prices消费物价指数在 ‧ 年下降 ‧ %之后,由于油价上涨,又在 ‧ 年第一季度上升了 ‧ %。
The objectives of this survey are to follow the evolution of the social indicators already estimated during the ‧ survey and to refine the coefficients utilized in the estimation of the index of consumer prices这项调查的目标是跟踪在( ‧ 年) ‧ 调查期间已经开始估计的社会指标的演变,并修订在估计消费者物价指数时使用的系数。
As indicated in paragraph ‧ of the report, the annual net compensation of the two full-time members of the International Civil Service Commission and the Chairman of the Advisory Committee has continued to be adjusted every January on the basis of ‧ per cent of the consumer price index (CPI) movement for New York measured over the period from November to November如报告第 ‧ 段所述,国际公务员制度委员会两名专任成员及行政和预算问题咨询委员会主席的年报酬净额,继续于每年 ‧ 月,按 ‧ 月至 ‧ 月期间统计的纽约消费物价指数变动的 ‧ %进行调整。
During the period from ‧ till ‧ the consumer price index and the ‧ % wage index will be applied to all pensions which will not exceed the amount equal to five times the state social insurance benefit, while as of ‧ % of the actual increase in the insurance contribution wages will be used in the consumer price/wages index年至 ‧ 年期间,消费物价指数和 ‧ %工资指数将适用于所有养恤金,而自 ‧ 年起,消费物价指数/工资指数中将采用保险缴款工资实际增长的 ‧ %。
Figure ‧ atin America and the Caribbean: monthly variation in consumer price indexes and core inflation图四 拉丁美洲和加勒比:消费物价指数和核心通货膨胀指数月变动
a Changes in the consumer price indexa 消费价格指数的变化。
efers to the national consumer price index for families with incomes not exceeding one minimum wage见全国收入不超过一项最低工资的家庭消费物价指数。
The increase in Santiago is due to rental rate adjustment according to the variation of the consumer price index圣地亚哥的增加是由于根据消费物价指数的变化进行的租金调整。
In general, the economy of the Islands has continued to be very healthy, growing by ‧ % in the year with inflation recorded at ‧ % and a consumer price index of从总体上看,开曼群岛的经济将以年均 ‧ %的持续健康发展,而所记录的通货膨胀率保持在 ‧ %、消费者物价指数为 ‧ 。
This index measured the combined effects of changes in negotiated wage rates, taxation and the consumer price index on the purchasing power of wages and salaries这一指数衡量了商定的工资、税收以及消费价格指数的变化对工资购买力的综合影响。
The secretariat wishes to inform the Committee on progress made in the completion of the revised Consumer Price Index (CPI) manual and the development of a Producer Price Index (PPI) manual秘书处愿通报委员会在完成经修订的消费者价格指数手册和编写一份生产商价格指数手册方面取得的进展。
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